Here’s What we Found Inside a Tesla Conversion Shop


  1. jason deomes

    jason deomes6 hours ago

    I want my full size truck modded to electric!!!👊🏽

  2. Light 1

    Light 18 hours ago

    I would love to convert my 93 Nissa in to a half electric

  3. The_DIY_Shooter

    The_DIY_Shooter12 hours ago

    I love these electric conversions.

  4. Tranel Hawkins

    Tranel Hawkins14 hours ago

    EV West on Motor Trend TV?

  5. Sean Epperson

    Sean Epperson17 hours ago

    Nice linking of a few channels that I follow. Good job.

  6. SouthSwedishHigland

    SouthSwedishHigland22 hours ago

    Hi, thanks for a fun vid and a great channel. Now, as a swede and a volvo245 entusiast, i want to se more about their, i asume, electrifyed volvo...

  7. Eflat Productions

    Eflat Productions23 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this!

  8. Charles Lewer

    Charles LewerDay ago

    Why not a power boat if they could get a 21' open bow to run for an hour of all out or 3 hours of mixed use it would be awesome.

  9. RunFor OurLives

    RunFor OurLivesDay ago

    Can’t possibly pass all the safety tests...

  10. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson2 days ago

    Fast forwarded through 15 minutes of video to find a conversation with you and Jehu Garcia. WTF Rich? No conversation with Jehu?

  11. GR8TDUCK

    GR8TDUCK2 days ago

    Excellent! I wish there were 1000 more shops like this.

  12. EU Bike Dude

    EU Bike Dude2 days ago

    I'd like to see an EV mod for a 106GTi. :)

  13. Tom Crisp

    Tom Crisp2 days ago

    Rich, enjoyed your visit with Simone on her channel. A question for the likes of you and Michael at EVW: I love seeing the "classic" conversions, but some of these cars I'd be scared to drive on even a town road, let alone a highway. (Their Fiat Jolly conversion, for instance - safe as in-terminal airport transfer, otherwise a death trap.) Respecting the dictum to keep the cars original, are you seeing no interest in incorporating some safety elements? Three-point belts, head supports at minimum ...

  14. pangrac1

    pangrac13 days ago

    Absolutely best video about EV West shop. Why nobody made such a ideo before? Thanks Rich.

  15. GMoneyMacFresh

    GMoneyMacFresh3 days ago

    What's he doing with an aircraft drop tank lol

  16. beattospectoyota

    beattospectoyota3 days ago

    Last id like to see teslaassist axles In places like fifthwheel trailers..remove one axle.put in tesla axle all trailers for that matter

  17. beattospectoyota

    beattospectoyota3 days ago

    Has anyone installed a universal joint at rear diff and cut hole in trunk floor and turned a front engine into a rear EV powered vehicle?

  18. beattospectoyota

    beattospectoyota3 days ago

    Make a resla tow dolly..

  19. Jerry Smallwood

    Jerry Smallwood3 days ago

    This is the ultimate interview/showcase. these guys are way more down to earth and on point than i could have imagined. thanks for sharing man.

  20. Richard Ortiz

    Richard Ortiz4 days ago

    Rich, ask the EV West guys if they can build a tesla-esque skateboard design frame, to bolt on a classic car body to.

  21. John C3333

    John C33334 days ago

    storming company, fing brilliant

  22. B4dlands

    B4dlands5 days ago

    Its unreal to see what this guys shop is doing - fascinating

  23. ZRTO

    ZRTO7 days ago

    It’s an air cooled 911, the engine is what makes the car valuable

  24. Domnaek

    Domnaek7 days ago

    So it has begun...

  25. Ghobi Echo

    Ghobi Echo7 days ago

    I get that it’s california but why so many volkswagens? a 1960s ev f100 would be badass

  26. Rob Cantave

    Rob Cantave9 days ago

    Love this. Especially appreciate the apparent openness and sharing in the community!

  27. ThunderAppeal

    ThunderAppeal9 days ago

    Porshces were 'underpowered from the start'? Really? Wow, what an idiotic statement.

  28. Talasas

    Talasas10 days ago

    2:33 - I really wish EV places would stop using those god awful 1990's PC fan grills, they look so out of place in the overall design.

  29. Talasas

    Talasas10 days ago

    4:54 - Already much better :)

  30. Tauran

    Tauran11 days ago

    Rich, how much was that 400kw Porsche kit?

  31. Ali Omar

    Ali Omar12 days ago

    How water proof are these wires and connections under the car?

  32. Carol Mary

    Carol Mary13 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video. I bet just seeing a bug towing something of size is impressive. Keep up the good work.

  33. Daniel Means

    Daniel Means13 days ago

    You guys should join forces .. what a company you guys could build ....

  34. Shaun Onverwacht

    Shaun Onverwacht14 days ago

    Some Jehu photobombing...

  35. TTV Royalsbp071 A kid that is trash at games

    TTV Royalsbp071 A kid that is trash at games14 days ago

    Really 2 thermaltake fans on that car what

  36. bootlegboo

    bootlegboo14 days ago

    I would love to do a mid to late sixties Karmen Ghia. My mom had one and 50 years later I still miss.

  37. Old Boy

    Old Boy14 days ago

    rich you have to let people talk you cut them off to much geez

  38. Evil Cuteness

    Evil Cuteness14 days ago

    I love the idea of bringing old cars back to life with new technology. Pretty sweet video, thanks for sharing. (o^-^o)

  39. Dominic Merlo

    Dominic Merlo15 days ago

    Messy shop.

  40. brett alex

    brett alex16 days ago

    EV conversions are great, but so sad to see the destruction of classic vehicles like that oval window VW with EV gear. Sad...

  41. orion soars

    orion soars16 days ago

    i would have liked to see an interview with the mexican guy that was passed by at the beggining of the video

  42. tecnocato

    tecnocato16 days ago

    08:47 ¡¡¡ APTERA!!! I dreamt about owning one but the company went kaput. :(

  43. Derek Moore

    Derek Moore16 days ago

    Thanks for the shout-out Rich! Good to know I have someone to go for help to build my own autonomous electric car (which I'm working on now).

  44. Trent Robey

    Trent Robey17 days ago

    What's the mileage range on the twin motor black bug

  45. thmsmgnm

    thmsmgnm18 days ago

    A power trailer for when your batteries run out, ugggggh.

  46. Milton Miller

    Milton Miller18 days ago

    Considering the staggering number of batteries, motors and systems from Tesla now dedicated to convert classic vehicles, I think we can definitely say that Tesla hardware has the highest refurbishing rate in the entire auto industry. If a Tesla is wrecked the parts are reused in other vehicles in a way that no other car has.

  47. Seikojin Sama

    Seikojin Sama18 days ago

    Jehu! There is the man!

  48. tr233

    tr23319 days ago

    YES USA USA, Electric cars are ways to go.

  49. e2e4au

    e2e4au20 days ago

    Wicked video.... great workshop and really like the way he wants his staff to be enthusiasts instead of just workers.


    IMA RUSSIAN20 days ago

    Why waste money on this P O S when you can use an Uber of Lyft for years?

  51. Cameron Potts

    Cameron Potts21 day ago

    Anybody doing anything with gas engine and super caps. Too power an electric motor in the rear our unused axle

  52. Russ Franklin

    Russ Franklin23 days ago

    Excellent interview! I have been tracking EV West for a while - they seem to be out in front for the EV Mod & conversion market. I am on the East coast - heretofore my primary source of information has been through their web site which is focused on what they have working today. Your interview gave us insight into what they are exploring now for future products. They seem to have a great vibe with their team developing and integrating on company-owned project cars. Thank you for letting us look under the hood at both the technology and the management philosophy of this exciting business!

  53. macelius

    macelius24 days ago

    e36 kit please XD

  54. Corey Newman

    Corey Newman24 days ago


  55. Trr1ppy

    Trr1ppy25 days ago

    Amazing whats happening with EV conversions! I had no idea, thanks Rich

  56. Sam Heine

    Sam Heine27 days ago

    justin timberlake?

  57. Free Range MTB

    Free Range MTB28 days ago

    Can EV West convert my son's 1995 full-size Bronco to EV? Because that would be amazing!

  58. Daniel Nicholson

    Daniel Nicholson29 days ago

    Thank you Rich for this update from the west coast. Minor note... You enthusiasts are “reusing” cars and this is better than “recycling”. You all make me proud. -Reduce -Reuse -Recycle

  59. Tracy Trawick

    Tracy TrawickMonth ago

    The design for The Electrified Garage V2 has been born! It's already brewing in your head, can't hide it, it was very evident as you explored their world. You can see the potential like never before because of this road trip, perhaps the most meaningful you will ever take. Go get it Rich, it's there for the taking & you're the guy to do it.

  60. Mike Me

    Mike MeMonth ago

    Rich Rebuilds......Do they have a conversion kit to turn a 2014 hyundai accent into an EV. How can I get in contact with them to find out and also a cost. Thanks.

  61. Tom Soper

    Tom SoperMonth ago

    This was super cool, thanks for sharing! It’s amazing how ev tuning has just exploded over the last five years.

  62. Trek Ryder

    Trek RyderMonth ago


  63. Giz Gad

    Giz GadMonth ago

    Here is a noob question for you. Any way to charge up batteries while towing a toad car?

  64. Joshua Upham

    Joshua UphamMonth ago

    I'm sending my YUGO to EV West.🤯

  65. YOYOBOY666999 R.I.P

    YOYOBOY666999 R.I.PMonth ago

    A very enjoyable vid, amazing to see how electric car modding has come on in such a short space of time. Keep up the great work car guru.

  66. ̈ ̈

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  67. Paneristi

    PaneristiMonth ago

    Wonderful- could they convert a first generation Tesla Roadster?

  68. Ryan Olsen

    Ryan OlsenMonth ago

    This should be the future of the electric car. I personally love loud engines and raw horsepower sound from my cars, but honestly if I were to buy an electric car I would want a classic car conversion. I like old school cars and the classic look. Tesla's are ugly to me. Convert a classic VW bus and I'm all in. This is the future of the past for me. Thanks Rich.

  69. wingsinger

    wingsingerMonth ago

    Rich be like, “ oh, damn! I built my garage too small!” after seeing Mike’s skunkworks. When I stopped by in 2017, Hutch was there with his 308 GT and Fiat Spider. They were talking about finding a bigger space back then.

  70. aserta

    asertaMonth ago

    If Tesla were half smart, they would mimic the ICE market and start making self reliant bolt in packages. They can put any kind of "you mess with this, then it's your fault" stickers to distance themselves from the intrepid knife wielding fella, but that would pump up their sales by an immense factor. At this point in time, all they would have to do is acquire a set of cars from various brands (maybe even make deals with some of them, not like it would be in anyone's bad interest if they did) 3D scan the gutted bays and come up with the packages required to retrofit various cars with an electric type platform. Enclosed, bolt in, standalone units. Plug and play essentially.

  71. Alex Levy

    Alex LevyMonth ago

    Great guy at EV West. Man....makes you wanna ditch the old muscle car and go EV.....NICE !!

  72. Zoltan Dorogi

    Zoltan DorogiMonth ago

    Proper video Rich!

  73. Menclé

    MencléMonth ago

    Must be amazing to charge your Porsche at the Tesla Supercharger

  74. tomas pocius

    tomas pociusMonth ago

    You did not say hello to Jehugarcia...he is such cool dude...disappointing. I always considered you down to earth and part of the community.

  75. Rich Rebuilds

    Rich RebuildsMonth ago

  76. Max Fitzsimons

    Max FitzsimonsMonth ago

    I want to get an original Tesla roadster and have it converted with the drivetrain from a model 3 or something of the sort

  77. lsmeteor

    lsmeteorMonth ago

    I’d be interested in knowing how it costs to convert a 4x4 like the one that was shown

  78. RemyRAD

    RemyRADMonth ago

    I am most definitely into recycling that which required, a fair amount of energy to create, to begin with. Americans are known the world over as being the most wasteful people on the planet. EV West, should win a Nobel Piece Prize. In his efforts from keeping bees classic cars from going to, pieces. He is leading the way for others to follow. I mean think about it.. Wouldn't it be cool? If you could send your old car back to the the manufacturer who built it with its internal combustion engine. For a factory conversion over to electric drive. The American car manufacturers are going out of business. This is a way to re-energize, refresh, rejuvenate and restart, their business. So we don't have to crunch cars down to little metal cubes. Just to pollute the environment by melting them down again. And when we do get, new solid-state batteries? It will be a whole new world. This is a game changer in the electric automotive industry, is waiting for. As, while the lithium-ion batteries are currently used.. They definitely are not the right rechargeable power sources. But a stopgap for now to get the ball rolling. Bravo! This was the most excellent of videos!

  79. Sean Harris

    Sean HarrisMonth ago

    I like the no-cut ethos. Love this video. Intelligent guy with a great deal of (cringes) integrity.

  80. Stew Bacca

    Stew BaccaMonth ago

    I wonder if this will happen when we develop the first warp drive 🤔

  81. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkMonth ago


  82. renragged

    renraggedMonth ago

    I like EV West. They're right down the road from me. Pretty cool that they convert older cars to electric vehicles. I wish I had the money to convert my 1973 SuperBeetle. That would be great.

  83. B_runner_Jr2

    B_runner_Jr2Month ago

    500k subs congratulations my dude

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  85. JakesOnline

    JakesOnlineMonth ago

    Aptera! 8:46

  86. steffydog1

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  88. Alex Fiehl

    Alex FiehlMonth ago

    This guy is the Tim Cook of EV conversions.

  89. Robert Geier

    Robert GeierMonth ago

    That video was awesome, really like how they each have there own project/nitch

  90. Maarten van der Glas

    Maarten van der GlasMonth ago

    Great video Rich! What an incredible place EV West is! And shout out to Jehu Garcia for his inspirational videos on DIYing electric vihicles!

  91. Matthew David

    Matthew DavidMonth ago

    You keep showing his face when we would've loved to see the overview of each car he was talking about. Great video though!

  92. Staffan Brynge

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  93. Richard Faulkner

    Richard FaulknerMonth ago

    Great and encouraging stuff! EV conversion as art. I love the concept of building what inspires you to start. Hmmm, my 2006 Scion xB as a 'no-cut' conversion engineering project?

  94. Rik Oerlemans

    Rik OerlemansMonth ago

    So if you detune the capacity of the engine, will the batteries last longer?

  95. timwood70

    timwood70Month ago

    Such a big fan of this guy!

  96. Azz

    AzzMonth ago

    Hi Rich, i love your videos they are great, im a fan from UK and wanted to ask you a question, I have brought a model s with a damaged rear door, im looking to buy a used rear door and I wanted to know if all model s rear doors are the same for all models or are they different in any way, as always keep up the good work. thanks

  97. TRY to HELP you

    TRY to HELP youMonth ago

    dude, this was a great EV West overview! Thanks for sharing.


    TRICKSTAMonth ago

    10:33 I came.

  99. Michael Kane

    Michael KaneMonth ago

    great show as always, wish i could take one out for a ride

  100. Blackspartan88

    Blackspartan88Month ago

    Soooooo dope!!!!

  101. Norbert

    NorbertMonth ago

    Sometime i only come here to listen to the jokes :)

  102. fordgrunt351

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    Quality content 👍🏻 - really enjoyed the interview