Watchmen | Official Tease | HBO


  1. AlanSmitheeman

    AlanSmitheeman2 hours ago

    DC and its parent company will never stop strip-mining Alan Moore's work.

  2. Antonio

    Antonio3 hours ago

    Tic tac... on someone to remind him of something?! -_-

  3. The Bamforth

    The Bamforth7 hours ago

    Watchmen characters were based on old defunct Charlton Comics characters, eg The Question=Rorschach. like Before Watchmen, should have gone back to those rather than trampling all over Alan and David's masterwork: Boom, everyone's happy.

  4. jym yang

    jym yang8 hours ago


  5. keywotek

    keywotek8 hours ago

    Is this DC's watchmen? Because i don't see DC's logo there

  6. Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like it

    Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like it9 hours ago

    The Purge: Mask Edition

  7. Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like it

    Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like it9 hours ago

    So this is based on a comic book?

  8. UniQue

    UniQue12 hours ago

    Is this connected to the movie?

  9. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson10 hours ago

    I hear it's a sequel to the graphic novel which is slightly different from the movie.

  10. R3LLA

    R3LLA13 hours ago

    Holy shit! An entire cult dedicated to Rorshach?

  11. kofteburger

    kofteburgerDay ago

    Nice tiktok product placement.

  12. Luan Nico

    Luan NicoDay ago

    So it's a sequel? Or just a re-imagining?

  13. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson10 hours ago

    I hear it's 20 years after the end of the graphic novel.

  14. Loop Is Dedz

    Loop Is DedzDay ago

    I'm kinda hype for this......I hope this isn't gonna be like Justice League..

  15. Noah

    NoahDay ago

    am i the only one that hears them chant hitler, hitler? Ich

  16. Fábio Rodrigues

    Fábio RodriguesDay ago

    Wait, is this a superhero TV show or a dark cult thing?

  17. Fábio Rodrigues

    Fábio Rodrigues9 hours ago

    +Mats Mårtensson well, it surely looks like an Hbo hit!

  18. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson10 hours ago

    Well, Watchmen isn't quite superheroes, it was about masked mysterymen and Dr Manhattan. It seems this takes place after a cult dressed up like the mysteryman Rorschach and killed a whole load of police officers.

  19. Андрей Грибоедов

    Андрей Грибоедов2 days ago

    "This is what these bloody corporations do..." Alan moore

  20. Joseph López

    Joseph López16 hours ago

    He was right

  21. Arymathéia Franco

    Arymathéia Franco2 days ago

    Alan Moore is god

  22. Robert Pillsbury

    Robert Pillsbury2 days ago

    Buy your Watchmen #1 in a 9.8 while you can. $630 on ebay now. I bought mine last year when I heard about the show. It should jump to a $1000 finally. 33 year old book, with an all black back cover makes this difficult to get a 9.8 on. This book is long overdue to increase in value. It, TMNT #1 and The Dark Knight Returns #1 are the 3 most important books of the past 40 years.

  23. maria wilhelm

    maria wilhelm2 days ago

    I always knew this was about to happen to tik tockers

  24. Rishiraj Shekhawat

    Rishiraj Shekhawat2 days ago

    Me bhi chowkidar

  25. Frank Lin

    Frank Lin2 days ago

    Maybe they will team up with Batwoman and have a Supersuck Show.

  26. Kyle Rainer

    Kyle Rainer2 days ago

    Night Owl better come back

  27. Jeio Gogolin

    Jeio Gogolin2 days ago

    Please tell me all the good series of HBO. THANKS

  28. Junjun

    Junjun2 days ago

    Clockmen.. god damn it.

  29. SoloPiensoEnLaVagina

    SoloPiensoEnLaVagina2 days ago

    when regina king takes a leading role, the show usually last 2 seasons.. fucking kill her in the first episode please..

  30. Srinivas Pavan

    Srinivas Pavan2 days ago

    Sponsored by TIKTOK

  31. bpansky

    bpansky2 days ago

    are they trying to cringe me to death?

  32. Denz'n d'land downunder

    Denz'n d'land downunder3 days ago

    Don't care. They trash the ending in the end or cancel this show. Don't waste your time. Just cancel your HBO and moved on. Trash GoT wasted 8 years. No more trash.

  33. 1000 subs por favor

    1000 subs por favor3 days ago


  34. Lucas An

    Lucas An3 days ago

    *The Rorschach is a great symbol for the libertarian right...*

  35. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats MårtenssonDay ago

    @Lucas An Fair enough.

  36. Lucas An

    Lucas AnDay ago

    +Mats Mårtensson Admiration is not tied to ethics. I admire some conservatives and emperors, but I am anarcho-capitalist.

  37. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson3 days ago

    I'm not sure a libertarian would admire the Comedian as Rorschach did.

  38. farakan Cartman

    farakan Cartman3 days ago

    So where the fuck is dr Manhattan

  39. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson2 days ago

    @farakan Cartman He was on Mars, yes, but at the end he says he's "leaving this galaxy for one less complicated."

  40. farakan Cartman

    farakan Cartman2 days ago

    +Mats Mårtensson he was on mars i thought

  41. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson3 days ago

    Terraforming a planet in some other solar system somewhere so he can create flora and fauna, probably.

  42. Brad Hoover

    Brad Hoover3 days ago

    When I heard about this I was excited, then I learned Damon Lindelof was involved. No thanks we have seen how much of a hack writer he is. Not even going to waste my time.

  43. Horacio Trujillo Jr

    Horacio Trujillo Jr3 days ago

    Who's watching the Watchmen, when it looks this bad?sheesh.

  44. Horacio Trujillo Jr

    Horacio Trujillo Jr3 days ago

    Where's the superheros in this? That ending is annoying with that tick tock crap. So it's only Watchmen in name alone.Putting cheap mask on trailer trash and calling it a superhero show doesn't make it Watchmen.

  45. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson3 days ago

    Watchmen is not about heroes, it's about an alternate Earth where everything is ticking towards mankind making mankind extinct while there's "masked mysterymen" (all with their psychological hangups) running around.

  46. Nicholas Gordon

    Nicholas Gordon3 days ago

    Kinda confused about what’s going on....but very interested!

  47. Joseph López

    Joseph López16 hours ago

    Watch the movie


    CCBDAVIS DAVIS3 days ago

    Not loving this little tick tick meme they're trying to get goin

  49. Jogandolândia

    Jogandolândia3 days ago

    My cosplay from Rorschach , i hope u all like it. ->

  50. Jake Lucendo

    Jake Lucendo3 days ago

    Wait I'm confused, sorry. Is this a sequel, prequel, or something else?

  51. Jake Lucendo

    Jake Lucendo3 days ago

    +HawfHuman oh ok, thanks.

  52. HawfHuman

    HawfHuman3 days ago

    I think it falls into the spinoff/sequel category

  53. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah3 days ago

    All the whores and politicians will look up and shout “save us” and I will look down and whisper “no”

  54. Arthur The Aardvark

    Arthur The Aardvark4 days ago

    This is proof that they're trying to sponsor Tik Tok

  55. CrimZon RayZ

    CrimZon RayZ4 days ago

    Why are there so many rorsharch and the cops with masks i have so many questions what the fuck is going on

  56. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson3 days ago

    This is just a guess but it may be that a Ku Klux Clan-ish group dressed up like Rorschachs and killed all the cops in an area at some point between 1985 and current date resulting in whatever the current status quo is.

  57. Marko Nikolic

    Marko Nikolic4 days ago

    From the same guy who wrote that masterpiece The Leftovers! You bet your ass I'll be watching this.

  58. 50043211

    500432114 days ago

    Lets give it a try.

  59. Dusan Divic

    Dusan Divic4 days ago

    Hi all, i know nothing about watchmen, but it looks really interesting to me. Can someone explain to me Watchmen or at least push me into direction of comics or whatever i need to know to get into this show .tnx

  60. Dusan Divic

    Dusan Divic3 days ago

    Mats Mårtensson key thanks bro

  61. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson3 days ago

    You could read the miniseries by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons but be warned, they're not happy superhero comics, they messed me up when I was an impressionable teenager. Then there's the movie and there's the movie with extra bits including an animated part of the pirate comic inside the comic and then there's "Before The Watchmen" which were mostly not well received (The "Minutemen" one, for example, kind of tramples the subtext of the original) and now there's "Doomsday Clock" where they actually cross over with Superman, Batman etc. EDIT: This new TV series seems to ignore everything but the miniseries.

  62. Dusan Divic

    Dusan Divic3 days ago

    Mats Mårtensson i feel like i need to watch and read something before the show. What do u recommend besides the movie but i heard there are more versions of it. So which one? Tnx

  63. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson3 days ago

    Watchmen is about an alternate Earth where "masked mysterymen" have run around since before WWII and one superhuman was created in a lab accident, there was no Watergate, the U.S. won the Vietnam War etc. It was a miniseries (and there is a movie adaptation that stays very faithful to it) about most of the mysterymen being outlawed, the Cold War still going, everything ticking down towards nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia, one paranoid mysteryman's investigation into the death of another getting the retired ones involved and it all leads to a worldwide change. This seems to be decades after that change.

  64. taetae

    taetae4 days ago


  65. François Brault

    François Brault4 days ago

    Lol what's with the pug or panda mascot!

  66. TheLaughingMan712

    TheLaughingMan7124 days ago

    More of the Right wing being some form of crazy demented A holes and the Left being moral crusaders bullshit.

  67. Experiment 765

    Experiment 7654 days ago


  68. tom zafool

    tom zafool4 days ago

    looks really cheap compared to a 10year old movie

  69. 王王仁安

    王王仁安4 days ago


  70. vinod kumar

    vinod kumar4 days ago

    Series in HBO may come and go but GOT is unique.

  71. Cole

    Cole4 days ago

    Tick Tick Tick, that's the sound of your life running out.

  72. J Cai

    J Cai4 days ago

    Watchmen must be big fans of Tik Tok app :P

  73. Grosman

    Grosman4 days ago

    Well, watchmen was good.

  74. Eldar Arnautović

    Eldar Arnautović4 days ago

    "We are no one". Arya, is that you??

  75. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    This looks better than Zack Snyder’s fucking trash adaptation

  76. Ty Alex

    Ty Alex4 days ago

    Uhmm, okay ? Doesn't look like a good trailer. Kinda like S8 of GOT, some nice scenes meshed together incoherently.

  77. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    Ty Alex but I hear Riverdale is more to your liking

  78. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    It’s a teaser trailer you moron

  79. Lucas Alfer

    Lucas Alfer4 days ago

    Cadê os br? Kkk

  80. Nature cannot be fooled

    Nature cannot be fooled5 days ago

    Who wants cowboy in white House..? Rorschach's journal... a comedian died...

  81. cristobal valentine

    cristobal valentine5 days ago

    the fuck is this

  82. TheDarkarrow7

    TheDarkarrow75 days ago

    Who watches the Watchmen?


    TOMMY GAMER YT5 days ago

    Ojalá hagan más que una temporada Ni siquiera la sacaron todavía pero ya la quiero ver

  84. Sylvia Rabbinowitz

    Sylvia Rabbinowitz5 days ago

    Looks okay. I'll download the torrents

  85. Sylvia Rabbinowitz

    Sylvia Rabbinowitz2 days ago

    +Julian Cicone I'm a cannibal

  86. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    Sylvia Rabbinowitz you don’t have food

  87. Sylvia Rabbinowitz

    Sylvia Rabbinowitz4 days ago

    +Julian Cicone mediocre tv shows > food

  88. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    Yep that’s what broke third worlders do

  89. Motionless _

    Motionless _5 days ago

    I LOVE watchmen.... idk what to think of this

  90. james young

    james young5 days ago

    Looks primo prims!

  91. Vinayak Agnihotri

    Vinayak Agnihotri5 days ago

    This seems like a prime example of when they add cool shots and weird stuff in the trailer but it just doesnt add up in the actual story. The original Watchmen was great. I hope they know what they're doing with this and not just squeezing every ounce of profit from another beloved story they own rights to.

  92. Ofentse Modiselle

    Ofentse Modiselle5 days ago

    What's the point ? The last season will suck anyway this is HBO .

  93. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    Welp you could always join the retarded tweens of CW and watch garbage like Riverdale 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. money making Jason

    money making Jason5 days ago


  95. Alex M.D.

    Alex M.D.5 days ago

    After Games of Thrones...

  96. Julian Cicone

    Julian Cicone4 days ago

    Hahahaha yep after game of thrones. Stop being a little bitch. If you don’t like HBO you can join all the retarded tweets at CW and touch each other to Riverdale 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  97. Taha Siddiqui

    Taha Siddiqui5 days ago

    Doomsday Clock:- We're introducing a new Rorschach to continue the original's legacy. Watchmen HBO:- Hold my beer

  98. lyrics dz

    lyrics dz5 days ago

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  99. AnnTie NC

    AnnTie NC5 days ago

    Welcome back HBO.

  100. OnideusMadHatter

    OnideusMadHatter5 days ago

    Looks like shit.

  101. Ozz_Skull

    Ozz_Skull5 days ago

    Bro where are the hero’s?

  102. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson5 days ago

    There are no full on heroes in Watchmen the graphic novel, that's part of the point, they're kind of broken inside.

  103. Bring Da Beards

    Bring Da Beards5 days ago

    Yep. Totally downloading every episode. Fuck home box office

  104. A Greasy Tit

    A Greasy Tit5 days ago

    Can't wait to torrent all these episodes. Only suckers pay for this shit

  105. CarlyUTube

    CarlyUTube5 days ago

    Sorry HBO after that debacle of an ending for GOT you won’t get me to invest time in another long running series.

  106. Delta

    Delta3 days ago

    Blame D&D. They wanted to end GOTA, while HBO wanted to have more episodes/seasons.

  107. Izzy Sports

    Izzy Sports5 days ago

    Trust me invest. This is the same team behind the leftovers. If you want real writing, story telling and a damn good/perfect ending watch THE LEFTOVERS and then you shall realize it wasn’t HBO it was D&D

  108. blackjac5000

    blackjac50005 days ago

    I am so confused. Does this continue the source material, with Rorschach becoming a cult figure?

  109. ThealienfromEarth 1

    ThealienfromEarth 15 days ago

    It’s a continuation of the main story. Basically by the looks of it, some people found Rorschach’s journal and made a cult based off it. Again that’s just what it looks like.

  110. SushiMetal Gaming

    SushiMetal Gaming5 days ago

    Game of Watchmen

  111. James Burns

    James Burns5 days ago

    just don't fuck it up please

  112. Fabricio Osuna

    Fabricio Osuna6 days ago

    Jeremy Irons.... I'm in man!!!

  113. japneet singh

    japneet singh6 days ago


  114. kigasdj2

    kigasdj26 days ago

    The only superhero series I could give a shit, that's mean a lot guys :) Bring it on!

  115. Joe Abello

    Joe Abello6 days ago

    I'll either really like this or absolutely hate it. There will be no middle ground for me.

  116. Ego Wanaanfdgfdgghjthjyfggsesghfghgdghfdghytfg

    Ego Wanaanfdgfdgghjthjyfggsesghfghgdghfdghytfg6 days ago

    By the way can you complete this link please

  117. Aspa Cardin

    Aspa Cardin6 days ago

    They copy “nothing just the end of the world” from Sam in supernatural

  118. Taylancano

    Taylancano6 days ago

    after GOT season 8. I can not believe hbo can make something good

  119. Marcus Anark

    Marcus Anark4 days ago

    I share your concern.

  120. Brayan Torres

    Brayan Torres6 days ago

    an army of rorschachs? HOLY FUCKING SHIT, im waiting to see this, tik tok tik tok

  121. Leon Leo

    Leon Leo6 days ago

    No way!!

  122. Young Khalifa

    Young Khalifa6 days ago

    "A New Original Series"??? How???

  123. Aurum TheBrave

    Aurum TheBrave6 days ago

    HBO: I know we fucked up GoT hard, but look at our future lineup.

  124. Phoenix1990

    Phoenix19906 days ago

    The massive building shown in the trailer is Penrhyn Castle in North Wales UK. It's run by the National Trust. It's a beautiful building, well worth a visit. I used to work in the grounds of the castle as a gardener and it was such a joy

  125. Vijesh Vijayan

    Vijesh Vijayan6 days ago

    it's crazy I will watch it

  126. Emerald Gaming

    Emerald Gaming6 days ago

    Well, now HBO promotes TikTok...

  127. WetToadette

    WetToadette6 days ago

    I feel like after watching this trailer, I somehow know less about this show.

  128. Tadej Božičko

    Tadej Božičko6 days ago

    Hbo are already preparing for the life after got.

  129. eric eguia

    eric eguia6 days ago

    This series is supposed to take place 20 years after the movie but does anyone know what the main story is now? I still cant really get anything from the trailer other than another doomsday disaster is about to happen.

  130. Mats Mårtensson

    Mats Mårtensson5 days ago

    Well, it seems at some point a Ku Klux Clan-ish group put on Rorschach costumes and killed all the cops in a certain area, cops wear masks attending a funeral, there's a masked woman out to avenge a husband or brother and a man in a mirror mask interrogating someone.

  131. Mario Zelaya

    Mario Zelaya6 days ago

    Loves your enemies

  132. Je M'appelle

    Je M'appelle6 days ago

    Tick Tock Tick Tock *Tik* *Tok*

  133. the stream

    the stream6 days ago

    Alan Moore hates this

  134. MekaHall1078

    MekaHall10786 days ago

    I’m unsubscribing tomorrow! I was going to watch there new show Watchmen, but now they butchered the ending of GOT, a show I literally been watching for years I can’t trust they won’t do the same to that show! So it’s a no thank you for me!