How We Immortalized a BURGER


  1. The King of Random

    The King of Random2 months ago

    Who else was distracted by Nate dancing at the end? 🕺

  2. [User Deleted]

    [User Deleted]2 days ago

    Nah i got distracted by the tkor logo popping up around 0:50

  3. John Stevonson

    John Stevonson5 days ago

    no nothing

  4. John Stevonson

    John Stevonson5 days ago

    not at all

  5. John Stevonson

    John Stevonson5 days ago

    not , me

  6. Radiation Cris

    Radiation CrisDay ago

    What about a candy cheeseburger any flavor you think of and you can try to make different layers of the burger so it can resemble a real one

  7. Eric Anderson

    Eric AndersonDay ago

    How about a Gallium Cheeseburger?

  8. Christian Kope

    Christian Kope2 days ago

    a gallium cheeseburger!

  9. Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion

    Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion2 days ago

    This was a really cool video.

  10. Jon Dalrymple

    Jon Dalrymple2 days ago

    metal burger

  11. AlienMissy 483

    AlienMissy 4832 days ago

    Make a cheeseburger soap😍😍

  12. soft faiiry

    soft faiiry2 days ago

    suggestion; try this again but make each part individually although it'll cost more i bet it would look cool!

  13. kitty icecream

    kitty icecream3 days ago

    Nate i think u have a crush on calli

  14. Clorox•Bleach

    Clorox•Bleach3 days ago

    This video was so satisfying.. I’m lovin’ it.

  15. Black and white People

    Black and white People4 days ago

    Make a gummy sword

  16. The_official _dish cloth

    The_official _dish cloth4 days ago

    Rainbow candy cheese burger

  17. Maggie Pittman

    Maggie Pittman5 days ago

    8:46 -- chEese burger

  18. Manish Chepuri

    Manish Chepuri5 days ago

    Pizza Burger

  19. Robi Jakus

    Robi Jakus5 days ago

    okay previously i dissed your casting skills... this time your techniques were pretty much perfect so... sawry for last time

  20. Megan Hsi

    Megan Hsi6 days ago

    How loud is 100 firecrackers Make a diy firecracker What can a firecracker do to your skin

  21. Thomasito Ferrari

    Thomasito Ferrari6 days ago

    I M M O R T A L B U R G E R

  22. Harel Zohar

    Harel Zohar6 days ago

    Chocolate cheeseburger! (Never ate an actual cheeseburger but... Still... I do eat hamburgers from time to time...)

  23. Vanilla ice_

    Vanilla ice_6 days ago


  24. PrincessTS01

    PrincessTS016 days ago

    chocolate cheeseburgers

  25. Blah Blahsen

    Blah Blahsen6 days ago

    we're gonna make negative mold of a burger so we can cast a positive mold of a burger, that way we can make a negative mold of our positive mold and make a positive mold of that nagative mold so we can make a negative mold of a burger, then we're gonna cast a burger in the negative mold we cast from a series of positive and negative burger molds and there you have it...a burger. -mold making.

  26. SilentScream1337

    SilentScream13377 days ago

    cast in Gallium!

  27. Isaiah Braddock

    Isaiah Braddock7 days ago


  28. Aubrey Turner

    Aubrey Turner7 days ago

    How about iron cheeseburger

  29. Tory Marfo

    Tory Marfo7 days ago

    They have killed the beautiful 🍔 wenn I have it I will 100 pictures because it's beautiful

  30. 1stNickname

    1stNickname7 days ago

    Cast processed cheese in the cheeseburger mold

  31. XxItz_ JessyxX

    XxItz_ JessyxX7 days ago

    This is gray if you support T-Series 👎

  32. Red lion Pyro

    Red lion Pyro8 days ago

    A chocolate cheese burger

  33. Bluepenguin

    Bluepenguin8 days ago

    oooh a gummy burger

  34. Kristina Howden

    Kristina Howden8 days ago

    Make a gummy taco, and pizza!

  35. Morgan Jackson

    Morgan Jackson8 days ago

    Gallium please like so they can see this

  36. Sarah Stewart

    Sarah Stewart9 days ago

    Cast glass in the cheeseburger or sticky hands.

  37. Molly Barlow

    Molly Barlow9 days ago

    2:19 Me: Goodbye my friend **sobs** Also me: oh wait, CHICKEN NUGGETS!

  38. jatnna mercedes

    jatnna mercedes9 days ago

    A metal cheese burger

  39. Marlene Hasbrouck

    Marlene Hasbrouck9 days ago

    Cheeseburger lollipop

  40. Brian Moyers

    Brian Moyers9 days ago

    Since you have the burger now you should do fries but do them both on chocolate

  41. ennaesor1011

    ennaesor101110 days ago

    Cast a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg and make a perfect breakfast. 😂🤣😅 🍳🍳

  42. Kaylee Millet

    Kaylee Millet10 days ago

    Y’all should cast a liquid gallium cheeseburger

  43. Will M

    Will M10 days ago

    Make a gummy asparagus

  44. fvlmhamster

    fvlmhamster11 days ago

    KOR symbol at 0:50

  45. fvlmhamster

    fvlmhamster11 days ago

    nation symbol at 4:57

  46. fvlmhamster

    fvlmhamster11 days ago

    8 at 3:57

  47. fvlmhamster

    fvlmhamster11 days ago

    c at 1:37

  48. Spicy walrus

    Spicy walrus11 days ago

    Cast with cheese

  49. CryinRoss666 00

    CryinRoss666 0012 days ago

    Cast a potato

  50. James King

    James King12 days ago

    make an oven mold, cheese burger dough balls in the shape of a cheese burger

  51. shoto totoroki

    shoto totoroki12 days ago

    Cast a nate

  52. AL _vina

    AL _vina12 days ago

    Cast a lobster

  53. Sister Olivia

    Sister Olivia13 days ago

    I’m hungry no-

  54. Fire gaming Wheatley

    Fire gaming Wheatley14 days ago


  55. Emily Rodgers

    Emily Rodgers14 days ago

    When ur BORED and waching tkor videos over because u have watch all off there video

  56. Professor Doktor Katze

    Professor Doktor Katze14 days ago


  57. Taylor Mader

    Taylor Mader15 days ago

    Cast a gallium cheeseburger

  58. Mattie Vorhies

    Mattie Vorhies15 days ago

    how about a..... wait for it..... Gallium Cheeseburger????

  59. Kalarak McGrath

    Kalarak McGrath15 days ago


  60. Downunda Thunda

    Downunda Thunda15 days ago

    You should cast the cheeseburger in Gallium, if you can get enough gallium

  61. Samuel Banks

    Samuel Banks16 days ago

    🤦‍♀️ it looks like a cheeseburger 🍔

  62. thehypermuffin _

    thehypermuffin _16 days ago

    0:50 TKOR

  63. thehypermuffin _

    thehypermuffin _16 days ago

    11:15 tkor

  64. Emmanunique James

    Emmanunique James16 days ago

    You should make a Marble Cheeseburgers

  65. Amish Patel

    Amish Patel16 days ago

    What happens if fry a coconut?

  66. Amish Patel

    Amish Patel16 days ago

    *Cheese Burger*

  67. Egmont van Eeden

    Egmont van Eeden16 days ago

    Pepsi vs fire 🔥liquidnitregon vs pepsi

  68. Nick Muggli

    Nick Muggli17 days ago

    A gallium burger, of course!

  69. pixelvengeance33

    pixelvengeance3317 days ago

    only intellecuals will see officer earl running in the background

  70. Gavin Power

    Gavin Power17 days ago

    Do different colored gelatin layers to mimic an actual cheese burger- like a bread colored gelatin, a thin green lettuce colored layer, some brown for the patties, and some bread color again

  71. Lucas Bolder

    Lucas Bolder17 days ago

    try to cast it in colored chocolat with diffrent layers so u can kind of recognize the ingredients

  72. Samuel Banks

    Samuel Banks16 days ago

    Lucas Bolder they should do surgery on a grape

  73. Samantha Weber

    Samantha Weber17 days ago

    Absolutely nobody: NATE: I just did SuRgErY on a ChEeSeBuRgEr! 🍔 🍇 3:10

  74. The Flash Fan

    The Flash Fan11 days ago

    Samantha Weber, he didn’t say that

  75. royasiathe_ emojiqueen

    royasiathe_ emojiqueen18 days ago

    Marshmallow cheeseburger

  76. TKD Ace

    TKD Ace18 days ago

    Well, if you want to mold it, just let it sit out, it'll get moldy eventually

  77. Dylan Marconi

    Dylan Marconi18 days ago

    make a glow in the dark mostly clear/opaque burger

  78. Hercu Dite

    Hercu Dite19 days ago

    Chocolate 😍😍

  79. Galactic Knight1

    Galactic Knight119 days ago

    A gummy hotdog

  80. davido the cheetoh

    davido the cheetoh20 days ago


  81. Chris Reise

    Chris Reise20 days ago

    Chocolate Cheese Burger...possibly with different coloured layers.

  82. Samuel Wright

    Samuel Wright20 days ago

    I want a cheeseburger that is just cheese

  83. Cactus Lord

    Cactus Lord20 days ago

    Somehow you made McDonald's worse

  84. Tina Chen

    Tina Chen21 day ago

    Golden cheese burger.

  85. gina hernandez

    gina hernandez21 day ago

    can you make a jello pickle?

  86. Vladimir Medarski

    Vladimir Medarski21 day ago

    cholate burger!!!

  87. Courtney J

    Courtney J22 days ago

    I really needed this to be longer lol

  88. Sir 0reo

    Sir 0reo22 days ago

    its the new krabby patty from spongebob

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    666 dislikes

  90. Arion Reyman

    Arion Reyman23 days ago

    Gold cheeseburger

  91. Horizon

    Horizon24 days ago

    Plaster Caster Gaster-Blaster Master?

  92. siebe quirynen

    siebe quirynen25 days ago


  93. Dee Dee Hunter

    Dee Dee Hunter25 days ago

    cali: i dont want to hit it with a blow torch so im not going to do that. 3 seconds later: brings out blow torch. lol

  94. Marta Bronshvayg

    Marta Bronshvayg26 days ago

    Use the rubber ball powder to make a rainbow cheeseburger and then throw it out the window and climb out to get it using the duct tape ladder You have it by the time I am watching

  95. Brad Young

    Brad Young26 days ago

    Well, this is the first time I've seen someone spray paint a cheeseburger.

  96. Cheryl A

    Cheryl A26 days ago

    That is so cool! Ideas for molds. A hot dog with the works. Your hand with the thumb out for hitchhiking. A rubber chicken. A rubber ducky. A spiky massage ball.

  97. TLW Den

    TLW Den29 days ago

    When the world ends this will be the only thing left flying throught space

  98. Thribhuvan Gupta

    Thribhuvan Gupta29 days ago

    Make a cheese burger made entirely of cheese🤤

  99. okie dokie

    okie dokieMonth ago

    Cast just processed american cheese please?

  100. Clifford Smith

    Clifford SmithMonth ago

    A cake

  101. No Nuts

    No NutsMonth ago


  102. Ian Lai

    Ian LaiMonth ago

    Gallium cheeseburger

  103. Sb rvn

    Sb rvnMonth ago

    Cast ice cream!

  104. Maya Casselman

    Maya CasselmanMonth ago

    I never knew that making statues would take so long!

  105. Andrew Turtle

    Andrew TurtleMonth ago

    Thou shalt make a chocolate cheeseburger

  106. #PickleRickMilosOp

    #PickleRickMilosOpMonth ago

    Hamburger hamhamham burburbur gergerger hamburgerham u uuuuuuu

  107. AwesomeGamer 839

    AwesomeGamer 839Month ago

    5:25 hamburger

  108. Eva Janin

    Eva JaninMonth ago

    Try a full cheese cheeseburger!

  109. chungus I am

    chungus I amMonth ago

    Sliver cheeseburger