1. The King of Random

    The King of Random5 months ago

    Who else was distracted by Nate dancing at the end? 🕺

  2. King Zeus

    King Zeus9 days ago

    when you said cheeseburger that's literally the first thing that popped into my head before that little snip

  3. Pedro

    Pedro16 days ago

    Ayy i was the 800 like

  4. Thijs Kossen

    Thijs Kossen18 days ago

    Please make a 🧀 cheeseburger

  5. 8-bit Friends

    8-bit Friends20 days ago

    The King of Random 8R

  6. 8-bit Friends

    8-bit Friends20 days ago

    The King of Random the number is 8

  7. Bryson Allgood

    Bryson Allgood18 hours ago

    Every time I watch one of these videos I tell myself I will find all letters and numbers,I always forget

  8. subcribe falingo

    subcribe falingo18 hours ago

    Cheese hamburger

  9. michael cham

    michael cham2 days ago

    Make a prank gummies cheese burger with capsaicin extract

  10. Jacqueline Roley

    Jacqueline Roley2 days ago

    An aluminum or gallium cheese burger would be cool

  11. Arad Crow

    Arad Crow3 days ago

    Can u cast a fry chicken

  12. Steven Olson

    Steven Olson3 days ago

    A chocolate cheeseburger or course. And hard candy.

  13. TwoBoxesOfButter

    TwoBoxesOfButter5 days ago

    I wanted to eat that burger

  14. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep6 days ago

    It's a brioche bun

  15. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep6 days ago

    It's a brioche bun

  16. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep6 days ago

    It hurts me that they didn't eat it

  17. channel ajhejs7

    channel ajhejs76 days ago

    Flinnnt looock wood

  18. The Dawsons

    The Dawsons7 days ago

    Would you eat a gummy burger? If I whant diabeties

  19. Hannah Krutsinger

    Hannah Krutsinger8 days ago

    Make a gummy thanksgiving dinner!

  20. Kira Iriye

    Kira Iriye9 days ago

    chocolate burger

  21. Ghostpiggy'sHere

    Ghostpiggy'sHere9 days ago

    Isn’t this basically like those crabby patty’s gummies?

  22. Daniel C

    Daniel C10 days ago

    Cashier: Hello! Welcome to McDonald’s! What would you like to order? Customer: I’ll have a twoallbeefpattyspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbuncoveredwithclearcoatwithskewerstokeepittogethersurroundedbywaterandalginatedemoldedfilledwithplasterandwaterletitsittakeoffthealginateputitintheovencoveritwithclearcoatmixsiliconecoveritwithsiliconeandsiliconeactivatorleaveitovernighttakeoutplasterputinwavylinestapethesiliconetogethermakegelatinandpouritinthemoldletitsitremoveitusetorchfortheseamusetorchagainbecauseeverythingischromeinthefutureandeatit!!!!!!!!!! Cashier: Cashier: *WHAT?!?!?!?!?* Customer: A gummy cheeseburger. Cashier: ... ... Cashier: Ok. Cashier: *WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?* Customer: A gummy cheeseburger. You know, like on the King of Random. Cashier: Sorry, this is not Burger King, we don’t sell King of Random Burgers here. Goodbye!!!!!

  23. Rosierose 17

    Rosierose 1710 days ago

    Chocolate cheeseburger

  24. Teddy Vogt

    Teddy Vogt11 days ago

    did anyone notice that there was snow outside?

  25. Minemare535

    Minemare53511 days ago

    Chocolate cheeseburger

  26. Nicholas Brando

    Nicholas Brando11 days ago

    The plaster burger looked like the nasty party from spongebob

  27. Ethan Wiltshire

    Ethan Wiltshire11 days ago

    Gummy snake

  28. Contaminated Lemonade

    Contaminated Lemonade11 days ago

    proto putty cheese burger

  29. Contaminated Lemonade

    Contaminated Lemonade11 days ago

    was nate wearing that bleached shirt

  30. your average Nazi

    your average Nazi11 days ago

    Make the iron cheeseburger.

  31. Jesse Gopaul

    Jesse Gopaul12 days ago

    Chocolate cheeseburger

  32. kill joy 9420

    kill joy 942012 days ago


  33. Alfonso Cardoso

    Alfonso Cardoso13 days ago

    7:23 I recognized this song as soon as it started and I got so happy! 😭 Well, happier, your videos always make me happy. 🥰

  34. Nomadic Ninja

    Nomadic Ninja13 days ago

    What you should do is make a mold of the bun meat and then you can make a burger with chocolate and the bun from somthing else

  35. Eric Han

    Eric Han13 days ago

    watermelon mold

  36. gtieso games

    gtieso games14 days ago

    this weirds me out soo much

  37. Shaun Horton

    Shaun Horton14 days ago

    GALLIUM cheeseburger please!!!

  38. Hunter Kline

    Hunter Kline14 days ago


  39. Yazzyplays 123

    Yazzyplays 12314 days ago

    ICE PLS!!!!

  40. Time Thunder

    Time Thunder14 days ago

    Metal cheeseburger

  41. Rajeswari V

    Rajeswari V15 days ago

    Can you make smoke bombs on other fruits like apples and pinnapples

  42. Rajeswari V

    Rajeswari V15 days ago

    Can you make a mould of naked cheese only

  43. VigeosDOTnet

    VigeosDOTnet15 days ago

    You should see what happens when you put a burger in a silicone mold.

  44. Darth Hitler

    Darth Hitler15 days ago

    Lol mcdonalds burger can definitely survive with all the preservatives inside

  45. DalekVsBowtie TM

    DalekVsBowtie TM15 days ago


  46. Aron Whited

    Aron Whited16 days ago

    Doesn’t this already exist? Those tiny Krabby patty gummies?

  47. Jano Schutte

    Jano Schutte16 days ago

    A fully meet cheese burger

  48. joey Price

    joey Price16 days ago

    Beese churger

  49. Ageless Gaming

    Ageless Gaming16 days ago

    So...what are the images that keep flashing on screen

  50. Teddy Vogt

    Teddy Vogt11 days ago

    @Ageless Gaming np

  51. Ageless Gaming

    Ageless Gaming11 days ago

    Ok thanks

  52. Teddy Vogt

    Teddy Vogt11 days ago

    ur supposed to get the timestamp and comment it for like a give away thing

  53. king pee pee!

    king pee pee!16 days ago

    why do i want to bite the algeanate

  54. Amadeo Ramirez

    Amadeo Ramirez16 days ago

    We just finished eating a burger cake.

  55. Priest Adam

    Priest Adam16 days ago

    I always wanted a cheeseburger made of copper or metal something make me smile about that

  56. Thomas Burk

    Thomas Burk16 days ago

    I actually have eaten many gummy burgers... *Flashback to Halloween eating dozens of mini Krabby Patty gummies*

  57. Gagetop 7

    Gagetop 717 days ago


  58. Dragonchild 818

    Dragonchild 81817 days ago

    Thought you were gonna airbrush the plaster one to look real

  59. Chicken Kiev’s

    Chicken Kiev’s17 days ago

    U should cast each layer separate and in the correct colour

  60. Safety Third

    Safety Third17 days ago

    Chocolate burger

  61. Raven Sky Productions

    Raven Sky Productions17 days ago

    Lint chocolate or cheese or cotten candy 😀☺☺☺😀🍔🧀🍫🍬

  62. Zagreus Alexiares IX

    Zagreus Alexiares IX17 days ago

    Great. Now I'm craving for cheese burger.

  63. shiningstaer

    shiningstaer17 days ago

    I just skip to the end of these videos. It’s 10 minutes of them rambling, and then the results.

  64. Moto_boi_ 2000

    Moto_boi_ 200017 days ago

    Does anyone else know what the random letters and numbers are for??

  65. All_Judge

    All_Judge17 days ago

    5:47 " our hambuger"

  66. Super BottleBros

    Super BottleBros17 days ago

    can I have the plaster cheeseburger?

  67. Firebugnana

    Firebugnana17 days ago

    spongbob borgar

  68. Evertix NoVID

    Evertix NoVID17 days ago

    A choclate cheese burger or even a melted cheese cheese burger