IT CHAPTER TWO - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]


  1. Ciara Fairbairn

    Ciara Fairbairn35 seconds ago

    I watched this movie already

  2. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker37 minutes ago

    jeeez cant wait

  3. B3T0

    B3T057 minutes ago

    me cague

  4. Shahaad the goat

    Shahaad the goat59 minutes ago

    Would it be fair to blame captin marvel for punching the poor old lady in the first place?

  5. danny gregory

    danny gregoryHour ago

    Anyone know the music from 02.20?

  6. Pinhead The Puppet

    Pinhead The PuppetHour ago

    WB 🔫🔫🔫

  7. Pinhead The Puppet

    Pinhead The PuppetHour ago

    WARNER BROS, IT 2019 100% VIOLENCE!!! 😬😬😬😬

  8. Pinhead The Puppet

    Pinhead The PuppetHour ago


  9. Carl - Wheezer

    Carl - WheezerHour ago

    1:58 Gangsta strut

  10. Fixtionmaster101

    Fixtionmaster101Hour ago

    It's back!

  11. Nothing Interesting

    Nothing InterestingHour ago

    Im getting confused. Who is that grandma? Is it the clown?

  12. Alison Villanueva

    Alison VillanuevaHour ago


  13. Jungshooketh

    JungshookethHour ago

    1:58 _imagine waking up at 1am to use the toilet and you see that in your passage._

  14. bigbigcheese2

    bigbigcheese2Hour ago

    *Flies buzz on window* Doctor Who fans: HEAVEN SENT??

  15. Daddy Dank

    Daddy DankHour ago

    Look at 2:00 😂🤣 I can’t take this seriously

  16. CharlieVChucky

    CharlieVChuckyHour ago

    Why is granny stomping so hard! She was walking fine a second ago.

  17. just jack

    just jackHour ago

    Idk why that's so creepy when she walks naked across the kitchen just straight gave me the chills

  18. strangerthings italiaa

    strangerthings italiaa2 hours ago

    This is gonna to be better than the first movie

  19. MacBulle

    MacBulle2 hours ago

    This looks awesome tbh

  20. Mente Maestra

    Mente Maestra2 hours ago

    It's cringy to see so many unoriginal morons posting the same stupid comment time and time again just to see who gets more likes. Some of y'all don't even attempt to rephrase the words. Pathetic

  21. Commander Stoned

    Commander Stoned2 hours ago

    Bruh On Jah when she said no one here ever really dies she should’ve said they just float

  22. Andri Mataj

    Andri Mataj3 hours ago

    jeeez cant wait

  23. Jami Sade

    Jami Sade3 hours ago

    This is a disgrace to the original 1991 made for t.v. version. Which of course wasn't a masterpiece but Tim Curry was 10X more terrifying. This is garbage.

  24. Claudio German

    Claudio GermanHour ago

    Ok spook 👻👻👻

  25. Wyl33 J

    Wyl33 J4 hours ago

    2:13 is anxiety central JESUS

  26. Or 0ra_anges

    Or 0ra_anges4 hours ago

    Omg yasss

  27. BobotonGaming

    BobotonGaming4 hours ago

    hi sisters

  28. Nathaniel Robinson Jr

    Nathaniel Robinson Jr4 hours ago

    This preview made me watch the chapter 1!!!

  29. Player Unknown

    Player Unknown4 hours ago

    Hopefully, this one is better.

  30. Kj Styles

    Kj Styles4 hours ago

    Who think heath ledger would been a good pennywise if he was still alive

  31. BlackDolphin 00

    BlackDolphin 004 hours ago

    Old Lady:Are you still daddy's little girl? Beverly:Aw shit here we go again


    SCAR EXODUS4 hours ago

    This is so bad

  33. AishA writes

    AishA writes5 hours ago

    سب تعریف کررہے تھے اپنے اپنے یار کی🍷۔۔ ہم نے نیند کا بہانہ کر۔کے محفل ہی چھوڑ۔دی..❣

  34. Exnomer

    Exnomer5 hours ago

    *_Steve Harvey:_* Name Something a Full Grown Woman wouldn't want to see when returning to her Childhood Home... *_Pennywise:_* NAKED GRANDMA!!!! 😈 *_Stevey Boi:_* nAKED hUH???? 😱😱😱

  35. David Chukhajyan

    David Chukhajyan5 hours ago

    1:13 this remides me about Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun

  36. Andrei :D

    Andrei :D5 hours ago

    In it 2 i think the stakes would be higher because now they are adults and if pennywise was hurting them as kids i think he has the guts now to kill them

  37. panggop jio

    panggop jio5 hours ago

    This shit scary

  38. l spiicyy l

    l spiicyy l5 hours ago

    bill richie stan mike ben eddie and beverly did i miss anyone

  39. Aliya Hayward

    Aliya Hayward5 hours ago

    I'm so excited for this movie

  40. AnDeezNutz

    AnDeezNutz5 hours ago


  41. EG3 Assassin

    EG3 Assassin5 hours ago

    “I can’t look at my Grandma the same anymore”😭😭😂😂 Jk I’m not nastttyyyy

  42. Dynamic Entry

    Dynamic Entry5 hours ago

    you aint lying, I once saw my grandma nekkid and that scared the hell outta me

  43. Captain p0p

    Captain p0p6 hours ago

    Hello, please subscribe to my awesome channel!!!!!!

  44. Chris shak

    Chris shak6 hours ago

    0:27 I don't know if it was intentional but the way sophia lillis smiles is very like the 'it' character.

  45. Jay

    Jay6 hours ago

    Bill Hader is in it, i'm game.

  46. J'mar Wiley

    J'mar Wiley6 hours ago

    We all float down here. You'll float to. You'll float to. You'll float to!!!🤡

  47. NWO 2033

    NWO 20336 hours ago


  48. Tik tok

    Tik tok7 hours ago

    Hit movie

  49. Efrain Rivera Junior

    Efrain Rivera Junior7 hours ago

    I don't get tired of watching the trailer. I hope the movie is as good as these 3 minutes.

  50. Efrain Rivera Junior

    Efrain Rivera Junior7 hours ago

    This is the spookiest thing I've ever seen... and I actually walked in on *MY* naked grandma.

  51. oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah8 hours ago

    I watched it 1 when i was 9 and now im ten im kinda pissed cuz the last movie wasn't scary and people complained so i feel like this part is gonna be more scary

  52. Smilly Gamer

    Smilly Gamer8 hours ago

    1:14 wow that face

  53. Park Jimchimchimmy Chim

    Park Jimchimchimmy Chim8 hours ago

    Pennywise: (dramatically) *Hello* Me: *hi sisters*

  54. Video Мастерская

    Video Мастерская8 hours ago


  55. Am i a potato?

    Am i a potato?9 hours ago

    Soo this movie is rated SPG? PG?

  56. lottie wakefield

    lottie wakefield9 hours ago

    1:04 granny.exe has stopped working

  57. Tony Rocksi

    Tony Rocksi9 hours ago

    This shit scary

  58. Shadowlord 3072

    Shadowlord 307210 hours ago

    How did Pennywise live i tought he just died by the brave kids

  59. Efrain Rivera Junior

    Efrain Rivera Junior7 hours ago

    He's baaaaaaack... 30 years later.

  60. Batool Wajahat

    Batool Wajahat10 hours ago

    When is it going to be released in Pakistan

  61. A Random Guy

    A Random Guy10 hours ago

    James McAvoy is actually playing kevin crumb and he’s gonna beast out

  62. Semina Tsami

    Semina Tsami10 hours ago


  63. Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak10 hours ago

    saw this trailer in surround sound with john wick...this is gonna break the previous record set by It Chapter 1...

  64. Nicolas Dubousquet

    Nicolas Dubousquet8 hours ago

    +Justin Fencsak me personally I do not think I think the second film will be well detailed anyway

  65. Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak9 hours ago

    +Nicolas Dubousquet should I read the book first

  66. Nicolas Dubousquet

    Nicolas Dubousquet9 hours ago

    +Justin Fencsak Effectively Except that in the mini-series he does not speak about the Mathurin tortoise Except that in the second chapter of the film they will introduce Mathurin...

  67. Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak10 hours ago

    +Nicolas Dubousquet just like the miniseries and the book

  68. Nicolas Dubousquet

    Nicolas Dubousquet10 hours ago

    you are right The counter of the second film is much higher than the first He's going to have a phenomenal success🎈

  69. MR.Sinister 1

    MR.Sinister 110 hours ago

    Y don't they get Ray from scary movie 2 to take care of this clown like he did n the movie underneath the bed!! Lol

  70. Galih Restu W

    Galih Restu W10 hours ago

    Oh motherfucker , its fucking screaming

  71. Zechariah Labuguen

    Zechariah Labuguen11 hours ago

    I'm ready

  72. Nicolas Dubousquet

    Nicolas Dubousquet10 hours ago

    I'm ready too May the final show begin.

  73. Mister Pan1c

    Mister Pan1c11 hours ago

    Sak ma dik

  74. img nary

    img nary11 hours ago

    No jumpscares stupid

  75. Violent Boy

    Violent Boy12 hours ago

    So it's X-MEN VS Penny wise now cool. Cool? Really.

  76. Violent Boy

    Violent Boy12 hours ago

    Wow? Charles Xavier. Professor X is in penny wise It? Movie. I guess penny wise is screwed? Professor X can just stop penny wise easly anyway he is the head master of he's school for gifted students

  77. Jai Shankar JS

    Jai Shankar JS12 hours ago

    I was hyped for this for 2 years!!

  78. Pika Poo

    Pika Poo12 hours ago

    Omg I love the look of this does anyone know when it's out on cinema seriously tell me

  79. Nicolas Dubousquet

    Nicolas Dubousquet12 hours ago

    It is true that he is rather original his look for the film.

  80. CGI Future

    CGI Future12 hours ago

    Pennywise: you all thought I was gone Now where did that bring you BACK TO ME!

  81. Paul V

    Paul V12 hours ago

    was half expecting that creepy pennywise dance in the background

  82. Liana Hargreaves

    Liana Hargreaves13 hours ago

    I didn't know Winnie the Pooh was in this 2:47

  83. jay white

    jay white13 hours ago

    Stephan king sick minded perv useless son of a bitch

  84. Courtney✨ 🌸✨

    Courtney✨ 🌸✨13 hours ago

    I hate scary movies but I’ll watch for Bill Hader

  85. Gigijosh luv

    Gigijosh luv13 hours ago

    Granny in the mobile game comes to life😳

  86. Hentai - kun ????

    Hentai - kun ????14 hours ago

    2:37 NO GAY SCENE

  87. Dongbum Yi

    Dongbum Yi15 hours ago

    I didn't notice that the woman is a grown up version of the girl in short hair. Pity, She looks like just a random old woman from the street and not related to, i mean boyish or pretty at all I think they should have found someone.. better, at least much prettier

  88. Natsumi Jaki

    Natsumi Jaki15 hours ago

    IT say her Is Robert Bob Gray Or First human he see in Earth or Gray Is IT ???????

  89. Central Perk

    Central Perk16 hours ago

    Am I the only one who really wants to know why Pennywise is a psycho?

  90. james bond

    james bond16 hours ago

    BREAKING NEWS! DEAD LIGHTS/TRUE FORM EXPLAINED...... Pennywise is really Chuck Norris and both are the Dead Lights... too scary and terrifying for our simple human minds to comprehend.

  91. lawrence09151

    lawrence0915116 hours ago

    “Hello” -IT

  92. james bond

    james bond16 hours ago

    Not Tim Curry 2

  93. TonyGamer99

    TonyGamer9916 hours ago

    Wait so pennywise was human?!

  94. mark321123

    mark32112316 hours ago

    Influenced by The Visit?

  95. Ooo Yeee

    Ooo Yeee16 hours ago

    Fuck the police

  96. All Stuff

    All Stuff17 hours ago

    That girl shown at the end could be Beverly's daughter

  97. z8ph0d

    z8ph0d17 hours ago


  98. AreYouScared,p0ttah?

    AreYouScared,p0ttah?17 hours ago

    If I ever met Pennywise, he would be glad that I would accept my fate right away. No need to get beaten up

  99. OSD The best

    OSD The best17 hours ago

    At the end of IT when it said chapter 1 this is what I said... OMFG

  100. Muhd Haziq

    Muhd Haziq18 hours ago

    1:52 do you see something ??? 😮😮😮

  101. Kool Cheeze

    Kool Cheeze18 hours ago

    creepy old woman

  102. hen ko

    hen ko18 hours ago

    Hey did you guys notice the bruises on her arm? Guess the shithead husband gets an appearance. I hope he dies in this one.

  103. UnityQuest

    UnityQuest18 hours ago


  104. Abhishek Anand

    Abhishek Anand19 hours ago

    You know whats creepy ? Sudden fast unexpected movements

  105. Dominick Vlogs

    Dominick Vlogs19 hours ago

    1:54 When I See Pennywise

  106. Dominick Vlogs

    Dominick Vlogs19 hours ago

    Oh Shit Dude

  107. zaheerul jazli

    zaheerul jazli19 hours ago

    Bill hadar!!!!!

  108. Otter von Bismarck

    Otter von Bismarck19 hours ago

    Comments Data has been retrieved, let's look at the data.. 97% Grandma 3% Other

  109. Azekel Imre

    Azekel Imre19 hours ago

    Don't worry your safe here in he comment section... {\_/} Ice Cream? ( o_o) /-🍦-\