Eiza González’s 8-Minute Wake-Up-and-Go Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  1. Marcela Arévalo Díaz

    Marcela Arévalo Díaz6 hours ago

    Pues como que tiene cara de ratón hahaha

  2. Melanie Roca

    Melanie Roca16 hours ago

    Her eyes are so cringy when she's curling her lashes

  3. jecagr93

    jecagr9316 hours ago

    “Baby driver” girl 😍

  4. rw ha

    rw haDay ago


  5. Talia R

    Talia R2 days ago

    She is beautiful ....

  6. saudade night

    saudade night3 days ago

    I dont like her

  7. Ajscha Natalia Sonne

    Ajscha Natalia Sonne4 days ago

    Too much of fondation after words about flawless and natural look in my eyes... Which she didn't put properly. Looks, like a bad mask. She doesn't even needs so much of it. Even I, the girl with problem skin, using less of product and my skin looks good and still natural.

  8. Cody

    Cody4 days ago

    Girls like her can do a 5-10 minute make up routine cause they look like that. Me on the other hand resemble a potato that resembles the hulk so i need more than an hour to get ready

  9. Rachel Arnold

    Rachel Arnold5 days ago

    such a natural beauty!

  10. noemy torrez

    noemy torrez5 days ago

    Eres un asco eiza deja de operarte

  11. Sophia Adler

    Sophia Adler5 days ago


  12. BeautyEcho

    BeautyEcho5 days ago

    What is the lip color she used n it's brand name??

  13. BeautyEcho

    BeautyEcho7 days ago

    I wish I could have a face n lips like her

  14. BeautyEcho

    BeautyEcho6 days ago

    @cruela4 OMG

  15. cruela4

    cruela46 days ago

    BeautyEcho she got a lo of surgerys to have it

  16. Lucy Laurente

    Lucy Laurente10 days ago

    Por más que se haya hecho cirugías se ve bien porque no abusado de ellas sino se ve natural, no es exagerado como otras personas

  17. InL3wiThMusiC

    InL3wiThMusiC10 days ago

    Yeah. Has got nose, chin an lips done and talks about natural beauty.

  18. cruela4

    cruela46 days ago

    InL3wiThMusiC hahahaha

  19. Cecilia Del Carpio

    Cecilia Del Carpio11 days ago

    But before make up, face surgery!!!! Don't forget 😂😂

  20. cruela4

    cruela46 days ago

    Cecilia Del Carpio jajajajaja 🤣

  21. eli san

    eli san12 days ago

    Muchas cirugías para mi gusto

  22. Ajaguillar

    Ajaguillar12 days ago

    Que simpatia !!!

  23. 1000 8 1000

    1000 8 100012 days ago

    I think VOGUE should choose beauty people with natural beauty... I don't know how many surgerys she got ullready.

  24. A Mdz

    A Mdz13 days ago

    This girl is a embarrassment for the Hispanic community. She's a big Hollywood thot.. she just can't live without her thousands of different penises..

  25. Mari Jim

    Mari Jim13 days ago

    Porquè su cara es de otro color muy diferente a su piel?

  26. s pierce

    s pierce13 days ago


  27. s pierce

    s pierce10 days ago

    Amanda Férrer Vasconcelos thank you!

  28. Amanda Férrer Vasconcelos

    Amanda Férrer Vasconcelos11 days ago

    Tom ford - rouge à lèvres, but she doesn't say the color

  29. Jeanna Sargent

    Jeanna Sargent14 days ago

    What lipstick did she use?

  30. Mahsuri Jewa

    Mahsuri Jewa14 days ago

    She's using the Dior loose powder I think #brokecantrelate

  31. Abel Perez duarte

    Abel Perez duarte15 days ago

    Me encanta ver una mexicana así de perra 👍👍👍😍

  32. Amaris lilac

    Amaris lilac15 days ago

    Viva Eiza!!! She is beautiful and she deserves be successful no matter if there are envious people who criticizes... Unfortunately Mexicans.

  33. Chingo a mí madre

    Chingo a mí madre15 days ago

    Guapísima! Viva México!

  34. cecilia pompa

    cecilia pompa15 days ago

    You are dumb af

  35. RK Chadha

    RK Chadha15 days ago

    Wasted my time watching this

  36. Yuka

    Yuka15 days ago

    She talks and acts too much.

  37. Angelo zevach

    Angelo zevach15 days ago


  38. max 61

    max 6115 days ago

    She sooo cute 💯💋💋

  39. CODQ13

    CODQ1316 days ago

    If Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba had a baby.

  40. Elizabeth Flores

    Elizabeth Flores16 days ago

    Eres una chingona Eiza...fuiste a poner en alto a un país apesar de que ese país no siempre te respaldo

  41. fer

    fer16 days ago

    I can't understand why she receives a lot of hate, She's gorgeous, love her ♥🇲🇽

  42. Grace Sheila

    Grace Sheila16 days ago

    what shade is the lipstick?

  43. vaishu T

    vaishu T16 days ago

    Even after I apply my full makeup I don't look perfect as when compared to her no makeup look

  44. Kanang Phothiruk

    Kanang Phothiruk16 days ago

    You no need make up so beautiful ❤️

  45. Whoami

    Whoami17 days ago

    Somebody knows the colour of the lipstick?? Searched everywhere but there is no tom Ford in rouge

  46. wds et

    wds et16 days ago

    Thanks a lot dear ❤️ and I hope you enjoy it

  47. Whoami

    Whoami16 days ago

    wds et thank you sweetie❤️ but its not Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Age of Consent, I read it in a article where she Said that she wore that to the Oscars 🤔 yes they are expensive, but maybe its worth it😁

  48. wds et

    wds et17 days ago

    I searched for it too and I've found it online. It's the 03 Pink Tease , Tom Ford rouge à lèvres matte 🌸 but to me, it's very expensive 😅 good luck !

  49. Juliana Jennifer

    Juliana Jennifer17 days ago

    her face is awesome

  50. Betania Estragó

    Betania Estragó17 days ago

    que labial usa?

  51. Cat Santiago

    Cat Santiago18 days ago

    muy bonita!

  52. Bruno Santana

    Bruno Santana18 days ago

    Minha eterna Santanico pandemonium.

  53. Armando Ortega Jr

    Armando Ortega Jr19 days ago


  54. Brenda Darling

    Brenda Darling20 days ago

    Eres una mujer muy hermosa pero teniendo en cuenta el ambiente en el que te desenvuelves, que no sepas que siendo tan brusca con la piel debajo de los ojos que es tan delicada, te ocasione arrugas prematuras. Eres hermosa y joven para tener arrugas antes de los 30 porque desconozco tú edad

  55. Nuy Torres

    Nuy Torres21 day ago

    Muy guapa Eiza González, y que fluido habla el inglés, es una chica muy dedicada a lo que hace, todos los éxitos para ella. 😉👍

  56. Rosy Sangals

    Rosy Sangals22 days ago

    Aww...good video. Wished you would have showed us how to curl our lashes with the spoon. 😎...that would ha e been so cool.

  57. y

    y23 days ago


  58. Spirited away

    Spirited away23 days ago

    soooo pretty!!

  59. serenatagofretoula

    serenatagofretoula23 days ago

    does anyone know the lipstick brand?

  60. Travelqueen 26

    Travelqueen 2624 days ago

    She’s beautiful!

  61. Candela Ferry

    Candela Ferry24 days ago

    Qué fue lo que se operó? porque yo no noto nada en su cara

  62. Diana

    Diana25 days ago

    We share the same birthday so I've always loved her 😏

  63. Zee Jamz

    Zee Jamz25 days ago

    I would love to see a Vogue beauty routine for a black woman

  64. John Thomas

    John Thomas24 days ago

    There is

  65. Sup.

    Sup.26 days ago

    I didn’t expect her to have a lisp

  66. Queen Eliz

    Queen Eliz27 days ago

    Wow. Shes pretty even without makeup

  67. Gilmar Kaufka

    Gilmar Kaufka28 days ago


  68. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez29 days ago


  69. Mares Farley

    Mares Farley29 days ago

    Estan muy bueno las operaciones!! Lo que no me agrada de esta es que va detras de hombres con un proposito fama o plata ! Es conocida en otros paises por eso!

  70. May bel

    May bel29 days ago

    I start the video, look at her, skipped to the end.... nothing changed She already looked nice before makeup 🤷‍♀️

  71. vocall sama

    vocall samaMonth ago

    Such a beautiful girl and she is Mexican what a pride

  72. karla lopez

    karla lopezMonth ago

    Mucho éxito hermosa😍💕

  73. Yiyi Xhan

    Yiyi XhanMonth ago

    Que marca es el labial?? 🤔

  74. anita permana

    anita permanaMonth ago

    Gorgeous.. Her face look alike Shandy Aulia goo.gl/search/Shandy+Aulia Shandy Aulia, Indonesian actress

  75. Adii

    AdiiMonth ago


  76. Melina Calvo

    Melina CalvoMonth ago

    roxy pop

  77. Salma Belcourt

    Salma BelcourtMonth ago

    What face cream did she use

  78. lucius0malfoy

    lucius0malfoyMonth ago

    Eiza im your Fan !!!!

  79. Manuel Iribe

    Manuel IribeMonth ago


  80. Caro Vega

    Caro VegaMonth ago

    Esa morra que.

  81. Reem Aldossary

    Reem AldossaryMonth ago

    Omg she dragging her under eyes waaaay toooo much it gives me anxiety of future wrinkles

  82. Dani Perú

    Dani PerúMonth ago

    Es muy linda .. pero me trasmite antipatía la veo muy falsa y egocéntrica . En fin . Linda lo es ... 😉

  83. Liz lopez

    Liz lopezMonth ago

    I've always been a fan you're so beautiful and hard working I love how you talked in Spanish and are a proud Latina. Love you Eiza! (Si me Besas te prometo amor robarte asta el corazon robarte asta la mirada🎶)

  84. Vanessa Valdez

    Vanessa ValdezMonth ago

    Loveeee her Brows! 🔥👌🏻

  85. evangelis 91

    evangelis 91Month ago

    what is the name of the lipstick?

  86. Reina Cedeño//The Ponticello

    Reina Cedeño//The PonticelloMonth ago

    Latina in english is latina not latin

  87. Martín Hernández

    Martín HernándezMonth ago

    Yas Eiza carita de alien. 👽

  88. Lucia Colio

    Lucia ColioMonth ago

    Hermosa Eiza te quedo muy naturaal

  89. Rachael Jane

    Rachael JaneMonth ago

    Who puts moisturiser on top of foundation tho :'D

  90. Bruce

    BruceMonth ago


  91. Randi

    RandiMonth ago

    I cringed every time she was pulling under her eyes.

  92. No

    NoMonth ago

    Las latinas celosas y criticonas por que están feas y no pueden hablar inglés.

  93. yoongi infires

    yoongi infiresMonth ago

    Honestly she also looks very beautiful without makeup

  94. Camila Milagros

    Camila MilagrosMonth ago

    #plastico a la vista

  95. Paty Lujan

    Paty LujanMonth ago

    Well you girl can't say you like natural when everyone's knows that you have plentyyyyy plastic surgery's , you use too much make up when you where teenager just because you didn't had all those plastic surgery's on that time that is why you look extremely different, you should learn love yourself when you where 16 then you will not be great fan of plastic surgery's and you will just accept yourself how you was big nose and big cheeks, then voguee please put some real people

  96. Abril Pazos

    Abril PazosMonth ago

    hate her since miley

  97. Elias jaik

    Elias jaikMonth ago

    Pinche vieja fea flaca parece un travesti o transexual

  98. Anamika Dabi

    Anamika DabiMonth ago

    Her face color and the body color is different. Lol

  99. LifeIsGood Smile

    LifeIsGood SmileMonth ago

    Her dimple shows even if she isn't smiling. Freaking love her ❤️

  100. Vanessa Lee

    Vanessa LeeMonth ago

    Other than the cologne literally no useful info. Already start perfect and add a little concealer? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  101. Magaly Rodriguez

    Magaly RodriguezMonth ago

    Cual es la primera crema que usa? De que marca es? Alguien sabe ?, gracias

  102. Harminder Kaur

    Harminder KaurMonth ago

    But..she ready..looks perfect.. I mean WHAT


    FENIX AVANTEMonth ago

    Ahhhhhhhhj no entiendo nada :(

  104. S R

    S RMonth ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she looked wayyy better without foundation

  105. S R

    S RMonth ago

    I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times.

  106. Guadalupe Padilla

    Guadalupe PadillaMonth ago

    Hija no tienes ninguna aruga Estas joven , pero tomar en cuenta tus consejos

  107. Catalina de López

    Catalina de LópezMonth ago

    She has a lot of make up. You can see the difference between her face an her body

  108. Vicky C

    Vicky CMonth ago


  109. Margarita Mendoza Alcantara

    Margarita Mendoza AlcantaraMonth ago


  110. Penelope Castrillo

    Penelope CastrilloMonth ago

    Que insoportable y dolor de huevos que se porta esa vieja! Lastima tan bonita y tan hueca.