10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality


  1. M&M skills

    M&M skills46 minutes ago


  2. Mor-Gan's

    Mor-Gan'sHour ago

    THIS WAS so interesting!!!!!! You don’t have to be into African girls. We aren’t always into you guys either.

  3. Ella Yahoi

    Ella Yahoi2 hours ago

    i’m black and i’m a little offended (i know ppl have they preferences it’s completely okay,u can’t force ppl loving u) bc it always happens,i’m really into white guys and i really think that the « she’s not my type »it’s another way to say « sorry ur black » hope that some white boys are into black guys lol.

  4. Digos HNDRXX

    Digos HNDRXX3 hours ago

    This guy is a hilarious hypocrite

  5. Arnold

    Arnold3 hours ago

    I noticed in a lot of these types of videos Black people tend to come in last.

  6. some human

    some human5 hours ago

    I love Dora so much honestly

  7. Slazo Lazo

    Slazo Lazo5 hours ago

    Replace the guy with a gamer

  8. m c

    m c5 hours ago

    Personality my ass

  9. Edwurrd

    Edwurrd6 hours ago

    Smart guy. Said he’ll choose the looks because that someone he would want to talk to and get to know more. Makes sense because if you’re attracted to someone wouldn’t you wanna see if there’s a connection?

  10. Thepotatolord

    Thepotatolord8 hours ago

    is this legal?

  11. Daniel Egan

    Daniel Egan10 hours ago

    Ijeoma is super cute, but that weird dress/shirt thing didn't help her.

  12. Julia Berry

    Julia Berry11 hours ago

    The second to last was so pretty!

  13. hussain mahmud

    hussain mahmud12 hours ago

    The girl beside dora was the hottest! I would date her without giving a second look to any other girl

  14. Momo Rod

    Momo Rod13 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how he had something stuck between his teeth the whole video?

  15. Badon Nongkynrih

    Badon Nongkynrih13 hours ago

    I'd Keep her

  16. Badon Nongkynrih

    Badon Nongkynrih13 hours ago

    Phhhffff obviously

  17. Noah

    Noah14 hours ago

    If they pick the one based on looks, why do they have to go back to back to back? They both know what they look like and which one it is already lmao

  18. Jay Perez

    Jay Perez16 hours ago

    This video proves that men find you attractive by looks, and women by personality.

  19. Static Sting

    Static Sting17 hours ago

    Is this the same Andrew from Truth or Drink?

  20. Kennedy Pierre

    Kennedy Pierre18 hours ago

    I feel like he’s into blondes & all these girls have darker hair.

  21. Joanna Asher

    Joanna Asher19 hours ago

    4:10 OMG same! I'm not even kidding! That is so me!

  22. yelyah cents

    yelyah cents20 hours ago

    This guys lame, all the ladies are too good for him lol

  23. Furry Hunter69

    Furry Hunter6921 hour ago

    why are u people mad about his preference in women he doesn't like black girls and that's okay I'm sure some black girls dont like white guys and thats okay

  24. Sabrina Tippie

    Sabrina Tippie21 hour ago

    Dora is so beautiful ❤️

  25. Lil Jackxerr

    Lil Jackxerr21 hour ago

    Nature conservation 😞

  26. Saddam Hussain

    Saddam Hussain22 hours ago

    Bring a Tyrone 🧔🏿

  27. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover23 hours ago

    Damn she was bangin

  28. Ebrahim Chowdhury

    Ebrahim Chowdhury23 hours ago

    U can’t really rate someone’s personality after a few words.....

  29. Hien D. Nguyen

    Hien D. NguyenDay ago

    haha, men are always men. Whoever saying they choose personality over looks is a hypocrite lol

  30. Idle Asf

    Idle AsfDay ago

    Ok giving the two black girls the lowest rating... nice...we get it...you don't like black girls

  31. Anonymous Brunette

    Anonymous BrunetteDay ago

    I’m over here tryna see wich one I look the most alike with so I can see what he’d rate me😂😭

  32. Taheem Lewis

    Taheem LewisDay ago

    Dora and her pixie cut are a 20. does she have a insta

  33. Mayya *

    Mayya *Day ago

    Rip to us tall girls

  34. Ayy Space

    Ayy SpaceDay ago

    She went on her phone right after he picked her to have a longer conversation & get to know each other more

  35. arib yt

    arib ytDay ago


  36. Fawad Fawadi

    Fawad FawadiDay ago

    3:43 - 3:53 😂🙈 4:15 yeah right.. 5:53 not bad choice

  37. Fawad Fawadi

    Fawad FawadiDay ago

    2:05 - 2:11 Racist :P

  38. Brody Smith

    Brody SmithDay ago

    he reminds me of a less attractive older version of archie from riverdale

  39. Marjore Dixon

    Marjore DixonDay ago


  40. Black Screen

    Black ScreenDay ago

    i hate when people say personality’s quit lying, you perfer looks

  41. brøkêń_båñdîtø

    brøkêń_båñdîtøDay ago

    I think looks and personality should be added together

  42. Des.

    Des.Day ago

    Why is everyone alright with the girl version of this, but think he’s in the wrong? He picked the girl who was attractive to him. Why’s that bad that we have preferences?

  43. Jessica Mendez

    Jessica MendezDay ago

    I love reckless love as well , I’m also Christian ❤️

  44. Jessica Mendez

    Jessica MendezDay ago

    brøkêń_båñdîtø same here !! Good to know that theres other people as well who follow Jesus

  45. brøkêń_båñdîtø

    brøkêń_båñdîtøDay ago

    Me too I was surprised when she choose that song but happy

  46. Mr. Game & Watch

    Mr. Game & WatchDay ago

    Christina (the 2nd Indian girl) is a solid 9.5

  47. Dety louisa

    Dety louisaDay ago

    An hour later he says he would pick the girl with best personality then he picked the girl with the best look

  48. Jordan Lynn

    Jordan LynnDay ago

    im sorry but protect him at all costs ):

  49. Benoit Cosner

    Benoit CosnerDay ago

    The 1 and 9 are my favorites he might be blind they are 8-9 not 6

  50. James Rountree

    James RountreeDay ago

    I feel like a misogynist?? But that means hatred of women soooo.... wtf?



    stop racism man black girls are the prettiest and the best

  52. Mr. Game & Watch

    Mr. Game & WatchDay ago

    It isn't racism

  53. Iftekhar Ahmed Ifty

    Iftekhar Ahmed IftyDay ago

    It was a good practical experiment