Crazy Twin Stories (GAME)


  1. nicoleab88

    nicoleab882 hours ago

    Dylan was such a fun guest, I hope he comes back

  2. Connor Willson

    Connor WillsonDay ago

    Let’s just talk about links coughing

  3. Psycho Social

    Psycho Social4 days ago

    Unpopular opinion! Dylan is better than Cole

  4. Reuben Canning Finkel

    Reuben Canning Finkel5 days ago

    Where’s Curtis

  5. Jana Gilbert

    Jana Gilbert6 days ago

    Please hire Curtis as a crew member! I thought he was so funny!

  6. Charisma Dominguez

    Charisma Dominguez7 days ago

    When you guys made this video it was my brithday

  7. Devin Hill

    Devin Hill7 days ago

    But did Dylan say "I was just laid"? And the girls said "oh.." Or did I interpret that wrong? 3:36

  8. Amanda Paddleford

    Amanda Paddleford7 days ago

    David makes everything better lol

  9. Daethenix

    Daethenix8 days ago

    In a video about twins, i can't be the only one who chuckled when she said "beside myself"

  10. Shelby Blue

    Shelby Blue8 days ago

    WHERE IS CURTIS he's not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need

  11. Lucas Batista

    Lucas Batista8 days ago

    dylan looks like roomie official

  12. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson8 days ago

    Rhet say twin eyes are hard

  13. Plops Plops

    Plops Plops9 days ago

    Bring jacksepticeye back

  14. bejjei

    bejjei9 days ago

    Hire Curtis!

  15. jack_leafs 51

    jack_leafs 519 days ago

    David has arrived in my top 5 crew members

  16. Eli B Lolo

    Eli B Lolo9 days ago

    Where is the Curtis cameo I needed?!

  17. Olivia Crawford

    Olivia Crawford9 days ago

    I think everyone here wants to see more of curtis haha

  18. Zara Wahla

    Zara Wahla9 days ago

    Okay but what happened to link at 2:18

  19. Katraca Leigh

    Katraca Leigh10 days ago

    I cannot remember when but I feel like I knew Bethany's twin was a brother as well 🤔

  20. Alphabasaurus

    Alphabasaurus10 days ago

    Dylan was funny on these episodes, good job kid

  21. chey cat

    chey cat10 days ago

    what that one twin was feeling when her twin got hurt is intuition.... It's a real thing.... I have felt it.

  22. Tessa Maye

    Tessa Maye10 days ago

    2:16 over and over

  23. xd_crazy020

    xd_crazy02010 days ago

    2:17 let’s talk about that 🤣

  24. NovaNinja64

    NovaNinja6410 days ago

    All the girls are pretty but the one on the far left is prettiest to me. Yes. Intellectual conversation material.

  25. MattChats

    MattChats10 days ago

    I loved seeing more of Bethany, but man am I getting Curtis withdrawal. David definitely filled some of that void though,

  26. Tetuko Niko

    Tetuko Niko10 days ago

    seriously, Bethany is just TOO BEAUTIFUL to be a production crew or something !! maybe it's an unpopular opinion among Americans and/or european, but as an Asian person that's what i think about Bethany. She deserve some Screen Time I'm just saying. I hope someone, somewhere in Hollywood or anywhere else saw her potential. Lots of love from Davin's Country and also lots of love for Bethany XO

  27. Heather Boo

    Heather Boo10 days ago

    Yay more Jenna

  28. Kianah Swift

    Kianah Swift11 days ago

    My mom once said my brother and sister are really funny but I'm "smart funny"....

  29. Lauren

    Lauren11 days ago

    So many twins!?

  30. Katelyn Massey

    Katelyn Massey11 days ago

    I’m a twin

  31. Faye Taylor

    Faye Taylor11 days ago

    You know what's good fun?....When David comes through. XD

  32. Ice Nine Melody

    Ice Nine Melody11 days ago

    I'm a twin and I'm pregnant and my sister is feeling my symptoms in little ways. It's been weird!

  33. Goyard Graveyard

    Goyard Graveyard11 days ago

    Its summer and everybody is HYPER!~

  34. Anna Sophia Seavey

    Anna Sophia Seavey11 days ago

    I am a fraternal twin and we fight about who is Zack and who is Cody

  35. N4m4ste

    N4m4ste11 days ago

    I'm in love with Theresa

  36. Braxton Reynolds

    Braxton Reynolds11 days ago


  37. Off The Hook

    Off The Hook11 days ago

    Is it odd how many twins work with them? I only knew like 2 sets my entire life.

  38. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra Brado11 days ago

    Rhett was so genuinely entertained by David it was hilarious 😂😂

  39. 8 Bit Boy

    8 Bit Boy11 days ago

    Bethanny is super pretty OwO.

  40. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss11 days ago

    I love this!?

  41. Stormstrike 2424

    Stormstrike 242411 days ago

    I'm not Don Johnson

  42. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide11 days ago

    I think we all need a little more David in More

  43. Sarah Ugarte

    Sarah Ugarte11 days ago

    I almost had an Asthma attack laughing at how link coughed.

  44. Groudon

    Groudon11 days ago

    9:15 Rhett: its just a theory, a GAME theory

  45. Mark K Amisola

    Mark K Amisola11 days ago

    Bethany 💕

  46. Alan Calvillo

    Alan Calvillo11 days ago

    I see twins.

  47. Kayla Novak

    Kayla Novak12 days ago

    WHEN DAVID COMES THRU make it a shirt

  48. Allyson Montgomery

    Allyson Montgomery12 days ago

    My ex boyfriend was a twin. You don't even know lol

  49. Dana McCall

    Dana McCall12 days ago

    I felt my twin sisters labor pain. Grrrr......

  50. Arch_Engineer

    Arch_Engineer12 days ago

    As an identical twin, let me put this to rest, there is no psychic connection.