The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?


  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously. Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

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    The fact you brought up Wakefield's "research" just proved you didn't actually look into it at all. That's a fact.

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    Who else looking for Karens

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    I think the saddest part of the whole anti-vax b/s is they not only have no idea how vaccines work, they also lack even fundamental knowledge of what autism is. It's like 2 different schools of ignorance had a baby (that immediately died of measles).

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    Birth also causes autism. We should stop birth to stop autism.

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    Gabriel Platter big brain

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    It is simple thing: Vaxxers: Soviet Union 1945 Bacterea: German Reich 1945 Antivaxxer Children:France 1939

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    *Faith in humanity has dropped by 1%*

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    Ah yes. Inslaved autism.

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    Memory cells: *Sees Flu virus* Memory cells: *Has Vietnam Flashback* Memory cells: FIREBASE ECHO, THIS IS SIERRA GOLF X-RAY REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ARTILLERY SUPPORT AT BRAVO-TANGO-2-1-5-4-6-3-3-7-9.

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    Nice stolen comment

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    I am glad that we have David Icke for unadulterated information. Herd immunity=herd ignorance☹

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    Wait, if u beat cancer does that mean u can’t get it again?

  18. Vary Olla

    Vary Olla11 hours ago

    Partially correct Ashley. You are correct in that cancer represents an idiopathic aberration with your cellular makeup rather than an external pathogen as with infectious diseases. Yet your body periodically produces aberrant cells as a normal byproduct of the cellular mitosis which drives our bodies. Your immune system will usually identify these defective cells and instruct them to commit "suicide" via apoptosis. When that system breaks down however = we see tumors and cancer result. So cancer represents a dysfunctional immune system and accordingly there is nothing to "learn". All we can do is to try to destroy those aberrant cells externally via things like chemo or radiation and hope the immune system will kick in to do the rest. Moral of the story: because it failed to do it's job to begin with = it can similarly fail again. That is why we sometimes see reoccurrence after a time or else cancers affecting other systems. Something is amiss with the body which it can not overcome = making it subjective to the individual alone. We can prevent measles because it's cause is a single known virus. Cancers on the other hand can be the result of multiple etiologies making them difficult to pin down. Have a nice day.

  19. Ashley Gardner

    Ashley Gardner12 hours ago

    Cancer is a little different. Cancer is a mutation from cells already inside your body so its nothing you contract. Your body may learn from previous cancer, but cancer cells are much harder to destroy

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    Births cause autism

  21. Lea Tompkins

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    To many antivaxxers dont realize how bad these diseases are. I've herd stories from my grandmother about kids with polio when she was young, and how scary it was you could be next in the hospital with an iron lung.

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    Me, a coffin seller: *Sees an anti-vaxxer* Me: *STONKS* 📈

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    I sorta am half in half out. I've been vaccinated but at the same time I havent been vaccinated in everything. Now please don't kill me, but I do believe that some vaccines are lethal and unnecessary. But vaccines that are necessary obviously are needed. So yea if u wanna get vaccinated just think if it's unnecessary or not

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    Kurzgesagt puts its foot don at the end

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    Come on leave the antivaxxers alone, they are very valuable to develop new deadly disease so we can reduce our number

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    8k dislikes are from anti vaxxers

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    If you get sick over the weak cousin of measles then you’d probably die with the real measles parasite

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    Honestly if I had money I would be buying so much merchandise and using Patreon.

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    At 7:38 all 8k Anti-vaccinators disliked. They got proven wrong by probably the *BEST* Channel of its type (my opinion).

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    Did anti-vaxers (in America) Fail history class

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    Did u from u.s.a?

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    Fake video. Vaccines cause more deaths than measles worldwide

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    Show me them sources like this video did bud....

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    Oh silly but vaccines prevent measles deaths


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    MLGBANANABUS20 hours ago

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    dat end music tho

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    dont forget about dengue vaccines here in the phillipines

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    4:55 why your scenario take place in the MCU ?

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    Cause' why not?

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    This video is dedicated to Karen, an anti-vax mom.

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    think of this vaccines are like care packages for you immune system get care pacgaegs and you bady will win e was a vaccinate you and your kids

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    Anti vaccine people are retards

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    8.1k people are antivaxxers named Karen

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    saying vaccines are dangerous are like saying seatbelts cause car crashes

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    @incativated for the love of... if you want to prove your point then show us hard proof that vaccines are bad. Something to discredit the literal hundreds of researches made by professionals

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    incativated vaccines are proven to work. In the EU there is currently a measles outbreak and it’s only getting worse because you anti-vaccine fuck heads don’t do any research whatsoever and only argue with feelings. Unless you can send me a link to an article that proves vaccines don’t work and do more harm, than good I won’t change my mind.

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    No, @incativated, I had a fever of 103 Fahrenheit. Anything higher could've been lethal.

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    @The Shinto Railfan I've had many times in my life where i felt like dying.

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    BuT WhAt aBouT auTiSM? There is nothing wrong with autism Karen it normally doesn't make someone unable to function properly unlike you

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    Goddamn anti vaxxers🙄 In my country if u don't vaccinate you will definetly die This I guarantee

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    Germs when the Body is Vaccinated: We've been fooled, We've been tricked and quite possibly Bamboozled. Germs when the Body is not Vaccinated: OMAE WA MOU SHINDERU

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    Memory cells must have Vietnam flashbacks on the daily

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    Seatbelts are like the shock suits that storm troopers wear. In an accident where you absolutely would have died, the seatbelt could definitely save you, but in a smaller scale minor accident, it's more likely that the seatbelt is going to kill you or injure you than the car.

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    Vaccinate your kids or I'll shoot measles at you. AND IT WON'T BE WEAKENED VACCINE VARIETY EITHER

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    Russian intelligence have spread a lot of anti-vaxx bull online to stoke division. That along with political fake stories, they try to disrupt our societies. Apparently over the bodies of dead children

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    Antivaxxers : Why to trust doctors and everyone else when we can trust a blogger oh kurzgesagt video that support us "clicks on the video" Why to trust youtube when we can trust the old blogger (ps: Personaly I can't imagine what makes people think like this even a illiterate one in my area understands that vaccine are soo important for their child as well as adults stupids antivaxxers lol)

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    Is it safe to say that anti-vax people are murderers?

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    Anti-vaxx parents will agreed about this 😑😑😑😑

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    Saying vaccines causes autism is like saying seatbelts cause car crashes :/

  68. e l

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    Autism does comes from these! Your facts are far off! When it comes to autism in tons of cases can be directly linked to specific shots required in the states! Video proof of children being outgoing normal children to non moving huge signs of autism directly after shots. It’s 2019 we all have tons of videos of our child now! All hit very high temperatures after vaccine then completely different child within 24 hours. Fact is you know nothing of what the government does outside of your books!!

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    guys he/she isn't responding because they died of polio

  70. anti bully

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    there is almost enough research to make a planet that says that vaccines do not cause autism.

  71. Nuclear Phantom

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    My friend has autism but has a 98 total average in 8th grade. Autism doesn’t make people stupid, they just aren’t the best with social interactions. And it also comes from genetics, not flu shots.

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    Hi *karen*

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    10:06 I feel so bad for the poor mommy bird that sees its young dead :(

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    Me too

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    Man I hate anti vaxers

  77. EpicDingus

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    Wait isn't autism linked to genetics? Idk tho I'm 15

  78. Vary Olla

    Vary Olla11 hours ago

    Yes Epic. Children are born autistic as a result of something in their genetic makeup results in neurocognitive deficits. Unless those deficits are severe in nature however = an autistic child will not usually manifest signs of that autism until a latter point in their lives as their brains are still developing. This is what I mean. Human children are born with the capacity for language and movement. Yet a newborn can not immediately speak anymore than it can get up and walk or run like say a baby gazelle. That is because it's brain is still developing those capabilities. So it will coo and grasp at it's feet at first ---------> then it will roll around on the floor and attempt to crawl = and eventually it will make sounds and try to stand and then walk. Likewise a doctor will usually wait until 12 months or later to assess an infant for neurocognitive deficits because the child can not tell us what it is feeling while the doctor can not accurately gage some capacities absent that verbal interaction. Meanwhile vaccinations sometimes overlap this timeframe. Accordingly some parents will conflate a diagnosis of autism with the timing of those vaccines as causing it = wrong. Lastly is after the fact neurological damage which results in "autism-like" behaviors. Before there was an MMR each year in the US we used to see thousands of children hospitalized with encephalitis from catching measles. Today while it is possible for the MMR to cause encephalitis = thankfully that is a rare occurrence. Because both the vaccine and the disease cause the same problem = the virus and not the vaccine per se is responsible. So a child who receives the MMR and develops encephalitis which causes some neurological damage resulting in autism-like behavior would be no different than say a child who received perhaps a blow to the head from a baseball bat and who suffered brain damage as a result which precipitated autism-like behaviors. Do baseball bats then cause autism = of course not. Rather such a child is reflective of those we used to see anyways in the time before the MMR who could not tolerate exposure to measles and who reacted harshly as a result. Most often those children who react badly to being vaccinated = have some underlying health issue which is driving the reaction since almost all children vaccinated do not react as such. That makes the preexisting health issue responsible and not the vaccine as absent it = the child would not have reacted as they did to the vaccine. Have a nice day.

  79. The Shinto Railfan

    The Shinto RailfanDay ago

    Somewhat. I think the main cause is older parents.

  80. Rip

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    @TmtoSouper That means you want to get the worst disease in the entire world...

  81. TmtoSouper

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    ye it is

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    9:36 Conclusion: VACCINATE YOUR DAMN KIDS

  83. Imran Qubbaj

    Imran Qubbaj2 days ago

    So basically we have a constant war in our bodies.......not scary at all....

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    Does 7th grade shots hurt I'm getting it tommorw

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  86. Nighxmare

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    Try not to tense your muscles in the area of injection. Distract yourself with something if it’s too hard. From my experience, it hurts the most when you tense your muscles, so try to stay calm. If you relax, it’s not that bad.

  87. WinxBattles Season3

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    Angela Lakes by “less than the disease” I mean it will hurt a bit, but getting the real thing instead is about 100 times worse

  88. Angela Lakes

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    @OwlSong UwU thank you sweetie

  89. OwlSong UwU

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    I mean, it’s just like any other shot lol. It shouldn’t hurt too much. :) Just try to stay calm beforehand

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    It's hard to undo even a false alarm.

  91. Roy Rice

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    Life causes death and they haven't found the vaccine yet that you can live with.

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    Thank God for PTSD cells

  93. CaYlYa

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    I have adhd, it’s a gift and a curse

  94. Fantasmic Art 2312

    Fantasmic Art 23122 days ago

    There was an article about how Vaccines make kids autistic. Which was made by 13 authors. After further research of vaccines many years after the article was created, 10 authors of the articles wanted their names removed from the article to avoid embarrassment, harassment, etc.

  95. The Shinto Railfan

    The Shinto Railfan2 days ago

    I also heard something about how they all lost their medical licenses.

  96. Dylan Da Random

    Dylan Da Random2 days ago

    Now I’m vaccinated and autistic so I can’t wait to get into an argument with someone about “VaCcInEs cAuSe AuTiSm

  97. moni_stylist and master chef Matt

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    What the Mario bros say about vaccines Mario says: if we vaccinate we will be able to survive into adulthood Luigi says: out of the womb into the tomb

  98. Jordan Sutche

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    Then explain the rise of autism next.

  99. E: D

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    Did you just like your own comment

  100. Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones7 hours ago

    this is satire right?

  101. Vary Olla

    Vary OllaDay ago

    The rise in detection which as noted Shinto is directly correlative to the variables I made note of. Incidence of autism screening has risen = but then we are looking harder for it as the population in turn increases. Accordingly one would expect to see a rise in identified cases even though also as noted those identified merely reflect some level of deficit rather than all being severely impaired. So children such as those who might say 30 years ago would have simply fallen through the cracks of society are today being identified thanks to better surveillance. Have a nice day.

  102. The Shinto Railfan

    The Shinto RailfanDay ago

    What rise?

  103. Vary Olla

    Vary OllaDay ago

    Follow the white rabbit Neo: 1 - since 1980 as alluded to by others the US population as grown by 1/3rd = or about 100 million more people. 2 - autism awareness began to take off in the early 1980's. By the early 1990's the DSM definition was expanded to include more neurocognitive issues to create ASD. 3 - a few years later the American Pediatric Association issued guidance for doctors to screen more aggressively for autism. 4 - post-2000 has seen an increase in awareness + and increase in research. Meanwhile expanded healthcare coverage has resulting in more children being seen regularly by doctors = thus more screenings happen. 5 - also as a result of #4 the reporting system has improved making it easier to identify any children who are determined to have "some level" of deficit. Note I said some level. Many of those children reported live fairly normal lives and only have as noted varying degrees of deficit and do not automatically mean children with severe impairments. Moral of the story: any time you increase a relative population + expand the definition of what you are looking for + devote more resources to finding that thing + and improve the system for reporting = you will invariably see more children swept up under that broader umbrella as we see. Have a nice day.

  104. Calvin

    Calvin2 days ago

    I really love that they used the MCUs mutilverse number ID and snuck in the Avengers Tower and helicarrier in there. 👌 although if this is a time before Stark dies no way would it be a world where they stop vaccination.

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    1:57 what about flu?

  106. Ceft

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    @Kold 66 thank you

  107. Kold 66

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    Flu mutates often so they render immune systems useless

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    Human can die only 3 second

  109. Haziq Aiman

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    is funny

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    Wait, what are you even talking about, @Haziq Aiman?

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    Shut up 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Most kids think that fevers are good ‘cause ya get to skip school!

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    Jenny McCarthy Unliked this video 8.1k times

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    Hahaha versions of this joke have made very nearly 8.1k appearances on this thread.

  116. doug cane

    doug cane2 days ago

    if vaccines are so great why is the longevity of the US population actually going down?

  117. MrIndecisive

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  118. Makise Kurisu

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    Because most americans are obese. you even have a tv-show about it!!

  119. Yui Heron

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    They are alot of factors in here not just Vaccines like poor lifestyle, unhealthy food choices etc.

  120. Tube Sock

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    Your beliefs

  121. tod temmie

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    Same reason antivaxx people exist. Because of their own stupidity

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    Child: (is unvaccinated) Diseases: It's free real estate

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    pffft.. If I was a virus or bacteria I wouldn't reproduce

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    SCP106A that’s an improvement

  127. SCP106A

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    you'd die

  128. Biswatosh Purkayastha

    Biswatosh Purkayastha2 days ago

    Google is full of misinformation, cynics, myths and all . There is always benefits and side effects of everything but this video nicely enlightens that how to be rightly informed and assess that benefits over the minuscule of side effects . So we people need to be more logical rather than being always critics and cynical. Great video and the eye opener for the many.

  129. Toby Conner

    Toby Conner12 hours ago

    @Omer Feldman Yofiël also, just like what some guy said, vaxxed is trying to find a link between mmr and autism and it has been debunked many times by many different groups.

  130. Omer Feldman Yofiël

    Omer Feldman Yofiël13 hours ago

    @Toby Conner you are assuming the license was revoked for good reason. Actually two doctors had their license revoked for authoring the study. The other took it to British High Court, and the judge's analysis concluded the decision had no merit. Wakefield did not take the matter to court, and possibly the conclusion would have been different, but I offer this here as just one suspicious facet of this case. There are others, and not least of which is the matter of the Cdc whistle blower. Whatever is ultimately found Re Wakefield, Vaxxed is not about him, and intelligent viewers should be capable and willing to investigate and decide the merit of the case made in the film. That they do not consider it necessarily bodes ugly for any system they're involved in....there's such a thing as herd immunity, and there's also a thing called group think.

  131. Some Guy

    Some Guy16 hours ago

    @Omer Feldman Yofiël the entire point of the film was to prove the mmr vaccine and autism had a connection. It was investigated for a long time and subsequently the idea of the vaccines ever causing autism got discredited

  132. Biswatosh Purkayastha

    Biswatosh Purkayastha22 hours ago

    Omer Feldman Yofiël Omar let’s speak of statistical data and scientifically established data.

  133. Biswatosh Purkayastha

    Biswatosh Purkayastha2 days ago

    Nice and informative science

  134. Biswatosh Purkayastha

    Biswatosh PurkayasthaDay ago

    Omer Feldman Yofiël what do you mean by brain washing ? Do you have any conclusive statistics to justify your argument?

  135. Thecatlover 26

    Thecatlover 26Day ago

    Omer Feldman Yofiël your the one brainwashing people plus based on your other comments it's ironic how your doing the same thing making the same comments and on the brain washing people thing people have been saying why has the population gone down in recent years it's like making a sandwich eating it and then saying to your friend that my sandwich disappeared and that it's probably the government trying to make your life hell, have a nice day.

  136. Omer Feldman Yofiël

    Omer Feldman Yofiël2 days ago

    Brainwashing. But at a jedi master level.

  137. Mr jimjimjimmyjim

    Mr jimjimjimmyjim2 days ago

    why dont memory cells get passed on to the next generation? or do they?

  138. Vary Olla

    Vary Olla12 hours ago

    Not entirely jim. While it is true that pathogenic viruses can precipitate problems for humans such as the MeV measles virus as an example. Yet some viruses which our progenitors were exposed to long ago have become an essential part of our genome of which around 5-8% represents remnant viral DNA. An example is Syncytin-1 which represents a gene that is behind some of the protein production in placental development in humans. Some viruses simply invade a cell and force it to produce more viruses internally = after which the cell explodes releasing those viruses into the bloodstream. Others however referred to as ERV's - or Endogenous Retro Viruses - enter a cell and part of it incorporates into the cellular makeup via transposition - hence their being called transposons. Those gene segments are then passed on to each new cell when it replicates = becoming part of the host's genomic structure in some cases. So Synctin-1 represents an ERV which originated as a primate virus millions of years ago. Our progenitors were exposed to it ---------> it fused with their DNA and was perpetuated forward = to now be an essential part of the human placenta responsible for us being here as it helps regulate essential proteins which helped you grow into a viable baby. Have a nice day.

  139. Mr jimjimjimmyjim

    Mr jimjimjimmyjim20 hours ago

    @Vary Olla thanks. ive been wondering what all the "junk" dna in our dna is from as well, i was wondering if this stuff which is apparently useless are mutagens from viruses or other outside anomalies which have left an impact on our dna but dont seemingly have much use? i had wondered as a result if this stuff gets passed on as a result of viruses contracted from memory cells and the like...

  140. Vary Olla

    Vary OllaDay ago

    No = they do not. Humans lack the capacity to pass on acquired immunity to their offspring. Accordingly with each new generation born the process begins anew and the child is born with basically a blank slate as far as their immune system. We so however see what is referred to as "passive immunity" from the mother after birth = but that is transitory. As a result of a shared blood supply with the mother the infant will have some circulating antibodies in their own bloodstream. Those however will begin to die off - not to be replaced - after a few weeks. Meanwhile if the mother breastfeeds their infant then the child can acquire some IgA immunoglobulins in the colostrum and breast milk = but again that is temporary and represents things the mother "loans" the infant until those cells die off..........again leaving the child with only it's own underdeveloped immune system. IgA helps to protect the child against "some" pathogens who typically access the body via the epithelial cells of the oral-GI tract as it helps to reinforce what could be viewed as surface immunity = or your first line of defense. If a pathogen however manages to access the infant's circulatory system then it has a problem as it lacks the circulating immune cells so important to fighting off infection. Those cells only develop in response to exposure to and defeating by the immune system of pathogens and are not passed on by the mother. That is of course why we vaccinate = to facilitate that exposure while minimizing the risks of severe reaction to said exposure. Have a nice day.

  141. OwlSong UwU

    OwlSong UwUDay ago

    I don’t think they do. After all, they’re cells, so they don’t really alter your genetics.

  142. Kold 66

    Kold 662 days ago

    Babies use their mother's immunity through breast milk

  143. Wes Lindsey

    Wes Lindsey2 days ago

    Im an anti vaxxer! Please crucify me with your hive mind and repetitive jokes. My arguement... it shouldnt be the fucking law to accept a "practice" (which is what medicine is. Its not a fucking science.) The government doesnt have the right to tell you what to put in your body. Thats the fucking arguement. Not whether they work or not. Its the fucking right to be able to choose what goes in your body and your kids. Your allowed to have your OWN ideas and beliefs. You all are probably the same idiots that think the sun has nothing to do with climate change. I bet none of you even know what solar forcing is. Anyways... Please be as rough as you like. 😈

  144. Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones7 hours ago

    i'm sorry but have you heard of pharmaceutical sciences

  145. Danimeme

    Danimeme10 hours ago

    This whole anti vaxxer thing is getting disappointing But the climate change thing just hurts my brain

  146. Some Guy

    Some Guy16 hours ago

    All well and good with your argument Except that those are self-destructive beliefs that do more bad than good

  147. Hayden Lau

    Hayden LauDay ago

    It is, by definition, as science. It is a science. Ok?

  148. NoX

    NoXDay ago

    That's tough talk coming from a person in rusty nail distance...

  149. Moha Jordan

    Moha Jordan2 days ago

    vaccines are like hacks in the system so viruses can't attack

  150. Omer Feldman Yofiël

    Omer Feldman Yofiël2 days ago

    Thank you, young padawan

  151. Walter Smith

    Walter Smith2 days ago

    Why use cartoons to talk about real dangers? Seems that your mocking illness and death.

  152. Christian Dzwonkowski

    Christian Dzwonkowski22 hours ago

    @Omer Feldman Yofiël I watched it and found it lacking any credibility.

  153. Omer Feldman Yofiël

    Omer Feldman Yofiël22 hours ago

    @Christian Dzwonkowski are you "aware" of it, or you have you watched it?

  154. orange juice

    orange juice23 hours ago


  155. Christian Dzwonkowski

    Christian DzwonkowskiDay ago

    @Omer Feldman Yofiël Vaxxed, directed by Andrew Wakefield being the discredited doctor who acknowledged he made fraudulent claims and fabricated data in his studies? The same man who had his certificate to practice medicine revoked for falsifying his studies results to receive financial gain for his own competing vaccination and witness testimony against his competitors? I am aware of Vaxxed as it happens. It certainly isn't "well documented", it isn't well researched, it most certainly isn't supported by science or scientific studies but you do you.

  156. Omer Feldman Yofiël

    Omer Feldman YofiëlDay ago

    @Christian Dzwonkowski certainly you don't. The "secret" information is well documented in Vaxxed, and is there for any nitwit to examine.

  157. LimitedSauce

    LimitedSauce2 days ago

    Shouldnt countries just place anti-vaxxers on suicide watch?

  158. TheFrench Waffel

    TheFrench Waffel2 days ago

    1:51 Me remembering I have homework after a deep sleep.

  159. Nighxmare

    NighxmareDay ago

    PTSD intesifies

  160. OwlSong UwU

    OwlSong UwUDay ago