Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit


  1. Bon Appétit

    Bon Appétit3 days ago

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  2. AlexTronical

    AlexTronical4 hours ago

    I really appreciate the guy in the store telling them how to pronounce speck :D

  3. monica.

    monica.5 hours ago

    10:07 andy really missed the perfect opportunity to say big “peel”

  4. Maggie Jenson

    Maggie Jenson8 hours ago

    Omfg i want to be friends with molly! Shes so sweet and funny

  5. Karman Leung

    Karman Leung8 hours ago

    ‘you’d move into together, but this is not the one’ wow that got dark and deep 😂

  6. hen ko

    hen ko11 hours ago

    Andy is the worst person alive. So god damn annoying

  7. lynsey bitsy

    lynsey bitsy12 hours ago

    claire, the queen, will appear at 29:55 😘

  8. Aira Mae Revilla

    Aira Mae Revilla13 hours ago

    Chris, I am with you. Let's put pineapple in that pizza.

  9. Melissa of Mordor

    Melissa of Mordor14 hours ago

    I am a pizza purist and I hate toppings on my pizza so this was stressful to watch.

  10. Angela

    Angela15 hours ago

    “Chris and Andy try to make the perfect pizza topping” Chris, Andy, and Molly: PIE

  11. lyanne wang

    lyanne wang16 hours ago

    It’s weird seeing Chris actually being in the center of the video rather than lingering in the back

  12. Lindaindustrial

    Lindaindustrial16 hours ago

    why are they keep calling it pie? i'm confused

  13. Kaila Walker

    Kaila Walker17 hours ago

    Molly is LITERALLY Claire and Carla mixed together

  14. Rob blank

    Rob blank20 hours ago

    Pimp pastor for blewitt hewitt mistake #1

  15. panggop jio

    panggop jio21 hour ago

    “He is a pepperoni cup kind of guy”, HAHAHA I LOVE MOLLY !😂

  16. Ben Berkowitz

    Ben BerkowitzDay ago

    I remember that day from the weather haha

  17. Cee Enn

    Cee EnnDay ago

    Finally Claire is here

  18. Ken Rascon

    Ken RasconDay ago

    These two mexicans really know how to cook!!! Nice!

  19. Victoria Smith

    Victoria SmithDay ago

    And they never ate pizza again. Seriously so much respect to the whole BA kitchen for putting in the time to test every single ingredient to find the perfect pie.

  20. IlikeMemes

    IlikeMemesDay ago


  21. Hirundo Arvensis

    Hirundo ArvensisDay ago

    Very nice, but mushrooms are not plants, they are mushroom...

  22. Kate Doherty

    Kate DohertyDay ago

    Why do Americans call pizza, pie?

  23. Erebus Morbus

    Erebus MorbusDay ago

    chris, andy, and claire: doing nothing chris, andy, and claire: absolutely nothing brad: [ small inhale ] EVERYONE IN THE TEST KITCHEN: *oh GOD* brad: :)

  24. jameseglavin4

    jameseglavin4Day ago

    I’m loving this series but I can’t help but scream “just blow under it!!” at my phone while everyone butchers their pies trying to get them on the peel. You literally just lift the edge and blow under the blank, trapping an air bubble that will lift the pie just enough to allow easy movement when transferred off the board. Crucial but little-known pro-tip.

  25. john johnny

    john johnnyDay ago

    Andy is the worst person alive. So god damn annoying

  26. Michelleiscul

    MichelleisculDay ago

    Ugh, that bite that Alex took out of the pizza, though... Damn. That looked so good!

  27. peaches n cream

    peaches n creamDay ago

    i loved seeing brad in this video :'))

  28. Christine Montero

    Christine MonteroDay ago

    Chris is soooo adorable when he's trying to get the pizza onto the peel for the first time

  29. Pirate - Peach

    Pirate - PeachDay ago

    i never knew it takes 3 min to cook a pizza...

  30. N.B. Kristjansson

    N.B. KristjanssonDay ago

    21:27 Craggy Jaggy Peaks sounds like a name for a rock or country band.

  31. Cassidy Cruz

    Cassidy CruzDay ago

    Can we just talk about the way Chris says anchovies?

  32. Shabnam Salek

    Shabnam SalekDay ago

    wonder if it's a persian thing to pronounce it like "martodella" instead of "mortadella" parents say it the same way!

  33. RosesofVersailles

    RosesofVersaillesDay ago


  34. diego xavier

    diego xavierDay ago

    “He is a pepperoni cup kind of guy”, HAHAHA I LOVE MOLLY !😂

  35. Drone Spencer

    Drone SpencerDay ago

    temperature of that electric oven in celsiuses please

  36. Nerdy Lisette

    Nerdy LisetteDay ago

    all of you like wack pizza too though

  37. Luke Webster

    Luke Webster2 days ago

    Love Molly's power move of being mean to the boss

  38. mbsaxman600

    mbsaxman6002 days ago

    Claire's face @ 35:14 in reaction to Andy lmaooo

  39. Zoe Benefer

    Zoe Benefer2 days ago

    I can’t believe Oregano wasn’t even an option 💔 or Sage

  40. TheICEgirl6100

    TheICEgirl61002 days ago

    "say it the right way" but the way he's saying it isn't right either, lol

  41. jovanna krukow

    jovanna krukow2 days ago

    Nobody: Chris Morocco: Anchivies

  42. TheFarbaut

    TheFarbaut2 days ago

    No swedish style kebab pizza NOT IMPRESSED

  43. Just Someone

    Just Someone2 days ago

    Who’s their boss??

  44. Maja Tørstad

    Maja Tørstad2 days ago


  45. Bryan Kendric

    Bryan Kendric2 days ago

    I'm sorry, I love you Claire, but this dough recipe is stupid XD 7:48

  46. Bryan Kendric

    Bryan Kendric2 days ago


  47. Acer Chang

    Acer Chang2 days ago

    Brad: I really like the speck. Andy: Explodes in excitement

  48. Karla Gastelum

    Karla Gastelum2 days ago

    I’m mad they didn’t try the pineapple 🍍😠

  49. lovestarbucksiloveit

    lovestarbucksiloveit2 days ago

    How to live when this series is over :(

  50. AJC

    AJC2 days ago

    My die hard pure Sicilian family, still after living on this earth with them for 25 years continues to hate me for not liking anchovies

  51. andi muriel

    andi muriel2 days ago

    I can’t believe it took this many calzones for them to switch from metal to wood peel

  52. Ilyana Miranda

    Ilyana Miranda2 days ago

    Every time Alex pops up on any BA episode I’m watching * In my head * *_Brad: de-LAY-NEY!!!!_*

  53. Ariana Napier

    Ariana Napier2 days ago

    "Can I put an egg on it?"

  54. Vincent Kelly

    Vincent Kelly2 days ago

    the title SHOULD be chris and andy (and molly) try to make the perfect pizza toppings

  55. Vincent Kelly

    Vincent Kelly2 days ago

    the one thing i wish they had tried was super thin calabrese hot salami. it's next level

  56. Emily Vear

    Emily Vear2 days ago

    Andy’s chaotic energy paired with Chris’s neutral energy is such fun time.

  57. D R-K

    D R-K2 days ago

    Half way through watching this, I read the comments. LOL the jokes and things people notice and comment on, makes this even more fun.

  58. Addisyn Adkins

    Addisyn Adkins2 days ago

    I like how Claire’s “the dough can sense your fear” made it through the grapevine

  59. Emily

    Emily2 days ago

    I wasn't aware people actually ate anchovies...? Especially on pizza? And mushrooms? Egh...

  60. MistahMatzah

    MistahMatzah2 days ago

    Why maitake? These mushrooms have an English name: hen of the woods.

  61. Daman Bath

    Daman Bath2 days ago

    Love ba but molly had her episode i wanted this to be all abt chrissss he has the smartest pallet



    Claire coming in just being Claire got me happy and well

  63. Mya Moran

    Mya Moran3 days ago

    Claire's phrase trending on this series is life! lol I love Claire

  64. Gus Agustin

    Gus Agustin3 days ago

    Spoiler alert! Priya sighting! 32:24

  65. Nie Mand

    Nie Mand3 days ago

    complaining about pineapple but putting mortadella on pizza...

  66. fka.

    fka.3 days ago

    Someone said Andy's neck is longer than a Monday on a video a while back and I can't stop thinking about that

  67. Jordan Marrs

    Jordan Marrs3 days ago

    The fact that Chris is pro pineapple proves that it’s a good topping for pizza

  68. Revuh

    Revuh3 days ago

    I really like the series, but I just gotta say.. not enough toppings and a heavy bias towards toppings. Toppings are very subjective, so I understand you gotta just choose a few to make an episode, but they leaned heavily towards mortadella, and maybe mushrooms. Like others are saying: prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, so many other veggies, etc.

  69. Ashlee Miller

    Ashlee Miller3 days ago

    Hi test kitchen, due to watching these I really wanted pizza. I went out of the house and got some and it started storming on the way and a tree fell on my car. YALLS FAULT I BLAME YOU skskksks

  70. Danny Ganelin

    Danny Ganelin3 days ago

    Chris is gold! The way he reacted to the "no mushrooms" is so me.

  71. fangirlvstheuniverse

    fangirlvstheuniverse3 days ago

    God I want like actual quality pizza so bad right now after binging all of this series! I like have barely eaten Italian style aka thin crust pizza that isn’t like frozen pizza and god I want to after this but like where lol

  72. Gilbert Jacobs

    Gilbert Jacobs3 days ago

    I got to say I LOVE this series you guys did. and just in time for me to attempt to make pizza on my own too. Thanks for all the tips and Much Love from an avid viewer.

  73. jonko saurus

    jonko saurus3 days ago

    that peel drop at 9:58 tho

  74. H P

    H P3 days ago

    The BALLS on Molly (in jokingly way) ''Okey, you are done here'' to the big boss/editor in chief @18:39 WAS EVERYTHING.

  75. Itiel López

    Itiel López3 days ago

    duuuude, the one think y'all shoul've learned by now is *_the dough smells your feeaaarrr_*

  76. Dilys Cheong

    Dilys Cheong3 days ago

    This series is like a sneak peek of how professional chefs create their own recipes. It's great, please make other dishes as well!

  77. 張俞騁

    張俞騁3 days ago

    who is topping?

  78. Alison Wong

    Alison Wong3 days ago

    Regret watching this at 1:30 in the morning cause now I’m hungry when I’m suppose to be sleeping

  79. gendertoads !

    gendertoads !3 days ago

    35:55 you can basically hear the studio audience applause kskkfkdjskflds

  80. kosmicfool

    kosmicfoolDay ago

    spot on. I'm surprised he didn't slide into frame.

  81. Cowboydjrobot

    Cowboydjrobot3 days ago

    Claire at 35:15 is my favorite part of this series so far

  82. ToN1c

    ToN1c3 days ago

    Im so sad Chris didn't make a pineapple pie

  83. ToN1c

    ToN1c3 days ago

    Molly and Chris are the perfect Team

  84. wintang warastri

    wintang warastri3 days ago

    Gimme the next episode pleaseeeee!

  85. Jenna

    Jenna3 days ago

    BA merch pitch: wooden peel with "the dough can sense your fear" engraved on it

  86. Elizabeth Bell

    Elizabeth Bell3 days ago

    Did this series end? What happened to the final pizza with everyone involved? Please I need closure :)

  87. Stephen Holder

    Stephen Holder3 days ago

    I need more info on these pickled chilies. What kinda chilies? Are they just in vinegar? What kind of vinegar?

  88. Magali Stowell Alemán

    Magali Stowell Alemán3 days ago

    where’s the new one? i need final pizza

  89. iglo pop

    iglo pop3 days ago

    will there be a final episode? and if so when i thought it was every Wednesday even though this one was not for some reason

  90. Adrian Castillo

    Adrian Castillo3 days ago

    how does andy's arm hairs not get in the food?

  91. Patrick Wald

    Patrick Wald3 days ago

    Das ist kein Speck

  92. Christopher Raff

    Christopher Raff3 days ago

    Awesome series. Super fun, super funny, super informative. Perfect.

  93. YashWiggle

    YashWiggle3 days ago

    Should make a final episode to the pizza series to summarise all the steps and the best pizza recipe

  94. shainRylie

    shainRylie3 days ago

    Wheres the final episode???

  95. Cyborg Ostrich

    Cyborg Ostrich3 days ago

    chris morocco is right about pineapple

  96. Hatch

    Hatch3 days ago

    When is the next episode coming!? AHHH I can't wait any longer!

  97. Amateur Hedonist

    Amateur Hedonist3 days ago

    Brad, Alex, and the freakin' EDITOR IN CHIEF all say Pepperoni. Molly just rolls her eyes at anything that's not Motadella or 'nduja. Not blaming her for loving those things, but she could atleast be more open to testing the other ingredients.

  98. Lily Me

    Lily Me3 days ago


  99. mcafee1971

    mcafee19713 days ago


  100. Mindy H.

    Mindy H.3 days ago

    I love how Molly is just a cheese artisan now, walked up and pulled apart the cheese and gave an analysis w so much CONFIDENCE

  101. Martha Calcutt

    Martha Calcutt3 days ago

    But where is the last episode!!!!??????!!?!??!????!!

  102. Axelle Bédard-Gagné

    Axelle Bédard-Gagné3 days ago

    Yay for pineapples