Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit


  1. Bon Appétit

    Bon Appétit3 months ago

    Get a Making Perfect shirt here:

  2. Adoring Monster

    Adoring Monster15 days ago

    Oi! No "The dough can sense your fear" shirt?

  3. Hugh Jaynus

    Hugh Jaynus2 months ago

    How do I get a job with the BA test kitchen?

  4. Chunky Asian man

    Chunky Asian man2 months ago

    Bon Appétit hungry!!!!!

  5. Amberscion

    Amberscion2 hours ago

    29:21 That is my exact mortar and pestle! Now I'm not completely sad that I watched this whole video.

  6. James Allen

    James Allen2 hours ago

    I've been yelling at my computer screen about wooden peels, glad they finally switched lol

  7. Federico Carb0nara Scaglia

    Federico Carb0nara Scaglia22 hours ago

    i love how they all strugle to get the pizza on top of the thing xD

  8. MrsBungle78

    MrsBungle78Day ago

    I don’t know why you wouldn’t just put a finely shaved ham, quality ham not processed crap, instead of freakin mortadella? & then finely shaved garlic, onion & topped with rocket (arugula in the U.S. Sorry but ‘arugula’ sounds like the sound an olden days car horn makes!) when it comes out of the oven...oh, & I’m with Chris- pineapple!😋

  9. ShaunRL

    ShaunRLDay ago

    "Did you know my dad eats pizza with a fork and knife", I have a mild dislike for this person.

  10. Sherry W

    Sherry WDay ago

    So like I guess they just forgot about the sopressata?

  11. McLovin143627

    McLovin1436272 days ago

    12:04 Chris: "Should we just bust out the bong" 😂😂😂😂😂 Never a bad idea when you're eating pizza tbh

  12. Hasan Ali

    Hasan AliDay ago

    McLovin143627 he said the bomb not the bong

  13. Amy Taylor

    Amy Taylor2 days ago

    Does anyone know what kind of pizza oven that is?

  14. Grant Reill

    Grant Reill2 days ago

    I love how whenever Alex appears I'm now mentally conditioned to respond with "D e l a n y !!" Thanks, Brad.

  15. Megan Behrmann

    Megan Behrmann3 days ago

    So poor Claire had the hardest job AND was the only one who had to work alone??

  16. dimml0r

    dimml0r4 days ago

    all these pizza episodes are so nice to watch. but i cant get over how little sauce they use.... never seen a pizza having this little sauce. almost bianca.

  17. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers4 days ago

    Hey pineapples are great in pizza 😁

  18. Jamie Coughlin

    Jamie Coughlin5 days ago

    You all seem like nice people ! really mean this .. But I lost brain cells watching this. Last time watching this channel.. sorry!

  19. Claudia Carranza

    Claudia Carranza5 days ago

    Chris: Pineapple! Everyone: NOOOO!! Chris: Ha! made you worried.

  20. Wilson Huynh

    Wilson Huynh5 days ago

    i feel like andy is always being ignored

  21. Awesum Bear

    Awesum Bear5 days ago

    i LOVE when claire randomly appears in episodes she's not supposed to be in, so good to see her in her natural state and not frustrated over tempered chocolate :p

  22. laserspark123

    laserspark1236 days ago

    Andy is not my boi

  23. laserspark123

    laserspark1236 days ago

    Chris is my boi

  24. IoannesNota

    IoannesNota6 days ago

    That guy at the deli gave you all the wrong directions lol fake italian hahahahah

  25. Jared Leonard

    Jared Leonard6 days ago

    I'm convinced Adam doesn't know what he's talking about lol What Chris says is gospel!

  26. David McCoul

    David McCoul7 days ago


  27. David McCoul

    David McCoul7 days ago

    “I don’t want fruit on my pizza.” But tomato is a fruit!

  28. joni_tufarr

    joni_tufarr8 days ago

    Claire, Brad, Chris, Andy: Molly and Carla: wHeN wE wErE iN iTaLy!!!

  29. Derek Clayborn

    Derek Clayborn8 days ago

    I would like to see some more development process videos. We get plenty of final product videos but that's only half the fun

  30. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown9 days ago

    Molly sounds like Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

  31. amancalledcraig

    amancalledcraig9 days ago

    I found a pizza dough in the back of my fridge. Two weeks old. I fed it some flour and water and proofed it a couple of days more. The made your mortadella pizza. It tasted good. Nice!

  32. Belinda Feng

    Belinda Feng9 days ago

    Andy 31:35 💃🏻😆 yeah babe that is your stripper name

  33. Ali Martinez

    Ali Martinez9 days ago

    Every time the editor in chief is in an episode he says or does something 1000% douchy. Definitely doesn't know he's a turd. Lol

  34. MissAmazanda

    MissAmazanda10 days ago

    Looks great! Great personalities, love them! But I have to say that is probably one costly Pizza.

  35. Asesuas Tuesitu

    Asesuas Tuesitu10 days ago

    Too much pressure for girly Chris ... why so many gays on these corporations? like buzzfeed, tasty, bon appetit... why there are no normal man, or even 50 / 50 ...

  36. Dean O.

    Dean O.10 days ago

    People seem to want to like Andy... But the bottom line is that Andy definitely annoys the crap out of the vast majority (if not all) of his coworkers. He seems to have far too much of that underlying snooty, abrasive, passive aggressive, effeminate, homosexual male flavor in his overall personality. I can tell that spending too much time with him will make anyone want to rip their hair out. BUT... The better move when he really starts to get on your last nerve would be to rip his hair out and call it a day. :-I

  37. Leo Hao

    Leo Hao10 days ago

    34:01 No one: Literally NO one: Andy: Should I put an egg on it?

  38. carlos ray

    carlos ray11 days ago

    Wow she is very annoying

  39. Uma Manikoth

    Uma Manikoth11 days ago

    why dont they just use half a pizza like for different tests its less of a waste ya know

  40. Stacey Weeaks

    Stacey Weeaks11 days ago

    Really BA? Pizza is supposed to be made on the peel dusted with cornmeal then transferred to the oven. Watching so many fails isn't amusing any more, it's just annoying. Get it together.

  41. RyyRoww

    RyyRoww11 days ago

    Chris is actually the coolest guy lol

  42. Angel36930

    Angel3693012 days ago

    Geez Molly...opinionated much...let the guys have a word in once in a while

  43. Ash Ly

    Ash Ly13 days ago

    Molly: oh Chris- Chris: *panic attack*

  44. h4n5i

    h4n5i13 days ago

    anchovies, pineapple, black olives

  45. evion223

    evion22313 days ago

    9:36 Chris is boss moment, (he's has a lot of good moments but this is just the one i felt like highlighting)

  46. Kristijan Miljević

    Kristijan Miljević13 days ago

    thats not špek.

  47. Metakarp

    Metakarp14 days ago

    Am I the only one who's both confused and slightly annoyed that they keep calling the pizza "pie"??? I'm guessing it's an american thing, but it bothers me. A pie to me has a lid. Pizzas don't have lids.

  48. Jayski Jia

    Jayski Jia14 days ago

    I love pizza

  49. reinier mika

    reinier mika15 days ago

    6:14 you're saying?

  50. Cha Gal

    Cha Gal15 days ago

    How do they stay so thin and attractive despite eating pizza all day

  51. lala d

    lala d15 days ago

    I'm confused I'm Italian Why would you put a raw egg on a pizza? It's borderline worse than the one with pineapple. Btw, the best pizza ever is topped with speck, cooked, and mascarpone raw. Also another one that's really good is with pesto, try it to believe.

  52. Andy D

    Andy D15 days ago

    Andy's put a bird on it is put an egg on it

  53. LOLO

    LOLO15 days ago

    At 5:12 dude almost lost his life over mispronouncing “speck”

  54. John Mellard Buhian

    John Mellard Buhian16 days ago

    i love chris and i do not like andy at all

  55. Rebecca Leich

    Rebecca Leich16 days ago

    God this is absolutely my dream job

  56. ziggs

    ziggs16 days ago

    When the camera panned at 18:50, in my head I heard Brad growl “Delaney..”

  57. James Dooling

    James Dooling17 days ago

    I loooove how Adam is like, "mortadella doesn't get crispy," he crunches the crispy mortadella, cut to Adam being gone. LOL! ❤️💕

  58. James Dooling

    James Dooling17 days ago

    I want Chris and Andy to open an orphanage and create a million children together with both of their sets of sensibility. The Earth would benefit.

  59. MrPhotographer4

    MrPhotographer417 days ago

    How many Wolf ovens can you get in one kitchen?

  60. LosingLara

    LosingLara17 days ago

    Do y'all have allergies cause I feel like all of you can eat everything and i'm jealous

  61. TheAmandaSerroul

    TheAmandaSerroul18 days ago

    Molly got fire in her soul and hate in her eyes when it comes to Adam 😂

  62. chuck pesos

    chuck pesos18 days ago

    Brad is Chandler. Claire is Monica. Chris is Ross. Carla is Rachel. Andy is Joey. Molly is Phoebe.

  63. Jim Zh

    Jim Zh18 days ago

    Andy with busts out the mortar and pestle for the garlic paste lol

  64. Silent Tacos

    Silent Tacos19 days ago

    italian men have to be the most chill dudes ever

  65. christian goff

    christian goff20 days ago

    Everyone please pray chris never gets in a fight !!!

  66. Bugatti2016

    Bugatti201620 days ago

    Man what oven is that

  67. FalconX88

    FalconX8820 days ago

    what happened to the Speck?

  68. That One Guy

    That One Guy21 day ago


  69. Morgan Webb

    Morgan Webb21 day ago

    I’m from Louisiana. And I missed how the “‘nduja” was spelled and I thought they were trying to say “andouille” And I was livid.

  70. JP M

    JP M21 day ago

    Can you just hire me to eat all your extra food so nothing goes to waste.

  71. JP M

    JP M21 day ago

    You guys are crazy!!! Pineapple DOES belong on pizza!!!! I give you a dislike.

  72. Marie Morgan

    Marie Morgan22 days ago

    Carla did the no mushroom post-it (but what are the odds that it was a reaction to brad’s green pepper and mushroom pizza)

  73. GPSjammer

    GPSjammer22 days ago

    Andy and Molly are worst frenemies lol

  74. hombreg1

    hombreg123 days ago

    I sorta wish they had gone with the "Speck". It sounds amazing when combined with the mild, milky flavour of mozzarella and slight tangy sweetness the sauce has. Edit: oooooooh so they did try the speck

  75. momiester

    momiester24 days ago

    Nobody: Andy: So I tried putting an egg on this one

  76. henrybrice86

    henrybrice8624 days ago

    Forget pineapple and ham - smoked goose breast and very thinly sliced pear. Amazing!

  77. Mahnoor Atif

    Mahnoor Atif24 days ago

    Maitake mushroom with minced onion n a little bit of garlic... with the sauce, cheese and some parm on top 🤷🏻‍♀️

  78. Cassy Sida

    Cassy Sida24 days ago

    29:56 this is the first time i've seen Claire be the guest that tries something so i was literally like "Claire!!"

  79. Cassy Sida

    Cassy Sida24 days ago

    the amount of times they say pie in this series makes me want a season 2 with the Perfect Pie

  80. Patty C

    Patty C25 days ago

    You can tell Molly really likes and respects Chris a lot.

  81. Anders H

    Anders H26 days ago

    Fish and cheese should never be mixed, if adhering to the "rules" of Italian cooking. That goes for anchovies on a pizza as well. Make it w. capers and no cheese.

  82. ethan kolodny

    ethan kolodny26 days ago

    Does "I dont want fruit on my pizza" guy realize that peppers and tomatoes are fruit?

  83. Jordan K

    Jordan K26 days ago

    Build the pie while its on the spatula. That way you dont destroy it by picking it up

  84. Carlos Velez

    Carlos Velez27 days ago

    I feel like everyone in the test kitchen needs to wear surgical masks and gloves because they are always getting sick, other then that love the shows