AirPods 2 Review! Everything New vs AirPods 1


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro3 months ago

    5 AirPods giveaway tomorrow! Sign up here if anybody hasn't.

  2. LIGER

    LIGER24 days ago

    Seen 4 fucking ads while watching this video 😠 not cool

  3. hailey

    haileyMonth ago

    i remember when you were predicting iPhone x and i haven't seen you since. glad you're still up to making these fantastic videos.... ill be sticking around

  4. Filip Flesjø

    Filip Flesjø2 months ago

    I love you


    COMMENT WAR2 months ago

    So many broke niggas cant even afford Airpods they just hoping to get from a giveaway💀

  6. Tiffany Mayumi

    Tiffany MayumiDay ago

    if apple hired u you will leak the whole company

  7. dunno yolo

    dunno yoloDay ago

    Apples a bait and Hook company string you along and leave you hanging...Surprise and there still Damn ugly redesign

  8. Ripx Boiii

    Ripx BoiiiDay ago


  9. he is risen

    he is risen2 days ago

    Next airpod LeBron James signature - 666, price $1,000.🤣 please wake up people wake up from the world of Idiocracy.

  10. ttt gg

    ttt gg2 days ago

    I think it’s funny when he started comparing the clicking of the case cause there’s no difference between them.

  11. CJ32 pull2

    CJ32 pull23 days ago

    This must be who ships funko pops for Walmart lol

  12. AlexnderJB

    AlexnderJB3 days ago

    customer: whats the difference between airpod 1 and 2? apple: yeah

  13. Denis Marciniak

    Denis Marciniak3 days ago

    Seriously? Two different airpods in both ears nad comparing that way? Listen on both ears with one model then change to the next one. Dude!

  14. Jacey Baligasay

    Jacey Baligasay4 days ago

    I was really hoping for black airpods

  15. jose barrera

    jose barrera5 days ago

    Too much adds! Yeack

  16. Carlos Murillo

    Carlos Murillo5 days ago

    One should know better than to say Hey Siri repeatedly on videos. All my devices we’re going off. Annoying.

  17. Carlos Murillo

    Carlos Murillo5 days ago

    Shronk Wazowski by saying “Hey Siri. BUT editing the “hey” out during post production.

  18. Shronk Wazowski

    Shronk Wazowski5 days ago

    Carlos Murillo how else is he going to test it.

  19. Shawn Michael

    Shawn Michael6 days ago

    Is this a parody?

  20. Shronk Wazowski

    Shronk Wazowski5 days ago

    Shawn Michael no

  21. ikhwan afiq

    ikhwan afiq6 days ago

    Same design, same sound, same quality.. Why bother.

  22. Mr. B

    Mr. B6 days ago

    Y’all know apple only improves in baby steps to keep the masses buying at saying “faster” “longer battery” “wireless charging” “ it uses Siri” “added a little bit range” but looks the same and sounds the same. Next colored cases and earphones but the same. Might add waterproof next but doubt it yet. Might in 4th.

  23. Subscribe Cort

    Subscribe Cort6 days ago

    *watches AirPod vid* USwork - HEY DO YOU WANT TO BUY GALAXY BUDS

  24. Clout Train

    Clout Train7 days ago

    So I’m new to wireless earbuds and idk if I should get AirPod1 or 2

  25. Notorious Drizz

    Notorious Drizz4 days ago

    Almost no difference just get AirPod1

  26. Intentional Lifestyle Creators - ILC TV

    Intentional Lifestyle Creators - ILC TV7 days ago

    Is it true that air pods are bad for your brain health

  27. Shronk Wazowski

    Shronk Wazowski5 days ago

    Intentional Lifestyle Creators - ILC TV no its not

  28. ツGeostorm

    ツGeostorm8 days ago

    Nothing special . If I were to create the 3rd gen AirPods, which name would you pick? 1.AirPods 3 2.AirPods III Like for AirPods lll Comment for AirPods 3

  29. swagger

    swagger8 days ago

    his arm!!!!

  30. Leo Garcia

    Leo Garcia8 days ago

    Apple: (releases AirPods 3) Customer: What’s the difference Apple: Now the case is bigger for only $600 Customer: I’LL BUY IT

  31. Kadenz

    Kadenz8 days ago

    Me: what’s better on he new air pods Apple: You can tell people that you don’t speak broke

  32. V _influencer

    V _influencer8 days ago

    Apple just keep getting your money because people are stupid . Sound same, design same , little bit faster to connect maybe .2 sec faster which you can't even notice ! Stop being Dumb : They just add a 2 to the word Airpod ;And you keep buying ; Apple =NO more suprise just updates!

  33. Brian Corona

    Brian Corona8 days ago

    The next change for Airpods 3 is that they will come with a sticker.

  34. Nathaly Pena

    Nathaly Pena8 days ago

    when will apple come out with colors

  35. Sofian El-Alfy

    Sofian El-Alfy9 days ago

    Thats your worst unboxing and review ever, i think u need to prepare what you are going to say prior to recording

  36. Morty Smith

    Morty Smith5 days ago

    Sofian El-Alfy he’s right I got the AirPods 2 and it’s wack

  37. Al akdan_ seiskuatro

    Al akdan_ seiskuatro9 days ago

    don’t know you people but for me, Airpods look like you have ear drainage problem.

  38. Lance O'Briant

    Lance O'Briant10 days ago

    Every time he said hey Siri my Siri went off

  39. Solomon Rajkumar

    Solomon Rajkumar10 days ago

  40. Yazmine Jasmine

    Yazmine Jasmine10 days ago

    Ummmmm that’s pretty sad how people fall for a company trying to charge so much for a pair of earbuds when you can get the same quality from companies that make great headphones at a lower price. Apple has been money hungry for such a long time. They made the same pair of headphones for 40 extra 😂😂!!??

  41. Esco Whitfield

    Esco Whitfield12 days ago

    Got some today since they don’t sell AirPods 1 where I live and they’re FANTASTIC

  42. damian j

    damian j12 days ago

    He activated my hey Siri a million times throughout this video 💀

  43. YouSuckWeeWee ™

    YouSuckWeeWee ™12 days ago

    Yooo does anyone know what type of knife that is ????

  44. In the life of Kristi

    In the life of Kristi12 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks they look the exact same?

  45. Harrison Allsopp

    Harrison Allsopp13 days ago

    I got airpods today uwu

  46. Gadgetdad

    Gadgetdad13 days ago

    Awesome video 👍

  47. S Griffin

    S Griffin13 days ago

    Apple is crap. Their AirPods 2 commercial is so freaking stupid and gay

  48. Shronk Wazowski

    Shronk Wazowski5 days ago

    S Griffin k kid

  49. ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ

    ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ14 days ago

    I have beats solo i had them since march...i want airpods now... im gonna ask for them in 2020......

  50. Kieran Loe

    Kieran Loe14 days ago

    My homepod kept responding when You kept saying hay Siri

  51. A tech

    A tech14 days ago

    Apple airpods

  52. yessenia jay

    yessenia jay14 days ago

    i’ve been debating about getting airpods; should i get first generation or 2nd? which one would you get?

  53. ohyeah ohyeahyeah

    ohyeah ohyeahyeah12 days ago


  54. ACOG DOG

    ACOG DOG15 days ago

    Apple: AirPods 2 has better clicking! Android: You can now charge your device with oxygen

  55. No hat.

    No hat.13 days ago

    ACOG DOG everybody still chooses apple cause it’s a fad 😂

  56. M Boss

    M Boss15 days ago

    difference between money

  57. Dominick Herweijer

    Dominick Herweijer15 days ago

    Apple products are cool and all but you just dont get your moneys worth for the phones computers and airpods 2 tbh

  58. billy bob

    billy bob16 days ago

    Soo I bought the AirPods like a week ago and didn’t get the wireless case but do I still have the w1 chip in the AirPod

  59. N O R T H

    N O R T H16 days ago

    I ordered them yesterday. *200 likes and they will arrive.* I'm not upgrading btw I've never had AirPods before lol

  60. mix the crafter

    mix the crafter16 days ago

    Who’s watching AirPods video cus your geting one cus I am next week

  61. Anonymous 778700

    Anonymous 77870016 days ago

    I honestly think ima just go eith the original airpods. They are cheaper so...

  62. Soren James

    Soren James16 days ago

    And I'm Kanye west

  63. i love cats 2323

    i love cats 232316 days ago

    He had like 20 fucking air pods