AirPods 2 Review! Everything New vs AirPods 1

Apple AirPods 2 Have Arrived! Everything new review & AirPods 2 vs AirPods 1 full comparison. Bluetooth 5.0 Range, H1 vs W1 Chip, etc..
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  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro6 months ago

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  2. TFGTony 15

    TFGTony 159 days ago

    EverythingApplePro Hey Filip I recently watched a vid wit a clip from this vid that was used to advertise fake air pods and I don’t think it’s right the channel that has done this is Fortnite Bruh


    TJxGAMING10 YTMonth ago


  4. Rashad White

    Rashad White2 months ago

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  5. LIGER

    LIGER3 months ago

    Seen 4 fucking ads while watching this video 😠 not cool

  6. hailey

    hailey4 months ago

    i remember when you were predicting iPhone x and i haven't seen you since. glad you're still up to making these fantastic videos.... ill be sticking around

  7. John Willemse

    John Willemse10 hours ago

    When you said hey Siri 2x my sire came up on my iPhone 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


    VRN BANDS21 hour ago

    If i have AirPod 1 and AirPod 2 case will they be considered 2s or 1s

  9. Alexis Vargas

    Alexis VargasDay ago

    Can I have one plz

  10. Alexis Vargas

    Alexis VargasDay ago

    No go buy one

  11. Iskander

    Iskander2 days ago

    Bruh at 4:58 my siri activated played a song and also played some wish airpod video on youtube

  12. platinum gold

    platinum gold2 days ago

    50 likes and I’ll get it for the new year!!!

  13. Faisal Nøkk

    Faisal Nøkk3 days ago

    I bought it 2days ago And my sister told me airpods3 is coming 😮

  14. Brent Dugmore

    Brent Dugmore3 days ago

    I feel as though this was a little lazy of a review. I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. ZoneofTech did a better job at describing the differences without any ‘clickiness’ comments. Who wants to hear about that?

  15. Unibrain 4444

    Unibrain 44443 days ago

    Fuck airpods two, they rape your money

  16. nina

    nina4 days ago

    i love watching these because my sister just ordered me and her some airpods, not sure which ones. thanks for these.

  17. rAnDaL

    rAnDaL5 days ago

    i just bought mine rn, and the Sphero 2.0 charging station works with the wireless. just saying.

  18. Trent T.

    Trent T.6 days ago

    These are chumbucket buckets

  19. guacokut xl

    guacokut xl7 days ago

    I have some it’s the same speaker and I listen to the exact wavelength

  20. jouke van beers

    jouke van beers7 days ago

    theyre the same. maybe the sound will be better but theres no point in buying new ones unless you dont have the 1st gen

  21. Oh naw

    Oh naw8 days ago

    Your stepping 10 feet every 2 steps?

  22. B1ODIN

    B1ODIN9 days ago

    Are apple airpods compatible on the iphone 6?

  23. Daedae The beast

    Daedae The beast9 days ago

    I have version 2

  24. Mohd.Aftab Abbas

    Mohd.Aftab Abbas9 days ago

    Who's Siri switched on when he said hey siri

  25. Nicholas Duggan

    Nicholas Duggan9 days ago

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  26. TFGTony 15

    TFGTony 159 days ago

    Hey Filip I recently watched a vid wit a clip from this vid that was used to advertise fake air pods and I don’t think it’s right the channel that has done this is Fortnite Bruh

  27. clorox bleach

    clorox bleach9 days ago

    Will they connect w/ a stylo 3 ?

  28. Breann Smith

    Breann Smith10 days ago

    I’m gonna get air pods let’s do a vote and by thanksgiving that’s the ones I will get. Like = AirPods comment = AirPods 2

  29. BIG FUBA

    BIG FUBA11 days ago

    Basically your buying AirPods again just an extra 50 for a wireless charger Rip off

  30. hoes mad

    hoes mad12 days ago

    can someone help me i can hear the music from the outside of my airpods likr when they are in my ears they are loud on the outside, they are also quiet in my ears kinda

  31. Little Traveller

    Little Traveller13 days ago

    W1 chip is amazing so if they have updated the chip it’s gotta be better. One thing though, when apples charging £1200 for iPhone pro, they could have gone £1250 and included the air pods. That would have made them cool again.

  32. Suman Limbu

    Suman Limbu13 days ago

    They are 🗑

  33. fat boi

    fat boi13 days ago

    The community: we want black airpods and noise cancellating and better audio Apple: how about be just add a glowing light for 200$ instead of 160$ The community: sold

  34. Kemar March

    Kemar March15 days ago

    Hi there, if you looking for great deals on AirPods go to eBay and get the delivered for free and more!

  35. laughy jacky

    laughy jacky16 days ago

    No you dick When you said (hey Siri play the next song) It plays the next video ever time

  36. laughy jacky

    laughy jacky16 days ago

    No you dick When you said (hey Siri, play the next song) It played the next video Every time

  37. Ibrahim Al zeeni

    Ibrahim Al zeeni16 days ago

    The button of the wireless charger case is different from the first generation

  38. farhaan ahmed

    farhaan ahmed17 days ago

    Airpods vs usb killer?

  39. Blayz and Charleigh

    Blayz and Charleigh17 days ago

    Does the 1st generation do the hey Siri

  40. Nameless Profile

    Nameless Profile17 days ago

    Second add at 01:00 ? 👎🏼

  41. Zebo beast

    Zebo beast18 days ago

  42. Cess Phenor

    Cess Phenor18 days ago

    You look so good man

  43. Cess Phenor

    Cess Phenor18 days ago


  44. Cess Phenor

    Cess Phenor18 days ago


  45. ZachIsBack Vlogs

    ZachIsBack Vlogs18 days ago

    Honestly the only reason the AirPods 2 are $200 if the wireless charging case and maybe some faster connecting so your better if honestly and personally getting the first gen

  46. Rafael Cervantes

    Rafael Cervantes18 days ago

    Just got iPhone which headphone should I get

  47. Mollie

    Mollie18 days ago

    I honestly have no idea which ones I have

  48. Casey Moore

    Casey Moore19 days ago

    Looks like I’ll be sticking with my jabra elites

  49. LordNordSucc

    LordNordSucc19 days ago

    Gen 2 is cheaper. Get them if you ain’t got the pods yet. Who actually cares about wireless charging. It’s not THAT important. Fucking fight me about it.

  50. JRG ROX

    JRG ROX19 days ago

    4:35 when he said hey Siri it activated mine 🤯

  51. Ruben Sepulveda

    Ruben Sepulveda12 days ago

    Stop lying

  52. Sorry could you repeat that again?

    Sorry could you repeat that again?13 days ago

    JRG ROX but isn’t siri only suppose to listen to your voice??

  53. Eduard Gimenez

    Eduard Gimenez19 days ago

    give me 1 airpods 2 cause why not? hehe

  54. Dane Newswanger

    Dane Newswanger19 days ago

    Just bought these online from apple and I spent a lot of money so I am rewatching videos to make me feel better🤣

  55. Tansey Hall

    Tansey Hall20 days ago

    apple: hello I'm awesome were going to make the same thing and make it so you have to have a updated software to work things customers: come on!!!!

  56. squishy world squishy

    squishy world squishy20 days ago

    And I have one

  57. Abigail Honey

    Abigail Honey20 days ago

    i have 1st gen airpods and i like them better cuss they have a light inside not on the front

  58. Brandon Grant

    Brandon Grant20 days ago


  59. CoversGrande CB

    CoversGrande CB21 day ago

    ..... im late cause i just bought airpods 2 ...... i.....

  60. 日産スカイライン

    日産スカイライン21 day ago

    Pretty sure people know this already but you can't buy AirPods 1 anymore. Anything you buy now regardless if its cable charge or wireless is AirPods 2.

  61. Home Security

    Home Security22 days ago

    tell your camra man to zoom in more

  62. Christian Schmitt

    Christian Schmitt22 days ago

    How many times did he say cool

  63. Mohamed Abdillahi

    Mohamed Abdillahi22 days ago

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  64. E&C Land

    E&C Land22 days ago

    Can you give me air pods pls

  65. SpartanKid 10

    SpartanKid 1023 days ago

    Imagine Robbing his house AirPods, IPhone, fit bit: What else you need

  66. Alyssia

    Alyssia23 days ago

    Gottem AirPods 2 bro sksksks

  67. Andre Perry

    Andre Perry24 days ago

    Fuck i Dont want to buy these!! Its not even the money they are ugly as fucking sin and everyone under the sun have these stupid as shit looking buds/earrings!

  68. Cohen Tibbetts

    Cohen Tibbetts24 days ago

    Did I win thim