I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike


  1. Evan Minton

    Evan MintonHour ago

    Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Kristin.

  2. Milani Daily

    Milani DailyHour ago

    I love Jen she is so funny when they where in torrid

  3. Kailyn Fuller

    Kailyn Fuller2 hours ago

    I love that Jen can actually pull a knife out of her pocket 😂

  4. Renette Williams

    Renette Williams2 hours ago

    I love those dresses

  5. Itzel Aguilar

    Itzel Aguilar3 hours ago

    8:03 I feel the same, im like 5'4 & this dude who's like 5'9 has the same size hands as me, my cousin pointed it out & we put our hands together & I was shocked

  6. April

    April3 hours ago

    Manaola was super cool and the Jen + Kristin dynamic is the best.

  7. eleonora zuglian

    eleonora zuglian5 hours ago

    I want Jen to be my best friend

  8. Astrid Goossens

    Astrid Goossens5 hours ago

    No one: Jen: thAtS hOmOphObiC

  9. Jazzy Narwhal

    Jazzy Narwhal5 hours ago

    For some reason, I kept thinking Jen's tea was a burrito

  10. Tarren Hagan

    Tarren Hagan6 hours ago

    Jen and Kristen in everything always. ❤️

  11. Johnnie Davis

    Johnnie Davis6 hours ago

    Kristin, you should try to find plus size clothing in New York

  12. Sydney

    Sydney7 hours ago


  13. Hooded Toxic

    Hooded Toxic8 hours ago

    You guys should go to Paris or Japan 🇯🇵

  14. Luna Remulla

    Luna Remulla10 hours ago

    holy crap jen has the same hand problem as me

  15. Songs By me

    Songs By me10 hours ago

    You to should go to central point in Oregon because that’s where I live it’s a cute little town and they have a cute little Chinese restaurant called Ma’s

  16. Mirielle Zalewski

    Mirielle Zalewski10 hours ago

    holy crap you guys are my fave I was screaming "YESSSSSSSSSSSS KRISTIINNNNNN" and "JEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

  17. Gacha Nova

    Gacha Nova11 hours ago

    Go to Minnesota

  18. Tina Thompson

    Tina Thompson11 hours ago


  19. sheepseaexplorer

    sheepseaexplorer11 hours ago

    I loved Manaola. What an amazing person. Also hilarious. Also as someone who shops at torrid a lot. I have 3 of the swimsuits that Kristin picked out. lmao.

  20. Stephanie Davis

    Stephanie Davis12 hours ago

    I challenge you two to shop for a nap!! Make a video out of it

  21. BamaMom0225

    BamaMom022513 hours ago

    11:10 was fave

  22. Ana María

    Ana María13 hours ago

    Wasn't this show originally about how hard it can be for plus size women to find clothes in a pinch?! Usually women don't get promo appointments with designers, or the store closed & just to themselves. Just saying.

  23. Janet Graham-Russell

    Janet Graham-Russell15 hours ago

    I like the combo od the peach bathing costume and raspberry cover.

  24. Emylee Kapua

    Emylee Kapua16 hours ago

    manaola has beautiful designs but i just can’t afford it

  25. Gabby Williment

    Gabby Williment17 hours ago

    i feel like jen was super hungover in Manaola

  26. Kylie Donatelli

    Kylie Donatelli17 hours ago


  27. Michelle V

    Michelle V19 hours ago

    Come to oregonnnnnnnn

  28. Panda-Kun LovesYou

    Panda-Kun LovesYou20 hours ago


  29. ImACat

    ImACat21 hour ago


  30. ThisisJokyl989

    ThisisJokyl98923 hours ago

    wait did Mike get something from Manaola too?

  31. ThisisJokyl989

    ThisisJokyl98923 hours ago

    why was Kristin randomly singing Savage Garden?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  32. Izabella Rodriguez

    Izabella Rodriguez23 hours ago

    Kristan(sorry if I didn’t spell it right) is just soo beautiful and she makes everything work💕 more people should have her confidence (she might not have that confidence when the camera is turned off but there’s a chance she might) over all though she is beautiful and very unique she wears things many people wouldn’t dare wearing but she rocks them no matter what💕

  33. Emily Erickson

    Emily EricksonDay ago

    Jen walked around with her napkin-wrapped tea lowkey looked like she was drinking alcohol from a paper bag in certain shots lol which I also wouldn't have been surprised by based on her overall lack of her mind. Also the red dress's pattern reminded me of ginkgo leaves (which are good luck for like wealth and happiness in Japanese culture) which I loved. And I totally get what Jenn said about all the ladies looking like her grandma, I'm half Japanese and my brother and I got asked if we were "visiting auntie" once when were in Oahu because we looked local and they thought were were traveling alone lol.

  34. Gracie Pattetson

    Gracie PattetsonDay ago

    I think we'd all be gay for Jen lol

  35. hailey williams

    hailey williamsDay ago

    Come to Minnesota !!!

  36. araya rubalcaba

    araya rubalcabaDay ago

    Jen loves Kristen u cannot change my mind

  37. araya rubalcaba

    araya rubalcabaDay ago

    Should *

  38. Kaitlyn Walker

    Kaitlyn WalkerDay ago

    That burgundy and gold dress from Manaola is absolutely beautiful on you!!!

  39. jack sullivan

    jack sullivanDay ago

    kristin looks so good in reds

  40. Casey Master

    Casey MasterDay ago


  41. danielle jauvin

    danielle jauvinDay ago

    Omg I loved them all

  42. Emily Amick

    Emily AmickDay ago

    Seattle next!!

  43. Emily Amick

    Emily AmickDay ago

    11:05 is the best one

  44. Emily Amick

    Emily AmickDay ago

    I’m so jealous.

  45. auntienem

    auntienemDay ago

    Please come to minneapolis!

  46. emiliuah

    emiliuahDay ago

    Rhode island

  47. emitztakie

    emitztakieDay ago

    Jen is a blessing.

  48. Mariana Quinn

    Mariana QuinnDay ago

    i love Jen so much 💞

  49. jack sullivan

    jack sullivanDay ago

    i love jen

  50. Alexandra Ďurianová

    Alexandra ĎurianováDay ago

    Great episode! Kristin, that off the shoulders dress when you were facetiming the girls is AMAZING! Where can I buy it? Can you share a link please? Hugs and kisses from Prague!

  51. Cooking With Maddie

    Cooking With MaddieDay ago

    Literally nobody:literally nothing Jen: you want my Kniiiiiiiife😂😂

  52. Cooking With Maddie

    Cooking With MaddieDay ago


  53. Kate Erhardt

    Kate ErhardtDay ago

    can you go to saskatchewan??? PLEASE!!!!!

  54. Angelica Yalung

    Angelica YalungDay ago


  55. Lucy Grayson

    Lucy GraysonDay ago

    Kitchen and Jorn are ULTIMATE brotp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them

  56. jasmine burke

    jasmine burkeDay ago

    Jen jen jen hey jen I think you're cute:( you may catch a case but its cool

  57. Raven Swing

    Raven SwingDay ago

    okay Kristin is DAMN photogenic

  58. Omolara Ojo

    Omolara OjoDay ago

    I love manaola 😍

  59. Samantha Michelle Crank

    Samantha Michelle CrankDay ago


  60. Hope Briggs

    Hope BriggsDay ago

    Kristin: Casually talking Also Kristin: Pulls sunglasses out of her bra like the badass she is

  61. Amunua Atta

    Amunua AttaDay ago

    Lovely episode 😍 maybe you could cpme to Europe next? Plus sizing is a really hard deal over here... I'm from berlin and i think due to it being a large city there are dome options, but they are not enough

  62. Gabcrz 08

    Gabcrz 08Day ago

    I'm in love with Jen

  63. maelina xo

    maelina xoDay ago

    you cant act like you dont have a crush on jen, even if its just a little bit, cause deep down you know we all do

  64. Alva Bøe

    Alva BøeDay ago

    You should come to Norway

  65. Alexsys Hammond

    Alexsys Hammond2 days ago

    every time it said OAHU I thought it said Ohio (it took me at least a min. to realize )

  66. Yuleymy Mojica

    Yuleymy Mojica2 days ago

    I love how Kristen is so confident about her body😍👏🏽✊🏽

  67. Renee Taylor

    Renee Taylor2 days ago

    I loveeeee these, please make more :))

  68. fluffyunicorn 2005

    fluffyunicorn 20052 days ago

    Jen is so gay...omg its hilarious but we all love it lol

  69. Polar Bear Mascot

    Polar Bear Mascot2 days ago

    I'm plus size and from Hawaii and I love Torrid so much!

  70. lloyd cage

    lloyd cage2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Jen looks so cute while sick? Only me? Ok

  71. Hey Its dark

    Hey Its dark2 days ago

    This title was misleading

  72. Georgia

    Georgia2 days ago




    I am so buying every one of those dresses! Gorgeous!

  74. Alyssia Kangas

    Alyssia Kangas2 days ago

    Come to Minnesota!!!! Please!!!!

  75. Pablo D.

    Pablo D.2 days ago

    I love Jen!:))

  76. keilah imai

    keilah imai2 days ago

    living on oahu i usually get my plus size bathing suits from target its a little cheaper than torrid. but old navy is another place i go to to get my clothing. decently priced but honestly i wear yoga pants alot lol

  77. Camila A

    Camila A2 days ago

    Can we just pep how beautiful kristians make up looks 😭 like it’s so natural but glowy 😭

  78. Mira Kulkarni

    Mira Kulkarni2 days ago

    i want whatever drug jen is on

  79. brøkêń_båñdîtø

    brøkêń_båñdîtø2 days ago

    Tbh that me

  80. Camilla Braukman

    Camilla Braukman2 days ago


  81. Cynthia

    Cynthia2 days ago



    MELANIE-GRACE.JAMES 1010582 days ago

    Go to the phillipines! or Jamaica. Seriously, I'm blasian that's why

  83. Ira S

    Ira S2 days ago

    The maroon dress is reaaaaally pretty with that lipstick

  84. Ira S

    Ira S2 days ago

    Kristin looks so happy shopping at the first store. And I feel the same too! It's contagious 😆

  85. MidRoseMika

    MidRoseMika2 days ago

    Come to Calgary during the stampede!

  86. Ira S

    Ira S2 days ago


  87. Adrianna G

    Adrianna G2 days ago

    Kristen: I dropped meat on my dress Jen: where?!?!? Kristen: no you can’t lick it Jen: That’s Homophobic

  88. Aliya Baradia

    Aliya Baradia2 days ago

    Why is her head piece worn so low on her face? It’s low key annoying to look at 🙈

  89. Amanda

    Amanda2 days ago

    The clothes from Manola are stunning, those Hawaiian patterns are gorgeous

  90. Amanda

    Amanda2 days ago

    Jen is so ill and so adorable, I hope she got her naps

  91. Chelsea Crisostomo

    Chelsea Crisostomo2 days ago

    I really wanna go to hawaiii

  92. Kasper Not The Ghost

    Kasper Not The Ghost2 days ago

    The way jen said ponyo

  93. Carissa Sponagel

    Carissa Sponagel2 days ago

    i never comment on these but i feel like kristen doesn’t get enough love and she is literally one of the most beautiful people i have every seen and she’s just such a positive perosn i love watching any video with her in it. especially her and jen together because they always make me life and smile. kristen i love you!

  94. Annie St.Marie

    Annie St.Marie2 days ago

    The dress she chose for the night looks incredible on her! Goddess 😍

  95. Punk Sparkles

    Punk Sparkles2 days ago

    I love how unapologetically gay Jen was this episode

  96. Veronica Guerra

    Veronica Guerra2 days ago

    Does manaola ship?

  97. Dylan’s Paintings

    Dylan’s Paintings3 days ago

    Where are all my locals at?!

  98. Alia MacKay

    Alia MacKay3 days ago

    Jen was kind of horny in hawaii

  99. lalaistheallknowing

    lalaistheallknowing3 days ago

    Kristin is my absolute fav

  100. A Skersto

    A Skersto3 days ago

    This was great! I especially loved Manaola. I always love Jen but Jen with a cold is even more joyful! And the halo-halo reference! #pinoy ^_^ Also, all of these videos make me feel hopeful as a plus size shopper. It's rare I enjoy shopping but seeing how you shop makes me feel like it doesn't have to be a stressful, depressing experience. Thank you for great content!

  101. Avery Burris

    Avery Burris3 days ago

    Here’s an idea: West Virginia 🤔

  102. Kerris Parkington

    Kerris Parkington3 days ago

    23:14 idk why but i died laughing😂

  103. Kyra Plas

    Kyra Plas3 days ago

    This was such a good episode and wonderful representation of the local fashion! The designer was really funny too!!!!!! You guys should do Texas next!