1. Goodbye Forever

    Goodbye ForeverHour ago

    I’m a scorpio

  2. Alex Farnum

    Alex Farnum2 hours ago

    They have discovered my saggitarus powers

  3. Ted Reyes

    Ted Reyes3 hours ago

    As an Aquarius...This is soooo true 🙈🙈🙈

  4. Tea Ishot

    Tea Ishot3 hours ago

    not all tarus are seriel killers look at my i just killed a couple people THIS IS A JOKE FBI I SWEAR

  5. Corrie Forshee

    Corrie Forshee3 hours ago

    I'm a Leo ♌️ my element is fire

  6. Tali J

    Tali J3 hours ago

    6:28 my aunt is a Pisces and she does the same thing!!! ♓️😂

  7. Tali J

    Tali J4 hours ago

    As a cancer, it’s almost accurate lmao 😂 ♋️

  8. kpop kimchi

    kpop kimchi4 hours ago

    Im a leo

  9. turquoise

    turquoise4 hours ago

    this was published on my birthday 🍰🥳

  10. polina khristich

    polina khristich5 hours ago

    i’m a gemini and i can confirm that this is every conversation that i’ve been in.... ever

  11. Luc Dircks

    Luc Dircks5 hours ago

    Let's have a minute of silence for the other zodiac signs who haven't been added in the video...Or just have a minute silence for me on July 13th.

  12. Mystery Squash

    Mystery Squash5 hours ago

    As a cancer I can confirm that this video is accurate

  13. Deepan Patra

    Deepan Patra5 hours ago

    We need 'Every Smosh ever'

  14. Elin Paauw

    Elin Paauw6 hours ago

    I’m Pisces 5 March Who is my b-day bestieeeee

  15. Deneshia Mumford

    Deneshia Mumford6 hours ago

    The sims music 😂

  16. joya pogson

    joya pogson6 hours ago

    This is realatable

  17. joya pogson

    joya pogson6 hours ago

    I’m always sad when someone judges me even when I don’t want to feel sad 😢

  18. Jade’s Place

    Jade’s Place7 hours ago

    Who else is a Cancer??

  19. Seven

    Seven7 hours ago

    Damien's "WWWHAT?!" is a representation of how my life is going. 😂😂😂

  20. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams8 hours ago

    Omg I'm a sagittarius and that is the most accurate thing I have ever seen 😂

  21. Miss Gene Ious

    Miss Gene Ious9 hours ago

    I'm a Pisces and I was going to be like, "Pfft, I'm not like that! I don't fit in your stereotypes!" then I stopped and thought, "Oh, I have done that, many times. Welp."

  22. reseok minkai

    reseok minkai10 hours ago

    Im a gemini im gonna poop

  23. Dangerous Vids R

    Dangerous Vids R10 hours ago

    I was born in August 17 and this is surprisingly accurate

  24. Evelyn Wright

    Evelyn Wright10 hours ago

    The accuracy of the Aquarius piece was 100%. 10/10 would ask other people about their issues before confronting my own.

  25. Valex Cryses

    Valex Cryses10 hours ago

    I'm Aries

  26. Zombies Gamer

    Zombies Gamer12 hours ago

    There's barely any Leo's here...

  27. Chelsei Townsend

    Chelsei Townsend12 hours ago

    Im a capilcorn and don't act like that you son of a sucker

  28. SnowFlake OfTheWorld

    SnowFlake OfTheWorld12 hours ago

    I’m Pisces and that part was an actual representation of me

  29. OrangeClemetine •

    OrangeClemetine •12 hours ago

    as a scorpio, i approve this.


    PRETZEL KING13 hours ago

    6:42 "I'M the one who TRASHES"

  31. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.13 hours ago

    Every every ever

  32. Original Person

    Original Person13 hours ago

    I’m a Pisces and I literally ALWAYS do that...

  33. Sarah Salamey

    Sarah Salamey13 hours ago

    Im an Aries but i love doing my work

  34. Thomas Kelly

    Thomas Kelly13 hours ago

    I'm a libra and the difficult decisions that take days maybe weeks to find the awnser

  35. Nilaya Macnack

    Nilaya Macnack14 hours ago

    I’m Leo but I’m never this exact I mostly don’t know what I want 😂

  36. Erik B

    Erik B14 hours ago

    0:00 so that explains everything

  37. Unknown person

    Unknown person14 hours ago

    I'm a Cancer♋️ and my part was veryyyyyyyy true😂😂

  38. T-Lexy Rawr

    T-Lexy Rawr14 hours ago

    Sagittarius is soo me e.e

  39. Mandy D

    Mandy D15 hours ago

    I'm a Scorpio and I feel like I'm kinda like that but not intense ,but I can be like that around my crush tho😂😂

  40. Lilyanna Hajek

    Lilyanna Hajek15 hours ago

    This was posted on my birthday and they forgot Taurus

  41. Jake Cain

    Jake Cain15 hours ago

    I'm a Sagittarius and I kinda have to agree with the stereotype

  42. Silixia

    Silixia15 hours ago

    4:18 im a sagittarius and THATS me :>

  43. Kelsie W

    Kelsie W15 hours ago

    I’m a Virgo and I have never related to anything more

  44. Grace McCool

    Grace McCool15 hours ago

    As a Libra we don't cry a lot

  45. Kim Taehyung Stan

    Kim Taehyung Stan15 hours ago

    The..the sims music during Pisces

  46. Kim Taehyung Stan

    Kim Taehyung Stan15 hours ago

    As a Libra I feel very exposed

  47. Iliana Flores

    Iliana Flores16 hours ago

    I'm a taurus and I'm deff like that lmmfaooooo we see good in everyone lol

  48. Mantha Marie

    Mantha Marie16 hours ago


  49. Mantha Marie

    Mantha Marie16 hours ago

    I actually feel a little offended because I don't act like m,y zodiac at all, I'm more of a Leo anyways.

  50. Its just me

    Its just me16 hours ago

    you shouldve switched Aquarius and pisces

  51. mk potato gamer

    mk potato gamer16 hours ago

    I’m a Leo but I don’t act anything like that

  52. Dr. Oof

    Dr. Oof17 hours ago

    So I'm cancer Noice

  53. thesamy bean

    thesamy bean17 hours ago

    Aquarius me though

  54. idiotwhowatchesyoutubetoomuch x

    idiotwhowatchesyoutubetoomuch x17 hours ago

    scropio gang,I wouldn’t say that tbh *I’d tell him he’s a mistake and he should die*

  55. Lifeform Lover

    Lifeform Lover17 hours ago

    People will use their zodiac signs as an excuse for murdering someone.


    DAVIN KERRIGAN18 hours ago

    whoops, sorry, its because I'm a caprisun

  57. Head Shot

    Head Shot18 hours ago

    I’m a cancer but I also have the symptoms of an Aries and a Libra

  58. Fan of Too Much

    Fan of Too Much18 hours ago

    Omfg I'm a pisces and that video just described me perfectly

  59. Bradden Newsom

    Bradden Newsom18 hours ago

    Perfect impersonation of Aries I'm one and it is perfect

  60. Lazari_Swann

    Lazari_Swann18 hours ago

    I kinda feel offended by me being a Leo, but serial killer dude is definitely me

  61. Emilyv220 B

    Emilyv220 B19 hours ago

    I’m a Gemini and it’s sooo true

  62. Hannah Phillips

    Hannah Phillips19 hours ago

    What about Aries ♈️

  63. UnknownEnigma

    UnknownEnigma19 hours ago

    The pisces are the trashmen

  64. Rowan Hill

    Rowan Hill19 hours ago

    I'm a libra and the one for libra is so true

  65. Ned Riley

    Ned Riley19 hours ago

    I’m a gemini ♊️ And today June 17 it’s my birthday

  66. Moyer Man

    Moyer Man15 hours ago

    I’m Gemini happy birthday 🎁 have a good one

  67. Jacob the Pikachu 64

    Jacob the Pikachu 6415 hours ago

    Ned Riley happy birthday to you

  68. Celia Padgett

    Celia Padgett20 hours ago

    Omg why was Aquarius soooo accurate I feel attacked

  69. Fallen Angel 555

    Fallen Angel 55520 hours ago

    I'm a Capricorn and honestly it’s true 😂

  70. Caramelized Onions

    Caramelized Onions21 hour ago

    I’m a Taurus... thank you 😜

  71. IDKarlee

    IDKarlee21 hour ago

    I'm a LEO but I'm nothing like my sign :/

  72. The mysterious youtube guy

    The mysterious youtube guy21 hour ago


  73. GerardWayIsNyanCat

    GerardWayIsNyanCat21 hour ago

    I'm a pieces, I feel attacked 😂

  74. Majoogly

    Majoogly22 hours ago

    Pisces for the win lol I love it

  75. RainbowDashRocks 110

    RainbowDashRocks 11022 hours ago

    4:43 Me

  76. Sam Diaz

    Sam Diaz22 hours ago

    The Pisces was correct

  77. Noah Samson

    Noah Samson22 hours ago

    dont expose me like this im not like this nope not a Pisces

  78. eli los

    eli los22 hours ago

    Man why's that so accurate

  79. Katie Young

    Katie Young22 hours ago

    Gemini so true 😭😂❤

  80. uwu Matthew

    uwu Matthew23 hours ago

    *My Sagittarius secrets have been exposed..*

  81. Michael Gray

    Michael Gray23 hours ago

    I'm Leo

  82. Anoch Balakumar

    Anoch Balakumar23 hours ago


  83. DeathByChaos

    DeathByChaosDay ago

    omg accurate

  84. Miran Zovko

    Miran ZovkoDay ago

    Why is every mom a pisces tho

  85. Romano

    RomanoDay ago

    I'm gemini... and yes, I have multiple personalities

  86. Gaming Haven

    Gaming HavenDay ago

    I'm a Saggitarus and this is true we are all A+'s xD damn you fools

  87. Reapers Ambience

    Reapers AmbienceDay ago

    “I’m not a narcissist I’m just an Aquarius” Narcissist?! ☹️

  88. Siri Serious

    Siri SeriousDay ago

    As a Capricorn...I can agree. I try so much but it’s not good enough aw ):

  89. Aqua

    AquaDay ago

    Im Scorpio dafuq?

  90. angelena macarthur

    angelena macarthurDay ago

    No-one: Damien: imbeciles and fools

  91. Malena Weaver

    Malena WeaverDay ago

    Lol I guess every parent is a pisces😂😂

  92. BabyBeach :P

    BabyBeach :PDay ago

    And I’m here as a Leo “when’s my birthday again??”

  93. Shark Ham

    Shark HamDay ago

    I should know most about the trash boi cause thats me every time my mom asks me to take out the trash lol this is to accurate 🤣

  94. Dwane Bosma

    Dwane BosmaDay ago

    The Virgo one is basically making fun of me XD

  95. - Gabby -

    - Gabby -Day ago

    Libras always cry because when we have a laugh and fake cry we end up crying not because we are sad it’s because idk

  96. Nay and Mam

    Nay and MamDay ago

    Im gemeni and I do feel like Im like that

  97. 𝒟𝒜𝓇𝓀𝒻𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑒

    𝒟𝒜𝓇𝓀𝒻𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑒Day ago

    I don’t take out the trash or do any chore...

  98. Zane Jāvalde

    Zane JāvaldeDay ago

    You know Smosh I'm a Scorpio and I'm not like that and I wanted to say that not all Scorpios are like that.

  99. WAIT WAT

    WAIT WATDay ago

    Wait is it weird that im a virgo and i act like geminide,taures and and a extra little crap???

  100. Baby Alive And lots more!

    Baby Alive And lots more!Day ago

    Me as a Virgo: Ok I don’t feel like doing this Everyone else: so how about we make a news report vid Me: *remembers that I suggested that 5 months ago* Me:ok I’ll film it Them: does anything Me: OH ILL DO THAT them: but you realize this video has 8 parts and your filming Me: * ILL DO IT*

  101. Tubbies Gimme ur tose to eat at night

    Tubbies Gimme ur tose to eat at nightDay ago

    I’m a cancer I cry all the time ;-;

  102. Lydia Key

    Lydia KeyDay ago

    Me a cancer: that isn’t me.. Also me: wait-

  103. Tato_Singer Anneliese

    Tato_Singer AnnelieseDay ago

    During Pisces they use a sims 3 song