UFC 238 Post Fight Press Conference: Tony Ferguson


  1. bcpbrennan

    bcpbrennan8 hours ago

    Tony sounds (talks) much better when he is being sincere.... as he is terrible at trash talking. Good win El Cucuy.

  2. Alexis Perez

    Alexis PerezDay ago


  3. SCrawford

    SCrawford2 days ago

    Anyone know what kind of watch he’s got on?

  4. Danny Luna

    Danny Luna2 days ago

    Tony is the kind of guy THAT WINS

  5. yeah, that was me

    yeah, that was me3 days ago

    Outside of his fights, he's annoying as hell...

  6. artbylukebennett

    artbylukebennett3 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to do a press conference wearing his own face as a mask

  7. Cord Barham

    Cord Barham3 days ago

    Great and convincing win, let him lose Dana, if not crown him champ.

  8. long tooth

    long tooth4 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to leave tips at fast food drive thru

  9. Krm Jrz

    Krm Jrz4 days ago

    I think khabib its affraid of this dude. Cerrone punch this guy and look at him . He looks like he went to watch the fights

  10. Robert Browne

    Robert Browne4 days ago

    He's like listening to your favourite song.... And built of stainless steel. Khabib is in serious trouble with Ferguson.

  11. tintinesk5

    tintinesk54 days ago

    Tony, the guy to ... respect now. The ONLY guy in this division to NOT fear Tiramisu.

  12. chusss Music

    chusss Music4 days ago

    I like this more mature, natural and spontaneous version of Tony. Great fighter with original technique and method, respectable person and a good example of MMA as a sport.

  13. Raul Perez

    Raul Perez4 days ago

    Just wasted 20:39 min of my life watching this interview and I don’t regret it. #champshitonly

  14. Koko Mmc

    Koko Mmc4 days ago

    Khabib's top game Vs Tony's rubber guard. Let's do it!

  15. Stig Lauren

    Stig Lauren5 days ago

    Tony said ‘don’t have a cow boy’ to Cerrone. Tony ‘El Barto’ Ferguson.

  16. Stig Lauren

    Stig Lauren5 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to take performance decreasing drugs to make the fight more exciting.

  17. pako joe

    pako joe5 days ago


  18. jes zir

    jes zir5 days ago

    Its been around 4-5 yrs later. Both Khabib and Tony are still in the same position fighting for #1 n #2. Its rare to truly , equally deserve even the oppurtunity to fight each other

  19. Adrian Ocampo Peralta

    Adrian Ocampo Peralta5 days ago

    Ferguson vs Gsp

  20. Grant Johnson

    Grant Johnson5 days ago

    10:53 for some reason I love the way he says that

  21. thomas donoghue

    thomas donoghue5 days ago

    This man is a genuine UFC legend,,,,,

  22. Sam Rahmati

    Sam Rahmati5 days ago

    Common. Thumbs up for tony vs habib 😀😀😀😀😀

  23. Barbara Johnson

    Barbara Johnson5 days ago

    Tony's the type of guy to show respect to Coyboy's grandma.

  24. Anthony Escano

    Anthony Escano5 days ago


  25. abyy man

    abyy man5 days ago

    Chair switch is important

  26. chuck

    chuck5 days ago

    I ran out of bubble gum 🤣😂🤣

  27. Chuck LyDown

    Chuck LyDown5 days ago

    Damnit Tony... Stop apologizing to us... We should be apologizing to you

  28. Jeremiah Pii

    Jeremiah Pii5 days ago

    Crazy stupid 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Serge

    Serge5 days ago

    Soooo much more exciting than Habibi

  30. AlienEntity1

    AlienEntity15 days ago

    Much respect to Tony, he fights with such impressive clarity and understanding; I only wish 1/2 the UFC guys would watch and learn. He doesn't dance around and avoid the fight, he engages with ferocity and precision and never sits around waiting for something to happen. That's how it's done!!! Cerrone is one of my favourites but Tony is a beast!

  31. REALTOR Evan G Guzman

    REALTOR Evan G Guzman5 days ago

    Champ shit only🙌🏼⭐️

  32. koray islam KA

    koray islam KA5 days ago

    This brother has my respect. He is a top contender in the division. He deserves the title shot give it to him. You got my respect my brother. From krazyk

  33. Stuart Rangihuna

    Stuart Rangihuna6 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the man! The pressure he puts on his opponents in the octagon is phenomenal. El Cucuy the true "boogey man" of the UFC.

  34. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe6 days ago

    Khabib's top game Vs Tony's rubber guard. Let's do it!

  35. Grey Five Nine

    Grey Five Nine6 days ago

    8:40 5 more mins turkish! Dont think anyone has caught that from the movie snatch 😂😂 Best movie ever

  36. Arian Fusha

    Arian Fusha6 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to buy his opponent a belt for beating him

  37. Tommy Binion

    Tommy Binion6 days ago

    Did he make snatch joke! "5 minutes Turkish"? (I know it was 2 minutes in the flick) Tony's a super unique dude. I think he not only beats but punishes anyone in the lightweight division.

  38. Tommy Robson

    Tommy Robson6 days ago

    Tony you are a fan but you beat him after the bell. NO CONTEST

  39. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg6 days ago

    Nice one

  40. tipiforcornholio

    tipiforcornholio6 days ago

    Bigfoot has taken a picture of Tony

  41. yoyoyotooo

    yoyoyotooo6 days ago

    "Nothing against badmington, ya know ...tuk"😂😂😂😂🤷‍♂️

  42. Tia Tory

    Tia Tory6 days ago

    Tony, we love you...you are man of word.you did it again..lots of love from India.

  43. Yalondi Supherfon

    Yalondi Supherfon6 days ago

    I'm a fan of khabib before he whupd mcnuggets ass. But I'm also a fan of fergie... khabib vs fergi oh lord that would be awesome..... mcnuggets needs to feel fergie's kicks

  44. TranceMaster458

    TranceMaster4586 days ago

    Gotta love this dude 😂

  45. The Evolving Man

    The Evolving Man6 days ago

    Haha!! Love Tony. My favorite fighter by far.

  46. Fobber1980

    Fobber19806 days ago

    Cowboy obviously blew on purpose to avoid further punishment

  47. virtuabutch

    virtuabutch6 days ago

    Calm Tony's awesome.



    Best interview I've seen tony give in a long time..

  49. da Guy

    da Guy6 days ago

    Tony the type a guy that change channels without a remote

  50. Gary d

    Gary d6 days ago

    Improper 13😂😂😂❤️

  51. adonisuk

    adonisuk6 days ago

    Tony is worth 10 Mcgregors.....imho Always a fan but he really has become a great



    I don't see anyone beating this guy I've been saying he's the best lightweight for a long time.. He'd kill khabib

  53. adonisuk

    adonisuk6 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to reference snatch in a post fight interview...

  54. Jack Shite

    Jack Shite6 days ago

    McDrunkFuck is so far out of the game that MacLife is now posting McFerguson content.

  55. Max J

    Max J5 days ago

    Jack Shite LOL you can’t stop thinking about Conor though you obsessed pussy 🤣

  56. David Jackman

    David Jackman6 days ago

    "5 minutes Turkish" glorious Snatch quote.

  57. joeh tom

    joeh tom6 days ago

    My fav fighter of all time! Officially! El Cucuy babe! Feed this guy some tiramisu! He is they only guy who can bit tirimasu!

  58. RwinaRecords

    RwinaRecords6 days ago

    tony's swag is johnny cage

  59. Vie de combattant

    Vie de combattant6 days ago

    Nice one

  60. Chico Banderas

    Chico Banderas6 days ago

    He's both peculiar and normal...? Unintentionally inspiring?. What a top bloke..

  61. Silver Lotus

    Silver Lotus6 days ago

    He would sit in that chair backwards

  62. Dave Whitehead

    Dave Whitehead6 days ago

    This guy is beginning to grow on me. Hes a fucking monster and hes a great guy and very humble. I'm a conor fan from ireland but I love this dude. I hope he gets the belt if anyone deserves a shot and to kick kebabs ass. Is this guy.

  63. Jeff Matheson

    Jeff Matheson6 days ago

    the lightweight version of the rock. No oil painting lol

  64. Rico Villanueva

    Rico Villanueva6 days ago

    Tony and his weird fans are the only people who think he still has a belt.

  65. shady king

    shady king6 days ago

    Lmao tony ur not gnna hug ur family on sunday bro . ur ol lady took ur kids from ur wierdo ass.

  66. Matt Thompson

    Matt Thompson6 days ago

    Tony is a legend and when he wins the belt he will be the greatest LW of all time fucking period. But Conor will always be my boy

  67. shady king

    shady king6 days ago

    Khabibs gnna maul tanya fergusn. Cant wait.

  68. Jboi967 92

    Jboi967 926 days ago

    You the man bro

  69. BGdroopy

    BGdroopy6 days ago

    EL CUCUY!!!! 👹

  70. Mark Lockhart

    Mark Lockhart6 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to quote Snatch and They Live in a post fight interview!! What a dude!! 👍🏼

  71. doc retrofuturo

    doc retrofuturo6 days ago

    tony is the kind of guy that doesn't get enuff interviews so he gots a million thoughts he's been wanting to share and does so regardless of the question to the point in which no one including him remembers what the question was

  72. mandarinmelon

    mandarinmelon6 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to make you go from lovin' his cheese,.. to just loving him

  73. Praetor918

    Praetor9186 days ago

    I love this guy. What a high class athlete with a great attitude. Champion caliber for sure.

  74. OrygunChainsawMassacre

    OrygunChainsawMassacre6 days ago

    Ferguson is the best. Badminton 😂😂

  75. Nabeel AlKaff

    Nabeel AlKaff6 days ago

    (Tony VS Khabib) > (Conor VS Khabib No. 2)

  76. Nabeel AlKaff

    Nabeel AlKaff6 days ago

    In the second round Cowboy was no match for him.That punch after the round finish looked too bad because he won already he didn't need it.

  77. esi shehaj

    esi shehaj6 days ago

    My fav fighter of all time! Officially! El Cucuy babe! Feed this guy some tiramisu! He is they only guy who can bit tirimasu!

  78. Bru Khan

    Bru Khan6 days ago

    Give this fucking legend a title shot already, what more does he have to do?

  79. Stone Cold

    Stone Cold6 days ago

    Type of guy who doesn’t give a fuck how big you are

  80. tunelowplayslow

    tunelowplayslow6 days ago

    Yeah except your not the champ or A champ Tony... How many people will have to reiterate this fact to you before it gets through that vertical rectangle you call a head. You know you can hear them well with those satellite dishes you have for ears.

  81. Elvis Jaramillo

    Elvis Jaramillo6 days ago

    Slow yourself there... I really dont see all that he has accomplished

  82. Emmanuel Becerra

    Emmanuel Becerra6 days ago

    Tony Ferguson, the type of guy to call out Cain “Cardio” Velasquez in Mexico City

  83. Dons Adventures

    Dons Adventures7 days ago

    Tony's the type of guy to write a Philosophy book and quote himself from the book...

  84. Bartek Grabowski

    Bartek Grabowski4 days ago

    Dons Adventures 😂😂😂😂

  85. Jamal Khadr

    Jamal Khadr7 days ago

    Fucking love this guy

  86. Ghostgamingent

    Ghostgamingent7 days ago

    Damn he poured his heart out damnit give the man his title shot

  87. Ghostgamingent

    Ghostgamingent7 days ago

    Tony narrated the whole thing glad he's back if he doesn't get a damn title shot I will personally slap Dana

  88. wilber pena

    wilber pena7 days ago

    T-Ferg the man !

  89. Dean Ren

    Dean Ren7 days ago


  90. Catrina Henderson

    Catrina Henderson7 days ago

    Thank tony Next Khabib

  91. HorrorshowEU

    HorrorshowEU7 days ago

    Damn Tony really seems way more clear headed now when he speaks, the time off did him well mentally.. good too see! Such a champ man

  92. FuzzyUsh

    FuzzyUsh7 days ago

    I have complete respect for Tony!

  93. Alexander Aslani

    Alexander Aslani7 days ago

    Less than 4 seconds in and I’m already cringing...thank you Tony said no one ever

  94. Occio

    Occio7 days ago

    All the sudden everyone’s a tony AND Cejudo fan. SUKK MY DIKK

  95. mitchscene096

    mitchscene0967 days ago

    Tony is such an impressive dude these days. Always a good fighter but temperament and affect wise. Awesome brother

  96. bobbypaycheque

    bobbypaycheque7 days ago

    Class act while keeping it real as usual. #champShitOnly #trueChamp #neverLostHisBelt

  97. Matt Foley

    Matt Foley7 days ago

    Tony will kill Khabib I’m betting big on that

  98. None Yourbiddness

    None Yourbiddness7 days ago

    Psst, hey IDIOT TONY.... you lost money with No Sponsorships dipshit....

  99. None Yourbiddness

    None Yourbiddness7 days ago

    Tony bout to be Skipped Over Again.... watch!

  100. angel lizama

    angel lizama7 days ago

    That’s right gma in the big 805 Ch13

  101. jjstratford

    jjstratford7 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to jerk off from rubber guard

  102. Donal Lucey

    Donal Lucey7 days ago

    Tony is a beast, him v khabib is the fight

  103. DoNNa DoNNa

    DoNNa DoNNa7 days ago

    U r a lovely person finally u understand the game and Yh u r famous treat ur self good u deserve it