Gerrit Cole's Best Pitches of 2019 | MLB Highlights

Let's take a look back at mega free agent Gerrit Cole as he dominated for the Astros in 2019! Cole has reportedly signed with the New York Yankees.
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  1. jesus vasquez

    jesus vasquezDay ago


  2. Al Camacho

    Al Camacho11 days ago

    What if he blows out a Tommy John..... 😀

  3. Angel Manon

    Angel Manon12 days ago

    i feel bad for the mariners ... now the O's lmao

  4. mfoley61

    mfoley6113 days ago

    He’s so tough on lefty’s for a right hander with that inside fastball slider combination



    On fire

  6. Arjun Arora

    Arjun Arora29 days ago

    welcome to the bronx

  7. ModZ

    ModZMonth ago

    How many times did he get Vogelbach in this vid lol

  8. Jorge Johnson

    Jorge JohnsonMonth ago

    I see arm problems in his future. Not wishing it. Just seeing it in his delivery.

  9. Caleb Ortiz

    Caleb OrtizMonth ago

    So excited for 2020

  10. Dalton Miller

    Dalton MillerMonth ago

    Was always a fan of his since he pitched for the pirates dude is nasty. The sound you hear when the ball hits the catcher's glove insane ..

  11. Justen Adams

    Justen AdamsMonth ago

    Now, he's a Yankee. #Let'sGoYankees 👏👏👏👏👏

  12. Chairicks

    ChairicksMonth ago

    I’m crying rn because I miss him already. Y did the Yankees have to offer him so much!

  13. Chairicks

    ChairicksMonth ago

    Donald Trump I know stupid it’s a joke

  14. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpMonth ago

    Chairicks he was a Yankee fan as a kid. Look up that photo. He wanted the yanks and they can pay


    ROCKSTARMonth ago

    Welcome to the greatest franchise in sports history #yankeesnation



    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:59 💞💗 december? 👇👇

  17. Max jimenez

    Max jimenezMonth ago

    perfect mechanics.

  18. Seven 7oses_

    Seven 7oses_Month ago

    Is it safe to say Gerrit Cole is to MLB what Alex Ovechkin is to NHL? Is that a good comparison?? Kinda new to MLB don’t really know all the players real well yet

  19. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpMonth ago

    Seven 7oses_ yes he is elite Like an ovi or Crosby. Leader as well.

  20. CorzaGaming

    CorzaGamingMonth ago

    The mothership has abducted another one.

  21. ooSICK LemmingZ

    ooSICK LemmingZMonth ago

    As an Astros fan imma miss the days of coming home to think of who’s on the mound for the day and just feel bad for the hitters knowing it’s Cole

  22. Gurvinder Parmar

    Gurvinder ParmarMonth ago

    You should feel a lot worse about the blatant cheating...Astros still have Verlander and Greinke. Verlander is arguably equally as good as Cole.

  23. EJOne

    EJOneMonth ago

    Wow he's a maestro and will be an All Time Great with the Yankees. Excited Yankees fan here.

  24. Austin Cruz

    Austin CruzMonth ago

    Welcome to New York glad he’s outta of the trash city of Houston

  25. Johnny Doey

    Johnny DoeyMonth ago

    Yankee fans are not used to having a true ace like this on the mound steering the ship as the whole team gets on his back Stacking guys like this is how you win a WS

  26. Richard Dennis

    Richard DennisMonth ago

    The way he just goes for a stroll after he's struck someone out is too good.

  27. SDS Overfiend

    SDS Overfiend26 days ago

    Almost as good as Mariano "Old Man Walk" after a game ending strike out

  28. Bonney Dahlquist

    Bonney DahlquistMonth ago

    New York the place to go to get paid and become mediocre

  29. _-SoCold-_ Aguilar

    _-SoCold-_ AguilarMonth ago


  30. William Wallace

    William WallaceMonth ago

    "Best" pitches or "here's the final pitch of all his strikeouts?" And yes, there's a difference

  31. Raymond Perales

    Raymond PeralesMonth ago

    That’s what a Beast looks like.

  32. ThA MAN C MAcK

    ThA MAN C MAcKMonth ago

    I think I’ve changed my mind. I originally said that deal was too much for too long being a pitcher but Cole if any he’s the 1 built for it to be worth all those years & N’s. Definitely can see @ least 1 ring with The Yanks. Especially seeing as how he won’t be pitching against them and the team that has beat the Yanks 2 of the past 3 years were Cole’s former team who’s been busted for cheating so being it took Cole + cheating to get past the Yanks before well then that’s 1 of the previous and more formidable power teams out of the picture.

  33. Gurvinder Parmar

    Gurvinder ParmarMonth ago

    It'll depend on how many supporting cast members the Yankees can keep...Judge will be looking for a contract soon along with Gleyber Torres...German is still getting paid next to nothing...they need 3 top level pitchers and they have to sign several batters over the next few years to make another dynasty run...they will definitely win more than 1 way they sign Cole to that contract hoping to win one ring.

  34. Aaron Judge

    Aaron JudgeMonth ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

  35. DaBaby Yoda

    DaBaby Yoda13 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, we overpaid for him

  36. Jack Ebbets

    Jack Ebbets23 days ago

    Aaron Judge LETS GO YANKEES

  37. Griffin Chalem

    Griffin Chalem24 days ago


  38. Ali Ahmed

    Ali AhmedMonth ago

    Why does he walk away after the pitch like his mom just told him to go to his room?

  39. Fai

    FaiMonth ago

    LOL and now he plays for a real franchise.

  40. Allyson Clark

    Allyson ClarkMonth ago

    Who else is here after he signed with Yankees

  41. Maverick Grabber

    Maverick GrabberMonth ago

    They shouldn’t even show up to the meetings....

  42. Maverick Grabber

    Maverick GrabberMonth ago

    I knew the Dodgers,would not sign neither Cole, Nor long as Friedman is the General Manager, they will never sign a popular player like Cole and Rendon. They missed out on Harper, and Realmuto, last year. I sure hope they don’t sign Madison Bumgarner, he’s been the true Dodgers rival...

  43. ChickenCaesarSalad

    ChickenCaesarSaladMonth ago


  44. Francisco S

    Francisco SMonth ago

    4:53 " And blows the Shi... Fastball right by him." 😂


    BOSSWARRIORMonth ago

    Francisco S ha!

  46. Gee Ed

    Gee EdMonth ago

    Welcome to New York . This guy fierce.

  47. Matt Bravado

    Matt BravadoMonth ago

    welcome to the bronx!

  48. Kyle Arroyo

    Kyle ArroyoMonth ago

    Looks like he’s not even trying lol

  49. Joseph Dha Boss

    Joseph Dha BossMonth ago

    Welcome to the Yankees my friend!! 🙌🙌 #YankeeNation

  50. JRSluga -

    JRSluga -Month ago

    Half of these strikeouts are courtesy of Volgebach

  51. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpMonth ago

    JRSluga - bs

  52. tmanley111

    tmanley111Month ago

    Looks like he's hardly even trying

  53. dave Man

    dave ManMonth ago

    Welcome to New York

  54. RickGamer YT

    RickGamer YTMonth ago

    dave Man YESSS

  55. Daniel Zeiger

    Daniel ZeigerMonth ago

    Wow he got paid

  56. Mysticgotskills _

    Mysticgotskills _Month ago

    The Astros gave Cole the secret to pitching he won’t be much for the Yankees.Astros pitching staff changes pitchers for the better they make any pitchers look great.verlander wasn’t having a great year before Houston picked him up.after a year with the Astros he was pitching way better then his I believe Cole will still be good but won’t be as good as he was with Houston .sorry Yankees fans

  57. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpMonth ago


  58. Paola  Victoria

    Paola VictoriaMonth ago

    Besides, do you think that pitchers forget what the learn in houston once they leave or what? Lol...

  59. Paola  Victoria

    Paola VictoriaMonth ago

    That’s not true. Morton was a beast in tampa so sorry to you ...

  60. Matt Fabbs

    Matt FabbsMonth ago

    Welcome to the Yankees, Cole! 🔵⚪️

  61. Seahorse Workshop

    Seahorse WorkshopMonth ago

    I like this guy too: Stephen Strasburg pitching (MLB) 2018

  62. Hackzerrorreboot

    HackzerrorrebootMonth ago

    Damn, 324 million for a 9 year contract.

  63. Ramon Quiles

    Ramon QuilesMonth ago

    How many Yankee fans Thumbs UP this video!

  64. Champagne Wossy

    Champagne WossyMonth ago

    Welcome to the bronx champ!

  65. jeff lavine

    jeff lavineMonth ago


  66. Michael Schiro

    Michael SchiroMonth ago

    Yanks got him

  67. joey febles

    joey feblesMonth ago

    Came here because he is YANKEE!!!!!! NOW

  68. Phillip Cloud

    Phillip CloudMonth ago

    Cut your hair then you’re in the Yankees

  69. K W

    K WMonth ago


  70. photon britside

    photon britsideMonth ago

    Welcome back Evil Empire!!

  71. John Ocampo

    John OcampoMonth ago

    Welcome to the yankees ace

  72. Dino's Games988

    Dino's Games988Month ago

    Anyone here after he just signed with the YANKEES 😁

  73. Dino's Games988

    Dino's Games98817 days ago

    _ŞаHLт _ don’t try to spin it dude. They got caught cheating and are about to get hit hard. You’re trying to compare one player using steroids to a whole organization cheating. That’s crazy and you sound like a Astros fan. Btw they ain’t beating the Yankees this year

  74. _ŞаHLт _

    _ŞаHLт _17 days ago

    Dino's Games988 and your acting like the players made a choice to cheat, it was the staff, if you were in the big leagues and they have something set up to help you with signs, would you step out of the box and say no, answer that for me

  75. Dino's Games988

    Dino's Games98817 days ago

    _ŞаHLт _ oh you mean when all of baseball was roided up?

  76. _ŞаHLт _

    _ŞаHLт _17 days ago

    Dino's Games988 you remember back then when guys like arod were caught cheating, every team cheats not just the astros so calm tf down

  77. Dino's Games988

    Dino's Games98817 days ago

    _ŞаHLт _ Are you delusional? Who on the Yankees is doing steroids? The entire Asstros organization cheated and will be heavily punished by MLB. Their starting rotation also got downgraded by losing Cole

  78. Psandoval85

    Psandoval85Month ago

    Nastiest Pitcher in the game today! Welcome to NY!!!!

  79. Tim Duncan

    Tim DuncanMonth ago

    He doesn't want to play for cheating Astros

  80. Jojopuffs

    JojopuffsMonth ago

    Welcome to the Bronx