Top 20 Defensive Plays of the 2019 Postseason! | MLB Highlights

Check out the 20 best defensive plays from the 2019 Postseason, including Victor Robles, Anthony Rendon, Michael Brantley and others!
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  1. Sara Kahn

    Sara Kahn8 days ago

    I hate the astros

  2. Sean S.

    Sean S.8 days ago

    So basically it’s a top 20 plays for my Nats....THANKS!!!

  3. Brady Bomm

    Brady Bomm8 days ago

    Feels bad for Rosario 😂

  4. William Auerbach

    William Auerbach8 days ago

    Where was judges divjng catch that was a double play

  5. Kaden Hart

    Kaden Hart12 days ago

    3:58 is cool

  6. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans12 days ago

    Michael A Taylor’s catch to end game 5 of the NLDS should have made this list - and it should have been high on the list.

  7. Garrett The parrot

    Garrett The parrot13 days ago

    Ok Alex Bregmans catch should at least be top 15

  8. Good Youtuber

    Good Youtuber18 days ago

    Funny how the 2 most heavily featured teams are the 2 best teams of the season

  9. Tracy Stone

    Tracy Stone18 days ago

    Announcer: josh Reddick just made the best play for the astros defensively in the postseason Michael Brantley: Am I a joke to you

  10. Wyatt Rownd

    Wyatt Rownd19 days ago

    Houston Asterisks

  11. Supreme Jonathan

    Supreme Jonathan20 days ago

    Let's Go tons of Astros plays

  12. The Saminater

    The Saminater21 day ago

    What's cool about this from the standpoint of an astros fan is we didnt cheat to make these amazing plays. just talent. (the cheating to steal signs is just disgusting and idk why we did it since we obviously have the talent to do big things without the sign stealing. if you cant win legit you dont deserve to win. it completely takes away from all the amazing memories i have with my family from 2017. so upsetting)

  13. The Saminater

    The Saminater21 day ago

    1:02 tbh the ones before this were way more impressive and difficult. this was still a difficult catch but the ones before should've been higher

  14. Carter Richard

    Carter Richard22 days ago

    4:42 Alex Bergman and gurial are not the same person

  15. Festive boi

    Festive boi19 days ago

    Kombo 16 and that’s a fact

  16. Kombo 16

    Kombo 1620 days ago

    Carter Richard he means that Bregman is saying that Gurriel is very good and under rated

  17. 11Reveal

    11Reveal23 days ago

    What about Michael A Taylors diving catch to beat the dodgers in game 5?!

  18. jankel romero

    jankel romero23 days ago

  19. Alan Garcia

    Alan Garcia24 days ago

    How is there no tatis jr. Plays in here. He made some crazy plays

  20. The Saminater

    The Saminater21 day ago

    this is from the playoffs. he plays for san diego

  21. Smynationals17 #

    Smynationals17 #25 days ago

    3:24 As a Nationals fan, Bellinger's awesome jump and catch should have been #1 but it had to be #9 for some reason. In the 10th inning, Kendrick got revenge.

  22. Eobard Thrawn

    Eobard Thrawn26 days ago

    1+ dislike not enough Trashcan banging

  23. Mary Jon Barefoot

    Mary Jon Barefoot27 days ago

    MLB the line out 20

  24. Dhruva Naidu

    Dhruva Naidu27 days ago

    Brantley's catch wasnt even that good, it was just a clutch situation

  25. Renaldy Calixte

    Renaldy Calixte21 day ago

    Yeah but its a post season list so it makes sense it was #1.

  26. Hunter playz08

    Hunter playz0827 days ago

    I dislike play number one

  27. BMiller2

    BMiller227 days ago

    Redick ate grass

  28. William Webb

    William Webb28 days ago

    glyber torres play shouldn't have been that high

  29. inflameslp311

    inflameslp31126 days ago

    Yeah I can think of an Urshela play that was nearly identical to Bregman's vertical leap that should have been on here (coming from an Astros fan).

  30. Tom D’Angelo

    Tom D’Angelo28 days ago

    That Brantley double play is overrated like the dive was epic but he’s literally screaming like there’s no tomorrow it’s not that exciting

  31. Jax Marn

    Jax Marn28 days ago

    where is ji man

  32. Tony Pryor

    Tony Pryor29 days ago

    This was fun to watch; frankly you could have expanded the list to 30 and still leave some out. That 20 was too low a number to capture some of the best illustrates the quality of play when you get to this level. Now there were also some bad plays, but mostly caused by the pressure of it all.

  33. L.Pasteur

    L.Pasteur29 days ago

    If the Nats don't pony up for Rendon, I hope they have a good back up plan. The Rendon-Soto tandem in the lineup was formidable. That would be hard to re-create/replace.

  34. Hannah Ali

    Hannah Ali29 days ago

    They were saying if any position player was to ever become a pitcher it would be correa

  35. Hannah Ali

    Hannah Ali29 days ago

    Correa Count: 5 Astros Count: 11 #1 play: Astros Hardest thrown ball in baseball (98mph): Astros Correa Best Defensive Wilson team award: Astros Best season record: Astros. Shall I continue?

  36. inflameslp311

    inflameslp31126 days ago

    @Lux I'm an Astros fan but this was awesome.

  37. Lux

    Lux28 days ago

    World Series Winner: Nationals

  38. The Dominator

    The Dominator29 days ago


  39. Ryan 54

    Ryan 54Month ago

    I probably sound really biased here, but #2 and #1 should be switched. That Rays throw out at home from literally the wall at center field was unbelievable. The double play ( #1 ) was only good because of the catch, Judge doesn’t know how to run the bases 😂

  40. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul SharmaMonth ago

    I'm from India I love playing cricket.. But I love baseball too.. 🇮🇳

  41. Zigor Campos McGregor

    Zigor Campos McGregorMonth ago

    Would be nice the see the scoreboards

  42. Victor Bonilla

    Victor BonillaMonth ago

    When you see all these great plays and what could have realize you can't hinge a whole game on one manager's bad decision. (you know who I mean)

  43. Phantom_ Vital

    Phantom_ Vital28 days ago

    Victor Bonilla I think it is joe Gerardo sorry for spelling

  44. Robert Neal

    Robert NealMonth ago

    Rendon had a play from game 6 of the WS that was just as cold

  45. Michael Hamilton

    Michael HamiltonMonth ago


  46. Treblecyde

    TreblecydeMonth ago

    Rendon is a monster

  47. Spencer Belt

    Spencer BeltMonth ago

    Robles should have won the gold glove

  48. Yost Guzman

    Yost GuzmanMonth ago

    hmm. 3 of the top 20 plays of the postseason by anthony rendon and none by nolan arenado. guess that golden glove doesn't mean a whole lot when you wear it on your couch