Nationals won't talk to Adam Eaton while he's mic'd up! 😂 | World Series Mic'd Up

Nationals outfielder Adam Eato was mic'd up before World Series Game 3 vs the Astros. Watch his teammates give him the cold shoulder as he wears the microphone!
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  1. andrew316

    andrew316Month ago

    Idk why mlb dont like being mic ups

  2. John C

    John CMonth ago

    How bout Howie with the Chappelle's Show reference. I knew I liked that guy.

  3. ellie lou

    ellie louMonth ago

    take a shot every time he says man

  4. Mr.Woo Woo

    Mr.Woo WooMonth ago

    I'm not a Narionals fan, but good job guys! The part I love the most is Bryce Harper not getting a ring! That made my baseball season.

  5. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    Mlb has the best mic'd up

  6. Patrick beardsley gaming pro

    Patrick beardsley gaming proMonth ago

    Poor Adam is getting bullied

  7. Johnny M

    Johnny MMonth ago


  8. sicaxav

    sicaxavMonth ago

    Secretly they actually don't like him and the mic'd up gave them the perfect opportunity to ignore him XD

  9. Cezer TheGreat

    Cezer TheGreatMonth ago

    Adam's a damn informant!!!!! I would'nt talk too him either!!!

  10. Don't Blink

    Don't BlinkMonth ago

    These guys just lost 3 straight and they're worried about this micd up bs

  11. Big Rich

    Big RichMonth ago

    That’s how they won games 6 & 7 by staying loose & having fun.

  12. chuimon slp

    chuimon slpMonth ago

    superstitious lot, they won't care being mic'd up now.

  13. sjtalibanes408

    sjtalibanes408Month ago


  14. Noah G

    Noah GMonth ago

    They're all jacked....

  15. Mary Mer Dias

    Mary Mer DiasMonth ago

    Esas jodederas (insistencias) teniendo el otro un bate en la mano es imprudencia.

  16. Gunner Kid/MrDaChicken !

    Gunner Kid/MrDaChicken !Month ago

    2:09 tho

  17. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Harper replacement

  18. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Soto taps Eaton's hat "check, check" Eaton: "It's not in my hat!" Soto: "oh"

  19. Larry Bulthouse

    Larry BulthouseMonth ago

    Devil worshipper


    LYON FORCEMonth ago


  21. Carlos Javier

    Carlos JavierMonth ago

    Dale que voy a ustedes

  22. Yellow Flame Gaulent

    Yellow Flame GaulentMonth ago

    I love it when Anthony Rendon tries to take the mic

  23. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Adam Eaton has been low-key clutch this playoffs.

  24. Lucas S

    Lucas SMonth ago

    SilxntKiller TV he’s been good this series

  25. Andrew Pinter

    Andrew PinterMonth ago


  26. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Andrew Pinter thanks so much!!

  27. Andrew Pinter

    Andrew PinterMonth ago

    I am subscribed

  28. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Andrew Pinter ohh yeah that’s true, and thanks! Since I’m a small channel, I’d really appreciate if you subscribed!

  29. Andrew Pinter

    Andrew PinterMonth ago

    Like your not supposed to bunt it with the bat straight also your vids are nice

  30. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Lol what do you mean by sideways?

  31. Olga Logrono

    Olga LogronoMonth ago

    Lets go astros

  32. Redsox Films

    Redsox FilmsMonth ago

    I’m a Red Sox fan, go nats!

  33. confuzions k

    confuzions kMonth ago

    Come on bruh. You really gotta be like that.🚩@WSH #NATS

  34. Zachary Morrow

    Zachary MorrowMonth ago

    This is halarious!

  35. mymy

    mymyMonth ago

    So good!!!

  36. Boogie Nights

    Boogie NightsMonth ago

    I’m a big fan of the ASTROS ........ but I like the NATS too ....... I’m soooo confused ....... 💃💃💃💃

  37. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful SurpriseMonth ago

    @Big Rich Apparently so. Congrats to you. I am high just kidding. Again Congratulations to the Washington Nationals and fans on the 2019 World Series win!!

  38. Big Rich

    Big RichMonth ago

    Beautiful Surprise They did. Thx

  39. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful SurpriseMonth ago

    Just root for the Astros and make it easy on yourself. Lol. I'm an Astros fan. Just kidding with you Nationals fans. May the best team (Astros) win. 😂😂

  40. Evan

    EvanMonth ago

    Well good luck with your confusion

  41. Awesomeness Gaming and videos

    Awesomeness Gaming and videosMonth ago


  42. CodeNameP.E.A.R.

    CodeNameP.E.A.R.Month ago

    Haha i love when players are micd up

  43. Ghost-O- Mania

    Ghost-O- ManiaMonth ago


  44. Jeremy Feeley

    Jeremy FeeleyMonth ago

    They’re all wishing he was Harper they would’ve taken the WS by now.

  45. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago

    Jeremy Feeley troll

  46. Fancy Pants

    Fancy PantsMonth ago

    lol you look really stupid now

  47. Jeremy Feeley

    Jeremy FeeleyMonth ago

    Bryce is better than anyone on the Nationals hands down

  48. azimuth . setting_

    azimuth . setting_Month ago

    @Bobby Smith bingo

  49. azimuth . setting_

    azimuth . setting_Month ago

    no Mr Philly cream cheese...not being bryce-less is priceless...

  50. PmpDaddy 003

    PmpDaddy 003Month ago

    Howie watches dave chapelle

  51. Board Guy

    Board GuyMonth ago

    🤣 he could’ve made it less obvious that he was “mic’d” up

  52. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Lol yeah but I think they have to tell them that

  53. Fingering Things

    Fingering ThingsMonth ago

    Gotta close out the series Nats, send the Astros home!

  54. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful SurpriseMonth ago

    @Ryan Alexander lol. Nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of trash talking. It makes the comments section fun but wishing death upon another human being because of a sports game is too far. You're better than that. I'm sure if your team made the playoffs you'd have no part in any of that bs.

  55. Chance Pumpernickel

    Chance PumpernickelMonth ago

    Holy Toledo It’s not wise to count us out.

  56. Ryan Alexander

    Ryan AlexanderMonth ago

    @Beautiful Surprise I'm civil but my team never made the playoffs so I don't know why I'm talking🙃🙃

  57. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful SurpriseMonth ago

    I'm an Astros fan but I love the friendly competition in the comments during the World Series. Much better than the comments during the ALCS. Yankees fans were wishing death on players and fans. It was terrible. Good to know there are people who can love their team and still be civil towards fans of the opposing team.

  58. Haro19 OG

    Haro19 OGMonth ago

    Don't worry, the Astros will end the Nats little season soon enough.

  59. Korra

    KorraMonth ago

    MLB should learn how to do actual Mic'd up like NFL Films. They've won emmy's for stuff like this and this video is certinly not emmy worthy. Seems like it was made by an intern lmao.

  60. ASTROS fan

    ASTROS fanMonth ago

    Korra The NFL is so boring I prefer the MLB

  61. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful SurpriseMonth ago

    The NFL players also get involved whereas here it seems like the players actually don't want to participate which makes for a more dull video. When they MLB players were mic'd up during the allstar game it was much better. I think it better when they're doing it during an actual game and not just practice.

  62. Naliet Miranda

    Naliet MirandaMonth ago

    If you’re from Washington you should plead the fifth or you might incriminate yourself

  63. Jace Richardson

    Jace RichardsonMonth ago

    RIP Nats Scherzer is injured and not pitching tonight

  64. Naliet Miranda

    Naliet MirandaMonth ago

    Sangeeta Goel ok

  65. Sangeeta Goel

    Sangeeta GoelMonth ago

    I’m from DC and I do neither

  66. x9x9x9x9x9

    x9x9x9x9x9Month ago

    As an astros fan I have to admit The one thing the nationals have over the astros is their facial hair thanks to rendon and eaton.

  67. Just Nobody

    Just NobodyMonth ago

    They also have the series

  68. SpeedasaurusDex

    SpeedasaurusDexMonth ago

    @x9x9x9x9x9 John Brebbia of the Cardinals definitely has the biggest beard of this postseason, though. Dude looks like he could play music with ZZ Top.

  69. x9x9x9x9x9

    x9x9x9x9x9Month ago

    @SpeedasaurusDex Thats a nice beard but I think Eatons is best. We do have Cy Sneed on the astros but since he hasn't been on the line up for a while I don't think I can count him.

  70. SpeedasaurusDex

    SpeedasaurusDexMonth ago

    Don't forget Doolittle's fantastic beard.


    TYLER GOODMonth ago


  72. olivia roseee

    olivia roseeeMonth ago

    lets go Adam!!

  73. Obamos did 9/11

    Obamos did 9/11Month ago

    Eaton is just like me when I talk with people

  74. Aidan Nemeth

    Aidan NemethMonth ago


  75. alex cortez

    alex cortezMonth ago

    WHACK 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  76. wx mx

    wx mxMonth ago

    n-a-t-s nats nats nats woo