Why Your Internet Sucks | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix


  1. EGadZooks

    EGadZooks19 hours ago

    Im only 2 minutes into this and I have to say, how hypocritical is Netflix when they have a deal with T-mobile for free Netflix data? THAT is the definition of NO NET NEUTRALITY.

  2. Young Khalifa Nikhil Sood

    Young Khalifa Nikhil Sood23 hours ago

    Proud on you bro. Lots of love from 🇮🇳💐🙏

  3. Hadley Lambeth

    Hadley LambethDay ago

    i have a question... is the picture on the stage he’s walking across area 51?

  4. DanHelsing

    DanHelsingDay ago

    I wish I could complain about Comcast and Charter...we don't have any ISPs where I live and we don't even have reliable cell phone service.

  5. Syed Husain Mustafa

    Syed Husain Mustafa2 hours ago

    Hang in there bud, I'm sure things will work out, the great thing about capitalism is that someone will eventually rise to the challenge when there's market demand. It was crony capitalism that got you guys in this bad situation and it'll take grassroots capitalism to get you out of it.

  6. trickstersGambit Teej

    trickstersGambit Teej2 days ago

    I had Frontier (a southern California provider) for a little while. We paid for 30 up 30 down. They gave us two. They told me it was because people in our neighborhood didn't have a good history of paying their bills. We switched to Spectrum

  7. Akhilesh dheer

    Akhilesh dheer2 days ago


  8. Nepali Ninja

    Nepali Ninja3 days ago

    What happened to his shirt?

  9. Akhilesh Rai

    Akhilesh Rai3 days ago

    This was the best episode of this season.

  10. abhilasha dubey

    abhilasha dubey4 days ago

    Can you take up the topic of "healthcare wait times in US and other countries'?

  11. Tania Mitevska

    Tania Mitevska4 days ago

    Mobile internet 60G for 14.90 euros!!

  12. Amirhossein

    Amirhossein4 days ago

    The bald guys face at 1:18😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Nabeel Al Nassir

    Nabeel Al Nassir5 days ago

    Here in India , we enjoy 1.5 GB internet per day with unlimited calls for 2 months all at a price of $3 dollars 😂 . BOOM😎


    AHUREIN4 days ago

    I heard the network name is JIO...they should come to us

  15. Nikhil Singh Rajputt

    Nikhil Singh Rajputt5 days ago

    Watched this from India …..Hasan call Ajit Pai’s parents and do a re run of the episode … problem solved! this trick is sponsored by Mumbai Police who no longer fine you if they catch u smoking pot, they just threaten to call r parents! Young Adults are shitting bricks!!

  16. Eshika Aggarwal

    Eshika Aggarwal6 days ago

    When’s the next episode?

  17. yaggyplantationproductions

    yaggyplantationproductions6 days ago

    No clue who drake and the other 2 things are.

  18. Dev Singh

    Dev Singh7 days ago

    It was the same in India but then JIO entered the telecom sector in 2015 and rest is history.. You get unlimited incoming/outgoing for around $3 with 1.5gb 4g data everyday.. JIO is about to enter the broadband sector now and competition is only going to get tougher for other companies.. I pay around $10 100mbps unlimited up and down per month for home broadband..

  19. 0330Kavics

    0330Kavics7 days ago

    You should make an episode on Hungary, and how the ruling party've been building an authoritarian regime. Some of the ridiculous thing that happened: During the past year they've chased away the Central European University while saying the CEU decided to leave, they claimed they only plan to change the hungarian academy of sciences in a way that the science academy works in Germany. To which the german scientist responded that that's not the case- they have freedom. They build more than 30 stadiums (even in towns that has no football team, and one of them is at Felcsút basically in the garden of the prime minister). We have a railway that has no passengers but it goes to the Felcsút stadium. They build a 40 cm high (15 inch) viewpoint. The situation with the freedom of press is quite unique in Hungary too: these are all different newspapers: 444.hu/2018/04/07/az-osszes-megyei-lap-ugyanazzal-a-kozponti-orban-interjuval-jelent-meg-a-valasztas-elotti-napon and these things are only the tip of the iceberg...

  20. tsuran

    tsuran8 days ago

    I just can't begin to describe how true all this is. I live in Chattanooga, and we had to deal with AT&T and Comcast and their horrible rates and service all while I was growing up. Now, I will not move into an apartment or house if it is not served by Chattanooga EPB internet, and ever since they started expanding I get four to five Comcast ads in my mailbox regularly every month. It's sad.

  21. Whyyy

    Whyyy8 days ago

    Also you know what’s reallly crazy if you go to India you can get like 3gb of data a day for basically nothing where as in Canada I pay close to $150 for 3gb a month

  22. Bryan

    Bryan8 days ago

    This isn't a rural America-only problem. I live in Harlem and I have exactly one provider who supplies internet to my building/street. And the company, which I won't name (though it rhymes with "rectum") gives horrible service, and there's nothing I can do about it.

  23. Kiren Moorkoth

    Kiren Moorkoth8 days ago

    649 dislikes must be coming from comcast

  24. cassandra

    cassandra9 days ago

    he speaks up about things most of us dont think twice about. thank you hassan. keep it up

  25. aman aggarwal

    aman aggarwal9 days ago

    Can someone tell me what the name of the shoes he's wearing?

  26. Johanna Farias

    Johanna Farias9 days ago

    I need "COSTCO DEALS" with Najme Minhaj STAT👏👏👏

  27. Nakul Mahershi

    Nakul Mahershi9 days ago

    You're awesome man, I love you in the most respectful way 🙏

  28. S4njuro

    S4njuro11 days ago

    Was hoping he was going to ship the DVD to the 25 million people without internet.. that would have been helpful.... but.. this is what corporations and the Republicans (and Clinton) do to this country...

  29. CalCalCal6996

    CalCalCal699612 days ago

    Wow as a geographer and a statistician that methodology for calculating internet access is completely whack. The definition of flawed and biased

  30. Joseph Albright

    Joseph Albright13 days ago

    I'm so into this show. Also, your hair is incredible and you are sexy AF😏😏😏👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  31. Kapil Shringi

    Kapil Shringi13 days ago

    hassan can you please talk about princess haya bint al makhtoom

  32. Tehreem Khan

    Tehreem Khan14 days ago

    Just glad that you are reading this comment =D

  33. robotmuseum

    robotmuseum14 days ago

    Need the internet to get the DVD. Lol.

  34. Alex Li

    Alex Li16 days ago

    Hasan, can you please do an episode on Hong Kong? It would mean so much to us.

  35. Jennie Kreiner

    Jennie Kreiner16 days ago

    I don't have it so to watch your show I use my phone and that gets slowed down after about a week

  36. Dracoe Malfoe

    Dracoe Malfoe17 days ago

    You are no John Oliver 🙊🤷‍♂

  37. Fanoflinoa

    Fanoflinoa17 days ago

    That is the absolute form of corruption. How can we still call the U.S the free world when corporations are dictating the laws, it’s no longer a democracy.

  38. William Boyd

    William Boyd17 days ago

    I did not have high speed until 2012 when I moved away from my parents house. They still do not have high speed internet till this day. They have 56k

  39. Bban no

    Bban no17 days ago

    Alec is on schools test

  40. Sagar Das

    Sagar Das17 days ago

    Pak Islamic jihadi Muslims tarrorists chudul man Mohammed moha unmat surar Bacha gulo amny bola

  41. est epho

    est epho17 days ago

    Hasan has changed, hes not the same as when this channel started

  42. Kshetrimayum Thoithoi Chanu

    Kshetrimayum Thoithoi Chanu18 days ago

    Episode on biryani!!!!

  43. Created Created

    Created Created18 days ago

    USA, third world..... wow.


    INDIA FIRST18 days ago

    I bet Hassan is a closeted Atheist.

  45. Sw3t Filth

    Sw3t Filth18 days ago

    I can’t see the comments

  46. Shaikh Azam

    Shaikh Azam18 days ago

    Alec is run by @#hole jews

  47. Tahamul Soomro

    Tahamul Soomro19 days ago

    Commenting from Pakistan, "a third-world-country", where we pay 1800 PKR for unlimited internet for the whole month. That's less than 15 dollars

  48. Mustafa Alsaegh

    Mustafa Alsaegh19 days ago

    This makes me want to cancel my Comcast service

  49. RyanTR Caton

    RyanTR Caton19 days ago

    My wifi momentarily went out halfway through watching this. I think spectrum is listening...

  50. Muhammad Sanan

    Muhammad Sanan19 days ago

    Pakistanis watching this and thinking, "still better than PTCL".

  51. shaserv

    shaserv19 days ago

    Its all about money ain't a damn thing funny.

  52. Chris Cross

    Chris Cross19 days ago

    wasn't there a way to provide internet through the electric power lines ? Seems that would cut down the infrastructure costs quite a bit.