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On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan discusses Internet inequality in the U.S. and the reasons why millions of Americans cannot get online in 2019. Even though the Internet is considered a basic human right by the UN, many poor and rural communities across the country are still left with little to no access to broadband networks. This lack of Internet access then further impacts the ability of these communities to obtain healthcare, education, and other important necessities. While Internet service providers like Comcast and Charter are largely to blame for Internet inequality in parts of the country, the FCC is making things worse by siding with private corporations at the expense of millions of Americans who lack access to what has become a vital tool for everyday life.
Since so many Americans lack access to streaming platforms like Netflix, we decided to put out a DVD version of this episode that can be rented at dvd.com/patriotact. Just don’t forget to mail it back when you are done with it.
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  1. Raymond Keller

    Raymond KellerDay ago

    I question whether bringing high speed internet to any area makes the accessors slaves to the internet. For instance, in Portland, ME yesterday a judicial hearing had to be postponed because a fiber optic cable was disrupted. Or if a farmer has to upload data to Big Agra on a daily basis. Even the millisecond processing done on Wall Street shows how computers control humans. Human society has produced marvels without the internet. Although a powerful tool that should exist, I question whether those not currently connected to high speed internet even care because of the risk that they will become a slave to their internet overlord.

  2. Tushar Mehndiratta

    Tushar MehndirattaDay ago

    Me living in india was so happy seeing this video , we have cheap internet ( but truth is very less people know how to use it wisely) , we have many companies so due to competitive reasons we get good services here.

  3. Kenwin Arneaud

    Kenwin ArneaudDay ago

    I really want to watch this episode but it's slow to load.

  4. Ankur Naskar

    Ankur Naskar2 days ago

    I could spell 'Bourgeoisie'

  5. Infinite Being

    Infinite Being2 days ago

    Didn't know USA had poor people

  6. Amanda Yu

    Amanda Yu4 days ago

    Wtf its 2019 everyone should 1. have internet acess 2. have access to higher education 3. be safe from guns 4. have decent healthcare 5. marry whoever they like 6. have as many children they like when they like it 7. live in a just soceity!!!

  7. Om Bom

    Om Bom4 days ago

    Dude please do one on palastine!!!

  8. Sumeet Mumbai

    Sumeet Mumbai5 days ago

    Bro. Why do u always talk about negativity?

  9. Neat Gaming Pixel

    Neat Gaming Pixel5 days ago

    Here is the fact India is doing much better than America to provide better internet to its rural areas.

  10. Rehan Alam

    Rehan Alam6 days ago

    I so desperately want a mention of JIO in this episode.

  11. Hitesh Boro

    Hitesh Boro3 days ago


  12. magneticmango

    magneticmango7 days ago

    www.nycmesh.net/ - trying to get families in NYC affordable internet! It’s awesome!

  13. Maxuras

    Maxuras8 days ago

    I think corrupt politicians should be shot. And evil cooperations, who bribe them to pass laws against the interest of the population should be fined for everything they own and be thrown into prison. (Shareholders are held responsible for their cooperations' corruption)

  14. Fated Circles

    Fated Circles9 days ago

    Please tell me why voteID laws are bad. please. If you're a citizen, you can get an ID. Even in Texas, all you need is a certified copy of your birth certificate, social security card, and any utility bill. It's that simple. www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/applyforID.htm

  15. Fated Circles

    Fated Circles9 days ago

    It's called public library, starbucks, or nearly anywhere else. Edit addendum: The government is not the answer. The telecom act of 1966 was enacted before household use of the internet. Ergo, the law can't pertain to it. The original law addresses phone lines, which most people don't even use now. Lastly, if internet is required for public school, the public school either needs to provide a hard copy alternative, or provide other means for the students to do their homework without using private resources. Again though, as far as I know, every public library has internet. That's where us pre-millennials learned. Granted, the Public Library system may need resources if they are to become public internet access points.

  16. Mohit Lal Das

    Mohit Lal Das9 days ago

    Why can't Americans just buy some cellular data??

  17. Raajan Kumar

    Raajan Kumar13 days ago

    Comcast is the worst .. smh

  18. friggincanvee

    friggincanvee13 days ago

    www.nbnco.com.au/corporate-information/about-nbn-co feel sorry for murca.

  19. friggincanvee

    friggincanvee13 days ago

    Live audience is so unnecessary..

  20. B Kuhn

    B Kuhn14 days ago

    This outstanding content. I work for a Community ISP that is striving to provide access to all those rural and remote communities that have NOTHING! Hasan does a terrific job addressing the issues with large providers. We need more community WISPs to help the underserved. Does anyone know if there is a "clean" version of this video. I would love to share it with my company, but the language would offend a few people

  21. Elijah Olsen

    Elijah Olsen14 days ago

    Hasan in the beginning of the video: If you're watching this you have internet Hasan in the end of the video: I'm putting this on DVD so you can watch this without internet Just to be clear, I loved his video and don't intend to hate on it-I just thought that was funny

  22. Deepak Sah

    Deepak Sah15 days ago

    Right now the new USwork update sucks!

  23. Sarah Alsaadi

    Sarah Alsaadi15 days ago

    Good for you guys!!!!

  24. joaquin favela

    joaquin favela16 days ago

    elon musk to the rescue with neurolink.

  25. # 1

    # 116 days ago

    OMG, so true! Fort Collins traffic is non existent. 😂😂😂

  26. Harshit Madan

    Harshit Madan17 days ago

    Abraham Lincoln studied law under street lights. Kids not having 24X7 internet is no tragedy.

  27. Roshan Thokchom

    Roshan Thokchom17 days ago

    All over India u can get 4g broadband (mobile) for just 5.7 us dollars for 84 days(1.4gb per day) which is dirt cheap imo

  28. guturi prasad

    guturi prasad18 days ago

    dont u need internet to go to that site to rent the damn dvd

  29. lukassnakeman

    lukassnakeman19 days ago

    people without internet cant watch this. solution: go ONLINE, and order it in dvd format. i dont think you watched your own show man

  30. panda reboot

    panda reboot20 days ago

    Were is indian internet service because it is the cheapest in the world

  31. Amadeus Von Bronn

    Amadeus Von Bronn20 days ago

    Comcast is actually a fucked up company, in Switzerland you can get 10 gig speeds for $50 dollars we get charged $100 dollars for 1 gig!!! A fucking tenth of the speed for 2 times the price!!!!

  32. Zombihilanth

    Zombihilanth21 day ago

    NET NEUTRALITY IS BAD. Now that I have your attention, let me just say "I told ya so". Ask yourselves, why didnt people make their own internet before? Because net neutrality made it more difficult to do and less profitable. The fact that the government stepped out of the internet is the best thing they could've done. Now that net neutrality is gone, competition can start to take place. Sure you might be thinking, "well these companies are trying to kill the competition via laws and lobbying". And although that may be true, it is now easier for the competition to get its way because the gov is not there to help the big corps. The way this episode is framed makes it look like the FCC is the bad guy for calling it quits, but Ajit Pai, doesnt matter if you like him or not, had a point. In the end, people like to hop on the bandwagon and fall into groupthink but for once, look at the data and the expert analysis. And no, Im not the expert, I just had the common sense of looking at top economists and checking to see what they thought of this situation and around 88% of top economists agree with killing net neutrality. I also looked at the economic literature to double check the top economists on this topic. I even went deeper than that and spoke to people working in the telecommunications space to see what they think. Moral of the story: I wanted to just rant since I had to put up with people thinking I was crazy for supporting the FCC. Its almost like the telecommunications version of predicting the housing market crash of 08.

  33. tokiobabe99

    tokiobabe9921 day ago

    This is exactly the same in Canada in both cellular and cable internet as well. It's totally bullshit and I work for a cell company here. They literally make the customer pay to lay cable to their own house if you live somewhere that they don't yet have service.

  34. Tomasz Gałkowski

    Tomasz Gałkowski22 days ago

    WTF USA...

  35. Akhil Dabral

    Akhil Dabral22 days ago

    If we call out every corrupt organization here in India on any webshow I don't know how many court cases we have to fight in future.

  36. Jeremy van den Berg

    Jeremy van den Berg22 days ago

    Funny that you'd kill water

  37. Mayank

    Mayank23 days ago

    And here in India, I get 2 gb per day 4g internet for 3 dollars a month 😂.

  38. Ron Leel

    Ron Leel24 days ago

    You're country is just screwed up

  39. pathy

    pathy24 days ago

    Yup.. He says backslash 😂 21:37

  40. MrDawe

    MrDawe24 days ago

    I miss Hasan on the Daily show with trevor noah 😢 best duo

  41. Beverly Harrold

    Beverly Harrold25 days ago

    I used to be a proud watched of John Oliver and it's rotten that since Trump took office Mr Oliver can't pull his head out of his butt and just cover the issues. How refreshing to find Hasan Minaj a man who takes no sides except the common mans. Thank you.

  42. Yumicornn

    Yumicornn25 days ago

    watching patriot act makes me want to educate myself more on societal issues and recent news because I want to know he's joke references (so I can laugh hysterically) and I sometimes don't understand why the crowd sometimes says "ohhhhhhhhh" when he roasts something

  43. Nvi Warren

    Nvi Warren26 days ago

    Comcast is trash, that why I switched to Verizon. Im about to cancel that cable too.

  44. momo striker

    momo striker26 days ago

    this is insane. i cant believe south africa, which has a problem with extreme data prices, is better off atleast we have mobile broadband for the most part. excludes the poor, but atleast the infrastructure exists. we dont have fibre thou except in main cities and even then limited to suburbs

  45. Diana Prince

    Diana Prince27 days ago

    I don't live in US Why am I watching this🙄 Maybe my internet doesn't suck😂

  46. Anurag Sahu

    Anurag Sahu27 days ago

    02:45 so Emma stone has double life. Cool.

  47. Derek Lee

    Derek Lee28 days ago

    Ajit Pai, in cantonese we call him A Cibai

  48. Faolin Siannodel

    Faolin Siannodel28 days ago

    Put this video right next to the john oliver one on Charter Schools. In the latter all the advocates are all about letting the free market dictate which schools stay open because competition brings good service, in this video, they try to pass laws to limit the free market. So basically the free market is great until we get paid to say otherwise.

  49. Alex Ander

    Alex Ander28 days ago

    Wow, that's crazy. I thought I knew about the extent of the corporate monopoly on ISPs, but I didn't realise there was an actual solution to the problem and that that is ALSO being shat on by ISPs.....

  50. vanopnt

    vanopnt28 days ago

    This is terrible, but let's not forget that this is actionable. Last presidential election Lawrence Lessig got onto Democratic ballot only to bring up the issue of influence of big money on the democratic process. The Democrats barred him from participating in debates. The issue is not debated even by Democrats and I'm not even talking about Republicans! Support the candidate who will bring up limiting campaign spending, contributions and lobbyin - only then things will change. Again, no party so far has done much meaningful on the issue.

  51. Darkpool

    Darkpool29 days ago

    Chattanoogan here. I have EPB broadband at 100 mbps, no more waiting and loading. Previously had AT&T at 3, 5, then 15 mbps. I kept moving up because AT&T said it would help the shitty service I was getting at the previous level... Boiiiii, it was shitty cause it's too damn slow at even 15 mbps! Plus they throttled at peak times! 🤦

  52. Darkpool

    Darkpool29 days ago

    Forgot to mention that AT&T charges as much for the 15 mbps plan as EPB's 75-100 mbps plan. So much for the saying that government can't do anything right.


    TOUGHTATERTOT29 days ago

    I for one like middle eastern hipster John Oliver! 😁

  54. Zazo Dream

    Zazo DreamMonth ago

    🤣😂🤣 at&t deserves a special place in hell too

  55. Marador Gold

    Marador GoldMonth ago

    "Everyone is addicted to the Internet!" "Not everyone has Internet!" Go and make everyone addicted to it! ;-)

  56. Zeus2371

    Zeus2371Month ago

    Amazing!,just amazing!!!!

  57. amSEC

    amSECMonth ago

    So much for satellites

  58. Avak Avakian

    Avak AvakianMonth ago

    ''you're scrolling through Reddit'' god damn it. i put my phone down okay, Hassan? alright?!

  59. porjo01

    porjo01Month ago

    Why do they even made this idea this is the worst idea I’ve ever

  60. Rubdul Bah

    Rubdul BahMonth ago

    Is it me, or are comedians now doing more to promote a better America, than politicians.

  61. George Mathew

    George MathewMonth ago

    I live in a remote state called Kerala in India, my internet connection just costs me $2 per month for a 36 mbps line with unlimited data and voice...when my relatives who live in Texas and NYC come and say that our internet is real fast and good, I actually thought that they were pulling my leg...

  62. Kayo

    KayoMonth ago

    It's amazing how bad our government acts in this day and age. We really shouldn't be called the land of the free anymore, we're more like the land of the big corporations