The RTX Razer Blade (2019)


  1. Garrett Lempia

    Garrett Lempia10 hours ago

    Me: Gets Razor blade Also me: plays fallout 2 a game made in the 90s that could literally run on a toaster

  2. Armando Jaime

    Armando Jaime12 hours ago

    Here is the top configuration latest price

  3. Smiley :D

    Smiley :DDay ago

    am I the only one noticing a firetruck siren at around 0:41? turn up the volume and listen closely.

  4. abhishek jain

    abhishek jain5 days ago

    HI dave, I am getting 8th intel rtx2070 and 9th gen rtx 2060 at the same price. which one should I buy?



    0:46 what the hell focking rasist, in south america actually is very cold. why u racit focking racist fucking chinese

  6. MrManiak

    MrManiak17 days ago

    The FPS numbers you're showing are not using the Razer Blade's cpu

  7. 青蛙刀圣_1993

    青蛙刀圣_199318 days ago

    thanks for the tips!

  8. Fardin Ibrahim

    Fardin Ibrahim18 days ago

    Link for this Laptop!

  9. Pepe

    Pepe20 days ago

    That moment when you realize that Razerblade Pro 17,3 inch laptop is smaller than most 15,6 inch laptops... Got to love laptops with thin bezels!

  10. Fakey Namey

    Fakey Namey22 days ago

    There's thermals when it's new and thermals after months of use when the garbage thermal paste job done at the factory starts wearing out... My 2017 Blade was fine when I first bought it, but had _insane_ overheating after only 8 months. I had to open it up and reapply the HORRIBLE thermal paste job done at the factory, thus voiding my warranty. This _must_ be taken into account by anyone considering a Razer laptop. That being said, after I applied fresh, quality thermal paste and under-volted the CPU, I achieved a 20-25 Celsius reduction and solved my overheating problem.

  11. StonedNoob

    StonedNoob24 days ago

    have you experienced any coil whine?

  12. goollink

    goollink25 days ago

    I want that skull wallpaper

  13. YT Tests

    YT Tests25 days ago

    The only reason I have a youtube channel is to buy this laptop.

  14. ImaMcMuffin

    ImaMcMuffin27 days ago

    Can you replace the ssd or upgrade it?

  15. Blaž Bohinc

    Blaž Bohinc28 days ago

    Y'all complaining about how much it costs, while I'm here sitting in EU looking at inflated prices on average 20% higher than what US market gets. Great!

  16. Caio

    Caio26 days ago

    For someone in Latin America is literally half the price if you go to US, buy it and come back. (I am including flight ticket, hotel and everything for 2 days). Great! lol

  17. Wyatt Adamson

    Wyatt Adamson28 days ago

    The intro music with headphones was a pleasant surprise 😁

  18. aamiro615

    aamiro61529 days ago

    Can this laptop run Lumion 9?

  19. Aizen Sousuke

    Aizen SousukeMonth ago

    Is this compatible with htc vive pro?

  20. apheiiXlegend 1

    apheiiXlegend 1Month ago

    Mine will arrive on 27th of this month :) a little bit scared when it comes to the warm/hot thing during gameplay but im here in norway and its always cold so i guess it will be fine :) ohh by the way i got the rtx 2070 ❤️

  21. Jean-Marc San Marco

    Jean-Marc San MarcoMonth ago

    Ok, I just got the 2070 Max-Q version. Does this run very hot or is it just my machine? Even on idle I can't put my hands on the palm rest as it is too uncomfortable. And it won't cool down even on balanced mode even while doing nothing 30minutes. I have flashed the Bios, updated all drivers. So questions to owners of the 2019 models: do your palm rest stay cool?

  22. Gadget Man

    Gadget ManMonth ago

    Hey dave, i compared ur gaming benchmarks from the 17 inch model to the 15 inch, and it looks like on pubg the 17 inch did 135fps and the 15 inch did 92, rest of the games are equal except for the 15 inch doing 81fps and 17 doing 76? And also apex legends was better on the 17 inch. Dont they both have same 2080maxq? Is it the better cooling or just drivers are updated on the 17 inch?

  23. Dennis Schmitz

    Dennis SchmitzMonth ago

    A video performance comparison using Premiere doesn't make much sense since it doesn't make use of the GPU. A 1030 laptop GPU would basically perform the same as a 2080 Ti. Try the same using Davinci Resolve Studio and it would scale almost as good as a 3D game.

  24. Ajay Patel

    Ajay PatelMonth ago

    What setting do you test your games at?

  25. Kai Welch

    Kai WelchMonth ago

    Wallpaper Please?!

  26. SuperDigitalMe

    SuperDigitalMeMonth ago

    Was watching this review until i saw they only ship them to nordic country's here in europe, so fuck off razer blade!!

  27. jonathan setiawan

    jonathan setiawanMonth ago

    Sir should i buy rtx 2060 or gtx 1060 laptop?

  28. Ll3macorn

    Ll3macornMonth ago

    jonathan setiawan rtx 2060 it has more than 15% more performance than GTX 1060

  29. STF YVR

    STF YVRMonth ago

    512 GB SSD is a showstopper for me. I like to carry more than 2 games with me.

  30. STF YVR

    STF YVRMonth ago

    I installed BF4 Premium last night. That is the game and all its expansions and that took about 100GB so you do the maths

  31. MIG106

    MIG106Month ago

    How big are games that you can't carry more than 2 on half a TB!? I play SP RPGs so those may be smaller than what you play, I'm just surprised.

  32. Cameron Grimm

    Cameron GrimmMonth ago

    Sold my 2018 MacBook pro and bought a Razer blade...saved money why apple why.

  33. WindSec

    WindSecMonth ago

    Any problems so far with the razer?

  34. Farid W. Kardbri

    Farid W. KardbriMonth ago

    the skull wallpaper is so lit where i can find it?

  35. TROLL

    TROLLMonth ago

    Is razer like the ferrari of gaming laptops? - lifelong desktop gamer

  36. Michael Benson

    Michael Benson27 days ago

    @xXuidmod sorry I was on Adderall when I wrote that shit wtf

  37. xXuidmod

    xXuidmod28 days ago

    Michael Benson ok

  38. Michael Benson

    Michael BensonMonth ago

    id say so. ive owned the 2016 model and use it to this day. great performance and build quality. but also somewhat unreliable. i've had two swollen batteries. the factory charger caused really annoying static that i could hear through my studio monitors. thankfully this was remedied by buying an aftermarket charger. it was 50 bucks on amazon albeit its like 3x the size of the original one but it doesnt get as hot and no more static. overall you're not gonna find another gaming laptop with this level of build quality anywhere else and that's where its got everyone beat. I put a dbrand skin on mine that covers the logo which makes it look like a blacked out macbook so i dont look out of place when i bring my laptop to work where literally everyone has a macbook. EDIT: oh an i also should add that razer support is notoriously garbage. they wont send you replacement parts and force you to send your laptop back to them to be repaired if its even still under warranty so i have to buy aftermarket stuff. Also i tried upgrading my storage and the computer litteraly would not work unless it was using the factory drive. Apparently you have to go through a razer certified shop in order to have that done which is really frustrating. So yeah its kinda like a ferrari

  39. Brad Hebert

    Brad HebertMonth ago

    FYI that link to the cheaper version doesn't include a power adapter. Pretty bummed when it arrived without one. I'll be returning it. Edit: the seller says they are sending a power supply.

  40. Michael Benson

    Michael BensonMonth ago

    @Brad Hebert I got the PWR charger for Razer Blade r709 14' but that's for my 2016 laptop. Try searching your model name ( i.e "2019 Razer blade charger") on amazon. PWR probably makes one for it

  41. Brad Hebert

    Brad HebertMonth ago

    Do you know which power adapter goes with that model Razer?

  42. Michael Benson

    Michael BensonMonth ago

    you can buy an aftermarket one on amazone for 50 bucks. it's f***ing huge but it at least wont cook whatever surface it's on like the factory one

  43. The 10xHustler

    The 10xHustlerMonth ago

    Bruh, mercury white is not available for 2060 anymore so 2060 or 2070 max q my thing is temps and battery

  44. Yarkops

    YarkopsMonth ago

    What specs did you get on checkout because there is a lot of different customizations

  45. The 10xHustler

    The 10xHustlerMonth ago

    2060 or 2070 max q model?

  46. FadedCool

    FadedCool21 day ago

    The 10xHustler 2070

  47. AirrekYTC

    AirrekYTCMonth ago

    How would one be able to record gameplay while playing on the laptop ?

  48. Raymond Tan

    Raymond TanMonth ago

    Possible to review the lenovo y540 and the l340 gaming series? Would really appreciate it! Great content by the way!! Keep up the good work!

  49. hashem bushera

    hashem busheraMonth ago

    I hope one day i will get this sh****t

  50. Ridhuan Je

    Ridhuan JeMonth ago

    review the oled panel after long used please

  51. Skoklater Rogue

    Skoklater RogueMonth ago

    A link to that wallpaper if you want it :

  52. Kornei Sgibnev

    Kornei SgibnevMonth ago

    Hi guys! I've got a Razer Blade 15 with rtx 2080 max q and I've got problem with the brightness of a screen. I don't know why, but it's too dark even with brightness settings at max. Please, if someone knows where is the problem, help me.

  53. Justin Seah

    Justin SeahMonth ago

    In Singapore i believe they intentionally left the RTX 2060 Advanced version to only have 8th gen CPUs so that consumers who want the 9th gen Advanced must get the 2070 Max-Q and above

  54. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago

    Razer is the Apple of the gaming community. Been ripping people off for years.

  55. gg ヅ scrub

    gg ヅ scrubMonth ago

    24fps videos and gameplay demos on high tech laptops ? u serious dave ?

  56. Ben Shafik

    Ben ShafikMonth ago

    This is crap u probs can build a pc with better specs for 1300 AUD this laptop is nothing about the specs the looks are fantastic tho it looks hot if it was a girl O llala

  57. PR Studios

    PR Studios2 months ago

    Hi, I'm into photo editing and video production. Thought of I'll buy a mc book pro.. But I'm also intrested in razer blade. Whc one will you suggest?

  58. Munawar Shah Afridi

    Munawar Shah Afridi2 months ago

    I was interested but missing num keypad.!!!

  59. ItsAn Blurtle

    ItsAn Blurtle2 months ago

    I honestly rewatch this video a lot just to see the laptop

  60. broidbob18 broid

    broidbob18 broid2 months ago

    Can yo review Darter pro of System76 laptop ?

  61. Win Zhang

    Win Zhang2 months ago

    Are you still staying true to the 2060 being a better bang for buck over the 2070 and 2080 MaxQ

  62. Stamp

    Stamp2 months ago

    Win Zhang for sure

  63. Boris Gelauff

    Boris Gelauff2 months ago

    i hate it that razer takes such a huuge dump on people from europe..... i pay almost 700$ more for the exact same product.....

  64. Nick tan

    Nick tan2 months ago

    They also takes such a huge dump in people from europe. Some of then pay almost $750 Because of the bloody exchange rate

  65. Cristhian Jesus Martins Noleto

    Cristhian Jesus Martins Noleto2 months ago

    Hi Dave Lee! I got the notebook that I use in a competition at the company where my mother works, in which the child of employees who got the highest annual average at school (in her grade) would win the prize. It haves an Celeron and 4 Gb of shared RAM. My dream is to have a notebook that could give me total support from developer's programs (like Autodesk Maya, Fusion 360, Coreldraw...) Then I could make my own projects in computing, although I do not have the money to be able to buy the official licenses of any of these. So, I would be SO MUCH thankful if you can give me a Razer Blade 15.6 in the best version, not for luxury, but to help me develop my skills in this area of computing. I'm attending the Second Year of High School with 70% of scholarship because of my good grades. I'll be Mechanical Engineer after the school. I repeat, I would be SO MUCH greatly thankful if you can give me a Razer Blade 15.6 in the best version, to realize that dream. Please, Dave Lee...

  66. cwh0418

    cwh04182 months ago

    Selling my MBP 15 touchpad and going to get RTX-2070 Razer Blade. It will be my laptop at work so I can play some games at my free time in the office lol(I am the owner). I really want Mercury white but cant find it :

  67. Will Wang

    Will Wang2 months ago

    does this laptop have gsync?

  68. BlaZe Novaa

    BlaZe Novaa2 months ago

    Can someone tell me where to get that wallpaper?

  69. Isaac Fong

    Isaac Fong2 months ago


  70. Steve Ramirez

    Steve Ramirez2 months ago

    Is this ideal for 3D modeling and animation? Looking into getting into projection mapping as well as using AE and C4D. I'm a Mac user but the MBP I don't believe can handle such power. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  71. Johnny Huynh

    Johnny Huynh2 months ago

    im debating on the macbook pro 15 inch AMD Radeon pro 560x and the Razer blade 15 RTX 2060! please help me which one is the best between them! I sometimes produce music and i backup and restore a lot of iphones and transfer data for phone for a living. I also have a gaming PC already! both will be 512GB SDD

  72. Wilson Sutanto

    Wilson Sutanto2 months ago

    I kinda forget what is the boon by having both iphone and macbook (full apple ecosystem), if there is macbook might be better option, as long as you never plan to games on the go

  73. Doug Tsai

    Doug Tsai2 months ago

    Hey guys, I remember in the other video, Dave showed a really cool matte black cover/decal kinda sticker to cover up that green logo. Do you know where I can find that online?

  74. Pughhead

    Pughhead2 months ago

    What's the background at 1:55?

  75. Oskikigamer172 Zou

    Oskikigamer172 Zou2 months ago

    i7 8950hk?

  76. Oskikigamer172 Zou

    Oskikigamer172 Zou2 months ago

    何????? nani i795hk?

  77. osubuckeye2009

    osubuckeye20092 months ago

    Picked up the 2060 model in Mercury White at Best Buy, hands down the best gaming laptop I've ever owned. Performance rivals my Predator Helios 500 with the 1070. Temp wise it's really good, the core temps do get pretty high but after Undervolting and playing with fan settings i'm comfortably at 76C on the CPU and 73C on the GPU. WASD keys are never hot and the palmwrist is much cooler than before. Overall definitely recommend 2060 if you want the "best" gaming laptop imo

  78. Doge

    Doge2 months ago

    Don't buy razer products they break way too fast. It's bad investment.

  79. Doge

    Doge2 months ago

    @Stefan Octav Very sure. After few of them broke. I can't recommend it to anyone anymore.

  80. Stefan Octav

    Stefan Octav2 months ago

    Are you sure? (=

  81. Siva Surya

    Siva Surya2 months ago

    Wait what 1:05 says 8950-HK ?????

  82. jacejai

    jacejai2 months ago

    Hi Dave, with all the leaks and speculation about i7-9750H coming out sooner rather than later, would you hold off buying the 2019 Blade 15 with an RTX 2070 MQ or do you think Razer will take a while to actually update and launch an updated Blade even if 9th gen CPUs get announced?

  83. John

    John2 months ago

    I hate the green logo too, that's the green goblin virgin symbol to let anyone in a lecture hall know that you never kissed a girl

  84. Cookie Bite

    Cookie Bite2 months ago

    My wallet ran away

  85. szeptimusz

    szeptimusz2 months ago

    I've read about people having problems with coil whine.. does anyone know if it's a real issue ? or it doesn't happen very often and even if it does they'll replace it anyway so that's not something I should worry about ?

  86. kushal dahal

    kushal dahal2 months ago

    Razer dosent last long

  87. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. Luffy2 months ago

    Pfff the real reason of why we shouldn't get any of the RTX series or a GTX 1080 laptop its because the ridiculously bottleneck we have because of the CPU. It's so bad that i saw in some scenarios the GTX 1070 runs games better than the RTX 2060. When we get better CPUs for the RTXs models that its going to be the time to buy them.

  88. Greatness 564

    Greatness 5642 months ago

    Your intro is so simple but so nice 😂

  89. Yasir Jafar

    Yasir Jafar2 months ago

    wallpaper link ?

  90. lorden yee

    lorden yee2 months ago

    I think Razer Blade is still the most beautiful gaming laptop.

  91. campkira

    campkiraMonth ago

    rog zephyrus

  92. Philippe Bilodeau

    Philippe Bilodeau2 months ago

    Ohh I didn't know you were in Canada !! Hi there :D

  93. Nathan Daley

    Nathan Daley2 months ago

    I see you playing Tadow by Fkj & Masego music video, quality song

  94. trash account

    trash account2 months ago

    if money isnt an issue and id much prefer a laptop, should i still purchase the RTX 2080 or go for a different laptop, again money isnt an issue at all im only looking at how well the computer can run gaming wise

  95. trash account

    trash account2 months ago

    yeah ive been watching a ton of videos and doing my research, but i feel like i should get the 2080 just to say i have a 2080 at this point. doesnt seem to be a huge difference at all but i might as well get the best, right?

  96. Alimm71

    Alimm712 months ago

    If money isn’t an issue id say the best bet would be the 2080 model. However I recommend watching some videos about the difference between the laptop rtx models because the performance difference isnt as big as you’d expect. The laptop variants run on slower clocks so you’re not getting a real 2080 experience, but are paying the same premium price. Something to consider. I myself am saving up for the 2060 version, as that is the best value for the money.

  97. insert memes here

    insert memes here2 months ago


  98. zephyr black divider's sword

    zephyr black divider's sword2 months ago

    why they push touch with only 4k

  99. Matthew Tuimuk

    Matthew Tuimuk2 months ago


  100. Jump Shock

    Jump Shock2 months ago

    What about fn

  101. MaZEEZaM

    MaZEEZaM2 months ago

    I prefer the black case but I’m not a fan of the bright green snake logo, I much preferred the discrete logo.

  102. Matthew Tuimuk

    Matthew Tuimuk2 months ago


  103. Tarso Fonseca

    Tarso Fonseca2 months ago

    Put legends portuguese, in the next videos, thanks man !

  104. Matthew Tuimuk

    Matthew Tuimuk2 months ago


  105. Technomix A

    Technomix A2 months ago

    Many ppl encounter screen bleed after 1-2 month after bought.. is it a definite matter that the screen will bleed?

  106. Matthew Tuimuk

    Matthew Tuimuk2 months ago


  107. Isaiah Barrett

    Isaiah Barrett2 months ago

    So... this or the y740 or the aero 15?

  108. Matthew Tuimuk

    Matthew Tuimuk2 months ago


  109. Caveman

    Caveman2 months ago

    Hey guys. I'm very close to buying this laptop... Could anyone *please* tell me if choosing between the RTX 2070 vs RTX 2080 is a massive difference in cooling vs. performance?

  110. Subaru

    Subaru2 months ago

    The gaming MacBook Pro

  111. jon valdehueza

    jon valdehueza2 months ago

    this or msi gs65?and/or gs75?

  112. Respawn_Point

    Respawn_Point3 months ago

    Just so you know, people who type properly use the right shift all the time. You're supposed to use it when you have to capitalize a letter which you type with your left hand. Otherwise good video.

  113. 임수현

    임수현3 months ago

    Thx for this video. I'm a student of Design University. So I looking for Laptop to do my asignment. And finally i decided Razer Blade 15, 2070. Is it good for Adobe program (Ae,Pr or Maya)? I have to do grapic,video design. It's a first laptop. Hoping it will be good for me...

  114. Sploosh Cinematics

    Sploosh Cinematics2 months ago

    I run Premiere Pro with a gtx 1050, and it renders nice and fast, so the Razer Blade should be good for you.

  115. RaozSkillz

    RaozSkillz3 months ago

    The 2080 is to powerful for a 1080p display, sure in some really demanding games you will be able to get more performance and some demanding ultra/max settings. But the 2080 can take so much advantage of a 4k screen with g sync, where is the blade pro update? I want a blade pro with the 2080 at 17.3"s with virtually the same thickness and design of the new 15". They better finish it and release it by the end of the year because truly that is the ultimate portable device. The blade 15 with the 2070 is the best pick because dave lee has a tiny visual mind and can't visually interpret great detail. The 2070 will be more power efficient and get virtually every game well above 60 frames 1080p at max settings. In short the Blade 14" is the best portable gaming/productivity laptop you can buy, the blade 15 with the 2070 is the ultimate cross between portability and power and the blade 17" is the ultimate portable desktop whilst keeping design and as much battery life as possible.

  116. cyronader

    cyronader3 months ago

    The 650m Nvidia chip on my Mid 2012 15' Macbook pro decided to die leaving me to force my mac, using purge-nvda script, to only use the intel integrated chip. The laptop still works but no more gaming or video editing for me. It was a good 7 years of use. So what do I get next? I can't get an Apple certified refurbished 2012-2015 macbook pro as apple doesn't offer them anymore. I absolutely hate the 2016 and newer models. No magsafe charger, no USB type A, no SD card reader, and terrible keyboard. Hate it hate it. This razer 15 looks very attractive but I never owned a PC laptop before. What's the longevity on these razers? Is the extended warranty worth getting? And does Razer do the same horrible practice as apple by placing older hardware into vintage/obsolete and refusing to support and/or repair them?

  117. XRTS T

    XRTS T3 months ago


  118. knuxyl

    knuxyl3 months ago

    This dumb ass trend of not having dedicated hardware mouse buttons and this crap arrow key design is definitely not getting any sales from me. i got an hp, and these trackpads are shit, and the arrows key are hard to find without looking. Especially for a fuckin gaming laptop, right click and dragging is sometimes essential, so these idiots at design have no idea wth they are doing.

  119. Richard Park

    Richard Park3 months ago

    How is the coil whine on the laptop? I’m thinking of getting one, but I am worried due to a lot of comments online complaining about the coil whine.

  120. I like turtles

    I like turtles3 months ago

    Max q RTX laptops are a combination between an ultrabook and a gaming laptop

  121. I like turtles

    I like turtles3 months ago

    I think the best max q bang for the buck RTX laptop is the ROG zephyrus S

  122. Air_

    Air_3 months ago

    I like turtles that’s basically what Max-Q was made for

  123. Mali Symphony

    Mali Symphony3 months ago

    What do you think about this laptop for architecture student ?

  124. Andrei Chu

    Andrei Chu3 months ago

    Do the fans get loud even only using office apps such as word pr browsing?

  125. I like turtles

    I like turtles3 months ago

    I don't think so

  126. Oreo

    Oreo3 months ago

    Imo just get something that raises your laptop a little bit for better temps

  127. Srijae Datta

    Srijae Datta3 months ago

    Review Gell G7 15 2019

  128. Soap

    Soap3 months ago

    Whats the skull wallpaper its awsome

  129. Rakesh M

    Rakesh M3 months ago

    Hi Dave , Really love your reviews. Please do a review on Asus TUF fx705 mid range laptop . Thanks.

  130. Maximo

    Maximo3 months ago

    Does the hinge enable you to have the screen flat?