WWII Tanks Firing in Slow Motion


  1. The Slow Mo Guys

    The Slow Mo Guys4 months ago

    Shot on location at drivetanks.com in Uvalde, TX

  2. charles Ralph

    charles Ralph19 days ago

    Just wait until you are allowed into area 51 so you can fire an alien spaceship (just kidding lol)

  3. tyc00n10

    tyc00n1022 days ago

    This place is incredible, especially for bachelor parties. Flamethrowers, guns, tanks, big guns, they have it all.

  4. Pringle Man

    Pringle Man23 days ago

    TX don’t mess round

  5. Aukua

    AukuaMonth ago

    You guys are awesome! I like how you guys do things in slow motion that it look just amazing! I congrats you guys for the Slo Mo videos, and you guys just make me laugh a lot! XD

  6. H Cooke

    H CookeMonth ago


  7. Brad Syfert

    Brad Syfert2 hours ago

    can you record breaking the sound wave and re-entering the sound wave?

  8. sq5ebm

    sq5ebm3 hours ago

    Where are them WW2 tanks? I only see one.

  9. ice man

    ice man3 hours ago

    Mach 2 ????

  10. ice man

    ice man3 hours ago

    i would say 1.8 - 2.0 Mach on this one

  11. corpsetime

    corpsetime5 hours ago

    I think you should stand behind the last melon and try this again.


    MUSIC PLAYER6 hours ago

    Wow, See the shockwave 6:15

  13. Michael N

    Michael N7 hours ago

    Thats not a tank, its a toy.

  14. Charlie Waffles

    Charlie Waffles8 hours ago

    omg i love u guys XD .. this was the best i‘ve ever saw 😂😂

  15. Multi Razor

    Multi Razor14 hours ago

    Now i know who put a Massive Hole in my Car.

  16. 175IQLOSERS

    175IQLOSERS15 hours ago

    Its like skipping a rock off of water... Same effect.. Water hit at a high rate of speed can very dense...!! Fall off a pair of water skies at 30mph then fall off of them at 50mph... then imaging falling off them at 1000mph plus....

  17. FireFocus Photography

    FireFocus Photography16 hours ago

    Rest in peace to those C-stands that you lads shot lol Signed, me, a grip for a small production company

  18. craw0808

    craw080818 hours ago

    Tank ammunition has came a long way!!

  19. PeRRy

    PeRRy19 hours ago

    Hello its me - Tiger Tank - im laughing about this shots

  20. PeRRy

    PeRRy3 hours ago

    @Josh Creepa Ouuhhh. Who is getting salty there ? :D 1945 was Europe my playground, cheers - Tiger Tank

  21. Josh Creepa

    Josh Creepa4 hours ago

    PeRRy Hello its me - Sherman Tank - I’m laughing about your pathetic rear armour Laughing with me are my good friends the M3 with a Pak 40, Staghound armoured car with tulip rockets, Cromwell, Firefly and Sherman with tulip launchers, Churchill AVRE, Firefly’s, Archers, ISU-122, ISU-152, KV-2, SU-152, SU-100, SU-57, SU-85, KV-85, KV-1S, IS-2, IS-1, M6A2, M6, M4A3 Jumbo, HVSSE8, M-36 Jackson, M18 Hellcat, Pershing, Super-Pershing, T-23 and M4A6. These good friends of mine care not about your armour or your gun. We easily will destroy you. FOR THE ALLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Виктор Куприянов

    Виктор Куприянов21 hour ago


  23. Skrudzh Makdak

    Skrudzh Makdak21 hour ago

    Класс!! От прямого выстрела из артиллерийского орудия могут защитить 13 арбузов )))) Гениально )))

  24. Master Enzo

    Master Enzo21 hour ago


  25. jet li

    jet li23 hours ago

    Лучше б фугасом жахнули

  26. Ankit Pathak

    Ankit Pathak23 hours ago

    😱😱😱😱😱 last one(gazab)

  27. John Baklagin

    John BaklaginDay ago

    снаряд из пушки поменял траекторию от арбузов! Я в шоке!



    8:45 it looks edited

  29. Wengki Wengki

    Wengki WengkiDay ago

    It was amazed me! thanks

  30. triniti korneli

    triniti korneliDay ago

    Everyone would bet his wife the watermelons would be all destroyed. Be careful people. Never get a lot.

  31. park Park

    park ParkDay ago


  32. СемёнСемёныч

    СемёнСемёнычDay ago

    Два дебила это сила!

  33. Алексей Николаев

    Алексей НиколаевDay ago

    Я один заметил, что эти два педика в начале ехали на говне без дульного тормоза компенсатора, а стреляли уже из другого???

  34. Johnbert Tubal

    Johnbert TubalDay ago

    I recommend watermelon for armor. haha

  35. 앙동우théé

    앙동우thééDay ago

    Why is the title is in strange korean?!

  36. Don't Tread on Me

    Don't Tread on MeDay ago


  37. KilkennyVFX

    KilkennyVFXDay ago

    Did anyone see at 14:37 the tree branch that got flung up into the air? xD

  38. Виталик Родионов

    Виталик РодионовDay ago

    level mounting god

  39. Казино !!!Только реальные мои заносы !!!

    Казино !!!Только реальные мои заносы !!!Day ago

    как хорошо иметь танк или пушку дома !

  40. Pipi κ

    Pipi κDay ago

    The amazing thing about this, just like the latest vid with the speed of light, is that they look exactly like old scifi cg! These guys had a good grasp of how things might look

  41. Eric Glenn

    Eric GlennDay ago

    Demolition Ranch did some videos at the same place

  42. Pipi κ

    Pipi κDay ago

    That;s the most Top Gear they have felt since Gav was on TG

  43. George Tnt

    George Tnt2 days ago

    Mentira!,no avía cámaras lenta en la ll-a GM.

  44. Migfuerza PH

    Migfuerza PH2 days ago

    The whitehouse is now developing the new presidential limo cannon proof using watermelon as armor.

  45. Daniel Waldhoer

    Daniel Waldhoer2 days ago

    No tiger??

  46. Сергей Сергеев

    Сергей Сергеев2 days ago

    Чушь блять какая-то!

  47. Joseph Meyer

    Joseph Meyer2 days ago

    Lol I came from demo ranch

  48. Steve 900SPG

    Steve 900SPG2 days ago

    On the holes of the turret are those rounds that have passed through?

  49. Tyler Wickwire

    Tyler Wickwire2 days ago

    What's insane is that the tank round is halfway down range before the shockwave hits Dan who is a few feet away.

  50. BASS boss

    BASS boss2 days ago

    The dust legit looks CGI

  51. Леонид Юрьевич

    Леонид Юрьевич2 days ago

    снимать каждый может а вы попробуйте поймать снаряд

  52. DOGE

    DOGE2 days ago

    These are slow rounds.

  53. Emre MUTLU

    Emre MUTLU2 days ago

    You guys *ABSOLUTELY* enjoyed a thousand times more than we did... And it was really fun to watch... So... *I am jealous about what you are doing as a job...*

  54. Live Fast Die Fun

    Live Fast Die Fun2 days ago

    Easy Eva is the cousin to Fury

  55. oZcar raczo

    oZcar raczo2 days ago

    Я в шоке!!! Летит, как кусок дерьма, чуть ли не кубарем... мдэээээээ.....

  56. Han Soloqueue

    Han Soloqueue2 days ago

    pause at 13:38

  57. Mohd Anjum

    Mohd Anjum3 days ago

    You guys should consult Mark Rober for the set up.

  58. P455w0rd's 16

    P455w0rd's 163 days ago