Pokimane Plays with Her Gaming CRUSH! Apex Legends!


  1. Pokimane

    Pokimane2 months ago

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video, though I know everyone is just here for the memes/clickbait/myth comments lmao.. y'all got jebaited >:) BUT if you liked Another Eden, you can download it for free here: en.another-eden.jp/r/yd.html

  2. aquatic bite

    aquatic biteDay ago

    @FJ I was right

  3. aquatic bite

    aquatic biteDay ago

    @G4m3r_ Gr1l i hate this game j live fortnite

  4. Danger Danger

    Danger Danger15 days ago

    poki i always watch you hi

  5. puchus3616

    puchus361619 days ago

    Please play fortnite with me PPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Leksa19

    Leksa1923 days ago

    R. I. P. Jarvis🤣

  7. Bron_cena

    Bron_cena2 days ago

    I was waiting for Carson to just walk into the room and be like, “someone say crush!”

  8. VertiX _MTY

    VertiX _MTY7 days ago

    i love u and i wanna u go to the hight

  9. David Soto

    David Soto9 days ago

    Wait ur crush is a girl?🤔

  10. David Soto

    David Soto9 days ago


  11. Adri XD

    Adri XD12 days ago

    I gotas the knife first pack anda it was a free pack

  12. Joey Diaz

    Joey Diaz12 days ago


  13. CrispyRC

    CrispyRC14 days ago

    Poki you weren’t cringy zero of your vids are cringy there awesome

  14. FR33Z3_Sluurpy v2

    FR33Z3_Sluurpy v215 days ago

    Do you like FaZe Jarvis?

  15. Fragz Forever

    Fragz Forever15 days ago

    Do you like girls????????

  16. Jciviljonh36

    Jciviljonh3615 days ago

    Poki has a crush on a GIRL

  17. NOVA

    NOVA15 days ago

    Wait is her crush a boy or a girl

  18. Quezacotlish

    Quezacotlish16 days ago

    LUL Mobile games can be overwhelming huh

  19. Jt Talks2

    Jt Talks217 days ago

    RIP Jarvis he might not get his dream girl

  20. Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz18 days ago


  21. Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz18 days ago

    Is that a girl *coughs* I mean boy

  22. Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz18 days ago


  23. Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz18 days ago

    Who is your crush

  24. BLÖRÖ

    BLÖRÖ19 days ago

    Im watching this at 1.30 am I hear my parrents coming down the stairs...

  25. Nina Coffey

    Nina Coffey21 day ago


  26. A Liu

    A Liu21 day ago

    I love Pokimane!!!!

  27. jamjamhughes

    jamjamhughes23 days ago

    Noooooo apex gag

  28. El Rancho 1

    El Rancho 124 days ago

    Is it a boy or a girl cuze it sounds a like a girl

  29. EyeCxmbo

    EyeCxmbo25 days ago

    *jarvis has left the chat

  30. Mekhi Blackwell

    Mekhi Blackwell27 days ago


  31. Djibril Diallo

    Djibril Diallo27 days ago

    Is she........"or is it a joke

  32. Tina Iacampo

    Tina IacampoMonth ago

    Hi poki

  33. Nerv3 YT

    Nerv3 YTMonth ago

    U just breathed in toxic in a GAME then u get ASMA

  34. stacey scott

    stacey scottMonth ago


  35. Edgar low

    Edgar lowMonth ago

    Rip to Faze jarvis😭😭😭

  36. Jesse Thomas Cedillos

    Jesse Thomas CedillosMonth ago

    Monthly Mood?

  37. Freshie Pie

    Freshie PieMonth ago

    Shes a girl

  38. energitcwolf

    energitcwolfMonth ago

    My freind got the knife in 30 packs

  39. Killer456912

    Killer456912Month ago

    Damn her aim is pretty good.

  40. dark boi

    dark boiMonth ago

    Wow all of u like her a lot why

  41. Invalid Akku

    Invalid AkkuMonth ago

    Rip jarvis

  42. MeTaLiC

    MeTaLiCMonth ago


  43. Elite killer

    Elite killer24 days ago

    She just likes myth as her friend

  44. Manjit sandhu

    Manjit sandhuMonth ago

    she got showoff thats it 🖕🏻

  45. amyralfonzoluis laguna

    amyralfonzoluis lagunaMonth ago

    Is that a girl

  46. Cristina Gacos

    Cristina GacosMonth ago

    So pokimane ur🌈😫

  47. Best Marcus

    Best MarcusMonth ago

    Sorry jarvis

  48. alex stoj

    alex stojMonth ago

    I thought she had a crush on fed

  49. Miguel DE

    Miguel DEMonth ago

    You always have amazing videos

  50. Jariel Sanchez_YT

    Jariel Sanchez_YTMonth ago

    Poke likes girls

  51. Rayyan AHMED

    Rayyan AHMEDMonth ago


  52. Marie Fe Joy Dapin Baria

    Marie Fe Joy Dapin BariaMonth ago

    i love you pokimene


    MATRIX GHOSTMonth ago

    Pokimane now tries to be cute but she is just annoying asf

  54. PokiiDokii

    PokiiDokiiMonth ago

    I know this sounds dumb, but is Poki into girls? If so I am gonna cry myself to sleep tonight 😭

  55. Elizabeth Grant

    Elizabeth GrantMonth ago

    Playyyyy leaguueof legends again have you seen the update yet

  56. Shen Gaoren

    Shen GaorenMonth ago

    C-c-c-crush? Well, yeah cool then!! Yeah, nice... cool! Get him poki! Freak i wish i was that guy....😢


    VIRTUAL DROPSMonth ago

    Oh poor myth 😭

  58. headypage795992 xbox sir waffles dude10 epic

    headypage795992 xbox sir waffles dude10 epicMonth ago

    Poki myth loves u!

  59. DeputyPH

    DeputyPHMonth ago

    damn the title choked me

  60. Anthony ordonez

    Anthony ordonezMonth ago

    Peole se this vid and then unsunscibe there me idc

  61. Ginoitss

    GinoitssMonth ago

    lol if myths watching and he reacttp this vids xD...Your so DONED poki

  62. rithick Simplay

    rithick SimplayMonth ago

    What happened to Fortnite

  63. TtvLogic Broken

    TtvLogic BrokenMonth ago

    Faze jarvis has left the chat

  64. Aryan Ali

    Aryan AliMonth ago

    TtvLogic Broken fuck Jarvis nd his family

  65. Williams Twins Reyes

    Williams Twins ReyesMonth ago

    Wait not to be mean but your crush is a girl

  66. Skele Bone Meme

    Skele Bone MemeMonth ago

    A big *O O F* to everyone Including meh

  67. Nala Tillman

    Nala TillmanMonth ago

    Zzzzzzzzzz he is trash😑😑😑

  68. ツツ

    ツツMonth ago


  69. farizmatic

    farizmaticMonth ago

    wait, these people dont know anne?

  70. Cesar Vasquez

    Cesar VasquezMonth ago

    Is that a girl

  71. Parallel Zoe

    Parallel ZoeMonth ago


  72. N Car

    N CarMonth ago

    you guys are such fucking losers for giving this girl money

  73. Luke Isaac Danao

    Luke Isaac DanaoMonth ago

    Eden is the brand of cheese in the phillipines

  74. Hashley Ebasnola

    Hashley EbasnolaMonth ago

    Hayyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Edit: your crush is a girl? HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  75. H2O Christmas killer

    H2O Christmas killerMonth ago

    Is that a boy or a girl sorry if I'm being rude

  76. howardCooper42 stan

    howardCooper42 stanMonth ago

    Goddamn it i just got in the passport but then i saw this video .......

  77. Chrissi Overstreet

    Chrissi OverstreetMonth ago

    You like girls!!!!???

  78. Christopher Gonzalez

    Christopher GonzalezMonth ago

    Does poki like girls

  79. Kapps

    KappsMonth ago

    I swear tha guy sounds like 14

  80. Kapps

    KappsMonth ago

    This kind sounds weird but is she lesb

  81. Kapps

    KappsMonth ago

    Wait is the person a girl

  82. TaViii uwu

    TaViii uwuMonth ago

    Is not a guy

  83. Quix0te Gaming

    Quix0te GamingMonth ago

    I love Poki❤

  84. ShadowStaffYT

    ShadowStaffYTMonth ago


  85. Ronald Gaming

    Ronald GamingMonth ago

    1:58 i was looking in comment section and thought pokimane sa Raging😂

  86. Ronald Gaming

    Ronald GamingMonth ago

    Why Does many People have a Crush to Pokimane?

  87. Jorge Hernández

    Jorge HernándezMonth ago

    Cheated on myth WOW W-O-W WOW

  88. Jorge Hernández

    Jorge HernándezMonth ago

    TSM_Myth has left the chat


    WAVA JAVAMonth ago


  90. Vivek

    VivekMonth ago

    Who the fuck is this guy anyway??

  91. Momo -

    Momo -Month ago

    Waittt.... lily isnt ur crush???? Unsubscribing....jk

  92. Lego Beys

    Lego BeysMonth ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Don’t play apex Play fortnite too

  93. Francisco Acosta

    Francisco AcostaMonth ago

    So luckyyyyyyy

  94. T C

    T CMonth ago

    Lmao you know whats funny I got the kunai out of my first 10 packs i got from leveling and I didnt even know the kunai was that legendary.

  95. trg618911

    trg618911Month ago

    5:40 I died in that same exact spot last night.

  96. SNS. Hana

    SNS. HanaMonth ago

    I knew it was Anne lmao

  97. Temes

    TemesMonth ago

    Atleast its a woman

  98. SuB zeRO

    SuB zeROMonth ago

    I hate when she shouts but thats cute

  99. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    I'm really in big help guys. @ 6:27 i just wanna know what the title of that song.

  100. Ken diamond

    Ken diamondMonth ago

    Youre so cute ❤

  101. Humble Diligent

    Humble DiligentMonth ago

    You cure my depression with your laugh poki. Please never change you're perfect

  102. I don't have a name

    I don't have a nameMonth ago

    Am I the only one though it was shroud?

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  104. LoL Lyf

    LoL LyfMonth ago

    Any Gibraltar mains

  105. Solitude 21

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  106. RZ Gamez

    RZ GamezMonth ago

    Wtf is this in my suggested hahaha :’D

  107. Samu Lalimo

    Samu LalimoMonth ago

    So i guess imma be the only one dying over the fact that poki likes girls. All you dudes never had a chance in the first place.😂😂



    A lot of lesbians still sleep with men on the side so it's no big deal.

  109. Vladislav Tkachev

    Vladislav TkachevMonth ago

    Samu Lalimo I never knew she was into girls and there is nothing wrong with thag

  110. Martin Campbell

    Martin CampbellMonth ago

    Hello pokimane can u please play apex legends with me sorry if u don’t want me to usually I get a lot of kills but don’t win my highest kill just broke me record 10if u don’t believe me then u don’t believe me

  111. Paul Fong

    Paul FongMonth ago

    Myth: mission failed we well get them next time

  112. Ninja

    NinjaMonth ago

    Her crush is a girl

  113. Caleb Hellyer

    Caleb HellyerMonth ago

    “You start shooting and they build an IKEA in front of you..” lmao love it.