Pokimane Plays with Her Gaming CRUSH! Apex Legends!


  1. Pokimane

    Pokimane5 months ago

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video, though I know everyone is just here for the memes/clickbait/myth comments lmao.. y'all got jebaited >:) BUT if you liked Another Eden, you can download it for free here: en.another-eden.jp/r/yd.html

  2. Ghoul

    Ghoul4 days ago

    Yall be a bunch of thots lmao

  3. EViiLDevil 86

    EViiLDevil 862 months ago

    Look at my knife

  4. aquatic bite

    aquatic bite2 months ago

    @FJ I was right

  5. aquatic bite

    aquatic bite2 months ago

    @G4m3r_ Gr1l i hate this game j live fortnite

  6. Danger Danger

    Danger Danger3 months ago

    poki i always watch you hi

  7. Miguel Geronimo

    Miguel Geronimo2 days ago

    wrong vid i thought this was with carson

  8. Milos Vojinovic

    Milos Vojinovic4 days ago

    But the reaction when she got a heirloom wow 😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. MoonPhoon

    MoonPhoon5 days ago

    ohhh she likes women poor fitz

  10. 10,000 subscribers without a video

    10,000 subscribers without a video7 days ago


  11. Akira

    Akira7 days ago

    didn’t know chloe price played apex

  12. Jotapefe :D

    Jotapefe :D7 days ago

    wow RIP callmecarson f in chat boys for carson lol

  13. Abdurhman Elfadil

    Abdurhman Elfadil7 days ago

    I dunno but i think this is the best video that watched on ur channel its hilarious XD

  14. who kan kapkan

    who kan kapkan10 days ago

    Bro Anne was lil yacty pain showdown broooooooooo.

  15. Shadyea-Scire Adams

    Shadyea-Scire Adams14 days ago

    Dang you make this look like waaay more fun than when my bf plays lol

  16. jason cheng

    jason cheng16 days ago

    "I start shooting and they build an Ikea in front of me" LMAO SHE HILARIOUS

  17. Thunder 3838

    Thunder 383816 days ago

    Who dat guy

  18. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah16 days ago

    What happens when poki faced the God(shroud) himself

  19. Starlyn Perry

    Starlyn Perry16 days ago

    I have never bought packs and have been playing the game for 4 months now and I had free packs I bought season 1 and 2 battle pass but no heirlooms:(

  20. Braden Vester

    Braden Vester16 days ago

    Ooof... Poor Carson. Boys we gotta sub to Carson... We gotta to make him feel better.

  21. Andy Frasier

    Andy Frasier16 days ago

    I got heirloom in my first ever pack 😂 I didn’t know it was rare at all till I was told it’s $500 and it was like the first day

  22. Nane Aviabiseness

    Nane Aviabiseness16 days ago

    Poki is so cringe playing with new people lmao😂

  23. Chrigoku 742

    Chrigoku 74217 days ago

    You mean fitz?

  24. Jaco Jacobs

    Jaco Jacobs17 days ago

    I got the knife thing in my first pack

  25. Polochuck 23

    Polochuck 2317 days ago

    Ha jokes on u I already no life that game

  26. Gabriel Criss

    Gabriel Criss18 days ago

    I ain’t seeing enough fitz In dis place

  27. NRL Airsoft

    NRL AirsoftDay ago

    I aint seeing enough carson in this place, the obviously dominant male

  28. marcelo castillo

    marcelo castillo8 days ago


  29. Ghoul

    Ghoul12 days ago


  30. Kwoi In Hell

    Kwoi In Hell21 day ago


  31. Game End

    Game End21 day ago

    Rip Carsonmane

  32. Aiden.008

    Aiden.00824 days ago

    Few things 1. Rip callmecarson 2. Wtf Jared dines doing on your stream donating $100, isn't he supposed to be doing djent 2019 rn?

  33. Jaico Ebanks

    Jaico Ebanks24 days ago

    She is who she is

  34. Jaico Ebanks

    Jaico Ebanks24 days ago

    But not judging

  35. America

    America27 days ago

    Why did you just slay Carson like that

  36. Jabwow

    Jabwow28 days ago

    Callmecarson Callmecarson Callmecarson Callmecarson Please Edit: What the fuck man.

  37. Rith Soem

    Rith Soem28 days ago

    My name eden

  38. Mark Heredia

    Mark Heredia29 days ago

    Everyone says myth. WHAT ABOUT MOE

  39. Meme Chronicles

    Meme ChroniclesMonth ago

    Rip Callmecarson, you didn’t have to kill him like that jesus

  40. WhyTheCrapNot

    WhyTheCrapNot11 days ago

    lmao ikr

  41. Imf4ith

    Imf4ith16 days ago

    F in chat

  42. 4lec kc

    4lec kc19 days ago

    Wut happened

  43. America

    America27 days ago

    Meme Chronicles rest In peace

  44. Trevor Taylor

    Trevor TaylorMonth ago

    She sounds like billy elish

  45. DurpFace 1029

    DurpFace 1029Month ago

    I don’t know why but I can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl 😆

  46. Hreljin

    HreljinMonth ago


  47. Confusion Tv

    Confusion TvMonth ago

    She likes girls??😶



    Super sayian training

  49. Mekhi -_-NobleYT

    Mekhi -_-NobleYTMonth ago

    Wow poki u are a god

  50. Dizzy Gary

    Dizzy GaryMonth ago

    It's kinda weird for a girl to feel akward about talking to a guy , but when a guy talks to a girl and he is akward and gets shot down. All I can say is the irony

  51. Khai Tri Phan

    Khai Tri PhanMonth ago

    Rose are red Violet are blue Pokimaine crush is not Myth Then my life has no meaning anymore... Let go to a new life my fellow comrade

  52. Daniel Pfeifler

    Daniel PfeiflerMonth ago

    Wait for a minute i thought the knife was poki's crush 🤣

  53. _Gaszy _

    _Gaszy _Month ago

    F for our fallen comrade, CallMeCarson

  54. Cristian Acevedo

    Cristian AcevedoMonth ago

    Well POKIMANE Is like a god in apex

  55. mageetv

    mageetvMonth ago

    I got it in 20 tries

  56. Professor L1qu1d_chapp

    Professor L1qu1d_chappMonth ago

    Lets go she’s les‼️

  57. ItsYaBoiNinja

    ItsYaBoiNinjaMonth ago

    Poki: playing with my crush Myth: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  58. Fear plays

    Fear playsMonth ago

    Pokimane are you good in fornite mobile?????????

  59. ET slayer

    ET slayer2 months ago

    I already have a girlfriend so I can't say a bunch of stuff if u know what I meen

  60. Lena younis

    Lena younis2 months ago

    wait wait poki like a gurl so poki is bi ?

  61. SasukeIQ

    SasukeIQMonth ago

    I thought most of the comments would be talking about that

  62. PRIMEORDIUS Perdew

    PRIMEORDIUS Perdew2 months ago

    Bruh,Faze Jarvis be sad watching this video

  63. Narut0

    Narut02 months ago

    I think Jarvis should be your crush.

  64. EViiLDevil 86

    EViiLDevil 862 months ago

    Hi I'm new to the channel but I will sub and like and turn on notifications

  65. Mr meme Dab

    Mr meme Dab2 months ago

    Who wants to die because Poki has no crush on us and jump of a flaming sword and threw the heart rip all the bois and myth and me 😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭

  66. Joe Xu

    Joe Xu2 months ago

    Why do you scream so loud and why can’t you edit it it hurts my ears

  67. itsrexohere

    itsrexohere2 months ago

    Myth cry’s after watching

  68. Orvontix

    Orvontix2 months ago

    I Watch your videos I want to be your friend on apex I have two accounts one is Kydro68 and kaydontheherohd kydro68 is on pc and kaydontheherohd is on Xbox

  69. Bron_cena

    Bron_cena2 months ago

    I was waiting for Carson to just walk into the room and be like, “someone say crush!”

  70. VertiX _MTY

    VertiX _MTY3 months ago

    i love u and i wanna u go to the hight

  71. David Soto

    David Soto3 months ago

    Wait ur crush is a girl?🤔

  72. David Soto

    David Soto3 months ago


  73. Adri XD

    Adri XD3 months ago

    I gotas the knife first pack anda it was a free pack