Foreign Mothers | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso


  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar Jibawi15 days ago

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  2. Betray Boy

    Betray BoyDay ago

    Your mom's not fasting?


    YAHYA ATTALA KAIRM2 days ago

    اناعربي اسلم عليك🖐🏽

  4. Gacha Choco

    Gacha Choco2 days ago

    Ranem Alshehri i didnt know🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. mr Gifte kiki

    mr Gifte kiki3 days ago

    Did you spiking good arabic thanke you again

  6. u k n o w b t s ?

    u k n o w b t s ?4 days ago

    Anwar Jibawi *hi*

  7. walid bestandji

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  8. the alpha girl

    the alpha girl49 minutes ago

    Rudys mom is better sorry D:

  9. Jon 305 the king

    Jon 305 the king2 hours ago

    Damn that lady in the black is damn stupid. Are you kidding me a mexican flag 🇲🇽 to me it look like a god damn brazilian flag 🇧🇷

  10. Suzan Abedalrahman

    Suzan Abedalrahman2 hours ago

    If you speak arbic like this comment 👍 Edit : thanks for 1 like😀

  11. Nisma Lachhab

    Nisma Lachhab2 hours ago

    انا مسلم

  12. Sua Tia

    Sua Tia3 hours ago

    vo te mete o chutao caraio mexicano [e meu caraio ta em chok :clown:

  13. AboutH&H 2.0

    AboutH&H 2.03 hours ago

    its funny cause i can undersstand everything rudy and his mom says anyway

  14. OMARzzz _GAMING

    OMARzzz _GAMING4 hours ago

    Chocolate is good for heart 😂😂


    XxMOHANEDxX5 hours ago

    Ramadan Kareem Anwar

  16. Aiman Lahlouh

    Aiman Lahlouh5 hours ago

    I'm Arabic

  17. باقر الكرواتي

    باقر الكرواتي5 hours ago

    ينهر غرابه

  18. Ros the black wolf demon

    Ros the black wolf demon6 hours ago

    Lol my mom vs meh حلوووو

  19. Jovy Jaen

    Jovy Jaen6 hours ago

    Im an Arab

  20. DatdudeIsmail

    DatdudeIsmail7 hours ago

    Am i the only one who understanded both mothers XD

  21. Yasmeen Shawwa

    Yasmeen Shawwa7 hours ago

    im from jordan and i speak arabic any one speaks arabic give a like

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    Uma Potterhead8 hours ago

    Eeeeeeee Brasil!!!!! ❤❤❤

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    ابدع والله😂😂😂😭

  24. Maria jose castro

    Maria jose castro8 hours ago

    I didn’t know Rudy was Brazilian I thought he was Mexican 😂

  25. Sam Will

    Sam Will9 hours ago

    she forget that she still fasting when rudy mum invite to have some coffee 😂

  26. OV3rL0rdSnIPes

    OV3rL0rdSnIPes9 hours ago

    And I speak Arabic too

  27. OV3rL0rdSnIPes

    OV3rL0rdSnIPes9 hours ago

    I'm fasting also

  28. mode king

    mode king9 hours ago

    انا مو موفاهم أنور عربي بس بالفيديو امه بتحكي معاه عربي بس هو بحكي معاها انجليزي و هي بتفهم عليه منيح (تحيه للامهات العربيات

  29. ࢪقـᬽــ͜اوي سـ⃕ᬽـكرآـن بـ⃕ᬽشـوآࢪع بــيـᬽــ͜روت٭༒

    ࢪقـᬽــ͜اوي سـ⃕ᬽـكرآـن بـ⃕ᬽشـوآࢪع بــيـᬽــ͜روت٭༒10 hours ago

    اقترب العيد ياناس كم ليك للعيد كمان اشتركو بقناتي مردودة

  30. Katrine Saad

    Katrine Saad12 hours ago

    I also speak Arabic!!!!

  31. Ayla Abdulrahim

    Ayla Abdulrahim14 hours ago

    omg i didint know that anwar is from arab or syria. i am toooooo, omg it is so amazing!!!! i love you anwar. i hope that you love this commment

  32. Samiullah Hussaini

    Samiullah Hussaini17 hours ago

    Owsum guys nice video .. guys make it complete season It will be super hit 👍

  33. Skull Libby69

    Skull Libby6917 hours ago

    Bro you so dum is your mum fasting she getting coffe

  34. Sue Sabz

    Sue Sabz19 hours ago

    Who is better Like anwars Mum Reply Rudy’s Mum I liked my comment because I think anwars mum is better

  35. nur emilya

    nur emilya19 hours ago

    Lol first he said he was fasting and in the end the mom was getting coffee HAHAAHHAHA

  36. João Paulo

    João Paulo20 hours ago

    Muito bom, gostei do português

  37. the_waterpearl

    the_waterpearl22 hours ago

    omg his mom is arabic

  38. Jayce

    Jayce22 hours ago

    I thought Anwars mom was gonna bring an AK-47

  39. Suzan Abedalrahman

    Suzan Abedalrahman22 hours ago

    If anyone in the comments like this comment. 😁 (Can this comment get to ... 1k plz) (:

  40. Suzan Abedalrahman

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    I ment *if anyone inthe comments speak arbic 👍this comment

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    Avianna Springer23 hours ago

    R u in rim of the world

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  43. Martin Nicu

    Martin NicuDay ago

    I wish that house whas mine

  44. Ethan Ganeshram

    Ethan GaneshramDay ago

    I’m one too

  45. Ethan Ganeshram

    Ethan GaneshramDay ago

    Ur Muslim I never know u were

  46. engy fathy

    engy fathyDay ago

    Salamalakum ya Muslim good

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  48. Legendary

    LegendaryDay ago

    Happy Ramadan

  49. Isaiah Flores

    Isaiah FloresDay ago

    Rudy u should make more awkward puppet videos they r so funny 😂

  50. Shooshi Sooshi Shahin

    Shooshi Sooshi ShahinDay ago

    Wait I did not know anwar is Muslim

  51. BLADES

    BLADESDay ago

    It Brazil no Mexican

  52. Cyara Dju

    Cyara DjuDay ago

    When your Portuguese and understand what Rudy and his mom were saying😂🇵🇹🇧🇷

  53. يوسف صبحي

    يوسف صبحيDay ago

    الله حيو ام انور

  54. Somebody Kill Me

    Somebody Kill MeDay ago

    i'm american my grandpa is arabian and my parents are brazilian

  55. Nesquik

    NesquikDay ago

    coisa veia parece tapete veio

  56. السكواد العراقي

    السكواد العراقيDay ago

    هلا هلا

  57. AL X3

    AL X3Day ago

    the first thing anwar's mother she said im fasting and in the end (lets go drink a coffee)

  58. kellen margotti

    kellen margottiDay ago

    Who else understands Portuguese

  59. Lucca Games

    Lucca GamesDay ago

    I speak Portuguese

  60. omar singer

    omar singerDay ago

    Anwar spike Arabic



    انور شكلة ناسي اللغة العربية ..واضح من هاذا

  62. anos ahmed

    anos ahmedDay ago

    todays is ramadan anwar are you fasting or not

  63. Charaine Joseph

    Charaine JosephDay ago

    The tttttttt

  64. JL and BTL

    JL and BTLDay ago

    I Love it حبيت الفيديو كلش

  65. Montu shah

    Montu shahDay ago

    Most of the time, sons love their mothers more, and daughters love their fathers more.

  66. Ameed AMLEH

    Ameed AMLEHDay ago

    أنور انت صايم يما بتكدرش توكل❤❤😂😂😂

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    vClutch YTDay ago

    Go back to your country

  68. Pandora TTV

    Pandora TTVDay ago

    Bro Arab people are always the best

  69. Dina Khaled

    Dina KhaledDay ago

    it is so funny, please makes a lot from this videos بدى اسمعك تحكى عربى

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    i need more vids like this bro💕

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    Follow me @alexpadilla420

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    Hookah is drugs😂😂😂😂

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    Lucja SwietoslawskaDay ago

    Who can relate 4:58

  74. علي و هشام٩٩٩ ali and hesham999

    علي و هشام٩٩٩ ali and hesham999Day ago

    نتا عربي

  75. random limelight

    random limelightDay ago

    Part 2 with dads pls

  76. Amap Srey

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  77. Meshari Aljeeran

    Meshari Aljeeran2 days ago

    Anwar mom wasn’t wearing any jacket 😎

  78. branyon laguna

    branyon laguna2 days ago

    im a big fan

  79. branyon laguna

    branyon laguna2 days ago

    this is so cool

  80. pops 69

    pops 692 days ago

    the sandals..... 😂👍

  81. Raouf Gue

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    هل هو مسلم؟؟؟

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  84. renarouge miraculous

    renarouge miraculous2 days ago

    rudy is brazillian I'm brazillian

  85. Bye Broke-Bitch Bye Hoe

    Bye Broke-Bitch Bye Hoe2 days ago

    Can u pls do a part 2 i wanna see the dads one!

  86. Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva2 days ago

    Didn’t know that Rudy could speak Portuguese that good lol

  87. Ali Alnoofli

    Ali Alnoofli2 days ago

    I bet you don't know Arabic Anwar.

  88. AB Taco

    AB Taco2 days ago

    Anwar does look like he's fasting lmaaoo

  89. Park View

    Park View2 days ago

    I am muslime too

  90. A.M .S

    A.M .S2 days ago

    نعن اللهجة الفلسطينية كيف 😂😂😂😂

  91. Loor Mousa

    Loor Mousa2 days ago

    أيها العرررب تجمعوا😂✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

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    Bro,you cant use the Anward

  93. Gacha Magical kitty

    Gacha Magical kitty2 days ago

    أنا كمان من فلسطين

  94. m.alkhulaifi

    m.alkhulaifi2 days ago

    ‏يتحدثون كثيرا مضان أنا ودي صمت كل رمضان

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    abdlmalk aboutaybe2 days ago

    أكو عرب في الطيارة

  96. Ibrahem Alammari

    Ibrahem Alammari2 days ago

    أول مرة أشوف أم تعطي ولدها شيشة 😂😂😂😂

  97. Herewith Ts

    Herewith Ts2 days ago

    Isn't Anwar's mom fasting? Why coffee?!?☕

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    Best video 😂❤️

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    Skye Nic2 days ago

    What is the moral of the story?

  102. محمد السهلي

    محمد السهلي2 days ago

    شو هاظ يا زلمه

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  104. Darrien Svilokos

    Darrien Svilokos2 days ago

    When they both slapped their kids with flip flops 😂😂😂

  105. Letícia Viana Mourão

    Letícia Viana Mourão2 days ago

    Hahaha muito bom! I love It!!! ❤️😅 Rudy's Mom is The best!!!!

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    Long live Palestine 🇵🇸😍❤️