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  1. Juanpa Zurita

    Juanpa Zurita7 days ago

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  2. Amani Hodges

    Amani Hodges2 days ago


  3. HyPeR-FLEX YT

    HyPeR-FLEX YT2 days ago

    There’s a meaning to this, mist is addicting, so that is why it’s called mist x, sounds like mistake. It ruins people’s lives.

  4. Soleris Rosado

    Soleris Rosado3 days ago

    Juanpa Te Quiero Mucho ☺

  5. Itallife

    Itallife3 days ago

    Juanpa Zurita Dhbdscn Love you too mama,Bhutto,jbhjbhncj*kjbhub guvycgdzrydryzcfjy,hug Uigchicjhivgojnpjkbklknjvginojbklcsgjcsbcjjcxcn x. Vex. G x. M. Xbox. No. C no. C. N c. Man c. N c. C. No. CBC. N c. Cc. C. C. C. N. Can. By. Bb. Cab bc. Mbbb. Can bb j bb b XX bc. C. Ubbjcxhbxcvjhbjc vgid sjinvixjin Judd vvgd cxgvg cxgvfhvuhiuvbijjkbfvbjkfvdibodvbpojcvdjkpdcvkjpkpjvdckjovcdokbknodcvnjocvxkbodckobcdvjonvC Xbox. Govionjvovigvxx njl x cjloozc dofnjvbiof Jove nko

  6. Nevaeh Stafford

    Nevaeh Stafford4 days ago

    You are so cute

  7. manzi barikage

    manzi barikage3 minutes ago

    Juanpa acting like he don’t vape

  8. Natalie's World

    Natalie's World19 minutes ago

    so these are like vapes in the future?

  9. Valeria Arredondo

    Valeria ArredondoHour ago

    is this vape or??...

  10. Melissa Stgermain

    Melissa StgermainHour ago

    Can kids take it to

  11. Kaleb Cruz

    Kaleb Cruz2 hours ago

    I saw lele in the du part in the corner

  12. Kaleb Cruz

    Kaleb Cruz2 hours ago

    I meant dj part

  13. How Good

    How Good2 hours ago

    dis is so good

  14. Lilyann Mastison

    Lilyann Mastison2 hours ago

    At least everybody still quit do drugs

  15. TrashLord Dank

    TrashLord Dank5 hours ago

    Drugs. Are bad mmmmkayyyyy

  16. Grace2960 Fasipe

    Grace2960 Fasipe6 hours ago

    its a vape right?

  17. Lamine Toure

    Lamine Toure6 hours ago

    Pretty much a warning for all the vapors out there

  18. Sophie GumiFlumi

    Sophie GumiFlumi7 hours ago

    I cant be the only one who Misses the old Lele pons funny videos

  19. Aaya Mahdi

    Aaya Mahdi7 hours ago

    This reminds me of black mirrow

  20. Camila and Yuliana Rodriguez tello

    Camila and Yuliana Rodriguez tello8 hours ago

    im wondering,does this have drug? can kids have this? I NEED ANSWERES

  21. Ima -J

    Ima -J10 hours ago

    Omg Juanpa I❤ you and your Videos

  22. haz ett

    haz ett16 hours ago

    Juanpa Zurita's version of "Limitless" playing by Bradley Cooper

  23. Savannah Velazquez

    Savannah Velazquez17 hours ago

    At first I thought it was an ad 😂

  24. CocoRLVlogs Labor

    CocoRLVlogs Labor18 hours ago

    other names for mist are cigarettes and juul

  25. Videos Videos21 hour ago

    I've had a major crush on you...❤️😂🥰

  26. Initial 1890

    Initial 189023 hours ago

    3:19 great dance moves jeez

  27. Lauren Kelley

    Lauren KelleyDay ago

    I WANT A MISTTTTT MIDDLE of vid:nevermind

  28. Parîs LiFe !

    Parîs LiFe !Day ago

    Where does the mist go? In the air what happens to the air though?

  29. Reina_your gurl

    Reina_your gurlDay ago

    There was a ad before this video XD

  30. wHeRe ArE mY jAmS !!!

    wHeRe ArE mY jAmS !!!Day ago

    1:46 So it’s basically like a vape 😂

  31. Sassy Squirrel Studios

    Sassy Squirrel StudiosDay ago

    All I can see from Juanpa is “MAGIC PEOPLE!”

  32. Katy Lipome

    Katy LipomeDay ago

    I want a mist like if you want one to

  33. rosalia castro molina

    rosalia castro molinaDay ago

    Me parece que es brogas

  34. Aubrianna Mayette

    Aubrianna MayetteDay ago

    Is this a real thing or fake

  35. Gacha Pat Princess Francis

    Gacha Pat Princess FrancisDay ago

    The whole time i was watching the video i was thinking it was just like smoking a little bit

  36. Phillip White

    Phillip WhiteDay ago

    make more of these

  37. Hossam Ahmad

    Hossam AhmadDay ago

    5:05 lele pons is on the right

  38. Kumail Shah

    Kumail ShahDay ago


  39. csugirl06

    csugirl06Day ago

    The advancement of vaping for our future.

  40. ღ ɬɧɛ_ƈơơƙıɛ_ мσиѕтєяѕ ღ

    ღ ɬɧɛ_ƈơơƙıɛ_ мσиѕтєяѕ ღDay ago

    Nuuuu! Juanpaaaa!! 3:

  41. Meko Alomerovic

    Meko AlomerovicDay ago


  42. Cat Ears

    Cat EarsDay ago


  43. Cadnaan Cade

    Cadnaan CadeDay ago

    I wish it was real😂 It can't be possible 😐

  44. Kony

    KonyDay ago

    This is little black mirror?

  45. Gacha wow studio is the Best

    Gacha wow studio is the BestDay ago

    Should I. Ummmmm is this for people to start smoking..... IM 9! NINE really? Huh I’m not hating on you it’s just weird

  46. Cold btw

    Cold btw2 days ago

    ‘’Mist’’ is also an word in German who says like sh*t

  47. Itztomboyfam Gacha lovers

    Itztomboyfam Gacha lovers2 days ago

    Only if Mist’s were real 🥺 Edit: NVM

  48. Rod ahmed savage Gaming

    Rod ahmed savage Gaming2 days ago

    The future is not here you make your own future by working hard

  49. Haschen Spatz

    Haschen Spatz2 days ago

    che rata 💩

  50. Elie Resz

    Elie Resz2 days ago

    this made me cry

  51. Elle’s Woodlock

    Elle’s Woodlock2 days ago

    Beginning of video: I could really use this Mist! Someone needs to make this a real product End of video: Yeah this is why you don’t do drugs kid...

  52. Mystic4l

    Mystic4l2 days ago

    Who else noticed that the old homeless guy turned into a young boy

  53. Danker Dakitten

    Danker Dakitten2 days ago


  54. thecringeperson idk

    thecringeperson idk2 days ago

    This was really just an add but 8:16 so it was just a really long add

  55. EMS ems12592

    EMS ems125922 days ago

    Mist is German and mean something like shit

  56. xxStormiCatxx 12

    xxStormiCatxx 122 days ago

    It’s like a Juul that never runs out of juice

  57. Asd Bsjs

    Asd Bsjs2 days ago

    Wait when they found out that mist is unhealthy they should rename it to "mist, the unhealthy alternative "

  58. Greg Coleman

    Greg Coleman2 days ago

    Seems like our future is as shallow, faddish, and as worthless as the present.

  59. Love Girl

    Love Girl2 days ago

    I i se lele

  60. Kasha

    Kasha2 days ago

    Shots Family smashing it ❤

  61. Adlene Nedjai

    Adlene Nedjai2 days ago

    pls can you give me the name of the song at 3:17 to 4:12 ??

  62. Michelle Sims

    Michelle Sims2 days ago

    The pain comes from MIST

  63. Cimran Nuur

    Cimran Nuur2 days ago

    Någon svensk här?

  64. TK Marino-Arslan

    TK Marino-Arslan2 days ago

    creator's of mist: LeTs mAkE iT LoOk lIkE vApE Other creator's: sounds good to me 👌

  65. Andelyne Pimentel

    Andelyne Pimentel2 days ago

    U r so amazing dear

  66. good guy

    good guy2 days ago

    editor nice smoke effect @2:41

  67. Sarah El-Aynain

    Sarah El-Aynain2 days ago

    why i this so scary, lol imagine this happens in the future.

  68. Mùsica Baile

    Mùsica Baile2 days ago

    Is that Alesso

  69. CarlitosWay277

    CarlitosWay2772 days ago

    Wonder drug that fixes everything, but with side effects. These already on the market

  70. Chowdhury Enterprise

    Chowdhury Enterprise2 days ago

    These stories are so good! I assume at least 3 more would be posted. Can't wait

  71. Lolita Baconeater

    Lolita Baconeater2 days ago

    Not sure

  72. Lolita Baconeater

    Lolita Baconeater2 days ago


  73. Hunger Memes

    Hunger Memes2 days ago

    Ima buy it so i will live forever *Wait.It’s deadly*

  74. Matthew Danielian

    Matthew Danielian2 days ago

    Plz talk in ur videos

  75. Franco Balderrama

    Franco Balderrama2 days ago

    I don’t understood

  76. Sophie Ngu

    Sophie Ngu3 days ago

    yooo like If you thought the girl dancing was Lele

  77. XXXTentacion_Girl_Big fan

    XXXTentacion_Girl_Big fan3 days ago

    First you then Rudy now Lele who's next Hannah

  78. XXXTentacion_Girl_Big fan

    XXXTentacion_Girl_Big fan3 days ago

    Is that real because I have depression

  79. Odin Land

    Odin Land3 days ago

    holy shit that was deep

  80. Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson3 days ago

    It is kinda boring

  81. Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson3 days ago

    Nvm I take that back

  82. elayme almujeeb

    elayme almujeeb3 days ago

    My View: Many people today smoke and more recently vape. That's clear. Some people below me say drugs are ruining the lives of people and this is a great show of that, but this was a "drug" similar to the average day cigarette or vape box. I think it would be better to say this video represented the root of the problem which is the "get rich quick solution" trap that people today fall into without fail. I think if cigarettes were a problem they wouldn't be sold, I think the point of the video mainly focused on the individuals and the advertisement, as well as untrustworthy companies. I think the point is we've become too obsessed with using products as our solution. Bad back? Use mist. Bad breath? Use Crest. Bad parent? Use gun. (relax im joking) Look my point is that there's still a question in my brain. I don't think the product is ever really at fault when it comes to people's lives. I feel like no matter what it is, if it's crap in a bow you all would buy it if I said it could cure hunger. So when we put this on a bigger scale...who's to blame here? The buyer? Partly. The company? Maybe. I guess it depends on whether or not you read the fine print on the Ingredients box.

  83. Queen Becky

    Queen Becky3 days ago


  84. Mario Gadson

    Mario Gadson3 days ago

    I love it but drugs can ruin your life so never do it

  85. mozl83

    mozl833 days ago

    It's funny if you speak german because "mist" means "garbage" or "crap". So accurate :D

  86. Lara Lawton

    Lara Lawton3 days ago

    Really this could by a black mirror episode

  87. Jake P

    Jake P3 days ago

    Did anyone else think it was an add and wanted to skip it

  88. Sweet Tears

    Sweet Tears3 days ago

    Who else wanted mist?

  89. XoXoNikki XoXo

    XoXoNikki XoXo3 days ago

    Where can I buy one of those Mist thingies?

  90. Ann Trinh

    Ann Trinh3 days ago

    is anybody else additced to the endings of the future vids ? like plot twist the futuristic thing is bad

  91. Ann Trinh

    Ann Trinh3 days ago

    i thought it was a good medicine thingy not a drug

  92. Dae’ana Goree

    Dae’ana Goree3 days ago


  93. Freeze-star

    Freeze-star3 days ago

    Who has noticed lele pons in 4:38

  94. Mirabel Onyema

    Mirabel Onyema3 days ago

    Did anyone see Lele in the background

  95. Ahmed Shaltout

    Ahmed Shaltout3 days ago

    This legit made me cry

  96. Crystal Mcnuggets

    Crystal Mcnuggets3 days ago

    At first I was like is this an ad? Then at the end I was like ohhhh....

  97. Constanza Jose Andrea Seguel Belmar

    Constanza Jose Andrea Seguel Belmar3 days ago

    me encantaron las pistas de musica en el video!! exitos!

  98. Lene Duda

    Lene Duda3 days ago

    Mist means "shit " in german 😂

  99. Dreamer Big

    Dreamer Big3 days ago

    I knew that it isn't perfect as it seems at the start Everything has consequences...

  100. Alex Caesar

    Alex Caesar3 days ago

    2:16 wow this is almost like "Time Is Up* by Poppy

  101. neha U_U

    neha U_U3 days ago

    6:20 why did the man change

  102. Daniel Sinaga

    Daniel Sinaga3 days ago

    Almost like cream by david

  103. Kris Wu

    Kris Wu3 days ago

    4:30 Is that ALESSO?

  104. ReEsE dELa tOrRe

    ReEsE dELa tOrRe3 days ago

    I honestly thought Maia Mitchell was gonna appear in Rudy's vid. But...this is great too

  105. Love and Light

    Love and Light3 days ago

    Message: There is no shortcut to sustainable health.

  106. Melanie soto Soto

    Melanie soto Soto3 days ago

    Okay I am so confused what is stories from my future about

  107. Cutiepie_123495

    Cutiepie_1234953 days ago

    Whaaaaaa? Was this an advert?