Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS


  1. joel persson

    joel perssonHour ago

    i love this show but god the ASMR of the food eating

  2. landon boyd

    landon boyd2 hours ago

    Outback better sponsor these guys

  3. A Way Forward

    A Way Forward3 hours ago

    but Longhorn Steakhouse is the REAL winner

  4. Caged

    Caged4 hours ago

    You can't do it this way...it has to be a BLIND TASTE TEST since Rhett is biased because of his date.

  5. gillian bush

    gillian bush4 hours ago

    okay but the rolls from texas roadhouse are heavenly

  6. Everybody's Dad On Acid

    Everybody's Dad On Acid5 hours ago

    They taste exactly the same. Expensive.

  7. Scott Hill

    Scott Hill6 hours ago

    Obviously California “Texas Roadhouse” doesn’t know how to cook

  8. Creativerse 101

    Creativerse 1017 hours ago

    Yeah but have you ever tried salt grass steakhouse in San Antonio Texas on the river walk

  9. Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi

    Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi7 hours ago

    IT'S EMILY!!!! 😍

  10. Alexis Logan

    Alexis Logan8 hours ago

    Texas Roadhouse will always be my first choice. Smh.

  11. Cosmo Heath

    Cosmo Heath3 hours ago

    @Alexis Logan lol

  12. Alexis Logan

    Alexis Logan3 hours ago

    Cosmo Heath It put a damper on my day. 😂

  13. Cosmo Heath

    Cosmo Heath4 hours ago

    How does it feel to loose

  14. Colin Wible

    Colin Wible8 hours ago

    These two restaurants are right next to each other in my town😂

  15. Michael Barron

    Michael Barron10 hours ago

    I’ve honestly never had a good meal at Texas Roadhouse in at least 10 visits. So I’m 100% behind this. Outback >> and it’s no competition.

  16. come at me bro its casey

    come at me bro its casey11 hours ago

    I have been to both and they are both havr super good food but.. I have to side with the roadhouse.

  17. Cody Weiss

    Cody Weiss11 hours ago

    Its so weird to me that americans call mains “entré”, appetisers are entres in australia 🤷🏻‍♂️ it literally means enter in french, so sort of weird to use it at all really

  18. Christopher Nixon

    Christopher Nixon12 hours ago

    where can i find a big @$$ brownie?

  19. Bobby Chiarelli

    Bobby Chiarelli13 hours ago

    I’m sorry but you go to Texas Roadhouse without getting the ribs which they are known for. C’mon man.

  20. Noah B

    Noah B16 hours ago

    wow rhonda and beck have a history

  21. Mr.Potato Head

    Mr.Potato Head16 hours ago

    didn't even cover buns

  22. Judasia

    Judasia18 hours ago

    My name is RHONDA!! Just happy that my name was said!!

  23. kat13potter

    kat13potter19 hours ago

    Yaaay!!! Go Outback!!!

  24. Dragons Light1998

    Dragons Light199822 hours ago

    its just better texas road house pales in comparison to Outback Steak House

  25. Nelson Pellizzeri

    Nelson Pellizzeri22 hours ago


  26. nerdyjackass

    nerdyjackass22 hours ago

    YES! Outback certainly beats Texas Roadhouse!

  27. Cosmo Heath

    Cosmo Heath4 hours ago


  28. Matthew Nichols

    Matthew Nichols23 hours ago

    Problem is that's a Texas Roadhouse house in California. Therefore there is to much California on those steaks. Only reason outback won. Commented by a Texan

  29. Michael Ward

    Michael Ward23 hours ago

    cant believe yall didn't try the cheesey winger dingers lololol

  30. Jacob Creeach

    Jacob Creeach23 hours ago

    Do a sequel but with their burgers, rolls, and CHICKEN STRIPS!

  31. Fuck all rednecks

    Fuck all rednecksDay ago

    Y'all talk way to damn match STFU and show us already.

  32. Chelsea Boyd

    Chelsea BoydDay ago

    But you didn't review the bread...

  33. Ximena Gonzalez

    Ximena GonzalezDay ago

    Btw Texas Roadhouse iN tExAss is wAyyYyyy better. Ask any stranger there. Texas Roadhouse from California though, isn’t as good

  34. Ximena Gonzalez

    Ximena GonzalezDay ago

    Who else goes to Texas Roadhouse for the bread??

  35. Harry Flores

    Harry FloresDay ago


  36. karenamanda1958

    karenamanda1958Day ago

    How can a southern boy dis cream gravy on mashed taters?!? TRAITOR!

  37. jhaydenlewis

    jhaydenlewisDay ago

    I’m just saying, Texas Roadhouse loses to Longhorn in my opinion.

  38. Blake Wurm

    Blake WurmDay ago

    Texas Roadhouse is better and it ain’t close

  39. Tumblin' Dice

    Tumblin' DiceDay ago

    *hit me with that outback tomahawk all day and I'm good*

  40. ClassOf2020

    ClassOf2020Day ago

    Chipotle vs Qdoba

  41. Backwardsea49

    Backwardsea49Day ago

    How link tests knife sharpness 6:53

  42. Gabi

    GabiDay ago

    texas roadhouse wins based on their rolls alone

  43. Serpens The King

    Serpens The KingDay ago

    looks like a dry steak for me

  44. Toxic Waste

    Toxic WasteDay ago

    You could tell from the beginning that Rhett wanted Texas Roadhouse to lose

  45. Jay Box

    Jay BoxDay ago

    Outback should fly em to australia or something.

  46. Peter M

    Peter MDay ago

    I personally have worked at both. Outback is miles better than roadhouse.

  47. TrinityZaku

    TrinityZakuDay ago

    Lonestar bloomin onion was by far better than outbacks

  48. Joseph Peters

    Joseph PetersDay ago

    Outback all the way but, both are nothing special!!!!

  49. Don Siegfried Florentes

    Don Siegfried FlorentesDay ago

    I'mma disagree with Link on the dessert

  50. Craig Simpson

    Craig SimpsonDay ago

    TRH chili is awesome

  51. Abby Liu

    Abby LiuDay ago

    cookaburra 😂

  52. Jake Jaeric

    Jake JaericDay ago

    Matt Lieb!

  53. Sarah Amin

    Sarah AminDay ago

    Red Lobster is better than both

  54. Cameron Rose

    Cameron RoseDay ago

    Texas Roadhouse is definitely the better one

  55. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDay ago

    Outstack The Outback!

  56. Snarky Mcsnarkles

    Snarky McsnarklesDay ago

    I always wonder how fresh the food they eat is, this stuff looks old and microwaved, nasty

  57. Fluffyfluff Fox

    Fluffyfluff FoxDay ago

    Spinach artichoke dip at outback

  58. Layne Reeves

    Layne ReevesDay ago

    They didn’t cut into the tenderloin smh

  59. Riley Carr

    Riley CarrDay ago

    I absoulutly LOVE Texas road house especially the rolls that you get at the beginning but it’s sad bc we live 3 hours away from there

  60. JaveyCyberGames

    JaveyCyberGamesDay ago

    My school is still going

  61. A

    ADay ago

    After Outback took away the snow crab legs and cinnamon apple oblivion I can’t say I go there anymore.

  62. GamingTaylor

    GamingTaylorDay ago

    As someone from Texas, I must say that if you want a good steak, you need to learn how to make it yourself. Here I can go to the grocery store and buy Steak (Ribeye/Tbone/Sirloin/Strip) for ~$5/pound (or essentially $5 a steak. Never frozen, a bit of butter, steak seasoning, garlic salt, and you are good to go.

  63. Nathan Twiss

    Nathan TwissDay ago

    Catfish from roadhouse

  64. Jessica Murtaugh

    Jessica MurtaughDay ago

    Link, The chocolate thunder from down under is gluten free. It's flourless, All chocolate.

  65. Vaporizer

    VaporizerDay ago

    9:33 here comes the true embodiment of Australia

  66. Dragon Blader

    Dragon BladerDay ago

    Me at the end yeeeeeesssssssssssss

  67. Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter Syndrome2 days ago

    Speaking as a Texan, that chili doesn't look right. Makes sense as Texas Roadhouse isn't actually from Texas.

  68. PsychaWolf

    PsychaWolf2 days ago


  69. Sir Casius the Fifth

    Sir Casius the Fifth2 days ago

    Things seemed a bit tense between Rhett and Link in this video.

  70. BillNyeTheRussianSpy

    BillNyeTheRussianSpy2 days ago

    i'd suggest the volcano shrimp from outback

  71. Michael Marquez

    Michael Marquez2 days ago

    8+8 isn’t 29

  72. Trent

    Trent2 days ago

    Mukbang: GMM edition

  73. Roon

    Roon2 days ago

    Outback ftw

  74. Pika_Meia 32

    Pika_Meia 322 days ago

    You should compare The Keg and Montana"s

  75. ftlPhysicsGuy

    ftlPhysicsGuy2 days ago

    Longhorn? Anyone?

  76. Tractor Girl 11

    Tractor Girl 112 days ago

    Ahi tuna is good

  77. Allen Blumhagen

    Allen Blumhagen2 days ago

    My favorite food at outback is the bacon cheese fries

  78. kbehe95

    kbehe952 days ago

    They definitely have some bomb chili

  79. Adam Burgis

    Adam Burgis2 days ago

    This would probably be a better competition if you guys were blinded to the restaurants

  80. Adam Burgis

    Adam Burgis2 days ago

    especially after rhett admitted his bias to outback

  81. Sarah Mako

    Sarah Mako2 days ago

    Tbh Longhorn Steakhouse is way better than both of them 🤷🏻‍♀️

  82. Natalie Ruth

    Natalie Ruth2 days ago

    You should come to NC ;)

  83. Rants And Faves

    Rants And Faves2 days ago

    Now I want a cheesy winger ginger

  84. wolfgang stucker

    wolfgang stucker2 days ago

    why did they trust link with a freaking KNIFE?!?!

  85. burningphoenix36

    burningphoenix362 days ago

    Now bring in Logan’s Roadhouse

  86. rainbow panda

    rainbow panda2 days ago

    The dryness only has to do with the chefs in your area or the restaurant that you went to

  87. Joey Steager

    Joey Steager2 days ago

    I prefer outback steak house

  88. steffen verbist

    steffen verbist2 days ago

    Those steaks look super dry..

  89. Kylee Stoner

    Kylee Stoner2 days ago

    The porterhouse is a ny strip and a filet .... I work at Texas Roadhouse lmao

  90. Kandis Lynn

    Kandis Lynn2 days ago

    As a true Texan.. Texas Roadhouse always does it better. Im a little hurt yall!


    LEGIT ALEX2 days ago

    Im confused how come rhett never lets link use knives?

  92. BillyJoe1305

    BillyJoe13052 days ago

    Sooo, are there cheesey winger fingers at one of these places?

  93. Sleek Star 99

    Sleek Star 992 days ago

    I like the steak and chili from Texas Roadhouse

  94. Whittome

    Whittome2 days ago

    Are they geys?

  95. shadowforger11

    shadowforger112 days ago

    To be fair, TRH isn't bad... assuming they ever serve you in the first place.

  96. pubg mobile videos

    pubg mobile videos2 days ago

    Never eaten any if other but outback should win

  97. ebeth5891

    ebeth58912 days ago

    My very favorite thing at Texas Roadhouse is the rolls with cinnamon butter😁🍽

  98. Biskit Bunch

    Biskit Bunch2 days ago

    I like Texas Roadhouse more but maybe the outback near my house is just bad idk

  99. Merica’ Man

    Merica’ Man2 days ago

    When you go to texas road house you go for the rolls, butter, sliders, poppers, and cheese fries

  100. MasterShake9000

    MasterShake90002 days ago

    The real winner here are Rhonda fans.

  101. Damien Conrad

    Damien Conrad2 days ago

    I didn’t know you had Texas Roadhouse in other states

  102. Jordan Cornell

    Jordan Cornell2 days ago

    Still baffles me how many Americans seem to think outback is Australian at all ahhaha

  103. Vookies

    Vookies2 days ago

    I am from Texas and I prefer outback than Texas Roadhouse. But, I’ve also been to Australia and Australia is just A clone of Texas so it’s a win win.

  104. Shane Erz

    Shane Erz2 days ago


  105. Corey Rogers

    Corey Rogers2 days ago

    Great episode love this idea. Standard big ass brownie!! Lol anywho, Longhorn steakhouse is better. Y’all boys should come to buffalo do an episode while tailgating at a buffalo bills game. Promise you great content. Then get some chicken wings from the HOME of the chicken wing @anchor bar.