FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset

Guess in the comments who you think is going to win...
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  1. Zenzy Yt

    Zenzy Yt35 minutes ago

    Where’s teeqo

  2. Bridgett Henry

    Bridgett Henry13 hours ago

    8/13/2020 we miss you

  3. Michael Guerrero

    Michael Guerrero14 hours ago

    We need offset in a nelk video

  4. Issac Noyola

    Issac Noyola16 hours ago


  5. Wyld Dayngerzz

    Wyld DayngerzzDay ago

    1:02 Everybody: WHAT?! Somebody: I don't get it either Somebody ELSE: It's confusing Nikan: I just hit the f*** outta that thing!

  6. Monkey playzz

    Monkey playzzDay ago

    Offset his last hit he looked like Denzel curry ricky

  7. Trippy Dalton

    Trippy DaltonDay ago

    Blaze is the worst in fortnite In faze clan

  8. Braylon Richard

    Braylon RichardDay ago

    3:12 FaZe Adapt you’re not throwing a baseball 😂😂

  9. dog boss

    dog bossDay ago

    Where is highsky, he îs stronger than everyone😅

  10. YEET_Nightzz

    YEET_Nightzz2 days ago

    I thought rug was gonna get like 56

  11. Johnny Joe

    Johnny Joe2 days ago

    Funk bros beat y'all

  12. Jack Vlogs

    Jack Vlogs2 days ago

    Why is offset in faze he sings Random person: Achooo Faze: Will you join our clan

  13. Ruben Nersisyan

    Ruben Nersisyan2 days ago

    Kay and Apex are the strongest

  14. Ruben Nersisyan

    Ruben Nersisyan2 days ago

    I guess KAY is the strongest faze member

  15. Ruben Nersisyan

    Ruben Nersisyan2 days ago

    Yo that’s insane

  16. The boi Bennett

    The boi Bennett2 days ago

    Im 13 and got 795 lol

  17. Toxic_Spirits01 01

    Toxic_Spirits01 012 days ago

    Like no offense but I knew Kay was gonna be the best one cause of arm wrestling challenge.

  18. Hardy Kwatra

    Hardy Kwatra2 days ago

    Rip adapt tho

  19. Elijah Quamel

    Elijah Quamel2 days ago

    Offset the devil 666

  20. hai_Lol 31

    hai_Lol 312 days ago

    Frazier is Thanos


    NINJAS HYPER3 days ago

    The face on apex face when kay won

  22. Jovan Luque

    Jovan Luque3 days ago

    5:40 is funny af

  23. Omar Samaha

    Omar Samaha3 days ago

    where's sway

  24. Itsjust_ My_lifestyle

    Itsjust_ My_lifestyle3 days ago


  25. Kurt AJES

    Kurt AJES3 days ago

    Now they know not to mess with 🤣

  26. Amie Jones

    Amie Jones3 days ago

    Offset dumb

  27. BeastOFforza 4

    BeastOFforza 43 days ago

    That's insane Jarvis

  28. Flavors wtf

    Flavors wtf3 days ago

    Who else thought rug was gonna get like 300-500

  29. Xavian Lalicker

    Xavian Lalicker3 days ago

    Oh my dayz bruv that was insanely crazy man😱😱😱

  30. Yt_jesse8a 2000

    Yt_jesse8a 20003 days ago


  31. Atif Gulzar

    Atif Gulzar3 days ago

    The 666 reminded me of a devil

  32. William Giron

    William Giron3 days ago

    *Jarvis punch punching bag *His score: 000000

  33. Geano Miller

    Geano Miller3 days ago

    Offset=illuminati confirmed

  34. Rehan Shahid

    Rehan Shahid3 days ago

    Who else saw banks in the bank

  35. Tygris Cunningham

    Tygris Cunningham3 days ago

    My highest score was 950 the highest score was 999



    FAZE KAY Jarvis your bro Jarvis thank

  37. Kayzrl122 - apex gamer

    Kayzrl122 - apex gamer4 days ago

    Where is faze sway

  38. Brayden Dennis

    Brayden Dennis4 days ago

    High sky comes in and gets a 1000

  39. Anthony Mejia

    Anthony Mejia4 days ago

    Where tf is sensei at???

  40. Anthony Mejia

    Anthony Mejia4 days ago

    -banks too lmao

  41. Tocarra Jackson

    Tocarra Jackson4 days ago

    where was sway?

  42. Maria Zabala Morales

    Maria Zabala Morales5 days ago

    Faze Clan is weak anda trash

  43. no yes

    no yes5 days ago

    Why is nobody saying that they copied the sidemen

  44. RaZ

    RaZ5 days ago

    apex= gets 801 offset= gets 798 adapt= you beat him by 2

  45. Dankisouris Rex

    Dankisouris Rex5 days ago

    Where’s faze sensei when you need him

  46. michael's gaming

    michael's gaming6 days ago

    Faze adapt looks and sounds stupid af

  47. Itz Crazy

    Itz Crazy6 days ago

    Omg faze rug probably not even good

  48. A Queen

    A Queen6 days ago

    anyone else see banks just standing there in the back LOL it was at 3:56

  49. Christopher Leger

    Christopher Leger6 days ago

    Does anyone know the jeans offset is wearing?

  50. GravityMan3000

    GravityMan30006 days ago

    5:42 adapt: That’s insane BRUV

  51. Steven Sousa

    Steven SousaDay ago

    The drugs are back lol

  52. JohnnyFN

    JohnnyFN6 days ago

    Faze Kay would of got to 1000 if u said javis is not insane bro

  53. RTE savage

    RTE savage7 days ago

    insain kay

  54. Rjeje Heehe

    Rjeje Heehe7 days ago

    Blaze:snores Faze clan: enters the room “HOLYYYY FUCKKKKKKKKK” Faze Kay:”THATS INSANE BROOOOOOOOO”

  55. Diego Zapien

    Diego Zapien8 days ago

    H1ghsky and orba should have tried

  56. ES Elite

    ES Elite8 days ago

    That thing so fucking rigged

  57. FEROX2X Adesida

    FEROX2X Adesida8 days ago

    If Charla was here he will get like 1000

  58. Teppy Berkeley

    Teppy Berkeley8 days ago

    Offset should’ve broke that thing Akademiks claims he got that Superman punch 🤛 at least judging from what he did to that fan in the crowd 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  59. dylanwig0

    dylanwig08 days ago

    It’s not all about power

  60. xSyntac x

    xSyntac x8 days ago

    You can tell offset was stoned off his ass, I mean I would also have to be stoned to be in a room with all of these people at once 😂

  61. Ivan SwAbe

    Ivan SwAbe8 days ago

    0:50 me describing my brother to others

  62. Editz Nz maori

    Editz Nz maori8 days ago

    Cmon offset