Borderlands 3 Official E3 Trailer - We Are Mayhem


  1. Borderlands

    Borderlands8 days ago

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  2. Bernie Broig

    Bernie Broig6 hours ago

    @Raul xxx Patience, young one. Patience.

  3. LZY loader 4 1 14 11 12 5

    LZY loader 4 1 14 11 12 522 hours ago

    @Raul xxx I feel your pain

  4. Raul xxx

    Raul xxx23 hours ago

    No krieg?😢

  5. Bernie Broig

    Bernie BroigDay ago

    Kinda upset that you didn't decide to subtitle Amara as "The Fister."

  6. Dill5Yej

    Dill5YejDay ago

    My.... god! Dude the nostalgia hit the second the video started playing! I just remember playing 1 and 2 with my friend for hours to the complete the games just to do it all over again and do the stupidest stuff possible! Thank you Gearbox for giving me and the homies a new game to look forward to!

  7. Nikey_Boy

    Nikey_Boy42 minutes ago

    Any game that can count to 3 is a must play :3

  8. Michyl Magdaleno

    Michyl MagdalenoHour ago

    Lowkey not too interested in these characters like the last two. Hopefully krieg makkes a comeback

  9. 8-Bit Brady

    8-Bit BradyHour ago

    Is amara equivalent to goku

  10. John Palcon

    John PalconHour ago

    definitely siren and beastmaster for two playthroughs

  11. El Gran Soldador

    El Gran SoldadorHour ago

    Yoteslaya would be euphoric

  12. Noogles

    NooglesHour ago

    I hope that eventually this comes to switch because I cant afford a new console, especially when the next generation will start next year

  13. Brolyne Kujo

    Brolyne KujoHour ago

    seems like its time for a pre order

  14. The Meta

    The Meta2 hours ago

    I can't get this song out of my head and I can't wait to finally play this

  15. GG Dat Boi

    GG Dat Boi2 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me why Lilith isn’t a siren anymore ?

  16. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    once we get the game yes, we can assume its because of tyreen in the first trailer for the game

  17. Kameron Hailey-M

    Kameron Hailey-M2 hours ago

    Dude no one is talking about the fact that that is definitely Fiona!!! 1:00 Why else would they be posing like that???

  18. Fenrir the Grey

    Fenrir the Grey3 hours ago

    Great looking game. Too bad I will have to wait 6 months after it comes out to play it. I'm not giving Epic a dime.

  19. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago


  20. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze3 hours ago

    I'm going to play as a Siren or Beastmaster first, & my name will be ridiculous.

  21. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ4 hours ago

    am I the only one waiting to finally see Rhys again?

  22. Exotic DSA

    Exotic DSA4 hours ago

    Im thinkin moze first

  23. Maiq The Liar VII

    Maiq The Liar VII4 hours ago

    I just got this trailer as an add before this video.

  24. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago


  25. Nishido Hellhillsruler

    Nishido Hellhillsruler4 hours ago

    Not gonna lie; I'm very excited, in a "that's not a banana in my pocket" kind of way :D

  26. okey mmeje

    okey mmeje4 hours ago

    Pls what's the name of that song? Anyone?

  27. Deba Uwabor

    Deba Uwabor4 hours ago

    Gods above and below please don't end my life before I get to take fl4k for a spin.

  28. Kieran BARNES

    Kieran BARNES5 hours ago

    For Roland!!!!

  29. alby223

    alby2236 hours ago

    I miss Zer0 😭😭

  30. Rainer Winggel

    Rainer Winggel6 hours ago


  31. Valenstar59 HellBlooder

    Valenstar59 HellBlooder6 hours ago

    So cool !!!! I'm waiting for this !

  32. BrownMan

    BrownMan6 hours ago

    Love how some of the gunshots go along with the beats of the song. By the way... AMAZING SONG

  33. Jay Lane

    Jay Lane6 hours ago

    Song: Let Me Live/Let Me Die. Artist: Des Rocs. Album: Vultures.

  34. raniusz3k

    raniusz3k6 hours ago


  35. Not_Ur_Momz

    Not_Ur_Momz7 hours ago

    It looks amazing

  36. Ex0Sk3l

    Ex0Sk3l7 hours ago

    The wait was long, but it was *F&%$!@#* worth it brothers!

  37. Lyudmil Krasimirov

    Lyudmil Krasimirov7 hours ago

    Any idea why lilith is no longer a siren?

  38. King Taters of Taterton

    King Taters of Taterton8 hours ago

    Friend: Dude Borderlands 3 is coming out this year in September! Me: 0:22

  39. NakkiPeruna

    NakkiPeruna8 hours ago

    I hope psycho is a playable character like in borderlands 2.

  40. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    who krieg? no

  41. Jack Rushworth

    Jack Rushworth8 hours ago

    Moxxi...? Moxxi?! Where she at???!!! MOXXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lilly Loveheart

    Lilly Loveheart8 hours ago

    Is it true that Gage isn't making a apperence in the game?

  43. Quantumed Box

    Quantumed Box8 hours ago

    creative director said so

  44. Party Raptor

    Party Raptor8 hours ago


  45. Jaishawn Smith

    Jaishawn Smith9 hours ago

    Beastmaker underrated

  46. Toasty Dude

    Toasty Dude9 hours ago

    Zayne or my boy FL4K about to be the best character's

  47. Senko Online

    Senko Online9 hours ago

    I wonder if we'll still get those extra 2 characters Please let one be Rhys

  48. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    we wont, also why would rhys be a character, if hes an npc, that makes no sense, like imagine them making fl4k an npc but still being able to play them, it doesnt make snse

  49. No idea

    No idea9 hours ago

    The sound of metal bashing against each other and the bullets syncing on the beat. It's giving me bumps everytime I watch this.

  50. SneeryRoom9

    SneeryRoom910 hours ago

    How can someone dislike this

  51. Robot Nr.183

    Robot Nr.18310 hours ago

    I love Moze with her Mech already

  52. Beeko

    Beeko10 hours ago

    Don’t worry Lilith, I’ll fill you with as much eridium as you need

  53. ZombieGuy 05

    ZombieGuy 0510 hours ago

    No the epic games store problem is cancer I just want to play BL3!!!!!!!

  54. Andrew Long

    Andrew Long10 hours ago

    I love the art style 😁

  55. Matthew Budd

    Matthew Budd11 hours ago

    “There are 6 sirens in the Universe i used to be one of them” damn that makes my brain go into a unlimited spiral of what happened

  56. Wuts Sarcasm

    Wuts Sarcasm11 hours ago

    THERES A NEW DLC ON BORDERLANDS 2 "Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary" AND ITS FREE UNTIL JULY


    JAMAAL D. YUNG11 hours ago

    Still hate that bitch Lilith ever since the pre-sequel...BUT I'M STILL HYPED FOR BORDERLANDS 3!!! Bout to full predator with mah boi FL4K when I get my hands on a copy!!

  58. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    why hate lilith lol, may have caused handsome jack? but her boyfriend was killed for it and shes been forced to suffer through that as she watchs both those around her suffer because of her you seriously still hating on her lol?

  59. deamonxslayer

    deamonxslayer11 hours ago

    Now this is how you hype up a game

  60. RibbekasRambo

    RibbekasRambo11 hours ago

    seems i need a new pc

  61. Jack Meed

    Jack Meed12 hours ago

    The new heroes dont look that good, kinda disappointed, also i expected more originality from Borderlands, you guys are following the “evil cult” trend that most games are following right now

  62. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    welp i bet you feel like an idiot since you clearly have no seen anything about their personalitys, goals or the idea behind this cult lol. have fun being dumb

  63. StrawberryHomelessCat

    StrawberryHomelessCat12 hours ago

    1:00. Telltale games?!

  64. StrawberryHomelessCat

    StrawberryHomelessCat8 hours ago

    Quantumed Box YES!

  65. Quantumed Box

    Quantumed Box8 hours ago

    yeah, that's Rhys from tales from the borderlands

  66. Bossanova 51

    Bossanova 5112 hours ago

    Did Lilith lost her Siren powers?

  67. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    "im not a siren anymore' nah dude she got them still

  68. grumpychris

    grumpychris11 hours ago


  69. SnowWolf597

    SnowWolf59712 hours ago

    I'm so ready for this game.

  70. Sir Drell

    Sir Drell12 hours ago

    1:28 thicc

  71. Cartoons are underrated :3

    Cartoons are underrated :313 hours ago

    claptrap swearing Hmmmmmmmmm........ We need more of this

  72. Mrshootinputin

    Mrshootinputin13 hours ago

    Fanboys please ignore my comment. Please stop spamming this advertisement when I watch USwork. I have no interest in your product and I never liked it in the first place. Also women with tattoos are disgusting. I'm sick and tired of feeling nauseous when I watching viedos.

  73. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    the fact you think anyone gives a shit about your comment is pure comedy

  74. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    hahaha this comment is amazing

  75. Mohi Rangiahua

    Mohi Rangiahua14 hours ago


  76. Lizardnix

    Lizardnix14 hours ago

    Yes, I'm going to buy it. Just. Not. From. Epic.

  77. Lucifer Taylor

    Lucifer Taylor14 hours ago

    What in the FUCK does Lilith mean when she says she USED to be one of the 6 Sirens?

  78. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    @grumpychris not confirmed, but most likely yeah, dont say it as fact

  79. grumpychris

    grumpychris12 hours ago

    One of the main villians of Borderlands 3, Tyreen Calypso, has the ability to steal the powers and life force of other people and creatures. Tyreen will steal Lilith's siren powers early on in the game.

  80. dashawn floyd

    dashawn floyd14 hours ago

    Im going ghostaqa

  81. Russian Cheese

    Russian Cheese15 hours ago

    Claptrap is dumby thick and his asscheeks make him unable to go up stairs.

  82. Alexis Simms

    Alexis Simms15 hours ago

    Sucks that it's gonna take like 6-8 months to be released though :/

  83. Shrek uwu

    Shrek uwu15 hours ago

    How did Lilith lose her powers? I mean it probably will be something in the bl3 story but if there was like an echo log in commander Lilith please tell me

  84. Shrek uwu

    Shrek uwu15 hours ago

    grumpychris thanks

  85. grumpychris

    grumpychris15 hours ago

    Tyreen Calypso, one of the main villians of Borderlands 3, has the ability to steal the powers and life force of other people and creatures. Tyreen will steal Lilith's siren powers early on in the game.

  86. Clarence838

    Clarence83817 hours ago

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but seeing Vaughn and Rhys hyped me up more for this game then I already was

  87. Zephyr Drake

    Zephyr Drake17 hours ago

    Sad that the release of the game was pushed back 6 months due to the epic games store :(

  88. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    release on steam was, u can get it on epic store, just dont

  89. Kitty

    Kitty18 hours ago

    moze plays to win

  90. Conrad1274

    Conrad127418 hours ago

    I really hope this isn't gonna be an epic exclusive forever since I'm one of those people who only buy games on steam sales.


    EVERYBODY IS RUNNING18 hours ago

    I had several orgasms watching this

  92. MR g37 R3K7

    MR g37 R3K719 hours ago

    The characters look like disgusting edgelords.

  93. yuipo92

    yuipo9219 hours ago

    FL4K: Looks (wildly) fun. Amara: Looks so badass. Zane: Looks deadly cool. Moze: Looks- 0:27 OK, now I'm in love.

  94. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    Moze didnt have much personality up until now, but I love her even more so

  95. People Butter

    People Butter3 hours ago

    She's gonna be my mind fosho

  96. Faultless Clock

    Faultless Clock20 hours ago


  97. Nasura Myers

    Nasura Myers21 hour ago



    RANDOMGAMING21 hour ago

    They knew how to count to 3!

  99. Love's the nets Love's the nets21 hour ago

    Thank you gearbox this really cured my lumbago.

  100. Thepikazapper05

    Thepikazapper0521 hour ago

    Duude I’m so down to play as a joestar

  101. Beníe Gordeí

    Beníe Gordeí22 hours ago

    I’m late.... why is t Lilith a Siren anymore !?

  102. Lunartic

    Lunartic21 hour ago

    Because Tyreen Calypso took her powers

  103. Berry Nice

    Berry Nice22 hours ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I saw this and thought it was fortnite

  104. Angie ღ

    Angie ღ22 hours ago


  105. TSZ_Ghost

    TSZ_Ghost22 hours ago

    I know this might seem stupid but what are the DLC characters rough estimates of what they'll be psycho siren gunzerker assassin so many options

  106. Joshua

    Joshua23 hours ago

    This looks amazing, my friends and I are really looking forward to when it comes to steam.

  107. Xander Patist

    Xander Patist23 hours ago

    Can we have claptrap back as a character ???

  108. Raul xxx

    Raul xxx23 hours ago

    No krieg?😢😭

  109. Jomari Olaguir

    Jomari OlaguirDay ago

    I just noticed that they censored "kill" in "it's killing time" at 0:32, why!? They said that word before

  110. Rayden Cote-Barnwell

    Rayden Cote-BarnwellDay ago

    I get goosebumps everytime I watch the trailers again

  111. It’saDankBro 04

    It’saDankBro 04Day ago

    This reminds me of I ❤️ death robots on Netflix

  112. deadsea671

    deadsea671Day ago

    The game looks dope asf

  113. Matt :D

    Matt :DDay ago

    Im sad Gaige isn't in it

  114. gohan ssj9001

    gohan ssj9001Day ago

    Omg yes yes YES YES!!!!

  115. Gabe Argenti

    Gabe ArgentiDay ago

    Anyone watch this 100 times already and still think it’s the best still, I DO!!

  116. The Skipper

    The SkipperDay ago

    Nobody: Stairs in claptraps presence: *exists*

  117. Serana Jacobs

    Serana JacobsDay ago

    Why is this censored? Shit is so dumb.

  118. Serana Jacobs

    Serana JacobsHour ago

    @somenerdpng If so then woosh me.

  119. somenerdpng

    somenerdpngHour ago

    pretty sure thats the joke because this game is nowhere near family friendly lol, like lilith pulling the finger is censored pretty sure its a massive joke

  120. Jeffery Sermons

    Jeffery SermonsDay ago

    So no one gonna mention how Lilith said she "use to be one"... so is she dead or did someone take her powers?

  121. grumpychris

    grumpychris20 hours ago

    The main villian of Borderlands 3, Tyreen Calypso, has the ability to steal the powers and life force of other people and creatures. Tyreen will steal Lilith's siren powers early on in Borderlands 3.

  122. Eric Ozment

    Eric OzmentDay ago

    I need this game in my life

  123. Quetzal2

    Quetzal2Day ago

    The sound of Zane’s pistols though

  124. I Don’t Deserve Subs

    I Don’t Deserve SubsDay ago

    So is this game gonna be as loose with the swearing as borderlands 1 but gonna censor the really bad stuff? I could live with that

  125. Jjj Yy

    Jjj YyDay ago

    Can anyone tell me who the girl at 1:03 is because i have no idea

  126. Jjj Yy

    Jjj Yy19 hours ago

    @grumpychris cheers

  127. grumpychris

    grumpychris20 hours ago

    It's a new character that you'll meet in Borderlands 3.

  128. deivid asen

    deivid asenDay ago

    Welp i guess i wont be buying it if it doesn't come out on steam, f the epic games store.

  129. Harry yolo

    Harry yoloDay ago

    I almost forgot to watch it today.

  130. Hawk of Battle

    Hawk of BattleDay ago

    I still honestly don't know who to main first. I love summoners in any game, so in BL1 I played Mord first, and then later played Gaige in BL2. But I also have played Siren in both previous games, (and Lilith is still my favorite class in the whole series) so should probably continue the trend. But then, Zane looks really cool and has a lot of versatility with being able to use 2 action skills at once, and Moze's mech looks tanky and fun as hell too. Gah, too many difficult choices!

  131. Johnny Nunya

    Johnny NunyaDay ago

    Totally going mech gunner, i am so excited for BL3!

  132. mranderson 5675

    mranderson 5675Day ago

    Can we put her head on a pike when we kill her