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    Researchers are beginning to learn that the makeup of the Union and Confederate armies in the US Civil War was a lot more nuanced and diverse than we had previously known. Here is an episode on the accounts of some of those surprising soldiers! bit.ly/EHPatreon

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    Amazing content as usual

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    You guys should make a video about General Antonio Luna and the Philippine revolution

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    3:33 Yea! You got the right Confederate flag. Not the battle flag.

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    Can you do Gettysburg

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    Pls make a video about the norwegians saboteurs from ww2. They could very well be the main reason why the nazis didn't developed a nuclear bomb

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    Thank you extra history!

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    Stories of the real human, the people behind the events, this is why Iove this channel.

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    I like how this account uses monograms to identify individuals, like the "G" and "L" on Grant and Lee respectively.

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    We need a series on the fall of the Soviet Union. You have all kinds of political chicanery (including that on the part of Americans), a war (Afghanistan) and a coup attempt. Also I need to see a cartoon version of Gorbachev.

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    4:21 Me: ya Colorado.

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    They didn’t use flintlocks, they used percussion caps. But that’s a small detail. Good video!

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    Excuse me, but Kevin is an Irish name.

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    The Seneca chief,"uhh... b*tch we're all Americans"

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    3:10 a son!!!! wonder how that happened?

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    Please do Sultan Saladin!

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    I LOVED all the marvel references.

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    2:04 T. Odinson.... THOR!!!?

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    Just sayin, all you patreon folks, lets get Native American civil war during the civil war as a series.

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    6:12 omg

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    Why did the IT WAS WALPOLE

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    2:19 Tahiti? I would travel there if I only had enough MUNEH.

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    7:12 the guy who won Capture the Flag irl

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    5:40 *_This feels like that one scene in Star Wars._* _blaster sounds here as kenobi falls off “dewback” (idk)_

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    I know it is nitpicking but I’m not sure there was much snow in El Paso

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    Has there been an Extra History on female soldiers in the Civil War?

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    Wasn't there an African American regiment in the Confederacy?

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    I never knew that there were Asian troops, Mexican troops. I learned something today, thanks extra credits!

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    4:17 Pew! Pew!

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    Hispanics and Native Americans once served (willingly??????) in the confederacy? Bet you'll never see that written in future high school history books. I'm sure many will gladly talk about how diverse the Union was but then see how awkward it would be for some to talk about the other side. When we look at the confederacy, I bet none of us here on this comment section expected to see Hispanics, Asians, let alone Native Americans proudly waving the Confederate flag.

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    Just imagine having to explain why it was a Cuban officer who managed the artillery assault on that Union fort.

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    Why do they have flintlocks

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    Fascinating. Thanks.

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    3:17 wait...they had sex? How would that even work? I’m sickened but curious

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    I am wondering the same thing.


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    How about making video also on foreigners from Europe, immigrants - Irish, Germans, even there was one Polish general in the Union army.

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    Anybody notice the Any y'all seen thanos? At 8:45

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    It sucked to be a person of color back then. Join one side, and if you lose you get broken treaties. Join another side, and if you win, treaties get brok an eventually. Do nothing, still broken treaties. So many lies, even until nowadays.

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    Finally, some names that they actually try to pronounce.

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    can you do veitnam?

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    "... the infamous Buffalo Soldiers...". Explain yourself sir!

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    8:47 LOL

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    But RIP characters who died in End Game (No spoilers)

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    2:19 *Dutch's Plan Intensifies*

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    6:55 Joseph Decastro: Memorialised for Best round of CTF Ever

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    Can you do more civil war videos

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    2:16.... I WAS BORN IN MANILA! (but I'm still Canadian)

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    I's very good. Just wish it's a bit more animated.

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    Is that Captain America's shield at 7:20 ?

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    Hurrah! Hurrah! for southern rights hurrah! hurrah for the Bonnie blue flag that bears the single star!

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    Any Y'all see Thanos?

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    i do respect the heroism of both sides, to bad they died in the war!

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    One of the best extra history episodes!

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    you guys should cover the Filipino/American war

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    6:31 Where's his clothes?

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    hey can you do a video on bonny and clyde

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    Well, makes me want to look up and maybe find some books on these people. I'm a big civil war buff and would love to learn more about these people. So, thank you for this.

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    Great episode, do you citation for your information?

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    Go confederates !!!!!

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    Will they ever talk of the alamo ? :(

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    vid about how the union turned against the natives after the war?

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    2:02 T. Odinson XD Thor Odinson

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    Thank you for making this video. Too often we only see mainstream but as you have shown so well history is complex.

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    untold history is very interesting

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    Very interesting episode. Are you able to point us to some of the sources you used for this episode or researchers leading the way on this?

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    born in HK and on the fourth and ran our flag? yup that american as hell.

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    6:44 i know that animation from some where ... *wispers* and than the winged hussars arrived

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    Hawaii baby

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    I came just to figure out why American Civil War soldiers were carrying flintlock muskets in the thumbnail.

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    Adventure time.

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    Right when this video came out my class finished the civil war and so I had to do actually research lol


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    "We get a better picture of America." Yeah I'm sure the five Asian guys who got conscripted had some major effect on the U.S.

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    300 names.... in a war fought by a million, maybe this is not the most important topic.

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    The confederacy isn’t dead the north is

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    My great great grandfather fought in the civil was and my moms dads brother fought ❤️ Vietnam

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    Wow! That was awesome! Keep up the great work!

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    The ability to view your episodes as seasons are gone

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    Away down South in the land of traitors, Rattlesnakes and alligators, Right away, come away, right away, come away. Where cotton's king and men are chattels, Union boys will win the battles, Right away, come away, right away, come away. CHORUS: Then we'll all go down to Dixie, Away, away, Each Dixie boy must understand That he must mind his Uncle Sam, Away, away, And we'll all go down to Dixie. Away, away, And we'll all go down to Dixie. I wish I was in Baltimore, I'd make Secession traitors roar, Right away, come away, right away, come away. We'll put the traitors all to rout. I'll bet my boots we'll whip them out, Right away, come away, right away, come away. CHORUS: Then they'll wish they were in Dixie, Away, away, Each Dixie boy must understand That he must mind his Uncle Sam, Away, away, And we'll all go down to Dixie. Away, away, And we'll all go down to Dixie. Oh, may our Stars and Stripes still wave Forever o'er the free and brave, Right away, come away, right away, come away. And let our motto ever be -- "For Union and for Liberty!" Right away, come away, right away, come away. CHORUS: Then they'll wish they were in Dixie, Away, away, Each Dixie boy must understand That he must mind his Uncle Sam, Away, away, And we'll all go down to Dixie. Away, away, And we'll all go down to Dixie. - UNION DIXIE lyrics I'm a Union boy son. Proud to be an American Patriot.

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    i prefer the song kill that yankee soldier. Much more catchy

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    I would have fought on the side of the Union for sure. For America! We sure were lucky the Union turned things around when Lee got cocky and marched North. I don't understand how people romanticize those traitors still.

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    That’s because you have no clue what you are talking about and brainwashed since birth

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    Trumpublicans are going to hate these truths and facts.

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    1:41 shouldn't it be split the other way, because its like, north and south, I just think it would be better.

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    I dunno my father changed his name to be more American I know if he had to be remembered it would be as an American not Vietnamese. I just feel like there is a small injustice in pointing out their race.

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    *waits for the sabaton song*

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    Lol I’m actually just learning the civil war in school I’m going to recommend this to my history teacher

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    After the us civil war can you make about the japanese war against china in ww2?

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    The majority of Jewish people supported the confederacy.

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    UNION JACK THE RIPPER13 days ago

    the first openly jewish person elected to office was the Secretary of state for the confederates

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    Pls make a video about the norwegians saboteurs from ww2. They could very well be the main reason why the nazis didn't developed a nuclear bomb

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    I'd like to take this time to thank all those who have fought for our country. And I'd like to give special recognition to those who were immigrants and valued it as something to fight for and not just a place to go to get money.

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    At 6:12 why was a guy naked in the top left corner?