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  1. Margarita Rodriguez

    Margarita Rodriguez2 hours ago

    I really thought it was sincere I’m confused. No tears, solutions honestly she must be embarrassed I’m rooting for her

  2. Scrubs Only

    Scrubs Only18 hours ago

    she can kiss her cosmetic career goodbye. a few bad experiences are warranted but the fact that she had to post a whole video about it just shows how many bad reviews she got. allllll set girl 🙅🏻‍♀️

  3. Hails520 ##

    Hails520 ##Day ago

    It blows my mind that she is the only person who has to sign off on the samples and make sure the product is perfect and that she is happy with it before it goes off to production in mass sale. And all she is doing is blaming the lab....


    #IHATENANCY.comDay ago


  5. Ariel Mabelle

    Ariel MabelleDay ago


  6. Jessica

    JessicaDay ago

    geez she talks fast, slow tf down with your lies hun

  7. Temi

    Temi2 days ago

    why should i have to "wait for the lipsticks to cool down" to use them. Are you for real, its LIPSTICK NOT A BOWL OF SOUP WTH. 5 months later and i still outraged. lol

  8. Keene Yong

    Keene Yong3 days ago

    I’m sad it didn’t turn out well but I hope it doesn’t happen to you again and that the business will be better as time goes on

  9. Keene Yong

    Keene Yong3 days ago

    And I know I’m late but...

  10. Kayleigh Bacon

    Kayleigh Bacon3 days ago

    I can't believe she left this video up.

  11. uhuh yeah

    uhuh yeah4 days ago

    get fucked

  12. irene santacruz

    irene santacruz4 days ago


  13. Félicia Cayer-Caron

    Félicia Cayer-Caron4 days ago

    J'ai jamais vu autant de dislike 😱🤣

  14. Cheree Henagan

    Cheree Henagan5 days ago

    Girrrrrrrrl, why the need to sound soooo pissed, like this is your fuckup, NOT the customers!!!!

  15. Tabitha K.

    Tabitha K.Day ago

    Wouldn't you be upset if your makeup brand got fucked up like this? If she was calm you'd be whining that she doesn't care.

  16. Elyca Moreno

    Elyca Moreno5 days ago

    99% the hairs 0.4% holes 0.4% grittyness 0.2% melting issue Let’s be clear Jaclyn

  17. Rachel Riot

    Rachel Riot5 days ago

    I’m not sure what’s worse.. Jaclyns lipsticks or this video??

  18. Leslie Dryden

    Leslie Dryden5 days ago

    That glove shit makes so much sense I hate you had to go through that shit girl. You didn't deserve that shit

  19. Dannia Mendoza

    Dannia Mendoza5 days ago

    Check out the body language video on this!!!!!

  20. N1 A

    N1 A6 days ago

    Oh my God, no more excuses please. But how the heck did that happen though?!

  21. Kawaii Vlogs

    Kawaii Vlogs6 days ago

    3:30 3:59 : iT IS OcoGENe

  22. Morgan Eldridge

    Morgan Eldridge6 days ago

    Her tone... Yikes. Lol

  23. Alexia Pearl

    Alexia Pearl7 days ago

    I remember seeing a video a long time ago about how people were endlessly waiting for her supposed “brand” and her excuses for it were like “i dont want to release my makeup just yet because i’m such a perfectionist and everything needs to be perfect” now I learn that she released her brand finally and it had hair and mold and metal shards in it 😂 yeah girl, youre definitely a perfectionist

  24. Just Guessing

    Just Guessing7 days ago

    After all the hype, I wanted to listen to the “REASON” for the lipstick issue. I didn’t buy it personally, but whatever. Here’s the thing, I taught 2nd grade for 23 years and they came up with better excuses/lies than this. Please don’t insult other’s intelligence, own your mistake and you will be a lot better off!

  25. Hannah McWhorter

    Hannah McWhorter7 days ago

    If you put it on .75x speed its about the same speed that a normal person would speak when explaining such an issue like this. Calm the fuck down Jaclyn 😂😂

  26. Carrie Boyer

    Carrie Boyer7 days ago

    So many excuses just admit you fucked up ..

  27. SeaweedCat

    SeaweedCat8 days ago

    Just Google "lipstick fungus" and there's your answer

  28. lisa mokry

    lisa mokry8 days ago

    Did you pay their dr bills or did they have to sue you.

  29. lisa mokry

    lisa mokry8 days ago

    You have already ran away. Your excuses are lame. Your voice is trembling which is a sign of lying.

  30. Layla Kim

    Layla Kim9 days ago

    Funny how these problems with her lipsticks only happen to her. Like the oxygen bubbles lmao

  31. Samantha Butler

    Samantha Butler9 days ago

    What you don't understand Jaclyn, is that people don't care WHY their product is crappy, they care that it IS crappy. You want happy and satisfied customers? Send them their unblemished replacement lipstick, don't ever sell crap products again, and stop talking about it.

  32. Squidward’s nose

    Squidward’s nose10 days ago

    Well at least she didn’t cry...

  33. Jo Anna

    Jo Anna10 days ago

    *plays with the playback speed* to be honest tho, idk how i got here

  34. xian quadros

    xian quadros10 days ago

    Am I the only one who counted how many times she actually breathed between her bouts of yelling?

  35. S M

    S M10 days ago

    Soooo...about the lipsticks.

  36. Joshua Hamilton

    Joshua Hamilton11 days ago

    I haven't seen the story and timeline change so much since back to the future.

  37. fluffbunny 21

    fluffbunny 2111 days ago

    2:37 WHY IS THE DATE 2017?!

  38. Meighan singh

    Meighan singh12 days ago

    If this was a product by any other MUA you would be dragging them down! If a product is shitty- no amount of excuses or bullshit explanation will change this...

  39. Germaine Tan

    Germaine Tan12 days ago

    dood I live in Singapore. ON THE FUCKING EQUATOR but I've never seen lipsticks melt here, even when I bring my lipstick out and touch up in an open field. I've never SEEN LIPSTICKS MELT.

  40. Tommy-Boi

    Tommy-Boi13 days ago

    Well, this is a one way to destroy your growing career... Greedy much?

  41. Jocef Jose

    Jocef Jose13 days ago

    *My Shrapnels* sounds more apt.

  42. Natasha Lowther

    Natasha Lowther13 days ago

    Wow...I cant even...GURRRLL... I TRIED TO COVER MY TRACKS. effed up BIG TIME. the lab was clearly one said anything about about the INGREDIENTS! it's the fibers the hair and the bubbles....your body language is giving your worry and guilt away big time...

  43. Alice Olsson

    Alice Olsson14 days ago

    I just wanna know how tf a girl got cut from her lipsticks cause it was a metal bit in it

  44. Alexa Cabading

    Alexa Cabading14 days ago

    I think you should name one of your shades "it sucks"

  45. Alexa Cabading

    Alexa Cabading14 days ago

    Your cosmetics sucks so stop! Cuz your not gonna be like kylie jenner you know that.

  46. XPOZA

    XPOZA14 days ago

    I’ve had $20 lipstick from Mac, Fenty and Melted. I’ve had $2 lipstick from the BEAUTY SUPPLY store. There is no excuse for this. 😭 I want a refund and I didn’t even buy the damn lipstick 😂

  47. I’m Nœ

    I’m Nœ14 days ago

    Who think she says it all so as not to lose her community? Because her lipsticks are... weird🙄👌🏻

  48. sienna garcia

    sienna garcia15 days ago

    If u don't like her lipsticks just don't buy them ...stop breaking this woman!

  49. Jacky Mendoza

    Jacky Mendoza15 days ago

    Well I’m just here for the comments , btw subscribe to my channel !!

  50. Peach

    Peach15 days ago

    i thought my playback speed was on 1.75

  51. varvara dani 15

    varvara dani 1515 days ago

    Makeup lab person: how lazy can we be. Jaclyn hill: yes

  52. Lizzy_419 x

    Lizzy_419 x16 days ago

    I'm so sorry you had to go thru this... it all makes sense it takes a team to make this happen and unfortunately like you said moving so quick to make all this these accidents does happen. You couldnt have explained this any better girl. You owned up these mistakes for sure. I wish you much success and hope this new lab meets up to everyone's standards. We all learn from mistakes I hope people can fully understand that s* does happen and stop with all the unnecessary comments.

  53. Kaidence Molina

    Kaidence Molina17 days ago


  54. Dahyun stole jimins jams

    Dahyun stole jimins jams19 days ago

    Makeup scientists: hOw MaNy ImPeRfEcTiOnS dO yOu WaNt? Jaqulin: yes (Not mine)

  55. Dahyun stole jimins jams

    Dahyun stole jimins jams19 days ago

    If you put the video speed at 0.75 it change the pace to the speed she is supposed to be talking...No actually try it, it's no joke, it works😂

  56. Dahyun stole jimins jams

    Dahyun stole jimins jams19 days ago

    Jaqulyn: here are the receipts Also Jaqulyn: *blurs two of the receipts* Me: oh cool...WAIT

  57. Luke Suss

    Luke Suss16 days ago


  58. Rex Colony

    Rex Colony20 days ago

    its approved in 2017...

  59. Rex Colony

    Rex Colony20 days ago

    Truth please

  60. Kat Jessica

    Kat Jessica20 days ago

    Blah blah blah

  61. Rex Colony

    Rex Colony20 days ago

    What about the metal and how people are getting sick

  62. Luke Suss

    Luke Suss16 days ago

    Rex Colony love how you comment this 5 months later nobody's sick don't make shit

  63. Heighton 720

    Heighton 72020 days ago

    They didnt want prints or anything on it but fuzz was ok?

  64. rachael_badass212

    rachael_badass21220 days ago

    So I found out about her via the fucked up hate videos. I had to search for her video like crazy. She is being SO HELPFUL. FUCK THE HATE COMMENTS. She's giving the details and shes offering full refunds and new lipstick. Why is everyone bitching. Everybody has a hard time in the begining. Also... I live in AZ, ALL LIPSTICK MELTS. I feel like shes being hated on for no reason. Shes trying to make it right and really being honest addressing every problem. Wow... I'd want to buy this based off her apology. Let's get behind her and help her out. All these problems are not based on her. It's her scientists and the execution. Dont let some billionaires take over the industries, that's why it's so hard. Shes trying and learning and making it right. Let's give this small business girl a chance 🙌🏻 after this video I feel empowered to help her. Hey chica, comment me back with your website URL and I'll order a bunch and send the link to all my friends. You deserve it. I've been in hard places and sometimes the best thing is failing because you're going to learn and come back up to the top.

  65. Luke Suss

    Luke Suss16 days ago

    rachael_badass212 Thank you