Andra Day & Shayy Sing "Rise Up" - American Idol 2019 Finale


  1. Forest Taniguchi

    Forest Taniguchi7 hours ago

    I like how Shayy acted like she could see Andra smiling at her before they hugged

  2. Forest Taniguchi

    Forest Taniguchi7 hours ago

    Holy F she’s good

  3. B r a n d i

    B r a n d i20 days ago

    Beautiful background.

  4. jaycel A

    jaycel A21 day ago

    Morissett version is better than this and better than the original..

  5. Autumn Shariss

    Autumn Shariss23 days ago

    this took me back to her audition and I couldn't help but lose it. Literally crying! God bless this beautiful, flawless performance 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤💘🎧

  6. First Lady

    First Lady27 days ago

    beautiful lyrics, perfect voices😚

  7. sky peters

    sky petersMonth ago

    I can’t not get chills from Andra there is something magic about her

  8. Lynn & Crystal

    Lynn & CrystalMonth ago


  9. Mona Fares

    Mona FaresMonth ago

    I ACTUALLY cried😭

  10. Robson Vale

    Robson ValeMonth ago


  11. Abraham Modi

    Abraham ModiMonth ago

    Why Andra Day is so underrated😭

  12. Shyla Terrero

    Shyla TerreroMonth ago

    Andra looks like princess jasmine

  13. Quinn Murphy

    Quinn MurphyMonth ago

    When I was watching this finale I was almost in tears with just this song

  14. Bri Leonor Mejia

    Bri Leonor MejiaMonth ago

    Okay I cried

  15. Afri Yunannas

    Afri YunannasMonth ago

    Morissette amon pulled this off already.

  16. Diavolo X

    Diavolo XMonth ago

    Afri Yunannas - Sarah G's version is better

  17. Rudimer Bibih

    Rudimer BibihMonth ago

    Morissete joined the group! And these two left immediately

  18. Diavolo X

    Diavolo XMonth ago

    Rudimer Bibih - sarah G joined the group and morissette vanished

  19. Danishka Graydon

    Danishka GraydonMonth ago

    Omggggg Shayy made it to the finale...sooooo proud of you!!

  20. Yul Cortes

    Yul CortesMonth ago

    Just try to watch Morissete Amon from the Philippines

  21. Diavolo X

    Diavolo XMonth ago

    Sarah G better

  22. Tony Cabanes

    Tony CabanesMonth ago

    Morissette rendition is the best🔥👏🏻

  23. Diavolo X

    Diavolo XMonth ago

    Tony Cabanes - Sarah G's version is the best

  24. Yuzarsif

    YuzarsifMonth ago

    Insert morissete

  25. Dan Amadora

    Dan AmadoraMonth ago

    Perfect duet, but this would be perfect if Morisette Amon of the Philippines and Andra Day.

  26. Diavolo X

    Diavolo XMonth ago

    Dan Amadora - disagree. Better if sarah g

  27. daniel mooij

    daniel mooijMonth ago

    Here you hear the difference between a good voice and a top voice

  28. lonawang

    lonawangMonth ago

    I have chills all over my body from watching this 😍😍

  29. Krystal Crawley

    Krystal CrawleyMonth ago

    Im convinced the 124 who thumbs downed this must be serial killers 😭😭😭

  30. kai yin

    kai yinMonth ago

    Morisette Amon's cover, still the best! ❤

  31. Diavolo X

    Diavolo XMonth ago

    kai yin - sarah g's is the best

  32. Gabby Valles

    Gabby VallesMonth ago

    so this is the original version that deleted morrisette's cover?

  33. Savannah Diane

    Savannah DianeMonth ago

    Gabby Valles this isn’t the video, even though the original singer is in the duet, that’s why I said it’s not 100% right the original is without Shayy

  34. Gabby Valles

    Gabby VallesMonth ago

    @Savannah Diane it is!the original version wanted to delete morrisette's version.....because it got so many views than the original.iits deleted 2 times

  35. Savannah Diane

    Savannah DianeMonth ago

    Not exactly

  36. Nyle Maniebo

    Nyle ManieboMonth ago Check out this 43-million viewed of Morissette Amon's cover of Rise Up. Will give you goosebumps for sure! While USwork is deleting it?

  37. Elwin Mantua

    Elwin MantuaMonth ago

    I was moved by the song and to the two artist

  38. Sherrie Crenshaw

    Sherrie CrenshawMonth ago

    I love this song

  39. Andrea Di Giovanni

    Andrea Di GiovanniMonth ago

    Andra's vocal control is just UGH SO GOOD.

  40. Piano Covers PPIA

    Piano Covers PPIAMonth ago

    I knew about this song when a subscriber requested that I make a piano cover of it. It has a very nice message and melody. I have a video of it in my channel.


    CHRISTI XXMonth ago

    Shay was the inspirational one this season.

  42. Maninho Senni

    Maninho SenniMonth ago

    Amazing duet

  43. Chenequa Maquel

    Chenequa MaquelMonth ago

    Phenomenal!!!! Finals worthy I MUST SAY!!!! That voice is pure gold SHAY!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  44. Roberto Junior

    Roberto JuniorMonth ago

    Andra day. ❤ te amamos (Brasil)

  45. Raherbeson Xavier

    Raherbeson XavierMonth ago

    MEU DEUS que coisa mais linda 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  46. Robson Vale

    Robson ValeMonth ago

    Concordo com vc! ❤

  47. Itsjust Landon

    Itsjust LandonMonth ago

    They have such good melody together

  48. Joshua Coronel

    Joshua CoronelMonth ago

    She better get morissette amon than andra day,

  49. Azul Azulina

    Azul AzulinaMonth ago

    Andra day la extrañabaaaa q bello cantaaa q vuelvaaa xfaaa😍😍❤

  50. Ovidiu Ionuț

    Ovidiu IonuțMonth ago

    Amazing 💙

  51. Nathanael Herbert

    Nathanael HerbertMonth ago

    It’s a beautiful song but Shay was not into the song there was no passion and no attitude to the song her stage presentation was dead

  52. Rahman Ataur

    Rahman AtaurMonth ago


  53. adam TV

    adam TVMonth ago

    I know this song because the Filipino girls Morrissite sing this song

  54. country city

    country cityMonth ago

    all these circus 🎪🤡s needs to stop with the whole rise up garabe 🙄 ur there to be a phony to win and get that money thats it nothin eles not to be a (phony ass GOD lovin GOD fearin circus 🎪 🤡🙄 that (never) reads the (kjv) bible nevere prays

  55. lauren gayle

    lauren gayleMonth ago

    This song never gets old!!!!And these 2 sisters did an excellent job!! They complimented each other BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!👍👍🌞🌞

  56. Fiyin Kay

    Fiyin KayMonth ago

    @lauren gayle oh ok I get you

  57. lauren gayle

    lauren gayleMonth ago

    @Fiyin Kay I know they're not blood sisters. I know that Andra Day is the original singer. This is just a cultural expression among us Black women. But let's just focus on the "positive". They're both PHENOMENAL singers!!!! Wouldn't you say??🌞👍🌞

  58. Fiyin Kay

    Fiyin KayMonth ago

    They are not sisters

  59. Bonica Babyeahh

    Bonica BabyeahhMonth ago

    Morissette is saying hi.

  60. Chaff LS

    Chaff LSMonth ago

    They gave me chills!!!!!❤️❤️

  61. jojo reddy tingon

    jojo reddy tingonMonth ago

    Lord Jesus😭😭😭....this is the most beautiful thing I've seen on the internet today. Thanks Andra thanks Shay. 👸👸

  62. Daniela Roldan

    Daniela RoldanMonth ago

    I got chills

  63. Joe Grace

    Joe GraceMonth ago

    Andra's hair giving me goosebumps