Stephen Curry Postgame Interview - Game 5 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals


  1. Malal Ghafar

    Malal Ghafar2 days ago

    Love ๐Ÿ’• your wife I follow her cocking Chanel , donโ€™t be sad you are the champion how hard u work u 3 point shots are amazing u never miss

  2. Malal Ghafar

    Malal Ghafar2 days ago

    The whole California loves you ,you are the winner one pint is not a winning we pray for you guys next year hopefully ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™

  3. Tom Wostoncroft

    Tom Wostoncroft3 days ago

    Nobody hates Curry, we all hate his fan boys who have made such ridiculous claims like he is the best ever. He suffers because his fan base is largely ignorant. Just want to point out that he had never made the clutch shot on the biggest stage.

  4. Candy B.Sexy1

    Candy B.Sexy13 days ago

    Steph Curry is a gentleman's gentleman. A wonderful person to have your back. THIS is what a good teammate looks like. Congratulations Warrior for being tru warriors that gave us a great series. Moreover, Respect to Steph for allowing the spirit to guide him.

  5. armauni allen

    armauni allen3 days ago

    I blame Ayesha

  6. jaz champ

    jaz champ3 days ago


  7. Lawrence Depedro

    Lawrence Depedro3 days ago

    Yabang na curry talo nmn kayu sa Game 6

  8. Booty O Jay

    Booty O Jay3 days ago

    Raptors won lol

  9. Crab Burger

    Crab Burger3 days ago

    No title for your my little friend hahaha!!!!!

  10. Jacqueline Simmons

    Jacqueline Simmons3 days ago

    Curry a man with a lot of heart you did what you set out to do well done in my heart the warriors are a strong team sometimes you half to lose to win again you already won you did your thing ever body has a season it will come again kd and Klay love you both get well.stay strong.

  11. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller3 days ago

    Good job Raptors! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

  12. Hyatt Sweezy

    Hyatt Sweezy4 days ago

    Heโ€™s hurt but itโ€™s not the end of the world for him at all, heโ€™s going to be sitting on his millions recovering.. he will just have to rehab physically and basically mentally.. he will be fine, hopefully he comes back the same. It just seems so small when you compare it real world problems.. like what happens when a father gets hurt and canโ€™t work to provide his family with food or basic necessities, basketball seems like a luxury when you compare it to things like that. Donโ€™t get me wrong, I feel for him, but I feel differently towards real world problems. Am I wrong for thinking this way?

  13. Andrea McCall

    Andrea McCall4 days ago

    wow just wow. what a poised and christian young man. what a way to represent. They are champions whether they win or loose.

  14. Daniel Baer

    Daniel Baer4 days ago

    Keep slaying Steph youโ€™re the leader as wel

  15. Daniel Baer

    Daniel Baer4 days ago

    We ainโ€™t done yet

  16. Daniel Baer

    Daniel Baer4 days ago

    We ainโ€™t done yet

  17. Daniel Baer

    Daniel Baer4 days ago

    Stand up!

  18. Joshua Franco

    Joshua Franco4 days ago

    toronto wins

  19. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller3 days ago

    Joshua Franco prophet

  20. James Chavez

    James Chavez4 days ago

    I hope they win the championship curry is a great teammate he has a lot of respect


    BRIAN BC PRYOR4 days ago

    #WARRIORS.....STEPH30!!!! IRON_ $TEELE_GRIND_UP!!! GAME7!!!!!!!

  22. Alex Vargas

    Alex Vargas4 days ago

    *Go Raptors*

  23. FreedomForce100

    FreedomForce1004 days ago

    STOP the KD charade. He is a pro paid millions. This is an insult to people who get hurt and have no money get healthy. Sone reporters are idiots. They should be praising Curry and Thompson clutch play.

  24. Denzel Munroe

    Denzel Munroe4 days ago

    Warriors winning the nba championship in the 2018-19 nba season๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›.

  25. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller3 days ago

    Denzel Munroe this aged poorly

  26. jas bassin

    jas bassin5 days ago

    I can see these questions over and over asking the same thing in 100 different ways can get frustrating especially in a time like this come on they should limit these

  27. Sling Shot

    Sling Shot5 days ago

    If I was a Raptor Player, I would take to the mic to tell the Raptor Fans that it's an insult to cheer an injury to an opposing star player. That's having NO CONFIDENCE in the Raptors, because the fans that cheered think the Raptors need it easy. NO VICTORY WOULD BE SWEET WITHOUT COMPETITION TO RAISE ONE'S GAME.

  28. lo lo

    lo lo5 days ago

    Dont even no these guys but I feel the EMOTIONAL FEELINGS DAMMMM

  29. Blake Harris

    Blake Harris5 days ago

    Whole interview about KD. Why not just the mf-er out and ask him themselves. Every reporter damn near asked the same question.

  30. TJ Gibson

    TJ Gibson5 days ago

    Good stuff Steph

  31. tyson deleon

    tyson deleon5 days ago


  32. Tyler trains

    Tyler trains5 days ago

    F*ck the warriors!

  33. Tyler trains

    Tyler trains5 days ago

    Raps in 6 baby!

  34. Matt Dunn

    Matt Dunn5 days ago

    Best shooter in NBA history when nobody is defending him and illegal screens make for separation. Cavs in 7!! 2016! Baby!!

  35. Corey Brown

    Corey Brown5 days ago

    Reporter:"Are you paying attention to Ayesha" Steph: ๐Ÿ˜’...๐Ÿ†=๐Ÿคฐ๐Ÿพ

  36. Martin Rodriguez

    Martin Rodriguez5 days ago

    Kawhi Leonard has exited the group chat **

  37. TOP 10

    TOP 105 days ago


  38. Omar Medoza

    Omar Medoza5 days ago

    W or L Stephen Curry is arguably the best point guard of his generation

  39. raxito2000

    raxito20005 days ago

    GSW is the best team in the last 5 years, simple. They can win or lose the finals but as they are a hospital is not fair to ask more from them. They have to prove nothing else. Even with 60% of their power they are still competing and that is great to see. Curry is a great player and great person, Klay is impressive, Draymond the best defensive player and perfect in the transitions and KD the best, great heart, I hope he can stay in GSW

  40. Candace Lang

    Candace Lang5 days ago

    Get well, Kevin Durant. You are wonderful.

  41. free diary

    free diary5 days ago

    I am Canadian and rooting for Golden State with all my heart for the sacrifoce. KD

  42. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller3 days ago

    free diary Kk

  43. Marcy Percy

    Marcy Percy5 days ago

    This comment section is a homofest.

  44. Aaric S

    Aaric S5 days ago

    Sorry to say but raptors are better so we eat curry

  45. Harry

    Harry5 days ago

    we will always respect Draymond Curry Thompson and KD . This is a great team

  46. Nickos White

    Nickos White5 days ago

    lmao you cant always tell when a light skin person been crying

  47. jonatahan Delgado

    jonatahan Delgado5 days ago

    never underestimate the heart of the real warrior and KD has it i sallute to him goodluck KD


    I'M HIGH LIKE VERY HIGH5 days ago


  49. Daniel Tan

    Daniel Tan5 days ago

    Its great to hear such genuwine comments from Steph Curry. Hope to see KD fully recover and back to his self in the future. These finals have had everything!

  50. amy benje

    amy benje5 days ago

    Sorry for him.looks drained

  51. Rafonline1

    Rafonline15 days ago

    They did not fucking cheer for the injury they thought it was a turnover and the mans on a fastbreak ofc they gonna cheer

  52. Verxity Clapz

    Verxity Clapz5 days ago

    Whether you want raptors or warriors to win we all want game 7

  53. ๆจๅญ

    ๆจๅญ5 days ago

    ๅบ“้‡ŒๅŠ ๆฒน

  54. Im Confused

    Im Confused5 days ago

    Steph is the MVP of this series - hands down!

  55. Natasha Burch

    Natasha Burch5 days ago

    My Heart goes out to KD ๐Ÿ™‡

  56. Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter

    Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter5 days ago

    6:00 she says โ€œthe crowd almost cheered at KDs injuryโ€ Bitch I think you meant to say they DID CHEER, you dumb cunt.

  57. Vince JWhite

    Vince JWhite5 days ago

    Questions are always so dumb


    REXIEL RABANES5 days ago

    Win or lose in this series, GSW shows their best and proves that they cant easily bet the heart of the champion.

  59. Aaron  Lajimodiere

    Aaron Lajimodiere5 days ago

    Glad I watched this raptor choke in 7

  60. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller3 days ago

    Aaron Lajimodiere wrong

  61. Noah Alexander

    Noah Alexander5 days ago

    Kd an curry definitely make my top 5 all Iโ€™m list

  62. P DR

    P DR5 days ago

    Question. Its only 3 players on GS team that could question KD. Dray & The Splash Bro. So who's all involved that deserves blame??

  63. T-Def Hip Hop

    T-Def Hip Hop5 days ago


  64. Ram Bartholomew

    Ram Bartholomew5 days ago

    # slash Bros

  65. Princess Kimora

    Princess Kimora5 days ago

    When I was a little baby I fell down the steps and I miss a step from hitting my head and landed on my butt

  66. maykel leyton

    maykel leyton5 days ago

    Podrรญan subtitularlo plis

  67. Jocelyn Vergara

    Jocelyn Vergara5 days ago

    Great shooter, but he doesnt have the humbleness of Khawi

  68. NGU_ Shadow

    NGU_ Shadow5 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Stephen curry Please tie your shoes

  69. ISM Blxst ใƒƒ

    ISM Blxst ใƒƒ6 days ago

    One point damn

  70. Crystal

    Crystal6 days ago

    Class act Steph! Not reflective of TO at all..we're better than that!

  71. Alain Connelly

    Alain Connelly6 days ago

    Love KD

  72. Brian Figueroa

    Brian Figueroa6 days ago


  73. jeff barbosa

    jeff barbosa6 days ago

    big respect to kd

  74. sGavin-

    sGavin-6 days ago

    Yo please sub to me so my parents can see how USwork could change my life

  75. Georgia Bragg

    Georgia Bragg6 days ago

    Curry is right tho" that big loud mouth SAS pushing the KD narrative every topic trying to recruit KD to that pitiful NY Knicks recently that Brooklyn nets and the clippers before that KD to that Lakers team ;. blame that big loud mouth SAS ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ–• the media hating jealous analysis started this.most always hated the warriors and then when KD join the warriors the warriors narrative gotten ridiculous and then the closer KD free agency SAS and the yapping hatein analysis just started to push it every aspect of each topic so blame the media ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ‘

  76. Neurada

    Neurada6 days ago

    What happened?? ๐Ÿ‘€

  77. Matuidicharo

    Matuidicharo6 days ago

    Big players always step up in the big stage lets go warriors ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  78. Dante King

    Dante King6 days ago

    Support wrestle talk

  79. Lili Torry

    Lili Torry6 days ago

    "Sacrificed his body" lol What? Sussss ๐Ÿ‘

  80. Pink Alien

    Pink Alien6 days ago

    All the hate or KD being "misunderstood", as they said very euphemistically, came from that sudden exit from OKC to join GSW.

  81. Douglas Turner

    Douglas Turner6 days ago

    Suit is too smooth

  82. Smilez Soul

    Smilez Soul6 days ago

    Notice how none of the reporters even cared to ask curry about the game. Nothing like โ€œwhat did you or the team do to gameplan wise to comeback in this gameโ€ or something along those lines. Instead we got a bunch of hungry animals trying to get a controversial story about a player who just suffered an injury. Yโ€™all media people make me fucking sick.

  83. Gable Mann

    Gable Mann6 days ago

    Well, the good thing is, the Warriors wonโ€™t get to disrespect POTUS since they wonโ€™t be invited to the White House as champions.

  84. nycbk23

    nycbk236 days ago

    That little indent on the right side of Steph's head always bothers me..

  85. andrew smith

    andrew smith6 days ago

    Curry is a class act.

  86. Eddie Parra

    Eddie Parra6 days ago

    Put kd in kawhis shoes what is the outcome?

  87. Mirza Baig

    Mirza Baig6 days ago

    Fuck the warriors tho ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  88. Rudy Straight

    Rudy Straight6 days ago

    I pray we get another injury. We need mo fire power to take em out. They still too good

  89. Rudy Straight

    Rudy Straight6 days ago

    Dem twigs legs. Knew dem finna snap anytime..

  90. Chris Cruz

    Chris Cruz6 days ago

    It shows in their play that they have nothing left to prove I watch them on the court they just don't look as hungry they need to find things to get motivated I think he's looking at it wrong

  91. Aspen McRae

    Aspen McRae6 days ago

    I feel so bad for him! He seems so uncomfortable with there questions, and I would hate to have to be him! But he played so wellโ™ฅ๏ธ

  92. Marcy Percy

    Marcy Percy5 days ago

    Holy shit

  93. Steven Lai

    Steven Lai6 days ago

    He can do all thing!

  94. Solid Mike P

    Solid Mike P6 days ago

    KD was probably high on pain killers when he sent that out.

  95. 24kt on my wrist

    24kt on my wrist6 days ago

    Win or Lose, Raptors blew a 3-1 lead.

  96. amind yussif

    amind yussif6 days ago


  97. Alex B

    Alex B6 days ago

    Curry is one of the worst ball players the league had ever seen

  98. Robert Owens

    Robert Owens6 days ago

    Much respect to curry for what he has done

  99. arlene senedo

    arlene senedo6 days ago

    We love you steph and to your team..we will support you no matter what happens...we believe in all of the warriors team..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ช God bless you all.. #dubnation #warriorsNation #weAreWarriors

  100. Phant4sm

    Phant4sm6 days ago

    how rich thugs can be so fucking stupid.

  101. Bruce Buckner

    Bruce Buckner6 days ago

    How you all doing good evening. Follow for a follow on instagram bucknerbruce414

  102. John Doe

    John Doe6 days ago

    You've done everything Except Play lock down Defense.. Even off the switch, Y'all gotta be ready for whomever u end up garden... Champions play both ends of the Floor... My opinion ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

  103. John Doe

    John Doe6 days ago

    You've done everything Except Play lock down Defense.. Even off the switch, Y'all gotta be ready for whomever u end up garden... Champions play both ends of the Floor... My opinion ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

  104. Dre Wright

    Dre Wright6 days ago

    KD should sue the NBA for making him play while hurt. KD wasnt even physically clear to play. KD literally put his own life and career on the line just to play.

  105. Tiago Daniel

    Tiago Daniel6 days ago

    Very good that happines of the journalists lol