Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!


  1. Charlie_ B

    Charlie_ B2 hours ago

    Shane please make a video in your new Beauty Guru room doing your make up

  2. Koko Ya

    Koko Ya2 hours ago

    I want to cry for Shane. This is to SWEET of you to DO!!!❤❤❤

  3. Kara Soland

    Kara Soland2 hours ago

    The next video absolutely has to be “SURVIVING 24 HOURS STRAIGHT IN SHANE’S BEAUTY ROOM”

  4. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee2 hours ago

    You did a great job!!! Your love 4 one another shows so much and the way your building a home together is awesomely inspirational!!!

  5. Adriana Maldonado

    Adriana Maldonado2 hours ago

    I think the product should be called pig mented with a a pig and star sunglasses whose with me😁

  6. Sarah Gallant

    Sarah Gallant2 hours ago

    He never said thank you..

  7. Quinoa Karma

    Quinoa Karma2 hours ago

    Oh my god this is so sweet

  8. Lina Villegas

    Lina Villegas2 hours ago

    you should do a 24 hr challenge in the makeup room

  9. Abbe McKinney

    Abbe McKinney2 hours ago

    Did i peep.shane wearing some balinciagas or am I imagining things😂 5:36

  10. I like all YouTubers

    I like all YouTubers3 hours ago

    I'm so excited for Shane to post a documentary with JS again!😆

  11. Emily cochran

    Emily cochran3 hours ago

    26:00 pls make that video

  12. Marissa A. TV

    Marissa A. TV3 hours ago

    Ill gladly take Shane’s “no” makeup for you guys 🥺😫😫

  13. I like all YouTubers

    I like all YouTubers3 hours ago

    2:41 shanes face tho

  14. Rebecca Rodriguez

    Rebecca Rodriguez3 hours ago

    Your spirit fingers have no chill

  15. Maleah Walley

    Maleah Walley3 hours ago

    omg this was posted on my birthday 😍🤩😁

  16. No No

    No No3 hours ago

    I want all this makeup but I have $5 to my name

  17. Gabriella Armstrong

    Gabriella Armstrong3 hours ago

    Ryland: what do you want Shane: says what he wants Rayland: are you designing the room or am I 😂😂

  18. zny

    zny3 hours ago

    you look better with Garrett glasses 👓

  19. Mellie D

    Mellie D3 hours ago

    Does anyone know where Garrett has been? I feel like we haven’t seen him for a while.

  20. Ashley Ratt

    Ashley Ratt3 hours ago

    Omg ryland where did you get those skills at measuring the room in order to design? Would love to know!!❤️

  21. Victoria Lawlor

    Victoria Lawlor3 hours ago

    Can I be honesttttttttt, I thought ryland would be the one who loves makeup

  22. Mimi Meyers

    Mimi Meyers3 hours ago

    I want to cry for Shane. This is to SWEET of you to DO!!!❤❤❤

  23. Devina Cazador

    Devina Cazador3 hours ago

    9:18 or they can stay in the same room 😏

  24. Devina Cazador

    Devina Cazador3 hours ago

    8:40 why was this so funny for me?

  25. B T

    B T3 hours ago

    Did you get lingual braces? Something is different about the way you talk in this video

  26. Vicki Cragle

    Vicki Cragle3 hours ago

    Amazing!!!! You have more makeup than imaginable! 😘

  27. Annalise Pacheco

    Annalise Pacheco3 hours ago

    How come Shane hasn't been posting??????.

  28. Looley 2323 AJ

    Looley 2323 AJ3 hours ago

    Im wearing the exact same NASA t-shirt rn he is lmaooooo

  29. Lexi King

    Lexi King3 hours ago

    I wish he added a mini fridge with root beer in it

  30. Emileaf

    Emileaf3 hours ago

    I love HGTV

  31. samantha blakely

    samantha blakely3 hours ago

    anyone know the song at the reveal part?

  32. Mimi Meyers

    Mimi Meyers3 hours ago

    Your future husband is the Bomb and so are you. I love you both!!! ❤❤❤💋💋💋

  33. Chloe Sweeney

    Chloe Sweeney4 hours ago

    so lovely to see them happy and to see how happy shane was whilst talking about his makeup😊

  34. Mariana Chiulli

    Mariana Chiulli4 hours ago

    Does the wallpaper match. the right side. I can’t tell

  35. Daniela

    Daniela4 hours ago

    That jeffree star pillow at the back of like the living room? Goals

  36. Alonza Marie

    Alonza Marie4 hours ago

    Why is everything about Jeffree it’s annoying asf like stop riding his dick

  37. Jade g

    Jade g4 hours ago

    I mean... I can take alot of that makeup off your hands for you !!!

  38. Sofia Arrieta

    Sofia Arrieta4 hours ago

    I'm so happy for shane, karma sometimes is a good bitch and for all the pain shane got through now he's living a great life

  39. Lunaeincola

    Lunaeincola4 hours ago

    Ryland you did an awesome job!!

  40. Karah Paddock

    Karah Paddock4 hours ago

    Cheeto is shook

  41. Jordyn Gallows

    Jordyn Gallows4 hours ago

    You guys should totally do a makeup organizing video like the people in Safiya’s channel did!

  42. Sophia Woodward

    Sophia Woodward4 hours ago

    can you imagine if Shane never exposed Andrew as his camera man?? like we wouldn't even know, he wouldn't be allowed to be in morgan's or Ryland's videos, and he wouldn't be allowed to laugh or randomly walk through the back of the frame. whatta life am I right??

  43. V J

    V J4 hours ago

    Rich lux... clock the house!! Priceless 👏🦄😍😂🤪

  44. Laia Khanjaro

    Laia Khanjaro4 hours ago

    Ur so cute omg 😫❤️

  45. Master Boy GamingYT

    Master Boy GamingYT4 hours ago

    why do boys need a Beauty room ;-;

  46. anitak315

    anitak3154 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see your first makeup tutorial Shane . God bless you both😘👍💕

  47. Space Bat

    Space Bat5 hours ago

    You did such an amazing job, the room looks fantastic!

  48. Jax Animations

    Jax Animations5 hours ago


  49. Mae-Ling

    Mae-Ling5 hours ago

    Shane: “I’ve been washing my face” Andrew: “Jesus”

  50. Mik C

    Mik C5 hours ago

    I wish I had that much makeup 😭😂

  51. Rukia Kuchki

    Rukia Kuchki5 hours ago

    Ryland I know one last thing that would make that room get a salt water fish tank and put it in the window make sure the blind is closed so no algae grows in the tank, the reason why I am saying this is watching colorful fish swim around helps with anxiety and it calms people and it's esthetically pleasing match fish with Shane's favorite colors of lipsticks eyeshadows and you get more variety of color with salt water fish tanks.

  52. SINternet Entertainment

    SINternet Entertainment5 hours ago

    To have money

  53. Meaghan c

    Meaghan c5 hours ago

    Room is amazinnnnn g💜😘😘😘😘

  54. madison summerlin

    madison summerlin5 hours ago

    I love this😩

  55. Danni Taylor

    Danni Taylor5 hours ago

    I would give up my whole soul/bank account/house etc. for someone like Ryland 🥺

  56. Alex.the.ghost

    Alex.the.ghost5 hours ago

    can ryland please stop using triggered as a joke? it really bothers me,

  57. Heylo

    Heylo5 hours ago

    Ryland those glasses omg I need them pls tell me

  58. Emma Olson

    Emma Olson5 hours ago

    This is STUNNING! I never thought Shane would be a part of the beauty community yet here he is. You guys are in fact a power couple. Shane’s skin looks stunning. 😩 I love this so much.

  59. callmecristal

    callmecristal5 hours ago

    wow!!! room looks amazing! I love getting the sneak peeks of Shane on these other channels while his channel is on hiatus for the filming of the next series...

  60. SimplyZeyma

    SimplyZeyma5 hours ago

    Shane’s skin looks so much better and idk if it’s tati’s vitamins or if I’m trippin

  61. Margaret S

    Margaret S5 hours ago

    Please get Shane to do a video about the makeup he doesnt like/his favorites!

  62. Serenity Shields

    Serenity Shields5 hours ago

    nobody: shane: wAit ohmygod i’m ricH

  63. secretly araccoon

    secretly araccoon5 hours ago

    Askshjskajak Shane is literally me if I could actually afford makeup 😂

  64. America Thomas

    America Thomas6 hours ago

    I like how they used Hank and Henry beauty and didn’t shout them out ❤️💋

  65. liLy

    liLy6 hours ago

    nobody: not a soul: andrew: Jesus Christ

  66. Leah • M • Vlogs

    Leah • M • Vlogs6 hours ago

    You guys should do a 24 hour challenge in the new make up in room!!! 😂👍💕

  67. sally walker

    sally walker6 hours ago

    Shane’s skin is snatched asf

  68. Jaylin Hughes

    Jaylin Hughes6 hours ago

    When is shane posting a new video

  69. Hailey Martinez

    Hailey Martinez6 hours ago


  70. Hailey Martinez

    Hailey Martinez6 hours ago

    Who else heard prettymuch in the back ground. 🥺💗💖💕💞😏🥴

  71. Vlogging With Gabe

    Vlogging With Gabe6 hours ago

    Anyone else wondering if there are any hints to Shane’s new video?

  72. Karen A

    Karen A6 hours ago

    Get you a man that makes a panic room for you #relatable

  73. Claudia Mendoza

    Claudia Mendoza6 hours ago

    dont end up like glitterforever

  74. Lyndsy Carson

    Lyndsy Carson6 hours ago

    Does Ryland not realize that almost all of his videos are just brags. “ like i’m dating shane dawson and i’m rich now bitches” no one cares we just want shane. sorry really rude but i needed to be truthful.

  75. Gina

    Gina6 hours ago

    Shane should do a line for sensitive skin and focus on skincare rather than make-up

  76. Daria Haynie

    Daria Haynie6 hours ago

    Shane's skin has gotten so much better

  77. Jay Afzaal

    Jay Afzaal7 hours ago

    19:04 you are so lucky the camera was blurred before the actual pixelating thing popped on

  78. Esmee's life

    Esmee's life7 hours ago

    21:27 me: shook jaw to the ground Andrew:this is to legit to be a house

  79. just a girl

    just a girl7 hours ago

    I've gotta say I really miss shane and I've been waiting for a video for along long time

  80. lily osborne

    lily osborne7 hours ago

    You can send all of this to me!!!!!! Sis

  81. Lucy gotta think!

    Lucy gotta think!7 hours ago

    Come design my bedroom bc it needs help 😂

  82. Diego Carrillo

    Diego Carrillo7 hours ago

    why am I so in love with Andrew help me

  83. princessfaurouz1 Tm

    princessfaurouz1 Tm7 hours ago

    Why does morgen look like a funny nerd😂😂😂😃😃

  84. Savanna Lyons

    Savanna Lyons7 hours ago

    Just saying both of yours and shanes skin looks FLAWLESS


    ELIZABETH OLEA7 hours ago

    NOT to seem RUDE but andrew looks different like he gaining SOME weight

  86. American Ajumma

    American Ajumma7 hours ago

    if Shane wants to do another series i think glitterforever would be interesting.

  87. raeanne finlay

    raeanne finlay7 hours ago

    tell shane to do a vid of makeup

  88. MelissaM

    MelissaM7 hours ago

    Omg! You did so good!!! It looks amazing!

  89. Anamarie Lopez

    Anamarie Lopez7 hours ago

    21:16 is the part you wanted lol 😂

  90. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez8 hours ago

    when is your song lets spill tea in the G going to come OOOOut

  91. Tasiana Collins

    Tasiana Collins8 hours ago

    I love the room but the rylantis thing gotta go

  92. Stinkaboo62

    Stinkaboo628 hours ago

    Beautiful job Rory!

  93. ѕнanda lynn

    ѕнanda lynn8 hours ago

    *theres no light that will snatch me*

  94. catarina’s VLOGS

    catarina’s VLOGS8 hours ago

    Shame didn’t even say thank you

  95. Daisy Rose

    Daisy Rose8 hours ago

    DROOLING!! I absolutely love this!

  96. Lolilazor's World

    Lolilazor's World8 hours ago

    You could tell shane just woke up by his hair

  97. Chris Daley

    Chris Daley8 hours ago

    Hey Shane Dawson, uh... I'm really sorry about your grandma. I know she's still hanging on but... if- I know it much be really hard right now... um... I had to deal with so many people with the exact same thing... so like, that same thing's happened to me like 5 times... with so many important people to me, and... I know that... when she does pass on I'll know that she'll go and she'll be with Jesus. I know that everything you've done really means a lot to her and she really loves you, and um... Yeah... So... She's lived a great life, I'm sure. You've done everything you... can? Ya can't do anything to stop it, it's just a part of life. So, um... Yeah, I'm really sorry. I Hope she has a good last while. I hope she makes it. Um... You're a great guy

  98. Courtney Hons

    Courtney Hons8 hours ago

    I need ryland to come redo my rooommm like dangggggg

  99. im poppy

    im poppy8 hours ago

    Shane needs to upload more I miss him

  100. Alexa Romero

    Alexa Romero8 hours ago

    I didn't know Shane has balenciagas