The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation


  1. Cosmodore

    Cosmodore9 days ago

    Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs

  2. Nalasleafhearts

    Nalasleafhearts2 hours ago

    idk if you're gonna see this but this but this movie is actually what made me hate pixar for what they did to the whole group of animators and editors. When they replaced the actors and higher ups, they also replaced the rest team as well. A family member of mine was stoked getting a job at pixar after working for another disney company for years and when they did the change up everyone was fired all the way down the ladder and from this my family member lost their job at pixar and lost a job working for a disney company. (/being in the disney family company thingy like abc/pixar/disney like land/world themselves, dunno if this makes sense but everyone in companies owned by disney is considered a disney employee)

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    What is your opinion on the movie Brave

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    The Untitled USwork Comment About The Untitled Cosmodore Video About The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs

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    @Marc Schofield So He Isn't Gonna Review Season 11

  6. Marc Schofield

    Marc Schofield3 days ago

    Leo Alexander he did he ranked them all

  7. Put The Igloo

    Put The IglooHour ago

    What is the music that starts in the background at 16:14?

  8. FyreForce 1600

    FyreForce 1600Hour ago

    Pixar: exists Disney: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  9. Lener Link

    Lener LinkHour ago

    Wow...I never heard of this movie

  10. 3041Markov

    3041MarkovHour ago

    I enjoyed this analysis until 5:54 when I realized you're one of those weirdos who puts their dumb little cartoon character in their videos.

  11. Maddy

    Maddy2 hours ago

    I liked it lmao (I’m 20)

  12. AklirothFMC

    AklirothFMC2 hours ago

    i totally forgot this film existed

  13. My nonexistent social life

    My nonexistent social life2 hours ago

    lol i guess cars 2 wasnt mentioned bc we all want to forget that one

  14. Sam

    Sam2 hours ago


  15. honeysana

    honeysana2 hours ago

    the movie was just SO underwhelming, the whole movie, i was waiting for the twist

  16. BRO& BRO

    BRO& BRO2 hours ago

    It’s stupid that they kept the good dinosaur in theaters for as long as they did because how is it supposed to compete with Star Wars it’s just stupid

  17. Sarcastic Ameila

    Sarcastic Ameila2 hours ago

    On a unrelated note, my dad really liked this movie and at the end my dad actually cried. xddd

  18. dreamfall31

    dreamfall312 hours ago

    I agree. Cars 2 may be a dumb movie, and a really bad one....but Good Dinosaur blows it out of the water in how terrible it is... This should have been scrapped like Newt was

  19. wawuglio

    wawuglio2 hours ago

    Pixar movies so repulsive that i'll never watch them. Ratatouille (a rat preparing meals? Ewwww) Finding Nemo (Seriously _ I'm supposed to care about a fish? Sorry Charlie)Finding Dory (ditto) Brave (Get woke, go broke) Coco (Unappealing graphics) That being sais, The Good Dinosaur wasn't bad. They didn't have to kill the dad though. Why do animators think killing parents is good story telling?

  20. Thundrex

    Thundrex2 hours ago

    huh, i had no idea people thought that movie was that bad. i mean it's not the best at all but this bad? jeez

  21. Mr. Two

    Mr. Two2 hours ago

    Run cars run

  22. Mr Bubble

    Mr Bubble2 hours ago

    Pretty sure it was actually Cars 2.

  23. JAMES C

    JAMES C3 hours ago

    Love the video. You watch and say, that makes sense. You then check the box office numbers and realize its full of shit.

  24. Tássio Moreira

    Tássio Moreira3 hours ago

    "The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation". Talk about exaggeration...

  25. DinosaurLova 2005

    DinosaurLova 20053 hours ago

    I loved The Good Dinosaur! I still love that movie!

  26. Eric Staley

    Eric Staley3 hours ago

    6:47 this kid looks like an IRL trans Joy from Inside Out

  27. Matt1991

    Matt19913 hours ago

    Probably the most boring film I have ever watched, but also at the same time the back ground designs blew my mind at how realistic they where, the dinosaurs models really didn’t do justice to the back ground, and the story was terrible

  28. Wileck

    Wileck3 hours ago

    They completely wasted the concept of the movie. We don't really get the sense that the dinosaurs are more 'evolved' because we never see their society. The sauropods at the beginning are farmers and the T-Rexes are ranchers, but that's it. Keeping the 1930s agricultural society theme would have made for a much more unique movie, not to mention way cooler. The landscapes look great though.

  29. Jared Tarrant

    Jared Tarrant3 hours ago

    Wait? Is that music from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in the background?

  30. downhillracers

    downhillracers3 hours ago

    I really liked The Good Dinosaur! It was beautiful, had a kinda kooky Americana roadtrip feel and made me cry multiple times. Yeah the plot was oddly reliant on concussions and I would've liked to have seen Bob Peterson's original vision. I might've kept Lucas Neff as Arlo's original voice actor too. But I think it's good. Finding Dory was the first Pixar movie where I felt like something was really missing.

  31. Zombiesfromjupiter

    Zombiesfromjupiter4 hours ago

    i might be too harsh, but seeing those horrendous designs move and talk so goofily in such a gorgeous photorealistic setting honestly disturbs me. it makes me physically uncomfortable. there's such an uncanny valley feel to them that i can't even describe properly how disturbing they look to me. when arlo gets all those cuts with blood in it?? why are the cuts and bruises so bloody realisting on this play-doh looking doofus. christ... i could barely stand to look at the footage to listen to your review. im sorry for those who love this movie, but they give me the creeps. it's just how i feel.

  32. CraftLlamas

    CraftLlamas3 hours ago

    Agreed 100%, and I usually love Pixar films.

  33. Wulfhere Cyning

    Wulfhere Cyning4 hours ago

    "Whose fault was this mess?" "Peter son's" "Oh, Peter Sohn?" "I was gonna say Bob Peterson but yeah okay"

  34. David Hong

    David Hong3 hours ago

    That was too much of a coincidence

  35. Starshy

    Starshy4 hours ago

    I feel like The Good Dinosuar is a good movie to watch if you have a strong appreciation for animation because the movie's scenery is stunning but the characters seem too cartoony for such a realistic setting. I agree though that if Pixar spent more time with the story it would be an amazing film.

  36. Zulhazreen zulkifli

    Zulhazreen zulkifli4 hours ago

    The only thing i liked about this movie are the visuals.they look beautiful but i don't like it that much.when they announced the movie i freakin thought it was a sequel to the 2000 disney dinosaur since disney was involved.

  37. SteveIsSleeve

    SteveIsSleeve4 hours ago

    I know it's not a great movie like so many of the other Pixar films, but The Good Dinosaur has a special place in my heart. It was one of the first movies my eldest son fell in love with, and we've watched it so many times together. The simplicity of the storyline has grown on me over time, and I can't help but enjoy it.

  38. Michelle Breitling

    Michelle Breitling4 hours ago

    Seems I am almost alone here with this opinion, but I really love this movie (Story, background and the cartoonish characters). For me one of the best films (but I give a sh*t on studios blabla, don't care from which studio which film is) Inside out as mentioned was ok to me, but Joy freaked me out the first minutes and through the entire film, I just could watch the film 1 time til now.

  39. - Knjn -

    - Knjn -4 hours ago

    That Dino looks disgustingly slime like

  40. imaloony8

    imaloony85 hours ago

    This movie was a fucking dumpster fire. Easily Pixar's worst movie. I can't even believe how bad it ended up being to be honest.

  41. Sigrún Á

    Sigrún Á5 hours ago

    I liked the good dinosaur :( it was cute and wholesome

  42. Pikachu93

    Pikachu935 hours ago

    The only things I liked about this movie are the T. Rexes and the scenery. Other than that, it was meh.

  43. imaloony8

    imaloony85 hours ago

    Shout out to the twitter follower who picked The Incredibles as their least favorite Pixar movie. Somehow, despite this all being subjective, you were still wrong.

  44. Jahosephat Grundy

    Jahosephat Grundy5 hours ago

    Cars, and Planes ruined Pixar's rep long before the Good Dinosaur came along.

  45. Tareltonlives

    Tareltonlives5 hours ago

    Jurassic World: I'm the worst dinosaur movie of 2015! Good Dinosaur: Hold my beer

  46. Sniper Cat

    Sniper Cat6 hours ago

    My highest dislike is Arlo's behaviour. Arlo blames Spot for the death of his father,but Arlo would still have a living dad if he killed Spot when Spot was in the trap

  47. Cayels

    Cayels6 hours ago

    but i really loved The Good Dinosaur :( i hate it when people shit on it.

  48. Fariko Wishless

    Fariko Wishless6 hours ago

    Instead of going for the what if of modern dinosaurs... They made a more gorgeous Ice Age 1... With only one verbal personality. That's why it failed. No conflict no characters bouncing off each other's wildly different motives and views. Just a kid like "I got this". That was it.

  49. two sciles italy

    two sciles italy7 hours ago

    I actually dont think the stories predictable rather it never had a story to begin with

  50. cxrtera

    cxrtera7 hours ago

    What I'm hearing is this could of been a good movie, but got fucked up but the studio wouldn't drop it

  51. fuge74

    fuge747 hours ago

    I actually don't think good dinosaur is as bad as people make it out to be. I don't care what you metrics say I really think it is a problem of "lack of initiative," I would actually try to recoup the cost by doing a TV series with a limited run, basically some short movies to help fill in the [missing] plot that was present, then redo it with an expanded version and do a direct release. I have no problems with Pixar admitting they didn't have faith but I would be more upset that they didn't try to fix it.

  52. reggie boy

    reggie boy8 hours ago

    I was 14 when this film came out, and I was getting abused pretty bad by my "boyfriend" and he took me to see this movie. Ever since I've had a huge distaste for this movie. Which is really unfortunate because I love Pixar.... I guess this helps me to hate on it.

  53. Amir R

    Amir R8 hours ago

    CARS was THE movie that put a dent in their reputation. Mediocre, yes, but trash when compared to just their first 2 films as a studio, Toy Story and Bugs Life

  54. Link

    Link8 hours ago

    When i first saw the film, the first word in my head was mediocre. I didn't think it was bad, but definitely not great. probably the worst Pixar movie, but i've seen I've seen way worse films… *remembers Batman and Robin*

  55. Hoih2

    Hoih28 hours ago

    Does anyone hear pokèmon mystery dungeon sky soundtrack?

  56. Keith Everson

    Keith Everson8 hours ago

    Cars 2 was their low point. Yes, Good Dinosaur was not good. Cars 2 was BAD.

  57. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake8 hours ago

    I appreciate the EarthBound music

  58. Dylan McCollum

    Dylan McCollum8 hours ago

    It is so fucking ridiculous that a movie studio that has made mostly amazing to masterpiece level animated movies isn't allowed to make a meh one without their "reputation being ruined"

  59. Semantic Samuel

    Semantic Samuel9 hours ago

    This is a bit of a click-baity title that I got sucked into anyway, but didn't get too far with the video. It's hardly 'destroyed' Pixar's reputation, has it? It's a bit of a dud (alongside Cars 2), but it's not as terrible as people make it out to be. It's just not of the calibre as previous Pixar titles. It's just an aggressively average film, though not without its own charm. I'd argue that Finding Dory, The Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet are worse, being very average and derivative films that achieve success by piggybacking on their (brilliant) original films. Pixar have yet to release a sequel that's as good (if not arguably better) than the original film with the glaring exception of Toy Story 2 (and 3, and possibly 4...not seen it yet). Toy Story 3 was a decade ago now, and yet in recent years we've had a slew of sequels that, while not terrible, aren't great either. That, for me, is far more destructive to Pixar's reputation than The Good Dinosaur, which at least is an original film.

  60. Adam Trott

    Adam Trott9 hours ago


  61. mursuhillo

    mursuhillo9 hours ago

    "Through the perspective of adults" Does anything rhyming with *plan b* ring any bells?

  62. TeLightPryramid XD

    TeLightPryramid XD9 hours ago

    It would've been more interesting if the dinosaurs managed to make it to modern society or some time before modern.

  63. FatCat808

    FatCat8089 hours ago

    "HAH. Losers." *Ad plays*

  64. Purple Jak

    Purple Jak9 hours ago

    Lol the good dinosaur was literally just made so kids can watch movies while their parents black friday shopped

  65. Turbo Charged

    Turbo Charged10 hours ago

    only thing that destroyed a reputation is this garbage video, that destroyed your autistic channel's reputation. Fix your lisp loser

  66. Princess Pikachu

    Princess Pikachu10 hours ago

    I have an unpopular opinion: The Good Dinosaur is BETTER than Inside Out. Inside Out offended me due to how it portrayed emotional problems and how people began to confuse emotional issues and mental illnesses like depression. Riley was NOT clinically depressed. The Good Dinosaur was actually fun. It didn't feel like a Pixar film which is a good thing for me.

  67. Force Ghosting

    Force Ghosting11 hours ago

    Raymond Oh cho ah

  68. RyguyAlpha

    RyguyAlpha11 hours ago

    A poll identified The Good Dinosaur as the one film from Pixar that people didn’t like or was most disappointing...I call bullshit. Everyone I know identify Cars 2 as the biggest stinker to them, it just happened to still make money cause Cars has some crazy strong merchandising.

  69. name8895

    name889512 hours ago

    Why are there so many analysis channels with hosts with heavy Austrian accents?

  70. Zrcalo Sveta

    Zrcalo Sveta12 hours ago

    this film was the most fucked up pixar film I've ever seen. Complete with drug hallucination sequences, creatures being torn to shreds and eaten alive, evangelical preacher cults.... like... boy howdy its like watching an acid trip. dont focus on the main characters. watch the insanity unfold.

  71. Mayday2592 !

    Mayday2592 !12 hours ago

    whats wrong with sequels? theyre more likely to make money than something original.

  72. Mr. Smallville

    Mr. Smallville12 hours ago

    Man, I forgot that The Good Dinosaur even existed.

  73. angela lara

    angela lara12 hours ago


  74. IAm FuzzyDolphin

    IAm FuzzyDolphin13 hours ago

    .v. ?v? !v! ,v, @v@

  75. chimaican chimaican

    chimaican chimaican13 hours ago

    Sorry, but worst Pixar film is Cars 2.... Bad story line that had nothing to do with the previous Cars. More like Disney meddling in order to sell Toys. As for the Good Dinosaur: the animals were animated that way for a reason... how realistic would you have liked them to have been drawn? Realistic enough to scare children? They dumb down the character animation and focused on background.

  76. jet4212006

    jet421200614 hours ago

    Cars 2 was so bad, everyone forgot about it.

  77. We Interupt This Program

    We Interupt This Program14 hours ago

    Lol, my math class and I watched this movie about a year ago and I kid you not... It made me fall asleep 😴💤 I never would've guessed a movie would bore me more than any classroom lecture

  78. Hazeunix

    Hazeunix14 hours ago

    I'm hearing the pokemon mystery dungeon soundtrack

  79. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker14 hours ago

    I didnt like the story and the cartooney look of the dinosaurs. Making it more realistic and a good story would have saved it.

  80. Avoyt

    Avoyt15 hours ago

    I hear PMD music

  81. lyla joan

    lyla joan17 hours ago

    did everyone just forget about the movie planes?

  82. Wendy Rice

    Wendy Rice18 hours ago

    I’m sorry

  83. Dragonosx

    Dragonosx18 hours ago

    I agree with some other commenters about the backgrounds- the scenery and background imagery are stunningly beautiful, but the oversimplified cartoony characters clash with it. As unappealing as I find the character designs, the contrast against the gorgeous panoramas makes the character designs look that much worse, knowing the creatures could have looked as polished as the environments do. As someone who loves dinosaurs it was a real letdown, unfortunately the story left a lot to be desired as well so even overlooking the dinos' design didn't make it a very enjoyable film. The key emotion of the movie is "frustration" with little variance, and was consequently frustrating to watch.

  84. Yoboi Sweezy

    Yoboi Sweezy18 hours ago

    Cars 2 wants to know your location

  85. Sarah J Jacobson

    Sarah J Jacobson19 hours ago

    I dont know why people are bashing cars 2 in the comments. Its a pretty good film and it goes get with a can of beans.

  86. Carbon Knight

    Carbon Knight19 hours ago

    This is crazy I had no idea what this movie had gone threw behind the scenes and the negative feedback. I actually thought it was a good movie.

  87. ArcTic.

    ArcTic.19 hours ago

    But isn't the dinosaur movie just there to support the Pixar theory?

  88. Nikola Jory

    Nikola Jory20 hours ago

    Wait....people didn't like Brave? WHAT?!

  89. Dawn Simms

    Dawn Simms21 hour ago

    I like this movie. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who does.

  90. James Richards

    James Richards21 hour ago

    Cars 2, finding dory, monsters university are also poor stories imo.

  91. Noah Bartlett

    Noah Bartlett21 hour ago

    "will go down in history" not likely

  92. Velvet Sphincter

    Velvet Sphincter22 hours ago

    The dad dinosaur has the same head as Otis from barnyard

  93. Alexander Homeyer

    Alexander Homeyer22 hours ago

    I always forget the name of this movie so I just call it “The Lion King but with dinosaurs”

  94. Donut Hurt My Honey

    Donut Hurt My Honey23 hours ago

    15:45 1.) Did Cars do that? 2.) Why is there a question mark after "CARS"? 3.) What in the everliving fuck did I just witness? 4.) Why is the text red?

  95. TheCharmanderChannel

    TheCharmanderChannelDay ago

    I hate the good dinosaur. It had an annoying ROBLOX event.

  96. Sara3346

    Sara3346Day ago

    ''He also wanted to tell a far simpler story'' that where things started going wrong?

  97. Ngaariki L Muru

    Ngaariki L MuruDay ago

    Fuck bro you need a content warning for that buzz light year scene

  98. Niobesnuppa

    NiobesnuppaDay ago

    I never bothered to see this movie just because I absolutely hate the character designs. The backgrounds are beautiful, but the character designs in this movie are honestly probably the worst designs I've ever seen in a Pixar movie, they look like they belong in a Hanna Barbera cartoon, just 3D instead of 2D. They look so out of place in the photorealistic backgrounds that it's really jarring to look at.

  99. wylinder

    wylinderDay ago

    Watch you are umasou instead it’s a good Dino film for kids

  100. Marlon

    MarlonDay ago

    Dear Parents: this movie is great. My 16 month old grandson watches this movie daily. Just the first 25 minutes of the movie is really terrible for a kids movie. Just to loud and too much dinosaurs. But after the 25 minute mark the movie is great for small kids.

  101. Loan Nguyen

    Loan NguyenDay ago

    I still like the movie though

  102. Joshua DeBadts

    Joshua DeBadtsDay ago

    Oh please, Pixar has been going downhill since Cars and even more so once John Lasseter left

  103. htown11465

    htown11465Day ago

    I liked it

  104. kid goku

    kid gokuDay ago

    The good dinosaur: am the worst movie in history Cars 2: no no no I can do why worst 😈 Sonic the hedgehog trailer : I'M I A JOKE TO YOU other video game movies : YES

  105. blackkitty369

    blackkitty369Day ago

    I liked Cars 2. I don't think it deserves all the hate. Sure its not as good as the first but I liked Mater's story.

  106. Tobori

    ToboriDay ago

    19:10 is it just me or does he sound exactly like Todd Howard?

  107. Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    Alucard Fahrenheit TepesDay ago

    But Good Dinosaur is my favorite movie of all time