Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 1: The Downfall of Daenerys Targaryen


  1. The Take

    The TakeMonth ago

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  2. pplr1

    pplr1Month ago

    @S R Didn't we debate a bit under a different youtube video? I don't take "the Take" seriously post their "Daenerys was Cersei" video since it tried to reference things in the show that simply didn't happen that way or were not true. A+ in excuses though.

  3. Francis Glasco

    Francis GlascoMonth ago

    The Take , do you talk about anime to . If you do , can you talk about a anime called shiki .

  4. S R

    S RMonth ago

    I agree with absolutely everything, except the following: 1) Jon is NOT Ice. Whitewalkers are Ice, Daenerys is Fire. Both are extremes and bring destruction. Jon is both (hence his heritage) and is destined to bring balance. 2) Daenerys is not loved by every man in the books. Only Jorah. And how men being attracted to her in the show is indicative of inspiring devotion and being a good ruler? Would Kardashians make the best rulers since a lot of men are attracted to them? Come on now.

  5. Wit

    WitMonth ago

    Beware charismatic leaders. Beware!

  6. She Fain

    She FainMonth ago

    The Take talk about bad writing. How season 8 was the worst. Also 4:27 I got better explanation then him. Cerci took Missandai from her. Last word Missandai said was *dracarys*. She always cared for the people. They had nothing to do with it. That was just the writers making her the villain so Jon could kill her. Ending the show as quickly as possible. Didn’t have a source material totally ruined the show. One thing the show did right was Daenerys becoming more power hungry. Fighting stops, goes for revenge.Burning the people was just illogical. Guess writers just wanted to move on and have a life. Ep 6 she was like she forgot who she is less than a day. Suddenly doesn’t care about people and children. I and many others would’ve cheered for her death. Like everyone cheered when Peter Bailish died. But they didn’t develop a mad queen. Her death had no impact on most of the fans. No emotion no joy either. Totally ruined the character alongside many others. Great job D&D.

  7. Mike Arce

    Mike ArceDay ago

    Great insights! Thanks I´ve enjoyed your video

  8. Ishita Malhotra

    Ishita Malhotra2 days ago

    The biggest shame is what this video pointed to in the end - the trope of the woman crazed with power. As if we can't contain it and all goodness and nobility capable of wielding the highest power lies with men (albeit as a ”ringbearer”) lies with men.

  9. Patrick Fabermann

    Patrick Fabermann2 days ago

    Foreshadowing does not equal character development.

  10. Rosamund Powell

    Rosamund Powell3 days ago

    All Daenerys was doing during most of the saga was acting as a substitute for Viscerys' own ambition. That's it. And I'm surprised that no one has noticed this. If I had written this story, Daenerys would have survived. Nor would she have gone mad. Instead, I would have made her realized that the Iron Throne wasn't worth the headache, return to Essos and allow Westeros to resume its former political and social bullshit.

  11. vinayak sharma

    vinayak sharma5 days ago

    I love Danny. Her character was destroyed in Season 8. The writers should have taken time to turn her villain or showed more reason why she snapped

  12. Esta Nsobi

    Esta Nsobi6 days ago

    They would have taken someone else not dany....I think people can be who they choose to be and better from an abusive past..dany was better that is why it doesn't add up even if they wanted to put a point of power corruption.

  13. Artemisa420

    Artemisa4206 days ago

    A very very smart man once said if god is all powerful then SHE can not be all good

  14. M Chaney

    M Chaney6 days ago

    loved the entire ride... all 8 seasons. loved every second. The ending made sense....... she gave a speech in a foreign language to people she just "freed from tyranny" aka conquered.......... she wasn't the mad queen, but she was A mad queen.......... and in reality there was NO ending that would ever satisfy us Targaryen fanbois....... we were rooting for her.....and it took 7 seasons of development to expose why we were morally wrong to ever be on her side..... such a good story.

  15. Maria Giulia Rodriguez

    Maria Giulia Rodriguez6 days ago

    The Dragon was not supposed to be only bad as in awakening the dragon, if you understood the story from the books, didn’t inherently imply unchecked madness and rage Slight foreshadowing does not equal to character insight and development. She came that far with ideals and will to learn from her mistakes up until she arrived in. Westeros, what was she supposed to become mad for The writers and the story itself already presented her as someone who had overcome incredible self doubt and opposition, by season 6 she knows how hard it is for a leader to gain and keep people’s trust.THEY SHOWED IT TO US THROUGH HERS AND OTHERS WORDS And you want me to believe that she just becomes crazy because a bunch of twats from the northern houses whined about her and Missandei ( the person who would be the last to want this type of behavior) dies??!!! The reason why this “hypocrisy “ didn’t make it into the script was because they didn’t think about it. It wasn’t planned if not for the fact that ALL of George RR Martin’s characters are complex individuals who are conflicted with their multifaceted desires, and are not necessarily evil or mad How many times has Robert promised to do the worst to two children simply because of their lineage, how many times has Tyrion wished death upon those who have wronged him? How many times countless nobles slaughtered and backstabbed each other? It’s not okay, but all of this bs, was just an easy ticket out based solely on the general public’s expectations ( who are or were not aware of all the nuances in the lore) about what the Targaryen bloodline was, because “like father like daughter right?”without actually properly building upon the humanity of these characters.

  16. mer kikima

    mer kikima6 days ago

    Thank you for explaining what i've bee trying to say to people for years .her turn was rushed but it wasn't out of character

  17. Andrew Forte

    Andrew Forte7 days ago

    Dany since day one always loomed large on the horizon as a potential threat to Westeros who chose to give in to her Targaryan nature than rise above it to her own demise.

  18. Andrew Forte

    Andrew Forte7 days ago

    Dany and Cersei were always mirror images of each other merely two sides of the same coin.

  19. Andrew Forte

    Andrew Forte7 days ago

    'You can die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.' The Dark Knight (2008)

  20. Andrew Forte

    Andrew Forte7 days ago

    'It is better to be feared than loved if you cannot have both.' Niccolo Machiavelli

  21. StarDagger Rihannsu

    StarDagger Rihannsu7 days ago

    I love it when they try to explain something they don't understand. More enlightened form of government, lol. Elective Monarchy, read up on your Holy Roman Empire to see how that panned out. They would have been better with Empress Daenerys, the Legend of Fire and Blood.

  22. Thomans Crown

    Thomans Crown7 days ago

    No matter how they try to spin this character, she was a weak and wicked female piece of fiction.

  23. Mallory Newcomb

    Mallory Newcomb8 days ago

    I could almost get on board with this ending if they built it up better. I wouldn’t like it but maybe it wouldn’t continually haunt me whenever I think about it. & it’s been a month since I finished watching. But it’s really hard to stomach when in the terms of Survivor her edgic for such a long time was very overtly positive or complex but usually positive. I look back and season 1 Danaerys & think this is so sad that this is where she ends up and it all feels like such a waste. You can say she broke the wheel and stuff but I got invested in Danaerys & if she was going to become the bad guy, then she deserved an epically written downfall. This aspect of the ending might be the most depressing thing I have ever watched.

  24. Catherine Cao

    Catherine Cao9 days ago

    There’s a story about Azor Azai, the Prince Who was Promised. He unleashed the power of his sword, Lightbringer and saved the world from the darkness, by killing his loving wife with the said sword. Jon, the so-called Savior, saves the world, by killing Daenerys. He doesn’t just fulfill the prophecy, he lives the story. The fact that it happened again seems to say that the old world always sneaks into the new world, despite what we do.

  25. Tito Pabon Jr

    Tito Pabon Jr10 days ago

    Sorry but D&D didn't foreshadow her madness in 7 and the 1st 4 EP of S8. If she made personal she would have burnt the Red Keep in S7 get Cerei out of power and S8 could be all about the Night King going 2 King's Landing and 2 destroy the army of the dead, she would have 2burn the city 2 save the realm and Jon kills the Night and Arya kills Cersei with Jaime's face and Dany has Jon's child.

  26. Christien Jackson

    Christien Jackson11 days ago

    the take, you are far too capable at analysis to even attempt to justify this nonsense.

  27. Claudia Criscuolo

    Claudia Criscuolo12 days ago

    Oh my! And Jon as a version of Frodo, he has his own Sam. Never see that coming! Always enjoying yours analysis

  28. Yash Shandilya

    Yash Shandilya12 days ago

    I understand that Dany's arc was rushed towards the end, and people are right to hate it. But... She was the daughter of the Mad King, a man who enjoyed watching people burn. He would laugh as people burned alive in front of him. He didn't need justification for his actions, because he was mad by every definition of the word. People are constantly saying that Dany's decision to burn the city wasn't consistent with her nature of punishing only evil people. We need to remember that inbreeding through several generations has resulted in children who are not quite right in the head. In the words of the Joker, "Madness is like gravity; All it takes is a little push." So if they could have given us a few glimpses of Dany ENJOYING watching people burn, her turn towards the end would have been completely justified. Because it's one step from having your enemies burned, to enjoying watching them burn. And then the second step from there is to enjoy burning people, regardless of their innocence. The mistake that the show made was that they skipped the middle step and went directly to the third. While I appreciate the effort put behind this video, not every explanation for the plot has to be philosophical. Some things are biological, and there's no shame in using that to drive the plot forward. They just needed to do it a bit more smartly.

  29. AngelicusImmortus

    AngelicusImmortus13 days ago

    She doesn’t break the wheel she creates a dictatorship.

  30. GiftSparks

    GiftSparks13 days ago

    You should not have to look at the "behind the scenes" to know what is going on.

  31. nelson sy

    nelson sy14 days ago

    Dany did an oopsie

  32. Sean SCHOOL

    Sean SCHOOL15 days ago

    Now I can feel good about the ending of daenerys. Jon Jorah Sansa And Tyrion we’re already good. ALRIGHT D&D NOW ANSWER FOR ARYA AND JAIME AND BRAN

  33. Morgan Walz

    Morgan Walz17 days ago

    “Not with the blood of innocents” her commander executes conscripted soldiers that surrendered and she murders all the innocents in kings landing

  34. wolf bane

    wolf bane17 days ago

    whats the alternate history Hub of white Erie ins plan of election is stupid and we'll get more people killed than anything and why the north are dumbasses

  35. Pura Imaginacion

    Pura Imaginacion18 days ago


  36. Coppagh

    Coppagh19 days ago

    Dany broke the wheel, Bran brought two more

  37. WargAttack

    WargAttack21 day ago

    Well the problem is that she is a god. She’s of the blood of old valyria, decendant of the greatest society the world ever saw. She’s the last of ghe targaryan’s and THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS. The fact that she’s the one with the dragons makes her a god like creature just in itself

  38. Anne Lee

    Anne Lee21 day ago

    I love her. She is a strong woman, but still stuck in the horrible past of her life. :(

  39. siegfried greding

    siegfried greding21 day ago

    as the joker said once in a similar fashion . if you have to explain it then you did a poor job of telling the story .

  40. Nasos Gaming

    Nasos Gaming23 days ago


  41. Kit Shibley

    Kit Shibley23 days ago

    In my opinion, as much as I loved Daenerys, she was always boiling beneath the surface. As long as she received applaud and adulation for using her dragons to burn people and places down, Dany was satisfied and her fury was set to rest. However, as soon as she did not "feel the love", as was the case in Winterfell, she slowly began to boil over. The Goddess among Men??...It was no surprise to me when she could not stop; no surprise when she had to burn Kings Landing to the ground. Dany was a TYRANT waiting to happen.

  42. debra jenkins

    debra jenkins24 days ago

    Her arc is typical of many liberators who become mass murderers. The film The Interpreter addresses this. She kills many and calls herself great but the boy in Mereen copied her and killed one and she called him a criminal and executed him.

  43. DBV

    DBV24 days ago

    Greyworm's going to die when he gets to narth

  44. madenkind

    madenkind24 days ago

    It's good that Jon Snow, pardon; Aegon Targaryen is half a Stark. The ice prevents the fire within him to burn too high.

  45. Matthew Housham

    Matthew Housham25 days ago

    God, I wish people would stop referencing the Nazis. Creativity IS dead.

  46. Matthew Housham

    Matthew Housham25 days ago

    She broke the wheel. And like 10 minutes later another two were made.

  47. Zulhazwan Hamzah

    Zulhazwan Hamzah25 days ago

    one side try to correct what audiences may got wrong about season 8, while the others try to correct D&D on what they got wrong in writing the script.. so.. who's the winner here? xD .. I agreed with season 8 was a crap because they let go too much of what they've build up since season 1.. it's almost like season 8 is an alternate universe.. :/

  48. Noise OfKnowing

    Noise OfKnowing25 days ago

    I saw the ending as being derivative of the ending of Apocalypse Now. Daenerys decision to burn the city was in effect her “Drop the bomb - Exterminate them all!”. That would make Daenerys Colonel Kurtz and Jon Snow is Willard.

  49. Rafayet Rahman Ratul

    Rafayet Rahman Ratul25 days ago

    Whats the background track of this video? Feels like some James Horner score, but can't quite spot it.

  50. James Milton

    James Milton25 days ago

    Absolutely terrible commentary. Simplistic, lacking in insight and patronising. We know what they were trying to achieve with this season, they were just singularly unsuccessful in doing so.

  51. Danica Pineapple

    Danica Pineapple26 days ago

    It's just so sad that she has gone a long journey from liberating people, fighting for the lives of those who were never loyal to her,submitting herself to Jon when he needed her to defeat the Night King and losing literally everything and everyone dear to her (even her dragons) only to be murdered by the same people whose lives she preserved. Dany deserves better, she deserves the world. My love for Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen will never perish. My queen forever and always.

  52. Soozie mc

    Soozie mc26 days ago

    This the best response to the end of GOT I have read. My only problem is thAt in the book there are many male characters who are equally ruthless whose actions and sanity are never questioned by others. Tywin Lannister is an excellent example. Ultimately he is killed of course but not because he is mad and must be stopped. It’s because he was a lousy father who betrayed his child. I agree it is problematic that women who exercise power ruthlessly are seen as mad and bad in our culture.

  53. Loomie 12

    Loomie 1227 days ago

    You have to do "two broke girls"!!!!!!!

  54. Σπύρος Μάστορας

    Σπύρος Μάστορας27 days ago

    Moral of the story power corrupts every one

  55. Ben

    Ben27 days ago

    She didn't stop anything. The Wheel is inherent to people, it will spin. That's why I was hoping the Night King would mostly win. Show the whole game of thrones to be a petty dance of dumb apes, a pointless scurrying about, easily derailed by greater powers. I would have loved it if he'd won, then simply left because he didn't give a shit about the throne and was just whooping ass to destroy the real threat, the dragons. Or they could've had him almost win and then get redeemed, break the curse. Dany's turn was garbage, nothing in the commentary or this video changes that. It was TREMENDOUSLY rushed and poorly handled and the existence of this video proves. Proper writing would not need to be explained