Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 1: The Downfall of Daenerys Targaryen

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  1. The Take

    The Take4 months ago

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  2. Joons Melody

    Joons Melody22 days ago

    Woo-woooo...I am psychic...wooooo...I can see your future "Take"? It is Jan of 2020, & I foreseee a video uploaded by you praising Thr Rise of Skywalker" & giving it a great review no matter what trash it truly will be...wooooo ....that is all....👻😱👺🔮🔮🔮

  3. Joons Melody

    Joons Melody22 days ago

    ...sub to your schill garbage? "Daenerys is Trump/Hitler & Cersei was even more deserving of life & we should all grieve over her, blah blah blah." Over my cold dead body.

  4. Joons Melody

    Joons Melody2 months ago

    Wit That was the message...think! When was this virtue-signaling script being written? its sooo obvious. Trump will hop a dragon any second and we'll be begging CNN to forgive us!

  5. pplr1

    pplr14 months ago

    @S R Didn't we debate a bit under a different youtube video? I don't take "the Take" seriously post their "Daenerys was Cersei" video since it tried to reference things in the show that simply didn't happen that way or were not true. A+ in excuses though.

  6. Francis Glasco

    Francis Glasco4 months ago

    The Take , do you talk about anime to . If you do , can you talk about a anime called shiki .

  7. Alison Voshell

    Alison Voshell11 hours ago

    I think it was handled poorly in the show but as someone who never read the books, I wondered whether this would happen for the last few seasons. Like Daario said, she's a not a ruler. She's a conqueror.

  8. Randon Lambert

    Randon LambertDay ago

    She did make the decision beforehand, she told Greyworm to wait for her signal.

  9. Aria Hasting

    Aria Hasting2 days ago

    Am i the only one who didn't hate season 8 like yeah it was rushed but people say that the story went all wrong i say no it didn't. I did kind of felt that dany was more or less like Joffrey she never listened to anyone but just that she had more power than anyone

  10. Calvin Bottoms

    Calvin Bottoms2 days ago

    Plot twist: Danny was pregnant with Jon's Dragon so Drogon cam have a girlfriend.

  11. Lwazi Molepo

    Lwazi Molepo3 days ago

    Really nice try. The themes are all right, but... The abrupt turns taken in the last season, for Dany especially, are a problem to great to overlook or spin. I really like this analysis and I wish the show runners had given the last season at least enough effort to make them worthy of such an discretion.

  12. Doc Lewis

    Doc Lewis8 days ago

    Her death was the breaking of the last spoke on the wheel that she was talking about...if you want to think of it like that.

  13. Shaun Campbell

    Shaun Campbell10 days ago

    If they had told the story (of Dany turning into the mad queen) over 3-4 episodes it would have made more sense.

  14. amar lulu

    amar lulu11 days ago

    She is the Queen world needs now....

  15. Rose Davies

    Rose Davies11 days ago

    I don’t even know how it will work in the books Jon and Dany need to meet and fall in love but Jon won’t fall in love with a mad women and she needs to go mad rlly early in the next book for it to make sense and this will probably be before she meets Jon who won’t fall in love with her r even need her if she’s mad that’s a secret that can’t be hidden so idk how it will work

  16. Denis 2012

    Denis 201211 days ago

    burning of the throne had no symbolism according to the script , it was just an innocent bystander

  17. Fang BIAN

    Fang BIAN12 days ago

    Nice narrative, the downfall of Daenerys Targaryen sounds like western liberalism to me. Packaged by "Freedom", and they think we are superior to anyone else.

  18. Fang BIAN

    Fang BIAN12 days ago

    However, the ideological invasion of western liberalism also needs to be checked.

  19. Mitali Valecha

    Mitali Valecha14 days ago

    I really love khaleesi she's my favourite character and the way she suffered and made her own way towards success but still I understood ending I understand where they coming from, and besides all hate I think this is most justified ending and I hate to say but yeah sansa stark is the actual deserving queen hear.

  20. Jay B

    Jay B14 days ago

    The throne burning was not done on purpose. You know that now. They are more idiot than they seem. To be honest, I don't like the fact that people are judging how bad she is. You cannot be good at all times. Stop comparing Got to the Lords of rings I can't stand these shitty movies

  21. Alejandra Alvarez

    Alejandra Alvarez16 days ago

    How much did D&D pay you guys?

  22. roshawn1111

    roshawn111116 days ago

    They needed 3 more episodes thats it just 3 lol

  23. Ron Ryan

    Ron Ryan17 days ago

    I'll explain it. The show runners can't write.

  24. Mulan 121

    Mulan 12117 days ago

    The final season was rushed and the character development completely lost in translation. They could have easily added an extra season, I don’t think anyone would have minded if it had meant a better ending.

  25. Frantz Fuller

    Frantz Fuller17 days ago

    Besides that pseudo-feminist take towards the end about a man killing a woman is not good for our culture as it pertains to GOT. This was a good analysis. Let’s escape our careful cancel culture for a moment and understand whether its man killing woman or vice versa. Power corrupts all. And if one chases power to no end there will be a heavy price to pay. PERIOD

  26. Persephone's Underworld

    Persephone's Underworld17 days ago

    Foreshadowing isn't character development. Dany never murdered innocents, esp. not children prior to the bullshit in S8. You can try to put gold all over it with your headcanons and ideas but the fact remains: This was a complete character assassination. Mauler's videos explain this in detail.

  27. Bea Force

    Bea Force18 days ago

    12:03 Exactly. That's how I interpreted all of it as well. A lot of people just dont get it.

  28. Celinde

    Celinde19 days ago

    Nothing in Dany's show or book story foreshadows "madness" She took after her mother and wanted to help people. This ending is utter nonsense and not canon, even Emilia herself who played Dany for 10 years denies it as her true character. This was clearly not her destiny. Horribly rushed season with Starks turned into Lannisters with their bad morals in S8 and snakery and betrayal, and Daenerys turned "mad" although she wasn't. Fuck S8.

  29. A *

    A *19 days ago

    Stop blaming Jon Snow for killing Dany. She let her lust for power grow so large. That's what killed her.

  30. Fadex Rucks

    Fadex Rucks20 days ago

    Reminds me of liberal left in this country.

  31. Alan Hanks

    Alan Hanks21 day ago

    She did NOT break the wheel. She became a psychopath. Jon broke the wheel. Dany turned the wheel into Gravedigger's tire and was about to roll TF over the entire world.

  32. David De Freitas

    David De Freitas21 day ago

    everyone always forgets queen of Mereen amongst her titles

  33. JustSomeGuy X.

    JustSomeGuy X.22 days ago

    The ending of Daenerys' character was so stupid. She snapped and burned King's Landing. Leading up to that - 1) The enemy already surrendered 2) She was in control of King's Landing 3) The people fear her 4) Almost no casualties to her forces 5) The Iron Fleet was destroyed 6) The Golden Company was gone So what was the impetus for her snapping in that moment?

  34. Jordan Thompson

    Jordan Thompson22 days ago

    Beautifully done, why couldn't you have been on the writing team? ^_^ I'd only like to add my two cents as a thought that I always believed Dani was Frodo and Jon was Sam. Jon is the incorruptible one who was able to give the throne back to Dani after it was in his grasp and rightfully his. This happens with Sam when he believes Frodo is dead and takes up the ring, yet still gives it back when he rescues Frodo. The burden of the ring was on Sam just as much as Frodo the whole time, yet he stands steadfastly by Mr. Baggins up until the very end when the ring finally turns Frodo. If it hadn't been for Gollum Frodo would have been our villain. I wondered if George had thought that ending in LOTR through with the possibility that if not for Gollum Sam would have had to kill the thing he loved most to save everything else that was precious. Also, in the end, Frodo is the first to go to the Land of the Undying (a metaphor I took to be like heaven and Frodo's death, peace at last), and Sam goes home to live a life he always wanted before he too goes to be with Mr. Frodo. Like Dani finally finding peace and being released from the Iron Throne and Jon returning to the North. I also enjoy the idea that Cersi is actually Gollum when comparing the tales, the mirror of Frodo and ultimately his fate. What if in the books, it's Cersi who ends up saving everyone through unintentional self sacrifice? What a twist. lol But just some thoughts, you've given us wonderful discussion points!

  35. Terell Chapman

    Terell Chapman23 days ago

    Naw Daenerys has been the same person season 1-8 the throne didn’t fuck up Ned or Tywin hell even Tommen

  36. kingofmonsters14

    kingofmonsters1427 days ago

    i know people complained immensely about Dany snapping out of the blue, but there are reasons for it. she lost one of her dragons last season, and this season alone, she learned she fucked her nephew, lost another dragon, had one of her close advisers betray her, and watched another die before her eyes. add on the legacy of Targeriyan Madness, and you should've expected her to snap at some point. "But then why would she snap at the sound of bells?" she was exiled as a kid. those bells were probably the last thing she heard of Westeros before her return- the last thing to signal that she lost everything.

  37. Marie Blade

    Marie Blade27 days ago

    It wasn't just how they ended Daenerys story but the progression of her downfall. They should have made it more of a point when she was ruling meereen. It was also more than the corruption of power. She was raised by a psycho, married off and raped and adopted many singular vicious beliefs of how to deal with those who do not agree with you. Her psychological development is complex and if it was properly explored, would have given us one tv's greatest and most complex villians. Instead we got what we got. And then, there was Jon....just an overall disaster in the last season. They never needed a romance for contention to develop. His reluctance to command and yet pushed into those positions by the ppl is enough of a basis. They both won the hearts of those they saved, however he had the ability to bring people together, unlike her. The breaking of the wheel was also an awesome speech and honestly, one of my faves but doesn't fit especially in her ruling of meereen. (Edit: in the framework that many explained, it was supposed to represent democracy. But because I misinterpreted it for being something else (think something like communism or complete and absolute power into one very being) not democracy, when I first heard it that I ended up thinking I misunderstood for all these years. It fits with the eventual end if her story was written better 😑😒) There really is a lot more that should be unpacked, however, I think that we all can agree that the predominant issue over the years, and something that many fans were vocal about throughout the years was the script writing. Fans had been complaining for years about it, and so it comes to no surprise that even in the end, it failed to meet standards.

  38. Sure

    Sure29 days ago

    I would love to see an epic, popular tale that has a woman as the hero, ala LOTR. This hatred of powerful women, or saying as soon as they are powerful they will destroy the world, is destroying our future. Media affects minds.

  39. BakoymaTravels

    BakoymaTravelsMonth ago

    This video is explaining the actual story more than the TV show... The original story and where it is going was never the problem. There's no problem with Dany finally flipping and her having to die, the problem is -how we got there in the show-. "Incredibly rushed" is an understatement and the notion that "Dany's darker side was foreshadowed all along" is not a valid argument because while it sometimes was, her other, good side was even more highlighted. For every scene where she seemed a bit psycho you had three other scenes where she was caring, emotionally intelligent and stable. Until the end where D&D had to get this show over with because they had a new project to go to. George R. R. Martin's story itself and where it is going was never the problem. The writers of the last season(s) running out of material to adapt, was the problem.

  40. rachex ray

    rachex rayMonth ago

    The narrator is going to make me love all the characters i didnt like and all the story arcs i was absolutely furious about. 😄

  41. ImagiNat

    ImagiNatMonth ago

    This makes me feel better about the finale... not great, but better. Thank you!

  42. manifestgtr

    manifestgtrMonth ago

    Who would’ve thought that it would’ve been Robert (woke up next to a one-legged prostitute, still drunk from the night before) Baratheon who was right all along.

  43. Julia Dawnyel

    Julia DawnyelMonth ago

    Ending is crap made them into killers hate it

  44. Zahabia A.

    Zahabia A.Month ago

    O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? ---P.B.S Game of Thrones or ASOIAF is an exciting exploration of power and chews not only on the idea of who is the best ruler but also examines the criteria for what makes one the best ruler. If you really want to understand this show, read everything you can find about the dualistic philosophies of the ancient paganism and the paganism of the middle ages. GoT is a world filled with extremities that are always at loggerheads with each other and this is what gives rise to the gray area. eg. Black + White = Gray. Therefore the right shade of Gray, brought only through equal quantities of Black and White, both in the external and the internal environment consists of that delicate balance that every character is seen striving for throughout the series. Balance is after all the secret of the universe. Jon represents that very Balance as he is part fire and part ice due to being part Targaeryen and part Stark. That is why Jon is always seen at the centre of the Phi patterns in the show because phi represents the beautiful balance between the two extremities. Daenerys and the Night King represent those opposing extremities that threaten the more humanistic Westeros. Therefore Daenerys is always seen at the centre of that spiral pattern as she embodies those extremities within her being the benevolent saviour and the liberator which is the reason for her sustaining power and later, becoming the ruthless mass-killer and the oppressor enslaving everyone around her which leads to her consequent downfall. Daenerys and the Night King represent absolutism which is considered an illusion and therefore, rejected. Also, read everything you can find out about the animism theories of the ancient pagans to understand the Dragon, the Wolf, the Lion, the Stag, the Bear symbolically associated with the houses and clans in GoT.

  45. Elisha So

    Elisha SoMonth ago

    Best explanation I've seen yet!

  46. IdolEyes84

    IdolEyes84Month ago

    Daenerys: "You're not you when you're hungry".

  47. Kameka Moore3

    Kameka Moore3Month ago

    It would've been a perfect twist if the dragon spoke to Jon Snow. Dragon: "I told mother not to trust you!! Then the Dragon imprison Snow and wage war against the 7 kingdoms with his mother's army. That would be like 7 more season s of plot twisting series.🤩🤩🤩. The dragon can talk? WTF?!!!?? Yaaaaaas botches!!!!!! Directors thank me later.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩

  48. loveischerrypie

    loveischerrypieMonth ago

    Very articulate and accurate explanation.

  49. Rhys

    RhysMonth ago

    'Why women in power go crazy' Ask any married man and he'll tell you LOL

  50. DRGIZMO29

    DRGIZMO29Month ago

    daenerys is not the darkness, it's the iron throne. as long as the iron throne stands, there will always be people who are hungry for its power. drogon is the lightbringer, daenerys is nissa nissa

  51. Luis Bilardys

    Luis BilardysMonth ago

    Her freaking family created the wheel in the first place!

  52. Deanna Tangen

    Deanna TangenMonth ago

    I really hope, that in the after life Danny was brought back to her best self and was reunited Drogo and Rhaego

  53. stardust dragon

    stardust dragonMonth ago

    WOW! Everything you've said about Dany is exactly what the radical leftists think, believe and want. POWER OVER THE PEOPLE! The people DON'T GET TO CHOOSE because a 100 percent control of goverment over the people knows better.

  54. Olatoye Gureje

    Olatoye GurejeMonth ago

    Who would have ever thought that Robert Barathon was the 'good' ruler in the series?

  55. Mike Millanes

    Mike MillanesMonth ago

    "He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself" - August Strindberg

  56. Connor C

    Connor CMonth ago

    See here’s my hot take on this: I got what the ending was saying, I didn’t miss any of the symbolism etc but I do reject it outright and my disappointment remains. If dragons are wise enough to understand the corruptive power of the throne why then did Drogon burn all those people? What was the point of pointless canon fodder dialogue like Arya saying “I know a killer when I see one” after witnessing war crimes, slaughtering an entire family herself and basically everyone in the show being a murderer at this point anyway. Why did so many great characters with great potential to say and do amazing things fizzle our into Hollywood fluff that left millions of fans disillusioned and annoyed? Even the apologists who say “this was hinted all along!” Concede that it’s a a sloppy delivery. I’m on the side of the coin that’s outraged by the death of all the powerful women, by the notion that Dany didn’t actively try to curb her worst impulses with loyal advisors who were either killed or betrayed her for approximately no (or at least out of character) reasons. And culminating in deaths for characters that are not remotely memorable, special or iconic. Like you said a mad queen Dany isn’t a mad idea, but a pacifist Tyrion, a monosyllabic Jon who barely does anything, bitchy stark sisters who shut out someone helping, a basically static Cersei and a dragon queen who just gives a strange face and commits war crimes... that ain’t it.

  57. SirEriol

    SirEriolMonth ago

    Man, when someone puts thought into is, the ending is thematical, amazing, and poetic. You always impress me with your essays, Screen Prism! Too bad the writers didn't care. "Themes are for 8th grade book reports". Screw you, Weiss and Benioff. You don't have the right to tell us that stories move the world, when you obviously don't care.

  58. brian milligan

    brian milliganMonth ago

    Holy shit. There are thousands of movies about men corrupted by power. Donr even have women ultimately killing them.

  59. lhallnance

    lhallnanceMonth ago

    This is a prime example of why books are usually better than the movie/tv show. Having the luxury of knowing what a character is thinking and the process to get to their eventual choices is something that is greatly taken for granted that if not done well on screen (via actors, writing, directing, or editing) the action will not make sense and this powerful character becomes a joke or ridiculed.

  60. Jonathan Stern

    Jonathan SternMonth ago

    But it made no sense for her to wait around and start burning the peasantry after they had surrendered. Here's how it would have been a bit better. Have the ballistas strewn throughout the city, and have Cersei or Euron make human shields out of the peasantry. Cersei heard that Dany has a soft spot for the common folk, so she thinks that Dany will only send her soldiers in once Dany saw the layout. But, Dany was so far gone thanks to the cold welcome and continued coldness from The North and The Vale that she ended up not giving a fuck anymore.

  61. The Main Source Report

    The Main Source ReportMonth ago

    no excuses .. the final 2 seasons sucked .. s 1 thru 4 were great .. they ruined the prob greatest sci fi middle sopranos type show .

  62. Omar Almubayd

    Omar AlmubaydMonth ago

    No matter how you explain it is still shit ending.

  63. Holly N

    Holly NMonth ago

    Done with such a heavy hand in the show though :/ subtle storytelling who?

  64. Michael Moore

    Michael MooreMonth ago

    The whole series hid in plain site that she did not have a stable mindset and you only realize it at the end was kinda genius....not that the ending was rushed and charter arch was to short they should have made about 3 more episodes to do them justice :(

  65. Vance Wallace

    Vance WallaceMonth ago

    Uuuhhmmm did you really just say "Not a good thing to be sending out to our culture." ...??? Come on... I love your channel so I know for a fact that you're better than that... :-/

  66. Suzi Smith

    Suzi SmithMonth ago

    Question is, now Danni is dead , what will happen to the dragon...? And will she come back out of the dead ? Dragons are more intelligent than some men...ummmm !