Game of Thrones Season 8 Pisstake - Episode 6

if you sneezed during this video, bless you.
you know what, even if you didn't, bless you. thanks for tuning in to these, i'm blown away by how many people have taken to this. and a big thanks to that Alt Shift X guy and all the people who came here from there.


  1. Paul Marquardt

    Paul Marquardt9 hours ago

    So is this channel coming back ? Really enjoyed the content

  2. Justin Lozada

    Justin Lozada16 hours ago

    5:29 hundred? Hundreds implies that there were at least 200 to 300 nobles crucified there were only 164 so tyrion either shouldve said that number or "over a hundred". I mean it didn't even take me 2 minutes to find this out. This tells me that this whole episode is like the first draft.

  3. Justin Lozada

    Justin Lozada16 hours ago

    12:46 according to Dumbass and Dumbshit yara was afraid of arya in this scene and that's why she didn't talk afterwards, even though they never met each, probably didn't even know each others names, don't know each others skills, and unlike arya, yara has been battle hardened for years and has dealt with euron fucking greyjoy. So let me get this straight yara is willing to attack a 6 foot tall laughing berserker with an axe that rips through people like paper head on, yet is to scared to talk back at a girl whom is smaller then her who uses a 5th grade level threat on her. By god how retarded are they?

  4. Michael Lorentzen

    Michael LorentzenDay ago

    2:05 im fuckin dying

  5. IlyaUshar

    IlyaUsharDay ago

    Really liked your videos, please come back

  6. TheStapleGunKid

    TheStapleGunKid2 days ago

    Good thing Tyrion read the script before the start of the episode, so he knew exactly where to go to find his dead relatives at the start of it.

  7. TheThunderwars

    TheThunderwars3 days ago

    All those yu-gi-oh the abridged series references will not be left unnoticed.

  8. Wilco

    Wilco4 days ago

    so uhh, you still making videos?

  9. Cygnus Bane

    Cygnus Bane5 days ago

    "Guy got liberated from his skin" x'DDDDD

  10. Andrea's Happy Hour

    Andrea's Happy Hour8 days ago

    That Edmure rant gives me life. Damn, I hate Sansa.

  11. Piyush Vasani

    Piyush Vasani10 days ago

    I love game of throns se1 to 6 and bitching about se7 and 8 😂

  12. 3571113

    357111310 days ago


  13. Bee Carley

    Bee Carley15 days ago

    i diStiNcTLY RECALL-- my ongoing reaction to every plothole in this series

  14. Paguo

    Paguo16 days ago

    After the pain of seeing season 8, I find therapeutic to watch videos shit talking it

  15. BlueBerryFairy1

    BlueBerryFairy118 days ago

    "That was the end of the Dothraki." (all present after the battle of King's Landing) What happened to them? (likely response from D&D) "They all died defending Winterfell." "What? No, they were there in every following episode..." "No, they died, didn't you see it? Also, Dany spoke Valyrian to her army, they don't know that ..." "But they ... they were right there!" "No, really ... I mean, do you think they would have left Jon alive? Also, Westeros couldn't handle them... they all died." "... by execution? Or on the sea?" "No, at the battle of Winterfell! Pay attention, will you!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..........."

  16. Diana Guldhammer

    Diana Guldhammer21 day ago

    Glidus, please make these videos for every single episode of the Walking Dead 😝😝😝

  17. Sam L

    Sam L22 days ago

    Where the fuck are you I need more!!!!

  18. Sean Gil

    Sean Gil22 days ago

    This guy makes me happy, he perfectly voices how I felt the entire time.

  19. Max Zorin

    Max Zorin23 days ago

    So much has been said it is hard to add anything meangingful. However, in regards to Cersi's death...they dropped a house on her! The wizard of Oz did it first, and did it better! D&D? Fuuucccckkkk those pieces of shit... if only to add to the depression, those two useless shits are now attached to Star least the fall will be shorter...what a waste. Please please, someone somewhere, punch those two in the face if the opportunity ever presents itself.

  20. Nine Breaker

    Nine Breaker24 days ago

    Makes no sense anyone even mentioned sucession in the election of the king since they were choosing Bran....The last Three Eyed Raven lived to be like 1500 years old...

  21. Nine Breaker

    Nine Breaker4 days ago

    @Justin Lozada They do say at some point that the last three eyed raven was 1000 years old, and we're discussing the tv show, not the books. But yeah, if the tree is what kept him alive for so long, makes more sense, and ruling from there would be a bad political move, but there are other werewood trees in the south too.

  22. Justin Lozada

    Justin Lozada5 days ago

    Yeah because of a magical tree in the north. There ain't no tree like that in kings landing. Bran gave the north its independence so he can't just go over there and rule from there. Also your wrong about the 1500 years it was only like 80-100 years at least in the books it was. D&D kinda forgot to add that in.

  23. H OC

    H OC24 days ago

    Uncreative, unimaginative spoiled brat fanbase who were expecting some type of a Disney Y/A fanfic romcom meets superhero Marvel Comics Avengers "good guy bad guy" cliche sappy happy ending they're so conditioned to by garbage-TV and couldn't stomach the GRRM style bittersweet Shakesperean tragedy that they got. These mindless Disney/Y-A shippers wanted to see Jon & Dany ruling happily-ever-after with little Targ-Stark children running around the throne room (YUCK..YUCK..YUCK) & and that's all what all this resentment boils down too. Idiotic melodramatic reddit theories like Arya will wear Jamie's face to kill Cersei (even typing that shit sounds stupid) or that a danny will die in childbirth (what in the Disney....LMAO). These people clearly did not read a page to know that all of that fulfilling, heroic stuff is far from GRRM's style (yeah he didn't write this script, but he co-signed it wholeheartedly). Pretty much every character got exactly what they deserved. Dany's ruthless ambition & her revolutionary zealotry was ALWAYS meant to be her undoing. Jon was always a free-folk at heart, the King of the True North. Cersei's death was so poignant, her being crushed under the rubble of her lose empire that was to last a thousand years as the Kingslayer did his last act of sacrifice by becoming the QueenProtector. You were never getting some Marvel Comics villian death for her. I loved ever second of this unfulfilling tragedy. And GRRM specifically wanted Bran to be the King...understand this. The books started with Bran the storyteller, the very first chapter, it was going to end with Bran And oh...the bresthtaking cinematography and the sheer Macbethean-ness of Jon holding his lover's dead body in front of thr cursed throne is way too much to expect the average fan to comprehend, I mean these poor people just wanted to see thr good guys chop off a pile of bad guy heads (Murica!!!) and then ride of into the sunset with a perfect little sappy happy Disney fanfic Jonerys wedding.

  24. Justin Lozada

    Justin Lozada5 days ago

    Yu know I was with you for the first couple of sentences of this but then you lost me. Its started off good but then it turned into something like an unorganized rant.

  25. Currotherbadger Gaming

    Currotherbadger Gaming26 days ago


  26. Mark Cooper

    Mark Cooper26 days ago

    Maybe Drogon saw the blade that killed his mom, and looked over and was like “Must kill all pointy things!!”

  27. Mick Mickymick

    Mick Mickymick28 days ago

    Mate, you haven't made any videos in 3 months. Will we ever get to hear you bitch about season 8 some more?

  28. Thomas Torrance

    Thomas Torrance29 days ago

    I like how you spoke up for Edmure. When I first saw how he was just cut off by Sansa I thought it was really out of place. I always liked his character and he’s been through a lot. it felt as if the plot was trying to enforce the idea that lesser characters don’t have as much impact on the story than the major ones do - which would of never been an issue earlier in the series where the world building was more impactful.

  29. Atomi

    Atomi28 days ago

    @Glidus The entire second half of the finale is basically a sitcom.

  30. Glidus

    Glidus29 days ago

    And like was it supposed to be funny when Sansa cut him off? It's infuriating. The tone of that entire scene is beyond baffling.

  31. Badge Man

    Badge ManMonth ago

    To forge the equipment, we need to mine the ores.

  32. Badge Man

    Badge ManMonth ago

    Ned would have never betrayed his Queen like Jon did.

  33. Burak Ünsal

    Burak ÜnsalMonth ago

    "Death is the death of death" That's deep bro wow

  34. Emily Sikora

    Emily SikoraMonth ago

    Dany’s soul worged into dragon. That’s what happened. No one can convince me otherwise.

  35. Emily Sikora

    Emily SikoraMonth ago

    “This guy has been liberated from his skin”

  36. Brendan Maher

    Brendan MaherMonth ago

    @ 7:54 glidus glidus is that a blade itself reference??? i must know

  37. Glidus

    GlidusMonth ago

    Well you have to be realistic about these things.

  38. Laurawrx2011

    Laurawrx2011Month ago

    Where are you? Are you going to continue to upload videos? Subscribed based on these pisstakes, but you are so funny and I love your voice and edits!

  39. TriEdgedPrism

    TriEdgedPrismMonth ago

    For real, the disrespect towards edmure was such a shitty moment. I liked the guy. His speech was beautiful before being interrupted.

  40. Fuzzy Dunlop

    Fuzzy DunlopMonth ago

    Tbh, I think Edmure staging a "come from behind" kingship would've been much more satisfying than Bran Treeman.

  41. Hafsa Haq

    Hafsa HaqMonth ago

    Fuck u Sansa Stark. Fuck you, seriously?

  42. tarquin bullocks

    tarquin bullocksMonth ago

    Brilliant! Unlike season 8...

  43. Patrick Davis

    Patrick DavisMonth ago

    Like the yugioh abridged nod.

  44. That Bloke_J

    That Bloke_JMonth ago

    Arya is a Warlock running nova warp pre nerf #confirmed

  45. terloublag

    terloublagMonth ago

    I pissed myself 😂 laughing. Thank for doing your part, this is a masterpiece!

  46. budakbaong siah

    budakbaong siahMonth ago

    19:52 Barristan did wrote his own entry. He's so badass that when he was dismissed he still got time to do that. It is canon.

  47. budakbaong siah

    budakbaong siahMonth ago

    @Glidus It is nonsense, I agree with you.

  48. Glidus

    GlidusMonth ago

    Right, I must've forgotten that because it makes no sense.

  49. Donovan

    DonovanMonth ago

    Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a point thing, so he destroyed the army of pointy things disguised as a throne. ... Season 8 destroyed the re watch-ability of the series. The box-sets will be at bargain basement prices Thanks for your video. It provides the only thing about season 8 that is satisfying.

  50. Donovan

    DonovanMonth ago

    "Poop Smith"? I think the term "Poop Engineer & Designer" is preferred. :P

  51. Donovan

    DonovanMonth ago

    D&D couldn't wait to get their hands on that sweet Star War's *$$$* but didn't want anyone-else to finish _their legacy_ so they left and took _their ball_ home.

  52. Todd Leahy

    Todd LeahyMonth ago

    At 27 minutes John says to bran sorry I wasn't there when you needed me. I think he's talking about tbeon taking winterfell n beyond the wall

  53. C P

    C PMonth ago


  54. 7thTreasure

    7thTreasureMonth ago

    15:07 I loved the video but this was my favourite part

  55. Palmen1990

    Palmen199029 days ago

    7thTreasure i love that after all that hilarious, angry rant he just pauses for a second and goes ”...anyway”

  56. hablar porhablar

    hablar porhablarMonth ago

    That was the communist ending... lol ... Putting a guy in power who put useless cunts in positions of power only because they're his friends.

  57. Sam L

    Sam LMonth ago

    Give us moreeeee I need more content I love your videos!!!!!

  58. vibeuk2003

    vibeuk2003Month ago

    A correction... The Dothraki shouldn't want Jon dead... They should proclaim him as their King because he killed their Khal... Anybody that kills the Khal becomes the Khal!

  59. Atomi

    AtomiMonth ago

    Thats not how bloodriders work

  60. Glidus

    GlidusMonth ago


  61. Benjamin Lee

    Benjamin LeeMonth ago

    Ah, Jekyll and Hyde the Musical. A man of class I see.

  62. Aristide Torchia

    Aristide TorchiaMonth ago

    It's horrifying to see how much you can ruin characters within just a few episodes.

  63. Joseph Charles

    Joseph CharlesMonth ago

    My favorite series of Season 8 takedowns. Well done.

  64. paul b

    paul bMonth ago

    "This guy oh wait it's Yara" haha good man

  65. multiTYRT

    multiTYRTMonth ago

    Fucking amazing. Can't believe I just found out about this shitting on GoT episode by episode series.

  66. Deomondes Santez

    Deomondes SantezMonth ago

    smash the beetles ug ug me in tears of lols

  67. Sam Austin

    Sam AustinMonth ago

    Love u Glidus, but BoB and hard home > Blackwater pls dont hurt me

  68. Sam Austin

    Sam AustinMonth ago

    @Glidus hahaha yeah D&D abused me 😪😥 I was wondering how would u rank the GoT tv seasons? Imo I'd go 1. S4 2.S6 3. S3 4.S1 5.S2 6.S5 7.S7 8.S8

  69. Glidus

    GlidusMonth ago

    No need, someone's clearly already hurt you.

  70. Austin Holler

    Austin HollerMonth ago

    Tyrion: wtf bro you can’t say good dialogue in season 8. Jon: Nah mate sall good, it’s a season 1 quote. Literally had me dying 😂😂

  71. TheMoonatDawn

    TheMoonatDawnMonth ago

    I always thought Emilia spoke Valyrian really well. Interesting that other people don't think so.

  72. beckmanator69

    beckmanator69Month ago

    13:24 omg lol

  73. Micah

    MicahMonth ago

    You forgot that Yara laughed at Sam mentioning democracy even though that’s literally how Ironborns choose their leaders