Game of Thrones Season 8 Pisstake - Episode 6


  1. Caraxes The Blood Wyrm

    Caraxes The Blood Wyrm3 hours ago

    And the Unsullied all go to naath, get butterfly fever and die

  2. nelson Samuels

    nelson Samuels5 hours ago

    What happened to Dario naharris?

  3. Peregrination

    Peregrination13 hours ago

    Papa Shifty :-)

  4. Peregrination

    Peregrination14 hours ago

    "killed the Executive Producer"...I had a Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged reference pop up. Given the channel, there's a chance that was intentional, though it seems less intended than other references and I just might be jumping ahead on this one.

  5. Spike Spiegel

    Spike Spiegel23 hours ago

    Wait, that old generic lord is not the Prince of Dorne. The guy in the Dorne clothing is the Prince of Dorne

  6. MrPooPooJohn

    MrPooPooJohn23 hours ago

    Such a great poopsmith callback. Yessss!

  7. Darthchu48 Darth

    Darthchu48 DarthDay ago

    Edmure: this is my momen...... Sansa: uncle please sit.

  8. algogy

    algogyDay ago

    The most overrated and overhyped show ever. Yeah, S1 was great, S2,3,4 just average, S5,6,7 mediocre. S8 not really a surprise.

  9. Abhinav Pandurangi

    Abhinav PandurangiDay ago

    Great review of this natural disaster, also known as "Game of Thrones Season 8"

  10. mer kikima

    mer kikimaDay ago

    Thank you for pointing out that not all slavers were necessery eivil people tend to forget that they are humains too

  11. S.A. Harris

    S.A. HarrisDay ago

    Guys... Guys... What if-Drogon IS Rhollor? 😎 oh yeah... Me the entire season 8 😃...😕...😲...😒...😱...😒...😡...😑

  12. Durmoth

    DurmothDay ago

    rewrite season 7 & 8 and make a total of 11 with it. But not with d&d writing

  13. Durmoth

    DurmothDay ago

    this is better than the series itself

  14. kusay da beast

    kusay da beastDay ago

    Where did glidus go?

  15. Gabriel Sáenz

    Gabriel SáenzDay ago

    The edit on Edmure's speech is amazing 😂

  16. Rice Calculator

    Rice Calculator2 days ago

    jon saying sorry to bran was when sam let him, meera, hodor, and jojin past the wall in season 3 I think

  17. Härr Sprecher

    Härr Sprecher2 days ago


  18. Sam Hale

    Sam Hale2 days ago

    1 thing that wasn’t mentioned...what was the point of Sam stealing the books from the Citadel? The only info he provided in season 8 was what Gilly told him already about the annulment regarding R+L. The books he spent all that time stealing and bringing back provided no additional information or anything that added to this season, it was a complete waste of time

  19. Sam Hale

    Sam Hale2 days ago

    @Glidus so.....books were pointless confirmed?

  20. Glidus

    Glidus2 days ago

    Hold up, they also provided him information about dragonglass on Dragonstone which Stannis had already told him.

  21. steve french

    steve french2 days ago

    Well at least the Star Wars fan base will know what to expect now, which from what I've seen

  22. Lavender Love

    Lavender Love2 days ago

    They were all evil! Just because they disagreed about slavery didn’t mean they tried to stop it! They tolerated it and it became JUST LIFE THERE...they didn’t go to war over it BEFORE Dany got there. 🙄

  23. Jennifer Dunlop

    Jennifer Dunlop3 days ago

    I'm just now finally able to even grasp the giant,steaming,pile of shit,that was GOT..I've never seen anything like it..the past 2 seasons were just the most sloppy lazy self righteous, shit writing I've ever seen..the only thing they got right was killing Danny...they built up characters and plots only to shit on us and change everything..stupid people all of a sudden became geniuses..Smart people became retards. But what can we expect from a couple of limp wristed,soy boys once having to come up with ANY of their own material after the books ran out and Martin stopped did I expect? Now they're off to finish destroying SW...what will they do? I'm guessing they'll turn someone gay..kill off another lead character in the dumbest way possible and make a female the most powerful jedi ever after 5 minutes..oh wait..that's been done..

  24. HamburgersAndBeer

    HamburgersAndBeer3 days ago

    I FIGURED IT OUT! They are in a middle agey setting. Meaning, it would have been realistic for a mass brain sponge spreading over the food and killing everyone present, but killing them slowly, driving them insane and eating away at their brain beforehand. The Amnesia Water was not quite it. It is the meat brain sponge virus.

  25. The Law

    The Law3 days ago

    Finally someone standing up for Edmure Tully.

  26. James TC

    James TC3 days ago

    Can you please do a pisstake series of Stranger Things 3?

  27. Chris Anon

    Chris Anon3 days ago

    Jon went off to hang with Dexter. lol

  28. Sir Robin Of Nottingham

    Sir Robin Of Nottingham3 days ago

    Loved the Jekyll and Hyde reference

  29. Jonas Knörr

    Jonas Knörr4 days ago

    Literally my favorite criticism of GoT Season 8. I never get tired of watching this :D

  30. Dark Theme

    Dark Theme4 days ago

    Bran was warging everyone since season 4

  31. Mr Supreme

    Mr Supreme4 days ago

    Anyone know the song with during the Edmure Tully scene

  32. Mr Supreme

    Mr Supreme4 days ago

    @Glidus Thank you very much my good man

  33. Glidus

    Glidus4 days ago

    This is the Moment from Jekyll and Hyde

  34. Sandor Clegane

    Sandor Clegane4 days ago

    I want a spinoff show of that guy who rides for GONDOR!!!

  35. Nick Britten

    Nick Britten4 days ago

    10:30... Jon must admit to what he's just done... for some reason?

  36. Nick Britten

    Nick Britten4 days ago

    3:20... how can they even hear her!?

  37. Elijah Lining

    Elijah Lining4 days ago

    This is beautiful, thank you

  38. Perry the corpse Flower

    Perry the corpse Flower4 days ago

    God I could use some calcium

  39. MayuriKurotsuchi

    MayuriKurotsuchi4 days ago

    this editing 😂😂👌

  40. The Great Autizmo

    The Great Autizmo4 days ago

    The whole series is just Jon questioning the writers mistakes through his dialogue

  41. Motaki666

    Motaki6664 days ago

    I can't believe they destroyed Sansa's and Jamie's character arcs D':

  42. IronSabbathPriest

    IronSabbathPriest5 days ago

    It always pissed me off how the show shat on Edmure.

  43. SARANON Satrulee

    SARANON Satrulee5 days ago

    And this what Dany and her army bleed for ??!!! King Brand QUEEN SANSA fucc

  44. tamirch1

    tamirch15 days ago

    Thanks Glidus, these videos are the first and only payoff for having watched season 8!

  45. Kurtis Thompson

    Kurtis Thompson6 days ago

    I fucking love Ramsay. I feel like him and Theodore Tbag Bagwell from the show Prison Break would be the ultimate duo. 🤣 I just stumbled across your channel, and binge watched your Got reviews. Liking your content. Subbed!

  46. Vult Libertas

    Vult Libertas6 days ago

    Death is the death of death? That's deep bro...

  47. Laith Khamm

    Laith Khamm6 days ago

    12:46 I burst out laughing so hard. This sums up everything they were doing to Arya in all her scenes. Especially the Brienne duel!

  48. John smith

    John smith6 days ago

    This guy nails it. Worst show of all time...until the sjws one up it to this one they ruined too

  49. Simon Hylander

    Simon Hylander6 days ago


  50. Rochelle Alcantara

    Rochelle Alcantara6 days ago

    A waste of season

  51. Tim Wood

    Tim Wood7 days ago

    You seriously have the best fucking reviews of all time I fucking love you 😂😂😂😂

  52. TheOzarkWizard

    TheOzarkWizard7 days ago

    Im glad im not the only one who seen smash the beetles in that scene

  53. Owen donohue

    Owen donohue7 days ago

    This was literally the funniest shit

  54. Nay

    Nay7 days ago

    It's alright, Podd only screw whores, nothing he wont be able to do as a kingsguard.