1. Mrs1MORENA3

    Mrs1MORENA34 hours ago

    Get off my truck..lmaoooo love!!!

  2. Tyradaisy

    Tyradaisy15 hours ago

    I love Mariah’s all black outfit when they went thrifting 🤩🤩🤩

  3. isabella rivera

    isabella riveraDay ago

    Wait you guy don’t live together O_0 I’m confused

  4. DaniB143

    DaniB1432 days ago

    Love ❤️ you together 🦹🏼‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️

  5. Megan Veldman

    Megan Veldman3 days ago

    I thought the ring game was just something my family did lol

  6. jon perez

    jon perez4 days ago

    hi heath

  7. Bry Mitchell

    Bry Mitchell4 days ago

    “You just look handsome in EVERYTHING!” Fuckin totes adorbs. Y’all are my favorite vlog squad couple. #Meath or #Hariah

  8. Poker Face

    Poker Face4 days ago

    No one's gonna mention 10:46 🤣😂 Heath: If it doesn't fit, we can take it to like a taylor! Mariah: Oh ok Also Mariah: "Who the f*** is taylor?"

  9. Menaka Murthy

    Menaka Murthy4 days ago

    Wholesome content from my favourite pair of bubbas!!!!

  10. Halima Bibi

    Halima Bibi5 days ago

    What trainers is Heath wearing??? They put the whole outfit together

  11. Just Liyah

    Just Liyah5 days ago

    Is it only me or does Mariah remind you of Veronica from heathers... Just me ok😩

  12. flabbygabby2332

    flabbygabby23326 days ago

    This is how a relationship should be. They are so perfect for each other

  13. Galilea Nava

    Galilea Nava6 days ago

    Y’all are soooo cute !

  14. Isabel Colon

    Isabel Colon6 days ago

    Heath and Mariah should recreate fortnite dances!!!... Mariah is pretty flexible she should be able to do it... Idk bout heath

  15. Rachel Salas

    Rachel Salas6 days ago

    That’s the goodwill I go to 😭😭😭

  16. Nicole Rusnak

    Nicole Rusnak6 days ago

    I love that you guys call each other bubba I just got out of a relationship and we called each other bubba😓😓😭

  17. Taylor King

    Taylor King6 days ago

    Can you please post more often. 😭

  18. amber haughn

    amber haughn6 days ago

    Wow you lost weight .

  19. Hayley Hughes

    Hayley Hughes6 days ago

    Does anyone know where Mariah’s white shoes in this video are from?

  20. Daniel Milton

    Daniel Milton7 days ago

    Are you in Elkton still friends

  21. Jillian Harrington Perkins

    Jillian Harrington Perkins7 days ago

    I love madfit😂

  22. Montana Wisniewski

    Montana Wisniewski7 days ago

    You guys are by far my fav couple 💕💕

  23. Audrey Spencer

    Audrey Spencer8 days ago

    Mariah’s outfit (the white one) in the beginning of the video was soooo pretty!!! And she looked beautiful in it!

  24. Vittoria Sanseverino

    Vittoria Sanseverino8 days ago

    “Come closer” “closer” “get off my truck” 😂

  25. Sophia Marie

    Sophia Marie8 days ago

    he got a royal caribbean top and im watching this while im on the royal caribbean lmao

  26. terry

    terry8 days ago

    best birthday present ever

  27. Shayne Fry

    Shayne Fry8 days ago


  28. Ally JayyLovee

    Ally JayyLovee8 days ago

    Love you guys so much! 😘🙌🏼

  29. Detective 77

    Detective 778 days ago

    Hey guys let’s give a congrats to Mariah for winning the box challenge 👏🏻

  30. keannabell

    keannabell9 days ago

    You guys are an absolutely amazing couple!!!!

  31. The Stern Sisters

    The Stern Sisters9 days ago

    This is such a great thrifting idea!! Please check out our thrift try on haul ☆

  32. Laura Jamerson

    Laura Jamerson9 days ago

    Those jeans are huggin’ ya shnuts Heath. 10/10 women’s jeans. 😂

  33. Laura Jamerson

    Laura Jamerson9 days ago

    Those jeans are huggin’ ya shnuts Heath. 10/10 women’s jeans. 😂

  34. Billy Dabz

    Billy Dabz9 days ago

    I love you Heath

  35. Kayla Sitton

    Kayla Sitton9 days ago

    wtf i work at goodwill in oklahoma and we don't wear gloves ever

  36. Jekx

    Jekx10 days ago

    Mariah’s Abs holy fucking shit 😍😍😍

  37. planB469

    planB46910 days ago

    The only thing i could notice was your American flag being hung incorrectly. Stars on the left when vertical lol

  38. Reine Nyinang

    Reine Nyinang10 days ago

    I love every single video 😪🙌🏾🙌🏾 like, comment, subscribe, notification bell; you name it, I’ve done it. Much love and support!!!

  39. Fine

    Fine10 days ago


  40. Bryanna Haygood

    Bryanna Haygood10 days ago

    Omg I just got of the royal Caribbean cruise yesterday 😂😂

  41. Sydney Brede

    Sydney Brede10 days ago

    "You look handsome in everything" 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  42. SushayyX

    SushayyX10 days ago

    Heath and Mariah going to the 626 night market are my two USwork worlds, the white one and the Asian one, mixing together lmao

  43. Ann Grove

    Ann Grove10 days ago

    I SHIP IT!

  44. Tyanne Hatten

    Tyanne Hatten10 days ago

    literally one of the only reasons i watch heaths videos is to see mariah!!! i love her so much!!! but i love heath too just maybe not as much

  45. Courtney Woods

    Courtney Woods11 days ago

    Heath! My offer still stands if you’re still interested in the “farmer for a day” vlog. Bring Mariah! I can have you milking cows, bailing hay, feeding pigs, harvesting corn in a John Deere tractor and as a bonus, we will go to Amish country where you and Mariah can dress up in the clothes, ride the horse and buggy and see what they live like with no electricity and the rest of modern day amenities!

  46. olivia n

    olivia n11 days ago

    loved this video and love you guys 🥺 the cutest people ever

  47. iconic editzzz

    iconic editzzz11 days ago

    i love that they call each other bubba

  48. blake meadows

    blake meadows11 days ago

    I love that Heath makes a cute video and then tries to be all hard by playing rock in the outro 😂

  49. Dounia S.

    Dounia S.11 days ago

    I want a relationship like this💛

  50. Lia Murphy

    Lia Murphy11 days ago

    Heath in the SOA shirt made me so happy