Mariah and I go thrift shopping and buy outfits for each other!!
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  1. Joe Stevens

    Joe Stevens2 days ago

    Mariah a baddie tho

  2. Leighton Lundstrom

    Leighton Lundstrom4 days ago

    Food looked disgusting

  3. Emily Roberts

    Emily Roberts4 days ago

    Lol her second outfit looks like she should be on recess

  4. Tomato Crackhead Soup

    Tomato Crackhead Soup12 days ago

    the way heath edits his videos is so good i love it

  5. Eline&Eva

    Eline&Eva15 days ago

    “Get of my truck” hahahah

  6. YourAverageDumbPeople

    YourAverageDumbPeople22 days ago

    Heath and Mariah : My power couple

  7. Samantha

    Samantha29 days ago

    Mind blown! Did not know that they did not live together!! That makes me a little sad. I mean it might have changed, this is a three month old video.

  8. Farah Syakirah

    Farah SyakirahMonth ago

    They perfect for each other

  9. Ethaniel my dude

    Ethaniel my dudeMonth ago

    i have those exact pants and shoes 😳 this is awkward

  10. FM Dee

    FM DeeMonth ago

    Hey Heath👋🏾👋🏾😁 Idk if you’ll see this but it’s worth a shot 🤷🏾‍♀️ you’ve inspired me tremendously. I’ve seen your growth and it makes me realize that it’s possible to grow against all odds. I have two sons (7 month old & 5 year old). I’m only 20 years old and I work everyday to make sure my kids are well taken care of. Due to unfortunate events I’m currently in the eviction process. I never wanted my children to experience not having a home to call their own. I’m literally trying my hardest not to make that happen but when my mother doesn’t want to support me because I’m a lesbian, there’s all these churches who help people but refuses to help me & everyone just thinks me and my kids being homeless is a laughing matter. I’m trying my best to have faith because I know anything is possible. That miracles can happen. I just wanna thank you for being you. You help me refocus and understand that tomorrow can always be a brighter day. Thank you so much for all the laughs🙏🏾 I send peace & blessings your way. Love you man ❤️❤️❤️

  11. sonta borgdorff

    sonta borgdorffMonth ago

    So mariahs an e-girl....

  12. Penny Truell

    Penny TruellMonth ago

    “Hey guys, it’s Penelope” That hits weird when MY NAME IS PENELOPE. And for the record that’s not how I would dress. Periodt. BUT NO, LMAO I DID LOVE THE VIDEO HEATH😂

  13. NK - 07BD - Churchville PS (1436)

    NK - 07BD - Churchville PS (1436)Month ago

    heath i sware to god you got so much skinner

  14. Hailey Long

    Hailey LongMonth ago

    theyre throwing hints that hes gonna propose. i know it. im waiting

  15. Nitika Webb

    Nitika WebbMonth ago

    “get off my truck” 😂😂😂

  16. felicia xo

    felicia xoMonth ago

    Wow I’m gonna be honest but HEATH AND MARIAH ARE SOOOOO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!!!! I love their dynamic they just seem so unapologetically happy with one and other! Keep loving each other it’s so beautiful to watch made me smile 😊

  17. FireLily8

    FireLily8Month ago

    why does heath look so damn guilty when the dress didn't fit her 11:05

  18. Mary Dragonee

    Mary DragoneeMonth ago

    “she’s a little worn BUT its character!“

  19. C Cope

    C CopeMonth ago

    Are you saying you threw away the drink and didn’t say that’s un-berry-bull

  20. Matilda Coleman

    Matilda ColemanMonth ago

    Tbh that thrift store looks exactly like the goodwill in Washington

  21. Itz Zammi

    Itz ZammiMonth ago

    3:48 I been to that ranch and use to ride there kdjcksuc! Chats was great I miss living there!

  22. ava reynolds

    ava reynoldsMonth ago

    heath and mariah are THE power couple

  23. Soybeanss

    SoybeanssMonth ago


  24. Nicole S

    Nicole SMonth ago

    waaaaait where can i get that little push trashcan for my car?

  25. David 420

    David 420Month ago

    If I can find a relationship like the two of them have I’ll officially feel like I did something with my life

  26. emily albertson

    emily albertsonMonth ago

    I work at Goodwill and the statement you made about the women’s section being worse is hella true, they do not give a fuck just throwing shit everywhere lol

  27. Ethan Devlin

    Ethan DevlinMonth ago

    Anyone know the song playing during the parts where they try on the outfits?

  28. Taylor Fogelman

    Taylor Fogelman2 months ago

    Maria: who the f**** is taylor me: i’m taylor 😂😂😭😭😭

  29. Taylor Fogelman

    Taylor FogelmanMonth ago

    ERROR ERROR i didn’t spell it right


    ERROR ERRORMonth ago

    Taylor Fogelman *who tf is Maria?*

  31. Saranell Skinner

    Saranell Skinner2 months ago

    What do they call each other?!😭😭😭

  32. Bella Seavey

    Bella Seavey2 months ago

    Saranell Skinner bubba or bub

  33. Indy Gumbe

    Indy Gumbe2 months ago


  34. Savanna Hammond

    Savanna Hammond2 months ago

    Yall are my hands down fav couple on USwork EVER

  35. Emely Cerna

    Emely Cerna2 months ago

    I didn’t know you lived in chatsworth

  36. Andreya Harford

    Andreya Harford2 months ago

    Heattttth ask Mariah to move in

  37. Yoce Mejia

    Yoce Mejia2 months ago

    I Love them together (':

  38. olivia

    olivia2 months ago

    mariah is so pretty she could be a model. she’s also so fucking funny and intuitive i wanna be friends with her🥺

  39. Maddi Penz

    Maddi Penz2 months ago

    Are we just going to brush over the fact that at 9:27 the size says other

  40. ausernameofsorts

    ausernameofsorts2 months ago

    6:19 does anyone know where I can find Heath's vans shirt? I've been on the hunt and I can't find it!

  41. Kaitlyn Maurer

    Kaitlyn Maurer2 months ago


  42. Mr A

    Mr A2 months ago

    heath wtf did you buy her! Poor girl 😂😂😂

  43. Reska

    Reska2 months ago

    Honestly my favourite USwork couple! Literally perfect for eachother

  44. Martin Vasquez

    Martin Vasquez2 months ago

    yo i have that same black and green underwear, i’m so high rn lmao

  45. Sully Saints

    Sully Saints2 months ago

    oh i was there at 626 that day too lmao i was so hungry i didnt realize the earthquake 😅

  46. 50hellkat2

    50hellkat22 months ago

    Heath not stupid he doesn’t want Mariah to be showing off too much of the goods.

  47. Morgen Alysia

    Morgen Alysia2 months ago

    Ummmm low key want the brown jacket

  48. Samarah Pierre

    Samarah Pierre2 months ago


  49. Jade-Maya Lee

    Jade-Maya Lee2 months ago

    Baba means grandma in a language i forgot 😂🤔

  50. Tea Dogan

    Tea Dogan2 months ago

    Croatian 😁

  51. Sugnightk 2

    Sugnightk 22 months ago

    11:07 he looked so sad

  52. Dakota Daniel

    Dakota Daniel2 months ago

    Heath is so damn fine 😍😍😍 #GayProblems

  53. Renitaa j

    Renitaa j2 months ago

    “Bubba” I love that🥺

  54. All about Paulina

    All about Paulina2 months ago

    I love this relationship ✨💕🧘🏽‍♀️

  55. Allie Soon

    Allie Soon2 months ago

    I literally love Mariah’s energy!

  56. MadPowers55

    MadPowers552 months ago

    This is heath’s hot girl summer

  57. Amy Skye

    Amy Skye3 months ago

    They’re so cute together

  58. aliciathom1231

    aliciathom12313 months ago

    Also. Yalls goodwill got fancy tags

  59. aliciathom1231

    aliciathom12313 months ago

    You and Mariah are my new favorite people ❤

  60. B.Sundae

    B.Sundae3 months ago

    What camera do you use Heath?

  61. Nina Hagen

    Nina Hagen3 months ago

    You should marry her 😁😍

  62. Lory Shear

    Lory Shear3 months ago

    Deadass mariah is one of a kind

  63. Lory Shear

    Lory Shear3 months ago

    Oooommmmmgggggg heath is so skinny

  64. kristen

    kristen3 months ago

    Ok how do heath and mariah have the most complimentary personalities? Seriously they are soulmates!! So cute #lowkeyjealous