The LeBron-AD Trade Deadline Madness 😲 | Game Of Zones S6E5


  1. Anubiz

    Anubiz3 months ago

    "He saw us. He saw us tampering!" 🤣🤣 "The things I do for Rings."

  2. Ali Chaudhry

    Ali Chaudhry2 months ago

    @Gwynbleidd Fuck off you dickhole

  3. Jon L

    Jon L2 months ago

    It’s sad how lebron has used and treated all his teammates like garbage 🗑 . Many houses lebron has poisoned and destroyed all for nothing just so he can have what he wants.

  4. Unk Nown

    Unk Nown2 months ago

    Sometimes i lose hope for humanity. I mean i just heard it in the video

  5. Muten

    Muten2 months ago

    Congrats on 5k likes.

  6. Alec Mikaelian

    Alec Mikaelian2 months ago

    @Alex Casares i quoted the actual line from game of thrones

  7. Sean Owens

    Sean Owens7 days ago

    “ I played for the knicks” “ Say no more”

  8. dat one asian boi

    dat one asian boi8 days ago

    Lebron and AD sounded gay as hell

  9. dat one asian boi

    dat one asian boi8 days ago

    5:57 ow my kevin durant like frame

  10. Awakened Bear

    Awakened Bear12 days ago

    Dirk played for 56 seasons with the Mavs. Something doesn't add up.

  11. アルプスの少女ガイジ

    アルプスの少女ガイジ15 days ago

    Zo: also I’m no.2 pick LBJ: I’m no.1 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. Dogs_ Harambae

    Dogs_ Harambae16 days ago

    Lebron and Anthony talking to each other was best scene for me

  13. Docasjoao Nogueira

    Docasjoao Nogueira20 days ago

    I would trade every single one to just have the chance to play with you

  14. Bilguun Otgonbayar

    Bilguun Otgonbayar20 days ago

    Damn the dice on the BBB logo 😂😂😂 Lonzo tried to cover it up This show is too accurate

  15. Kam St Juste

    Kam St JusteMonth ago

    The next episode is gonna be crazy with all the offseason moves that's been made!!




  17. Vividly YT

    Vividly YTMonth ago

    My Kevin Durant like frame - Brandon Ingram

  18. PlanetJohn

    PlanetJohnMonth ago

    this is genial

  19. Ogonna Chinay

    Ogonna ChinayMonth ago

    Another season is NEEDED. The way these trades are going crazy!!!

  20. D Money

    D MoneyMonth ago

    Ogonna Chinay facts I said the same thing

  21. devan campbell

    devan campbellMonth ago

    If lord Walton sees you he'll give rondo all your minutes 😭😭😭 that shit will never get old

  22. Gold_Leader928

    Gold_Leader928Month ago

    I was hoping they’d bring up the 40 point loss to Indiana

  23. Ryen Boi

    Ryen BoiMonth ago

    Who is watching after AD got traded to lakers???

  24. jan279

    jan279Month ago

    The Marshon Brooks bit tho... 💀💀💀

  25. Garrett Bradley

    Garrett BradleyMonth ago

    Dear Bleacher Report, Please make a special episode about this free agency period. It was truly the most wildly historic NBA event in recent memory. The people shouldn't wait until April to enjoy your comical interpretation of it. Please give us this gift! Sincerely, Faithful GOZ fan.

  26. The Irishpanic

    The IrishpanicMonth ago

    Half the comments are: "who's here after the trade?" Well I was here before the trade. Y'all have been missing this show for years. Shame shame shame

  27. Clínica Lipoout

    Clínica LipooutMonth ago

    "son of a..."

  28. Tenzin Kyinzom

    Tenzin KyinzomMonth ago

    Y is this so pleasing to watch

  29. Randy Randalman

    Randy RandalmanMonth ago

    6 more seasons of old man Dirk!

  30. My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but

    My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter butMonth ago

    god i feel sorry for zo and bi. this is the biggest stain in lbjs career imo

  31. Lu Dux

    Lu DuxMonth ago

    Doncic + Poorzingis + Dragic + Kleber = Quadruple Dirks

  32. Huncho Jack

    Huncho JackMonth ago

    Magic Johnson laugh bro 💀💀💀 6:15

  33. Hispanic Burrito

    Hispanic BurritoMonth ago

    AD: Can I have your number? Lebron: Anything for you

  34. Neumann Collins

    Neumann CollinsMonth ago

    This is a classic 👌👌👌

  35. Sam Gouch

    Sam GouchMonth ago

    5:28 Bleacher Report predicted Jason Kidd 😂

  36. Charalampos Lazoglou

    Charalampos LazoglouMonth ago

    Anyone noticed Lonzo's form at 4:03 ? 😂😂😂

  37. Goowy GumDrop

    Goowy GumDropMonth ago

    Haha @ Ingram when Lonzo fell on top of him “ oooooh my Kevin Durant type Frame...” 🤣🤣

  38. Overlord Pepe

    Overlord PepeMonth ago

    “I yearn to toss your lobs” Greatest line ever

  39. Leonard Jackson

    Leonard JacksonMonth ago

    KP:”Well I was on house Knicks” Dirk”Oh, oh, say no more” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  40. Eyüp Cem Gülbasar

    Eyüp Cem GülbasarMonth ago

    Like Jason Kidd or Mark Jack-son of a...

  41. Ou Dat Boy Spinnin

    Ou Dat Boy SpinninMonth ago

    I had to rewind and make sure that wasn’t Chris Paul dribbling at the State Farm part.

  42. EY 19

    EY 19Month ago

    Bruh who ever came up with this is a fucking genius !!!!

  43. sonofYah7

    sonofYah7Month ago

    "You used tha gold on chandler parsons not good" 😂😂😂

  44. Mohamed ONIFADE

    Mohamed ONIFADEMonth ago


  45. David Winters

    David WintersMonth ago

    Say no more 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. William Nicholson

    William NicholsonMonth ago

    Lonzo: no please dont trade me im real good except for free throws 3 pointers and layups😂😂😂

  47. Jaden B

    Jaden BMonth ago

    I think this is the best GoZ episode

  48. Nick King

    Nick KingMonth ago

    Wasn't Lonzo a baby last year?

  49. Potchalapol Kijpinyochai

    Potchalapol Kijpinyochai2 months ago

    Lonzo the broken, king of the six kingdoms.

  50. techi9

    techi92 months ago

    "Bones broke like sugar straws"

  51. Tristan Lockhart

    Tristan Lockhart2 months ago

    Wow! The accuracy!!!

  52. C Taylor

    C Taylor2 months ago

    Damn! This might be the most savage episode yet😂

  53. C Taylor

    C Taylor2 months ago

    0:31 i always love that part of the intro😂

  54. Darren Marrero

    Darren Marrero2 months ago

    What they missed is Anthony Davis coming out of the LeBron James chambers wiping his mouth off

  55. Ulysses Paculaba

    Ulysses Paculaba2 months ago

    The writers of GoZ seriously needs to get a lottery ticket

  56. Mohamed Coulibaly

    Mohamed Coulibaly2 months ago

    The things Bron will do for rings.. 😂😂😂 It’s amazing how accurate things were in this episode

  57. godfrey Zitha

    godfrey Zitha2 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣"the things I do for rings".. Brilliant!!

  58. Mud bug

    Mud bug2 months ago

    Games of zones saw this this coming. Already looking forward for next season.

  59. Zr Hakeem

    Zr Hakeem2 months ago

    5:29 We’ll bring a real lord commander like Jason Kidd- BRO THIS PREDICTIONS

  60. DaGreat81

    DaGreat812 months ago


  61. Overlord Pepe

    Overlord Pepe2 months ago

    AD trade parody starts @ 3:58 Btw who’s here after that trade? 👀

  62. Matthew Sawczyn

    Matthew Sawczyn2 months ago

    As a member of House Mavericks, I got chills. Loyalty. Don't know what we'll do when our Champion passes 😥

  63. Thegamer 13

    Thegamer 132 months ago

    Here after AD got trade it

  64. KP Starts

    KP Starts2 months ago

    This means like Brann Lonzo will become the new King in the end!

  65. Spider Comics

    Spider Comics2 months ago

    they got AD lol wow

  66. Davny Wes

    Davny Wes2 months ago

    Game of throne reference🤣🤣

  67. Randall Knight

    Randall Knight2 months ago

    "My Kevin Durant line frame"😂😂😂😭

  68. HipHopR&BLover Jon

    HipHopR&BLover Jon2 months ago

    My Kevin Durant *like frame.

  69. Eren Nazir

    Eren Nazir2 months ago

    Here after the AD trade 😂

  70. Life And Times Of Jason

    Life And Times Of Jason2 months ago

    Brandon Ingram's long arms 😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Letz Talk

    Letz Talk2 months ago

    Guys, the Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers was no prophecy. We all saw it coming a mile away.

  72. Zelalem Mekonnen

    Zelalem Mekonnen2 months ago

    Hereafter the trade!

  73. Harry Kim

    Harry Kim2 months ago

    Aged like fine wine this video

  74. Zay

    Zay2 months ago

    And trade Lonzo he did...

  75. Reynald Relato

    Reynald Relato2 months ago

    Bleacher Report always NAILS these trade predictions!👊

  76. Jay Hernandez

    Jay Hernandez2 months ago

    The LeBron AD talk was on point....

  77. EverythingCounts

    EverythingCounts2 months ago

    Knicks gotta hate the Pelicans lmao. Steal Zion from them and ship AD off to play with Bron. And then there's the KD injury and Kyrie wanting to go to Brooklyn. Yikes.

  78. The klaw

    The klaw2 months ago

    It really happen. Bron and brow

  79. Daniel Berri

    Daniel Berri2 months ago

    1st is

  80. wacus001

    wacus0012 months ago

    Who is here after AD trade to Lakers

  81. TheSahil360

    TheSahil3602 months ago

    Randle, Clarkson, Hart, Ball, Ingram all kicked out. But only one remained..

  82. EverythingCounts

    EverythingCounts2 months ago

    Shit Nance and Zubac too

  83. Josuel Mateo

    Josuel Mateo2 months ago

    prediction became true 😂🏃

  84. Dahly Lama

    Dahly Lama2 months ago


  85. John Mpasios

    John Mpasios2 months ago

    Who else is hers after the irving trade to lakers

  86. John Mpasios

    John MpasiosMonth ago

    @neberyx it was a joke you get it ?

  87. neberyx

    neberyx2 months ago

    Irving? I thought it was just AD? Kyrie going too??? 😲

  88. anthony trevino

    anthony trevino2 months ago

    Hahaha magic at the end. This was brilliant

  89. A A

    A A2 months ago

    only Kuz survived...

  90. Eddie Trying To Lift

    Eddie Trying To Lift2 months ago

    Lakers/Lebron finally got Anthony Davis