Race Week DAY 1: Check In and Racing - Ruby and Leroy Make AWESOME First Passes!


  1. Shelby Watts

    Shelby Watts7 days ago

    "That's in the vault!"

  2. Maxwell Harmon

    Maxwell Harmon10 days ago

    runs an 8 second pass......"it was slow, it was really slow" lol man your on another level

  3. Dang Dang

    Dang Dang11 days ago

    Please come to australia and make my ute "slow" at 8.5 seconds ha ha ha

  4. RyanAmos

    RyanAmos13 days ago

    Mustang Jamie! Ya Bess

  5. Terry Megaton

    Terry Megaton17 days ago


  6. Jasmine Morgan

    Jasmine Morgan19 days ago

    Did anyone other than me notice the fuel overflow legit almost turn inside out after Cleetus's first run lmao

  7. Zachary Harper

    Zachary Harper19 days ago

    I like how savage James is. Always rips a fat burnout and always does a run with a car full of smoke haha definitely doin it for Dale.

  8. Ryan Kafkas

    Ryan Kafkas20 days ago

    Its cool how the mtn dew bottles start squishing in the back for some reason 9:19

  9. Frank Green

    Frank Green25 days ago

    It's prolly been said, but "we gotta pump those numbers up" and he kinda looks like Matthew McConaughey too!

  10. j8rr3tt

    j8rr3tt26 days ago

    What happened to Buffalo? Did he ever explain it?

  11. Marcos Ornelas

    Marcos Ornelas27 days ago

    I like it when everytime ruby makes a pass he’s like get it girl get it girl

  12. Jerrycobra

    Jerrycobra27 days ago

    so why were they late to the track? was it ever explained?

  13. Oh Shhh

    Oh Shhh28 days ago

    “8.8 off the trailer, up here in the altitude” -Cooper

  14. Dre Moore

    Dre Moore28 days ago

    The worst part about this whole video... I can only give one thumbs up :(

  15. Yoeri Kurvers

    Yoeri Kurvers29 days ago


  16. Joe cook

    Joe cook29 days ago

    "Imma call him out next round you watch, all or nothing, running for pinks" laughed so hard 18:15

  17. Penfold

    Penfold29 days ago

    Will someone please play some blues harmonica on Leroy's horn.

  18. Thomas Joseph

    Thomas Joseph29 days ago

    Large fuel switches... www.asco.com/en-us/Pages/solenoid-valve-fuel-oil-gas-valves.aspx#/#flt=e30%3D

  19. David Needham

    David NeedhamMonth ago

    Cleetus is like a kid at Christmas, love how everyone is buzzing and bouncing off of each other having a great time!

  20. Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    Linux Jedi AKA Big EvilMonth ago

    *lol y'all remember the bullshit they went through last drag race && he did nothing to make his cars more legit nah bitch let's just skip that area && do it for dale any other strips we can find* what a lazy ass incompetent moron FFS SMH

  21. WolfKingJS54

    WolfKingJS54Month ago

    At 9:13 did anyone else see the Mountain Dew bottle get crushed

  22. WolfKingJS54

    WolfKingJS54Month ago

    Did Monica break down?

  23. Cbh

    CbhMonth ago

    Shit happens lol . i love it

  24. Orlando Martinez

    Orlando MartinezMonth ago

    Is the bundle special over ? Can't find it on the website

  25. AmEricAN pAraDox leaVing

    AmEricAN pAraDox leaVingMonth ago

    Ah shit forgot the visor""

  26. Ben Renner

    Ben RennerMonth ago

    2:22 pa-pap-ping ping ping

  27. Ben Renner

    Ben RennerMonth ago

    The best part about ruby

  28. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra BradoMonth ago

    James is such a badass

  29. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissMonth ago

    nuthin but AWESOMEEEEE>>>>>>way ta go Team McFarland

  30. Willie Obermann

    Willie ObermannMonth ago

    Where's the 4th of July bundle that has a shirt, hat and sunglasses? It's not listed anywhere as a bundle.

  31. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideMonth ago

    Ruby sounds like Doms Charger in the first fast n furious

  32. Deep hug

    Deep hugMonth ago

    You guys should make unnaturally aspirated stickers for Leroy

  33. JnnyUtah35

    JnnyUtah35Month ago

    James' excitement on that 1st pass...😐

  34. Rock girl

    Rock girlMonth ago

    Man I missed the bundles... Sucks

  35. wedo60201

    wedo60201Month ago


  36. wedo60201

    wedo60201Month ago

    Why sleep for 3.5 seconds on the green??

  37. boostedKTM

    boostedKTMMonth ago

    I couldn't help but notice your in my neck of the woods and that beef jerky was mediocre south of us in Oklahoma is no man's land jerky oh my God I will have to send you guys some

  38. Jeremiah Mediina

    Jeremiah MediinaMonth ago


  39. Shimabutt

    ShimabuttMonth ago

    Now turn a car in a shape of a pp and have the engine at the tip of it

  40. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge RodriguezMonth ago

    Have u dmed the old owner of ruby

  41. Dopey327

    Dopey327Month ago

    Im leaving a like for the Cars. And the Exhausted Enthusiasm is respectable lol

  42. Dr1ver

    Dr1verMonth ago

    What’s this about a laptop incident now? Sounds like there’s a lesson we could all learn if you showed us the video👀

  43. Chris S

    Chris SMonth ago

    I love all you guys, I wish I was there. All the dislikers should be hit with a James Dyno Rock.

  44. Brandon Chin

    Brandon ChinMonth ago

    That small truck towed that trailer

  45. Brent Mcchesney

    Brent McchesneyMonth ago

    I want to see the video from the vault with cooper and a computer.

  46. Gickels McDoogle

    Gickels McDoogleMonth ago

    I've got one word for ya.... "HELLYEAHBROTHER"

  47. JaqB

    JaqBMonth ago

    Worth it uswork.info/videos/qlRyE25qXQI-video.html

  48. Salatiel Guajardo

    Salatiel GuajardoMonth ago

    James is such a badass

  49. Forrest Wiley

    Forrest WileyMonth ago

    nuthin but AWESOMEEEEE>>>>>>way ta go Team McFarland

  50. DeadPool2231

    DeadPool2231Month ago

    I want the 4th of July pack so bad but shipping is so expensive to the EU, Can you help a Vet out?

  51. DeadPool2231

    DeadPool2231Month ago

    Damn, that sucks. Thanks for letting me know.

  52. TurboDieselDan

    TurboDieselDanMonth ago

    Too late, now they're SOLD OUT.

  53. Ray Ramirez

    Ray RamirezMonth ago

    Ruby sounds like Doms Charger in the first fast n furious