EGG DROP - iDubbbzTV2 vs William Osman

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  1. GummyBearOrgy

    GummyBearOrgy6 hours ago

    What the fuck is j’mocha

  2. Swifty 06

    Swifty 0613 hours ago

    Why does everyone hate arbys I really like it

  3. Curtis Newton

    Curtis Newton20 hours ago

    you guys waste food for fun yet you dont have the ball to say fuck ???

  4. SushiBound

    SushiBoundDay ago

    I accually love Arby's

  5. Kid Dynamo

    Kid Dynamo2 days ago

    Fucking Michael’s face when he threw the egg was perfect.

  6. Alexandra Incognito

    Alexandra Incognito2 days ago

    I could watch these guys for days 😍

  7. Gabriel Alvarado

    Gabriel Alvarado3 days ago

    I have never in my life been to Arby's

  8. jamless fandom

    jamless fandom4 days ago

    *a g g*

  9. jamless fandom

    jamless fandom4 days ago


  10. Godzillaplays

    Godzillaplays6 days ago

    arbys is fucking good

  11. DoggoTime

    DoggoTime6 days ago

    “IM NOT AN EGG DROP CHANNEL” -William Osman edit: i think ean would be pronounce een

  12. Nguyen Nguyen

    Nguyen Nguyen6 days ago

    R.I.P. Arby’s

  13. Kurt Wilson

    Kurt Wilson7 days ago

    In this video: two grown men play with their food

  14. Deviced Ryouk

    Deviced Ryouk7 days ago

    Trained professionals told me to drink water and eat vegetables Guess i wont breath then

  15. Trash Bxtch

    Trash Bxtch7 days ago

    I need to visit arbys to see how it tastes

  16. Trash Bxtch

    Trash Bxtch8 days ago

    Not gonna lie, those fries look good

  17. DeVito

    DeVito8 days ago

    roast beef and cheeders fucking smack dont even @me

  18. Reese _

    Reese _8 days ago

    Is gold bush his mom or whatever?

  19. Lauren Chon

    Lauren Chon8 days ago

    Omg Michael is hilarious.

  20. Karen K

    Karen K8 days ago

    Your alarm sound gave me traumatic flashbacks to waking up at 6 am every weekday morning for school.

  21. Nadia Almighty

    Nadia Almighty9 days ago

    Arby's is so bad mine had a shooting at it

  22. Butterfag MJ

    Butterfag MJ10 days ago


  23. Kevin Tish

    Kevin Tish11 days ago

    Why does the 10 minutes always turn into 50?

  24. Br1aNn88 YT

    Br1aNn88 YT11 days ago

    I love Arby’s fries though wahahaahahaha

  25. Js Yall

    Js Yall11 days ago

    Oh god them going on the rooftop made me sweat forcefully out of my hands and my feet

  26. Frankie Rzucek

    Frankie Rzucek13 days ago

    I have an idea. Why don't you guys do one where you have more time and money. Then make the most extravagant egg protector possible. Maybe add more eggs to make it extra difficult since you're adding more money and time. I say $50.00 per person and give it an hour. But you can draw up your plans before hand. This way you can see who really is the best. I'd love to try it.

  27. Frankie Rzucek

    Frankie Rzucek13 days ago

    This way it's not just thrown together. Make something fancy. Then the winner can take on the next person with your winning "egg protector." Im not saying I dont like these funny videos, because they crack me up. It's just an idea.

  28. Frankie Rzucek

    Frankie Rzucek13 days ago

    9.67 for 2 curly fries and a shake wtf. Not only does Arby's suck it's fuckin crazy expensive. Lol

  29. David Golson

    David Golson13 days ago

    We do live in Ventura county I saw in the Arby's it says county of Ventura hopefully I can meet you guys you and Michael one day!!

  30. naughtykid000

    naughtykid00014 days ago

    7:50 so you are encouraging obesity... Makes sense considering... ahem

  31. Noah Hastings

    Noah Hastings15 days ago

    Arbys put Ean in the E tier

  32. Jedi Sentinel

    Jedi Sentinel16 days ago

    i haven't had a proper meal yet today (its 4am {thats late afternoon to me}) and watching this vid, them curly fries look daaaaaamn good

  33. DukeOfEarle88

    DukeOfEarle8816 days ago

    I feel like all the proceeds made from this video should go towards feeding the homeless, out of the sheer austerity of using food for your egg-drops.

  34. Мирон Петров

    Мирон Петров19 days ago

    i love that idubbbz gets to do one for each one of his chanels

  35. SweatyBooch Airsoft

    SweatyBooch Airsoft19 days ago

    Me getting punched in Minecraft: 6:21

  36. nerdyravenclaw

    nerdyravenclaw21 day ago

    Arby's- put that back

  37. ElGavino

    ElGavino22 days ago

    1:32 *laughs in 10-gallon hat*

  38. evilkingstanley

    evilkingstanley25 days ago

    Flashback to the Mark Rober video where he went to a fast food place and built a way smarter contraption with just straws.

  39. Dramallama

    Dramallama26 days ago

    10:27 I would have no problem eating this raw egg if it wasn't covered in raw egg

  40. the end dragon miner

    the end dragon miner26 days ago

    5:36 the noise he made afterwards

  41. Citypopisgewd

    Citypopisgewd27 days ago

    You forgot to wear the hat

  42. Aidan Oneil

    Aidan Oneil27 days ago

    Anyone else go where is there and en in idubbzz

  43. TheSuckeshOne

    TheSuckeshOne27 days ago

    "Don't do drugs", as im sparking up a blunt xD

  44. Secret OZ

    Secret OZ27 days ago

    I like Arby’s tho

  45. Alex

    Alex28 days ago

    I love Arby's

  46. Lil Stevers

    Lil SteversMonth ago

    so i was trying to find the music and uh... thanks to shazam it led me to "Turmbrau United' - by Herbycht21 on spotify... I am so confused and I have no idea how to speak German but i think this song is about beer. XD I dont know what to do with this knowedge.. OH GOD IS THAT THE SUN? well shit.

  47. B Mack

    B MackMonth ago

    The end of the video is straight up horrifying

  48. elian lj

    elian ljMonth ago

    why am i so amused by *_ean_*

  49. Mitchell Hoover

    Mitchell HooverMonth ago

    Get another mic!!!

  50. Chrome ium

    Chrome iumMonth ago

    I genuinely thought that the burger in the thumbnail was a hermit crab why mind, why are you so weird and messed up?

  51. Hanako is best girl

    Hanako is best girlMonth ago

    Arby's isn't that bad. They have amazing sides, the curly fries, potato cakes, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno bites, onion rings. All amazing. Their turnovers and shakes are pretty good. I can't speak for the roast beef as I don't eat roast beef but I do get their sandwiches with all the condiments, the cheese sauce on the onion bun and its pretty good. I'd say McDonald's is far worse.

  52. Michael Spence

    Michael SpenceMonth ago

    Give me herpes William

  53. Blaze Riner

    Blaze RinerMonth ago

    Arby’s is garbage it gives me a stomachache boy there fries are good

  54. Ap Blitz

    Ap BlitzMonth ago

    What happened to iDubbbzTV1

  55. TheSwolOne

    TheSwolOneMonth ago

    My borger tastes like ahg waiter

  56. Void Anims

    Void AnimsMonth ago

    IdubbzTV2, looks awfully a lot like IdubbzTV.

  57. TheCosmicCreator

    TheCosmicCreatorMonth ago


  58. TheCosmicCreator

    TheCosmicCreatorMonth ago


  59. Curtis Wheeler

    Curtis WheelerMonth ago

    Don't cuss

  60. Masta Blasta

    Masta BlastaMonth ago

    Does anyone remember when idubbbz played rare indie games

  61. TheOneTrueMuffin

    TheOneTrueMuffinMonth ago

    8:59 Michael you dirty dog 😂😂😂

  62. Oxy

    OxyMonth ago

    Salmonela entered the chat