Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?


  1. Corey Fisher

    Corey Fisher24 minutes ago

    Couldn't they have built a giant cistern ???

  2. Jamie _S

    Jamie _S29 minutes ago

    Mr beast 96000000 black balls challenge😂😂

  3. eleeesie

    eleeesie32 minutes ago

    Does this have a significant effect on the albedo of the reservoir?

  4. Essag Ghim

    Essag Ghim46 minutes ago

    Lolvgirl gettimg mad at birda for veing by tbe water because they need to drink water to live

  5. Poke Hype

    Poke Hype50 minutes ago

    This was one of my nightmares lol

  6. Broken Like Me

    Broken Like MeHour ago

    Soooo, BPA's are better? hahahahaha... That explains a lot about California.

  7. qsfry

    qsfryHour ago

    ok yt, i watched it! happy now???(please get this out of my recommendation)

  8. Cherubim666999

    Cherubim666999Hour ago

    ..2 minutes in, can you fuckin go ahead n tell us wtf is the point?......i know, its to trick things into falling in the water n drowning right? because cali ppl fear everything lol

  9. Cherubim666999

    Cherubim66699944 minutes ago

    +Intwademala i doubt 48 black men total would ever sacrifice anything but their life for drug money

  10. Intwademala

    IntwademalaHour ago

    48 million black dudes made a sacrifice for science.

  11. Gump Picoli

    Gump PicoliHour ago

    See if you could spot Trumps. must be past the blue stage

  12. Al Guien

    Al GuienHour ago

    Year 2028 Update: The plastic balls were a laughable environmental disaster subjecting L.A. to bankruptcy from personal injury litigation, not to mention the unforeseen costs of removing them

  13. Paivi Project

    Paivi ProjectHour ago

    Wow well that was something wild 👍

  14. Dathan Hanners

    Dathan Hanners2 hours ago


  15. TheMattc999

    TheMattc9992 hours ago

    I wonder if you lay down on them if they would actually keep you afloat.

  16. Nebuer Anem

    Nebuer Anem2 hours ago

    Did his first question goes as following... Why are they black???

  17. Jonathan B

    Jonathan B2 hours ago

    Black is awesome

  18. Cyrille Faustin

    Cyrille Faustin2 hours ago

    Why was this persistently recommended in my youtube tho ?

  19. Vaas. :3

    Vaas. :32 hours ago

    This video is old.

  20. Eagles Landin

    Eagles Landin2 hours ago

    “The birds use to loiter at the curbs” roflmfao, animals “loitering” by a body of water. Wake up

  21. M

    M2 hours ago

    Is that sandy shores irl lol

  22. TheMarUlberg

    TheMarUlberg3 hours ago

    I really didn't need to see a bird getting blended through a jet engine..

  23. Ray Giordano

    Ray Giordano3 hours ago

    So sick of this video showing up in my USwork feed

  24. Green Bean Queen

    Green Bean Queen3 hours ago

    He looks like we are number one in tumb nale

  25. morrisonreed1

    morrisonreed13 hours ago

    could they be made form cork ?

  26. TheDragonflyDoji

    TheDragonflyDoji3 hours ago

    those damn loitering birds!

  27. Black Conservative Patriot

    Black Conservative Patriot3 hours ago

    I resisted this suggested video for days but finally succumbed. This is the video I didn't ask for but enjoyed nonetheless.

  28. Janah

    Janah3 hours ago

    I thought plastic was really bad for drinking water ...

  29. panggop jio

    panggop jio3 hours ago


  30. Wayne Henson

    Wayne Henson3 hours ago


  31. Angela C

    Angela C3 hours ago

    That's to poison water

  32. cybrscot

    cybrscot3 hours ago

    This is actually quite interesting.

  33. Scarakus

    Scarakus3 hours ago

    Answer; because if they were white, they'd be racist? lmfao! They stop the sunlight from growing algae? Close...

  34. The stinky bit

    The stinky bit4 hours ago

    The problem is the new sun effect, tell about it.

  35. MIKE J

    MIKE J4 hours ago

    Can`t wait to see a tornado sweep through there and suck them all up.

  36. cromerholt

    cromerholt4 hours ago

    *forbidden ball pit*

  37. David Miscaviage

    David Miscaviage4 hours ago

    Mobile gamer seen putting all these black balls on his chin

  38. Ariel Glaze

    Ariel Glaze4 hours ago

    So you mean to tell me that I’m drinking unfiltered water with motor oil. Thank you.

  39. Robert Landy

    Robert Landy4 hours ago

    Stupid. First let’s put plastic balls in the drinking water. Secondly, let’s make them black to raise temperatures. The liberal fruits & nuts here in Ca are mindless. Maybe for the cost instead, we should consider some desalination.




  41. Dharm Raj

    Dharm Raj4 hours ago

    Wow 30 M views

  42. jean bonno

    jean bonno4 hours ago

    Cette boîte magique transforme l'air du désert en eau potable YOU TUBE

  43. Charles Burkhart

    Charles Burkhart4 hours ago

    Why pre sanitize with chlorine inside the reservoir? Add chlorine later.

  44. SnickerSnack

    SnickerSnack5 hours ago

    So we moved the birds from their habitat! Where are the animal rights activists!

  45. noma lust

    noma lust5 hours ago

    This was uploaded 2 weeks ago? I swear it was wayy longer ago.

  46. Tanya Bellows

    Tanya Bellows5 hours ago

    Cool idea, there's an issue with black though. It raises the planet's albedo (as black absorbs heat, thus creating a higher surface temp, contributing to global warming). So from that perspective, white would be more appropriate as it would reflect light back away from the Earth to help keep it cool. I understand the use of black in this project, but in other projects where they're simply used as bird balls, I believe would be better if they were white. I hope the company can look into this.

  47. star light

    star light5 hours ago

    This is not a good thing, it keeps the healing SUN out.LA is nuts.

  48. Cocky Rocky

    Cocky Rocky5 hours ago

    Someone needs to tell them driving a gas powered boat through drinking water is hazardous to the safety of the water. Only in Cali...

  49. charmaine park

    charmaine park5 hours ago


  50. Rabidcolombian

    Rabidcolombian5 hours ago

    It's cute how proud they are of this

  51. Daz Mayes

    Daz Mayes5 hours ago

    Ran out of pink ones?

  52. Mohit Pundir

    Mohit Pundir6 hours ago

    look at these balls... hahaha

  53. Mohit Pundir

    Mohit Pundir6 hours ago

    what are those?

  54. Griseld Islamaj

    Griseld Islamaj6 hours ago

    Boating in the water you're drinking?

  55. Douglas Wilson

    Douglas Wilson6 hours ago

    Micro plastics, go in the body ,blood steam ..what the deal..???

  56. Preston Thugman

    Preston Thugman6 hours ago

    White people do the coolest things. Lol. Weird, but cool. 😑🙃

  57. craigeshafer1 shafer

    craigeshafer1 shafer6 hours ago

    shade balls are to make you gay plastic gay balls in the water haven't you heard that Plastics make frogs gay

  58. William Peng

    William Peng6 hours ago

    alright I watched it you happy now youtube?

  59. Rick Bonath

    Rick Bonath6 hours ago

    This is obviously going to turn my frogs gay, I'm 100% against all of these balls, also the balls are making me feel inadequate. FML.

  60. mark 303

    mark 3036 hours ago

    Clever, but...... no More Birds!!!

  61. John Smith

    John Smith6 hours ago

    Or you could of done it the natural way with plants...ya know how nature intended

  62. Stone Foot

    Stone Foot6 hours ago

    why was that done?

  63. M7CVZ

    M7CVZ6 hours ago

    Facepalm, black absorbs heat. Even if they don't leach chemicals, they are raising the ambient temperature.

  64. Michael Wooda

    Michael Wooda6 hours ago

    They were used in the movie ..the abyss..for to filming during the day.

  65. Hans Byenkya

    Hans Byenkya7 hours ago

    God bless those 192,000,000 black men🙍🏾‍♂️

  66. Hans Byenkya

    Hans Byenkya7 hours ago

    There may just be 192,000,000 black man in there😎

  67. Ms A

    Ms A7 hours ago

    He's seen 96 million balls

  68. Straw Hat Luffy

    Straw Hat Luffy7 hours ago

    Pewd’s sub count.

  69. Michele Moneywell

    Michele Moneywell7 hours ago

    Don't know why this popped into my recommendations, but it is interesting. (Oh, maybe for Oroville Dam videos I watch. Spillway may be unusable, tallest dam at 892 foot water level, just 8' from overflow-- could be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Imagine a big lake 900' deep breaching a dam...)

  70. Ben Cassidy

    Ben Cassidy7 hours ago

    When did Dick Cheney get into the water industry

  71. Onion

    Onion7 hours ago

    nobody: kids on xbox:

  72. Tim L

    Tim L8 hours ago

    I was thinking of making a joke about not seeing more white girls at this reservoir but I'm afraid to read the replies.

  73. former retro

    former retro8 hours ago


  74. Dana Sauder

    Dana Sauder8 hours ago

    there's nothing but Sinister motives here, I don't believe this BS for a minute. 4 crime families in California you're ruining that state. cabal Pelosi Brown

  75. bushy gamer651

    bushy gamer6518 hours ago

    It's really rare to see 96 million of anything Humans:are we a joke to you?!

  76. bushy gamer651

    bushy gamer6518 hours ago

    I would like to jump in that lake Anyone else just me.. ok

  77. Sam Clayton

    Sam Clayton8 hours ago

    I think they are there because Mr.Beast filmed a video

  78. Citadin

    Citadin8 hours ago

    So they've replaced one carcinogen, bromate, with another toxic chemical, HDPE plastic, which will degrade and seep into the drinking water. Great plan!

  79. Just Music

    Just Music9 hours ago

    damn thats stupid...

  80. MarkVL

    MarkVL9 hours ago

    Not worth the views

  81. Preston Thugman

    Preston Thugman6 hours ago


  82. precious Jossy

    precious Jossy9 hours ago

    Can you imagine those 96 million balls are less than Pewdiepie and T-series subscribers?!!!

  83. Nahayuk Kresnawati

    Nahayuk Kresnawati9 hours ago

    Why the ball's colour is black? Why not blue so like air color in sea

  84. Preston Thugman

    Preston Thugman6 hours ago

    Shade. Block light.

  85. Nahayuk Kresnawati

    Nahayuk Kresnawati9 hours ago

    Oh its answer in this video haha

  86. Edward Man

    Edward Man9 hours ago

    those sunglasses are lit at 10:43

  87. Thierry GUENNOU

    Thierry GUENNOU9 hours ago

    Like many europeans I dreamt of LA untill I watched google maps and saw this is a 100 km+ continuous suburb and now I know the water has no bromate, but has balls in it. Organic! And cost only 96 * 0.33 around 30 M$!

  88. sandwichHLP

    sandwichHLP10 hours ago

    Veritasium: It’s really rare to see 96 million of anything . USwork views: Hold my algorithm...

  89. eyes wide open

    eyes wide open10 hours ago

    chlorine is safe, right.

  90. Patricia Nastasi

    Patricia Nastasi10 hours ago

    Are these balls biodegradable in the earth without harm to the environment?

  91. santosh babar

    santosh babar10 hours ago

    Can we swim in this ?? 🙄

  92. Jay Hype

    Jay Hype10 hours ago

    Wait this got a re-upload?

  93. Roblox lover 0654

    Roblox lover 065410 hours ago

    Lol its the black sea's brother 😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Will Dwyer

    Will Dwyer10 hours ago

    Since they're black and absorb heat, I would think they'd increase evaporation.

  95. Sam

    Sam10 hours ago

    Wow. Amazing technology Thats why you always support Research and development and science. To be able to even identify this problem in the water, an actual carcinogen and find solutions to fix it is incredible. A great job to everyone involved! Thanks for sharing

  96. greg Randall

    greg Randall10 hours ago

    No fish??

  97. LeftCoastBias44

    LeftCoastBias4410 hours ago

    "Balls." #CraigFerguson #Geoff

  98. KJV Only

    KJV Only10 hours ago

    Crazy world we live in. Man playing god its evil. Nothing good comes from man messing with whats natural.

  99. wwizman

    wwizman11 hours ago

    Should change the title to this video to: "Who gives a fuk why there are 96 million balls on this reservoir"? But then I guess you wouldn't have any views.

  100. MuhdZikry

    MuhdZikry11 hours ago

    Can this video get 96 mln views?

  101. weaton25

    weaton2511 hours ago

    The one question that I wanted answered was not asked what would happen if you fell in.

  102. Lzr9 Memes

    Lzr9 Memes11 hours ago

    Why are they black ? 😂😂 Like WTF

  103. Wayne Huggins

    Wayne Huggins11 hours ago

    Why didnt you just build a water tower?

  104. Joyful Soul

    Joyful Soul11 hours ago

    What is carbon black powder...Is that what folks are calling melanin?

  105. 1woksape

    1woksape11 hours ago

    Why not white, Sun reflecting balls?