"Anything to Declare?" Clip - Disney/Pixar's Coco - November 22 in 3D


  1. Jboog S

    Jboog S5 days ago

    Dumb Flower Bridge!

  2. Tanvi Joshi

    Tanvi JoshiMonth ago

    Man ! Some part before this is missing !!!!

  3. Ethan's Typhlosion

    Ethan's Typhlosion2 months ago

    0:43 *Mouth falls down*

  4. Lucas

    Lucas7 months ago

    I... declare... *BANKRUPTCYYYYYYYYYY*

  5. Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions

    Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions7 months ago

    The jaw drop at the end made me lose it XD

  6. Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy7 months ago

    I gotta go through customs even after I die?

  7. dakkar0902

    dakkar09028 months ago

    Aztecs re-started the tradition? I thought it ended centuries ago.

  8. al91jul92

    al91jul929 months ago

    What does it mean when the jaw-dropping skeleton​ asks if they had anything to declare?

  9. Collins Darkwa

    Collins Darkwa11 months ago

    I remember this part

  10. Manny Villar

    Manny VillarYear ago


  11. Stephanie Evjen

    Stephanie EvjenYear ago

    Poor Hector. He fought the law and the law won.


    JESUSHEART40Year ago

    I'm glad to know that Pixar created such a movie. This movie proves that family is TRULY the greatest gift anyone could ever imagine. 10/10 and 2 thumbs up for Coco, and for Pixar.


    JESUSHEART40Year ago

    Poor Hector. :-(

  14. Jidge Animations

    Jidge AnimationsYear ago

    Hello and welcome to the aperture science enrichment center

  15. Mr. Skeleton

    Mr. SkeletonYear ago

    the inspector lady is so cute

  16. Lorenzo Escudero King

    Lorenzo Escudero KingYear ago

    0:42 that cute hola from miguel 😂

  17. XGamer07 :D

    XGamer07 :DYear ago

    Anything to declare? “I hate you” -Wreck-It-Ralph

  18. Ezzedine Rihani

    Ezzedine RihaniYear ago

    Yes! it is I. Frida Kahlo. Shall we skip the scanner? I'm on so many ofrendas it'll just overwhelm your blinky thingy.

  19. Julian Annabelle Winx

    Julian Annabelle Winx4 months ago

    I've would have to laughed forever at this part ... LOL 😂😂😂😅 • Hector : Yes , it is I , Frida Khalo ... 😂😂 Hillarious line ever ...

  20. IamDragonFury

    IamDragonFuryYear ago


  21. Ezzedine Rihani

    Ezzedine RihaniYear ago

    Elders and technology dude, what can we do !

  22. IamDragonFury

    IamDragonFuryYear ago

    Funny how he calls the scanner a "Blinky Thingy" and Imelda calls the computer a "Devil Box".

  23. jflores85

    jflores85Year ago

    The voice of the little ghost uncle with the mustache us the actor who played El Guapo in the Three Amigos

  24. Russ Q

    Russ QYear ago

    Wow, that was jaw-dropping!!!!

  25. Whio

    WhioYear ago

    Hector is my favorite lol

  26. Reda Fox

    Reda FoxYear ago

    Now that's what I call a Jaw drop

  27. Eggmun

    EggmunYear ago

    The jaw dropping thing should be a forum weapon.

  28. HybridLegix

    HybridLegixYear ago

    "Anything to declare?" *Family shows Miguel* "Hola." *Jaw drops*

  29. HybridLegix

    HybridLegixYear ago

    Thanks for pointing that out for me, didn't notice that after I posted the comment

  30. Anna Fowdy

    Anna FowdyYear ago


  31. Movie Clips

    Movie ClipsYear ago

    His jaw dropped. Literally.

  32. Whammy Cheng

    Whammy ChengYear ago

    How many bone jokes can anyone think of from this movie.

  33. Rowan Shawn

    Rowan ShawnYear ago

    I believe I can work on PIXAR one day, because I do like cartoon. Come on, Xiao Zutang!

  34. Jess 1234

    Jess 1234Year ago

    Dear god the animated movements on Hector is so good!!!!!

  35. Josh Erickson

    Josh EricksonYear ago

    0:43 JAW DROPPING!

  36. Kea Turner

    Kea TurnerYear ago

    Only they put imalda ' Hector' and there daughter coco. Picture. So they can cross the bridge the ending

  37. J V

    J VYear ago

    The port of entry to get through the marigold flower petals bridge reminds me of US customs at Tijuana/San Diego, it could well be a metaphor to represent the topic of immigration. Anywho, Beautiful movie!

  38. Angel of Sarcasm

    Angel of SarcasmYear ago

    I'm just wondering how their ancestors crossed before since this holiday is hundreds of years old and there were no photos.

  39. IamDragonFury

    IamDragonFuryYear ago

    Painted/sketched portraits or handmade sculptures/dolls of them maybe?

  40. Sonic D

    Sonic DYear ago

    Hector's voiced by Jake Paul

  41. Anna Fowdy

    Anna FowdyYear ago

    Sonic D no he's not

  42. Oscar Jr

    Oscar JrYear ago

    also, it's me, the Red Flock 3322!

  43. Oscar Jr

    Oscar JrYear ago

    I seen the movie

  44. IamDragonFury

    IamDragonFuryYear ago

    GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, I WANT! TO SEE! THIS MOVIE! Ah, I want it on DVD NOW, but, if it does really well, which it definitely seems to be, it'll probably stay in theaters for a while. I'm guessing it'll be March next year that it gets released, maybe February if we're lucky and that's just my wishful thinking there. It looks so BEAUTIFUL! The animation looks perfect, the characters look wonderful, I bet the music is wonderful, I WANT IT NOW!

  45. IamDragonFury

    IamDragonFuryYear ago

    I plan too

  46. Marcus Cheng

    Marcus ChengYear ago

    Its best that everyone get the Blu-ray of this masterpiece

  47. nightfright0

    nightfright0Year ago

    *watching the movie in theaters and this scene come on* oh no... he's cute...

  48. shoelazy

    shoelazyYear ago

    dumb flower BRIDGE

  49. Sparrowcompass

    SparrowcompassYear ago

    The officer talking with Hector looks a little bit like him. I wonder if this officer might be his sister or cousin we didn't get to hear about in the movie.

  50. Julian Annabelle Winx

    Julian Annabelle Winx4 months ago

    Becuz that's his great great grandpa ! Not De La Cruz !

  51. Joyful Vision

    Joyful VisionYear ago

    Wait, if the main character’s name is Miguel, then why is the movie called “Coco”?

  52. Joyful Vision

    Joyful VisionYear ago

    kat_lover368 I did see the movie!

  53. IceSmash

    IceSmashYear ago

    If you see the movie you'll find out.

  54. Paula Gutierrez

    Paula GutierrezYear ago

    Because Miguel's great grandmother name is Coco.

  55. thevine2010

    thevine2010Year ago

    That clerk is Gabriel Iglesias! The fluffy comedian!

  56. Paralegalforce

    ParalegalforceYear ago

    I’m watching this again for my birthday in imax cause this looks beautiful

  57. googamp32

    googamp32Year ago

    Does anyone else think the lady skeleton cop at the beginning is the cutest thing ever?

  58. The Sammie and Georgie Show

    The Sammie and Georgie ShowYear ago

    This was one of the funniest parts! Come check out a 7 year old's review of the movie on our channel!

  59. Emma the pokemon misty zootopia fam

    Emma the pokemon misty zootopia famYear ago

    I wanna see the ending skeleton eat

  60. Ericka Velasquez

    Ericka VelasquezYear ago


  61. AdventureTime FanChannel

    AdventureTime FanChannelYear ago

    Title:Anything to declare? Me:As a matter a fact, YES.

  62. Hola ok bye

    Hola ok byeYear ago

    Mexico saw this since October 27 and as Mexican, I could tell it was great! Want spoilers? Tell me in comments

  63. Jordan Valencia

    Jordan ValenciaYear ago

    The Man at the gate:Welcome back, anything to declare Julio: as a matter of fact.. Me(Watching the clip):Papa?!(Grandpa use to dress like that)

  64. Emmett_53

    Emmett_53Year ago

    I wanna see this!! By the way what’s the next movie?

  65. Brisa Ochoa-Saldana

    Brisa Ochoa-SaldanaYear ago

    Emmettc 93 incredibles 2 and I heard that they are going to start Toy Story 4.

  66. Jordan Valencia

    Jordan ValenciaYear ago

    Incredibles 2