I Found a Working JUUL and iPhone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Worlds Fastest Underwater Scooter)



    DALLMYDMonth ago

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see more "Zoom Zoom" videos like this! If we can reach 100,000 likes I'll wear those futuristic dorky sunglasses on my next video! haha Also, I want to give y'all a huge thanks for 8,000,000 subscribers! I never thought I'd ever have 1 million subscribers let alone colsing in on 10 million! I feel very lucky and blessed. Thank you!

  2. Jose Morales Jimenez

    Jose Morales Jimenez2 days ago

    @Ben Dover and Philma Cavity -831gbxbc84yoy7997roD7ro93tww4gasset7ro

  3. Stacy Hamilton

    Stacy Hamilton4 days ago

    DALLMYD drop means down

  4. Destiny Ahmed

    Destiny Ahmed14 days ago

    Uuh h uhj y jyyh th y

  5. Monica Aguilera

    Monica Aguilera23 days ago


  6. Marwan Rostem

    Marwan RostemMonth ago

    You went right past a GorPro

  7. StrangeCreature Thingy

    StrangeCreature Thingy2 hours ago

    Where do you go to scuba dive

  8. Johnny Terrazas

    Johnny Terrazas5 hours ago

    *uses the scooter underwater* Plays "hes a pirate

  9. N I G H T M A R E

    N I G H T M A R EDay ago

    XD I have a black version of that same silver knife

  10. Marlee Gammage

    Marlee GammageDay ago

    You should go to frio river in Concan, Texas! I’m here right now floating the river and I’ve found multiple go pros, phones, and juuls it’s pretty shallow at some parts but it can be 8 feet deep at some parts and theres a swimming hole too that’s probably 10-15 frets deep and there’s got to be a lot of stuff down there

  11. William Bailey

    William BaileyDay ago

    Jake, keep up the good work man. Your living the best life doing what you love and making a difference in the process. Hats off to ya bro.

  12. star lightning duelist

    star lightning duelistDay ago

    He missed a ring 6:07 under the scooter

  13. Marc de Jong

    Marc de Jong3 days ago

    0:52 why is this sooo funny 😂

  14. Moto boy38

    Moto boy383 days ago

    Ommmgggggg iii wwwwaassss thheeerrr ttthhheee ooottthhheeerrrr daaaayyy

  15. They_Adore_ Marissa

    They_Adore_ Marissa3 days ago

    Y’all gonna get an parasite called the amboa

  16. oleh malynovskyy

    oleh malynovskyy4 days ago

    Who else is scrolling down to see the comments while watching Me!!🙄🙄🙄

  17. JustLogic

    JustLogic4 days ago

    6:04 did he miss a ring?

  18. ignacio z

    ignacio z4 days ago

    Is it me or does he seem like that ignoring guy in the group when he gets something new lol

  19. The AdrenaliN

    The AdrenaliN8 days ago

    0:37 nice bulge

  20. olezm aksoy

    olezm aksoy8 days ago


  21. Zach Hilty

    Zach Hilty8 days ago

    The Juul distracted him from the ring at 6:09

  22. Teagan Hoopis

    Teagan Hoopis9 days ago

    One defection for him is that he looks harder because he passed a abounch of good things

  23. Sandy Behanna

    Sandy Behanna9 days ago

    You went by a lot of things!

  24. LIL-CiL

    LIL-CiL9 days ago

    With go pro you are using and with wonna is the best

  25. NFS_ Zombie

    NFS_ Zombie10 days ago

    leave a like if you want us to splode more stuff underwater

  26. Lonnie Mann

    Lonnie Mann10 days ago

    All the high schoolers tryna scuba dive for juuls now

  27. Beth Dunn

    Beth Dunn10 days ago

    You speak to quickly

  28. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson10 days ago

    The Pocket knife was mine I swear

  29. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson10 days ago

    The story was we were having fun on the zip line then my sister said something came out of pocket we didn’t know what it was but the next day we couldn’t find the pocket knife ever since sad that was expensive I paid for it

  30. Deadbeatninja

    Deadbeatninja11 days ago

    My friend dropped her Juul in the toilet twice and it still works I guess they are good quality

  31. Lizard

    Lizard11 days ago

    I’m willing to bet that the Juul was found by a parent and thrown into the river

  32. Tommy Zimmer

    Tommy Zimmer11 days ago

    At around 2:00 did anybody not see a sword in the brown stuff sword

  33. Timmi Boyle

    Timmi Boyle12 days ago

    That was my hat

  34. Ferney Lohn

    Ferney Lohn12 days ago

    You guys are the best!..

  35. Levi Poirier

    Levi Poirier12 days ago

    You are going to regret that you past a ring because you did😩😯

  36. Mechelle Reyes

    Mechelle Reyes13 days ago

    Cool serchin

  37. Claire Christensen

    Claire Christensen13 days ago

    2019...? Anyone

  38. jana flores

    jana flores13 days ago

    É tu que joga no mar

  39. Anna Grace

    Anna Grace13 days ago

    10:46 your voice here is so like the character Ruffnut from how to train your dragon voice!

  40. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer13 days ago

    @dallmyd there’s a gas mask 4:50

  41. Michael Sta Cruz

    Michael Sta Cruz13 days ago

    If you find a iPhone can I have it

  42. Lily Grace

    Lily Grace13 days ago

    Just put it in 𝙍𝙄𝘾𝙀 シ

  43. Chelsey Gacha

    Chelsey Gacha14 days ago

    Hi, I saw a ring (I think) when you found the second vape under “zoom zoom” ❤️😂

  44. Cassie Denhardt

    Cassie Denhardt14 days ago

    it really personally disappoints me when you find a juul and you don’t hit it

  45. Elizabeth Zarate

    Elizabeth Zarate15 days ago

    Instead of picking up fones and money.....and other stuff pick up the trash (did someone else sa the trash)

  46. Krystal Dominguez

    Krystal Dominguez15 days ago

    I love the Ginnie Springs videos

  47. FaZe xWolfieee

    FaZe xWolfieee16 days ago

    *mom did you take my juul?*

  48. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk16 days ago

    7:50 bruh I thought that was a crocodile...

  49. Emma Shirran

    Emma Shirran17 days ago


  50. luis lemus

    luis lemus17 days ago

    Why is there so much water in the Juul room?

  51. Diana Guido

    Diana Guido17 days ago

    De donde es eso

  52. Skylah Comer

    Skylah Comer18 days ago

    When he picked up he second JUUL under the zoom zoom thing was a wedding band

  53. britnie walton

    britnie walton18 days ago

    Where was this equipment when the pirates were in need. Lol people have it made now n days.

  54. Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams18 days ago

    Hey jake can you send me a pair of sunglasses

  55. 2H Dash

    2H Dash18 days ago

    That thing from subnautica

  56. And Moll

    And Moll19 days ago

    lo máximo bucear bajo el agua y encontrar cosas. saludos