I Found a Working JUUL and iPhone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Worlds Fastest Underwater Scooter)

In this video my friends and I search Ginnie Springs for lost valuables!
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Found iPhone X Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner) uswork.info/videos/77w4NjBIBd0-video.html
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I Found a Working JUUL and iPhone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Worlds Fastest Underwater Scooter) uswork.info/videos/upFhFAmgR1w-video.html



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  7. Alexis Kinsey

    Alexis Kinsey16 days ago

    Jake is awsome & his 2 friends are awsome too & they are cool guys & good luck Jake

  8. makayla morrow

    makayla morrow20 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of you

  9. Alicia Bennett

    Alicia Bennett21 day ago

    He was having to much fun with the scooter he almost forgot to look for treasure

  10. Crummy juncture

    Crummy juncture23 days ago

    Tf is it with the number of juul sin this plsce

  11. Josué Flamia

    Josué FlamiaMonth ago

    I cant stop Watching

  12. Joseph Schandera

    Joseph SchanderaMonth ago

    I just dropped my phone in this river today

  13. Jade Crow

    Jade CrowMonth ago

    90% just Jake zoomin around

  14. Frances Kirby

    Frances KirbyMonth ago

    Like the new gloves!!!

  15. the duel slimes gaming

    the duel slimes gamingMonth ago

    How do u know it works did u use it do u jewl

  16. Omar Gallegos

    Omar GallegosMonth ago

    Or the Modesto reservoir

  17. Omar Gallegos

    Omar GallegosMonth ago

    Visit Woodward lake in California

  18. mangoTM

    mangoTMMonth ago

    me: *makes a wish and throws quarter in the river* weird scuba diving man: *"I FOUND A QUARTER!"*

  19. Michaela Hall

    Michaela Hall2 months ago

    The sound makes me want to tear my ears off

  20. Thabet Basheer

    Thabet Basheer2 months ago

    that awkward thing at 11:00

  21. Lawit Japhit

    Lawit Japhit2 months ago

    Damllyn yuo kan now run away from aligators ahahahahh

  22. Lazy Boys

    Lazy Boys2 months ago

    what's a juul

  23. the not so chosen one

    the not so chosen one2 months ago

    Should have named that scooter bullet bill or the USS ALLMYD or the nautilus

  24. Erika Mitchell

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  25. александр николаев

    александр николаев2 months ago

    Прикольные моно!очки по всей видимости циклоп потерял 🤣

  26. heather wilson

    heather wilson2 months ago

    Good looking at the iPhone

  27. Addie Cotrill

    Addie Cotrill2 months ago

    Cool but zoom zoom is really zooming loud lol

  28. Splakeb0ss421

    Splakeb0ss4212 months ago

    I swear I have seen that exact rope spot in a Fail Video.

  29. Sobia Khanzada

    Sobia Khanzada2 months ago

    Waths is this fast ting🤔

  30. Christiana Demetri

    Christiana Demetri2 months ago

    The sunglasses looked like the ones he had on lol 😂

  31. Alexis Kinsey

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    COUSIN FAM2 months ago

    Who else saw the ring at 6:08 under the motor

  33. Nash Kusain

    Nash Kusain2 months ago

    Im always watching ur Chanel from Philippines

  34. Bry Bry madness

    Bry Bry madness2 months ago

    I'll tell you what it does get boring watching this after for 6 hours straight of laying in bed at mid night

  35. 9-bit ZM

    9-bit ZM2 months ago

    You were there when i was there lol

  36. Rachael Leighona

    Rachael Leighona2 months ago

    Same iPhone & case as mine. Lol.

  37. Fortnitegod 9262

    Fortnitegod 92622 months ago

    What brand is your black bag

  38. Cameron Beyer

    Cameron Beyer2 months ago

    You missed sunglasses

  39. Alex Oliveira

    Alex Oliveira2 months ago

    Gostaria de ver um mergulho seus no Brasil na lagoa da Pampulha em Belo Horizonte MG.

  40. Alex Oliveira

    Alex Oliveira2 months ago

    Sou brasileiro de Belo Horizonte MG, vocês são os caras do mergulho... Abraço Leleco .

  41. Branden Spurgeon

    Branden Spurgeon2 months ago

    Hey is lucky

  42. mean bang

    mean bang3 months ago

    Where do you go to scuba dive

  43. Johnny Terrazas

    Johnny Terrazas3 months ago

    *uses the scooter underwater* Plays "hes a pirate

  44. N I G HT MA R E

    N I G HT MA R E3 months ago

    XD I have a black version of that same silver knife

  45. Marlee Gammage

    Marlee Gammage3 months ago

    You should go to frio river in Concan, Texas! I’m here right now floating the river and I’ve found multiple go pros, phones, and juuls it’s pretty shallow at some parts but it can be 8 feet deep at some parts and theres a swimming hole too that’s probably 10-15 frets deep and there’s got to be a lot of stuff down there

  46. William Bailey

    William Bailey3 months ago

    Jake, keep up the good work man. Your living the best life doing what you love and making a difference in the process. Hats off to ya bro.

  47. star lightning duelist

    star lightning duelist3 months ago

    He missed a ring 6:07 under the scooter

  48. star lightning duelist

    star lightning duelist2 months ago

    lucassnilsen e?

  49. lucassnilsen

    lucassnilsen2 months ago

    star lightning duelist e

  50. Marc de Jong

    Marc de Jong3 months ago

    0:52 why is this sooo funny 😂

  51. Moto boy38

    Moto boy383 months ago

    Ommmgggggg iii wwwwaassss thheeerrr ttthhheee ooottthhheeerrrr daaaayyy

  52. They_Adore_ Marissa

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    Y’all gonna get an parasite called the amboa

  53. oleh malynovskyy

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    Who else is scrolling down to see the comments while watching Me!!🙄🙄🙄

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  55. JustLogic

    JustLogic3 months ago

    6:04 did he miss a ring?

  56. ignacio z

    ignacio z3 months ago

    Is it me or does he seem like that ignoring guy in the group when he gets something new lol

  57. The AdrenaliN

    The AdrenaliN3 months ago

    0:37 nice bulge

  58. olezm aksoy

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  59. Zach Hilty

    Zach Hilty3 months ago

    The Juul distracted him from the ring at 6:09

  60. Teagan Hoopis

    Teagan Hoopis3 months ago

    One defection for him is that he looks harder because he passed a abounch of good things

  61. Sandy Behanna

    Sandy Behanna3 months ago

    You went by a lot of things!

  62. LIL-CiL

    LIL-CiL3 months ago

    With go pro you are using and with wonna is the best

  63. NFS_ Zombie

    NFS_ Zombie3 months ago

    leave a like if you want us to splode more stuff underwater

  64. Aqua Overflow

    Aqua Overflow3 months ago

    All the high schoolers tryna scuba dive for juuls now

  65. Beth Dunn

    Beth Dunn3 months ago

    You speak to quickly

  66. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson3 months ago

    The Pocket knife was mine I swear

  67. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson3 months ago

    The story was we were having fun on the zip line then my sister said something came out of pocket we didn’t know what it was but the next day we couldn’t find the pocket knife ever since sad that was expensive I paid for it

  68. Deadbeatninja

    Deadbeatninja3 months ago

    My friend dropped her Juul in the toilet twice and it still works I guess they are good quality

  69. Lizard

    Lizard3 months ago

    I’m willing to bet that the Juul was found by a parent and thrown into the river

  70. Tommy Zimmer

    Tommy Zimmer3 months ago

    At around 2:00 did anybody not see a sword in the brown stuff sword