Casually Explained: Being Healthy

the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking.
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  1. Pawlo

    Pawlo11 hours ago

    How do you make your cereal motor oil first or cereal first

  2. catlover67803

    catlover6780319 hours ago

    The part about "going to the gym for 7 years but only making 2 years of progress" hit me hard :(

  3. Shadow, who games

    Shadow, who games2 days ago

    Got an ad for keto cereal after the video

  4. Fringe Wizard

    Fringe Wizard2 days ago

    Your weight is basically controlled by your metabolism which is controlled by your thyroid glands which are influenced by everything from emotions, exercise, medications, toxins, and genetics. You want to make it "calories in, calories out" but it's simply not possible to simplify/dumb it down that much. It's like explaining depression as "a chemical imbalance in the brain". A NON-EXPLANATION!

  5. Alicia Chan

    Alicia Chan4 days ago

    I eat 5000-8000 calories a day... and my weight never going up

  6. Alicia Chan

    Alicia Chan4 days ago


  7. Tomáš Sabol

    Tomáš Sabol4 days ago


  8. Allan Stewart

    Allan Stewart4 days ago

    You fell into the common trap of assuming relatively fixed metabolic activity, when in fact it is know that your body will reduce its metabolic activity / increase its metabolic efficiency in response to a number of things like diet composition, personal habits, (epi)genetic factors, personal history and most importantly caloric intake. It is also important to note that while many things have been shown to permanently slow metabolism, few things have been shown to increase it long term.

  9. Grace Duong

    Grace Duong4 days ago

    The food pyramid is actually fake. There’s no scientific data to prove the basis of the pyramid. The recommendation was based off of food industries

  10. RoketEngineer

    RoketEngineer4 days ago

    That last pic tho.

  11. Jose Escobar

    Jose Escobar5 days ago

    theory:people say don't skip breakfast because you can only eat oatmeal during breakfast. Otherwise people think you're WEIRD!!! if they see you eat it any other time. but hey that's just a theory, a youtube comment theory and cut.

  12. De sommets en sommets

    De sommets en sommets6 days ago

    I now want a pepperoni holster... you know for those 100 miles run ;)

  13. Phos4us

    Phos4us6 days ago

    If you become a vegetarian, you can get eaten by a T-Rex which I don't want to happen to me.

  14. Cancer Weeping

    Cancer Weeping6 days ago

    DOES THE BLUEBERRY THING WORK? I cant tell if this is a joke or not :

  15. Brandon White

    Brandon White6 days ago

    You don't really know what you're talking about for the most part. Of course fibre is non essential, it just bloats you and you can't digest it. Veganism is the least sustainable diet because while yes on paper you can get everything you need, what you're getting out of the food is not the same. For example you might think if you eat a sweet potato that you'll get all of your vitamin A for the day, when in reality there is no retinol in any plants, only carotenoids. And a lot of people can't convert these at all, and for those who can, the conversion rate is horrible. There are plenty more examples like this. However as long as you're eating meat raw and including some organs, there is nothing missing on a carnivore diet. You won't lose weight if you're eating enough.

  16. Buddy Flankwood

    Buddy Flankwood6 days ago

    you can't skip breakfast. Its the first meal you eat after your night fast...

  17. True Power

    True Power7 days ago

    Real men eat raw meat and drink blood

  18. Oliver ST

    Oliver ST7 days ago

    Who else got a McDonald’s ad before this video?

  19. Martin Acosta

    Martin Acosta7 days ago

    My new fav page

  20. Meme Productions

    Meme Productions7 days ago

    he reminds me of Sam O' Nella

  21. Awakened Bahamut

    Awakened Bahamut7 days ago

    Ketogenic diets encourages your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, so it's good for weight loss.

  22. DAN JAMS

    DAN JAMS7 days ago

    "Just like a Sensu Bean"

  23. Pea G

    Pea G7 days ago

    You forgot about laxative based weight loss. I can't gain calories if my digestive track has become a log plume.

  24. machacador9000

    machacador90008 days ago

    "just maje sure you get enough vitamins or your theeth will fall out". how did you manage to make a objectibly truth phrase so funny?

  25. Lupus Brenton

    Lupus Brenton8 days ago

    Actually the illuminati pyramid states that bread is the most important food group lol

  26. GDB STI

    GDB STI8 days ago

    Wow, pretty much the cert 2 in nutrition summed up in 8 minutes.

  27. antsolja

    antsolja8 days ago

    ok that calculation for weight gain might be super usefull for me, im skinny as shit and i cant figure out how to gain weight without chugging pure lard every day

  28. Joe Mccallum

    Joe Mccallum8 days ago

    What people don't realize is they placate to the masses, and the masses are fucking stupid.... politicians do the same thing for votes....

  29. Joe Mccallum

    Joe Mccallum8 days ago

    No such thing as "superfood"

  30. Joe Mccallum

    Joe Mccallum8 days ago

    Being healthy is simply the slowest rate one can possibly die!

  31. Henrijs Rozenkopfs

    Henrijs Rozenkopfs8 days ago

    The likes of this video presesnts how uneducated and dumb the general population is when it comes to nutrition. If you want to know the basics of nutrition science, just watch the documentaries on Netflix like "The Game Changers", "What The Health", "Forks Over Knifes", "The Food Choices". Unfortunately this guy has learned about the health from magazines, and all he has is an illusion of knowledge.

  32. Des

    Des9 days ago

    Very casual. Very explained.

  33. adlerlad 69

    adlerlad 699 days ago

    Haha ha classic comity Bo burnham anyone?

  34. Lilly Holland

    Lilly Holland9 days ago

    me (anemic): *cries*


    CMI FABRICATIONS9 days ago

    I haven't had breakfast in 2 years.

  36. Devil Solution

    Devil Solution9 days ago

    You forget to mention at the end if you work body, your body will work for you

  37. David Barrett

    David Barrett9 days ago

    Don’t forget your pepperoni holster.

  38. Telowst wharf 614

    Telowst wharf 6149 days ago

    "Putting oil in your car" Shows tesla

  39. Philip Alexander

    Philip Alexander9 days ago

    How are veganism and vegetarianism more sustainable than omnivorous diets?

  40. lukety9

    lukety99 days ago

    I got a v8 ad on this video

  41. Hansel Finnegan

    Hansel Finnegan9 days ago

    Me: bake a cookie after watching easy 5 minute late night snack Mom :what are you doing with an oven 1:30 AM Me: making cookies

  42. zaily bray

    zaily bray9 days ago

    wait some calories aren't absorbed????

  43. Green Poppy

    Green Poppy9 days ago

    6:39 the most atractive is 20% one I think.

  44. Green Poppy

    Green Poppy9 days ago

    I can crack vegan bones with a single punch of my powerful, meaty arm. And will probably live longer. Because I dont need to take all the weird unhealty "vegan supplements" that the body finds groooosssssss.

  45. Green Poppy

    Green Poppy9 days ago

    btw take it with a pinch of salt, I am basically an omnivore who wont rennounce to any food class :P

  46. krazybren

    krazybren10 days ago

    Why would u put three shots of voka in your latte..............i put 5

  47. Benjamin Ka

    Benjamin Ka10 days ago

    this should be shown in schools

  48. John Dorosan

    John Dorosan10 days ago

    I’m Str8 up oxidised 👩🏿‍🦲

  49. Aleksije Umar Graf Zevallos Kamensky

    Aleksije Umar Graf Zevallos Kamensky10 days ago


  50. Just Another Nobody

    Just Another Nobody10 days ago

    I was procrastinating on youtube when I should be studying for my nutrition class midterm but even though this is kind of a troll channel this was actually a good recap on some basic stuff like the macronutrients and how many cals per gram they each have. Thanks.

  51. Funny Penguin

    Funny Penguin10 days ago

    Fun fact: lifting weights is basically pulling and ripping your muscles a little bit so later they will grow back stronger for you, have fun gym-goers I’ll be here not hurting my muscles.

  52. Love ER

    Love ER10 days ago

    Oh thats why I'm black. I'm not getting enough antioxidants

  53. Landon Thielen

    Landon Thielen10 days ago

    holdup, this video is hashtag relatable

  54. Dwight Eisenhower

    Dwight Eisenhower10 days ago

    You know nothing about fitness or nutrition and most likely never will, just like 99% of people.

  55. GoldenHospitality

    GoldenHospitality8 days ago

    Yes everyone is the big dumb except you

  56. RaccZy

    RaccZy10 days ago

    1:11 black people be like 👱🏿‍♂️👨🏿‍🦱

  57. Vince White

    Vince White10 days ago

    Oil isn’t high in anti oxtioxident. Plus calories in & calories out isn’t completely true. It doesn’t take into account the affects of insulin. There is many studies on this, but you bring out this in your diets section. Gary Taubs books have lengthy lists of the studies (medical).

  58. Evan Colwell

    Evan Colwell11 days ago

    Fiber... make sure you get enugh if this or you're teeth will fall out

  59. Talon Hayes

    Talon Hayes11 days ago

    Crossfit gamers RISE UP

  60. naadsov

    naadsov11 days ago

    I just eat

  61. Carson Redden

    Carson Redden11 days ago

    ugh bored but yeah good breakfast

  62. Nicho Wins

    Nicho Wins11 days ago

    You wrOte ThicCC wrOnG