Casually Explained: Being Healthy


  1. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist7 hours ago

    True veganism is impossible as B12 is limited to animal products. I'm saying this because every single vegan I've ever seen also refuses to not be organic, which will literally end up decreasing brain function since B12 is vital to it.

  2. Pedro S

    Pedro SDay ago

    Thank you for addressing this shit

  3. sorry vol

    sorry vol2 days ago

    ketogenic diets can be great for burning fat as it essentially replaces your body's main energy source from carbohydrates to fats although if you do not cut down on proteins then your body can start to use protein as the main energy source basically eating away at muscle and leaving the fat

  4. OGHST

    OGHST2 days ago

    Rly reminds me of sam o nella academy

  5. Glenn P

    Glenn P3 days ago

    I heard that bo burnham reference at 2:14 😂👌🏾

  6. L Petillo

    L Petillo3 days ago

    Ah yes.. Alexis texas

  7. Mass Debater

    Mass Debater3 days ago

    Lol you make comedy depressing good job

  8. hyunshine

    hyunshine3 days ago

    uof when I heard the "outro music" or whatever I was like JOLLY??

  9. The Washable Bomb

    The Washable Bomb3 days ago

    Oof, that Steve Irwin joke... Too soon, man. Too soon.

  10. Leah M

    Leah M4 days ago

    What I picked up from this is add 3 shots of vodka to my coffee - thanks!!

  11. Khristian Williams

    Khristian Williams4 days ago

    Those "miraculous anecdotes" are 100% Jordan B Peterson

  12. Dave Buikema

    Dave Buikema4 days ago

    People realized the same comedic line 40x in a row is boring, so its time to copy whatI'veLearned

  13. Timothy Short

    Timothy Short4 days ago

    Cardiovascular training doesn't actually train the heart and lungs

  14. FreeSarin

    FreeSarin4 days ago

    well im anorexic so i cant really skip breakfast or ill die

  15. TheDivineFortress

    TheDivineFortress4 days ago

    I felt personally attacked throughout this video.

  16. Michael Milburn

    Michael Milburn4 days ago

    the second I saw Saitama's face with the OK I immediately burst out laughing and hit the like and subscribe button. I'm so glad I found this channel

  17. Blastboys // Octave

    Blastboys // Octave4 days ago

    Am I the only person who has a mom who is "super diet" or just is always on some sort of diet.

  18. Hate Chan

    Hate Chan4 days ago


  19. Aysegul

    Aysegul4 days ago

    “Limited food choice” every meat eater ever

  20. Nathan

    Nathan5 days ago

    Came here for Alexis Texas

  21. Ebvardh Boss

    Ebvardh Boss5 days ago

    Did somebody delete the /fit/ sticky that somebody decided to make a video that's literally it?

  22. Astha Inoue

    Astha Inoue5 days ago

    I will show this video to my mom Thankyou

  23. Nicholas Byram

    Nicholas Byram5 days ago

    What is the point (for the group) of a person living 70 years? Grandma: The wisdom I have gained since the year 1950 can help you to avoid the tragic mistakes that you have never witnessed in your life. Mom: If Grandma dies, I have to go to a funeral and rationally consider my own inevitable death, we should wait. Big Sis: If people like, die, it is because Republicans don't want to share their, like, money. Me: The ideal lifespan is: Age when last child is born + 25 years + Google + 5 years of voting.

  24. Steve Tate

    Steve Tate5 days ago

    Average college teen | \/ . _ .

  25. M M

    M M5 days ago

    This was a trap it makes me want to be healthy

  26. M M

    M M5 days ago

    Wait I actually learned something from this


    VERY FAKE NEWS5 days ago

    I eat apple. Then burger.... I fucking win

  28. Deepika Morpheus

    Deepika Morpheus5 days ago

    Omgosh thanks to Reddit clues I think I finally found Casually explained on FB 😂

  29. Ae Norist

    Ae Norist5 days ago

    Its funny, carnivorous (i.e. fat and protein) is labled good for athritis and shit, when those things have been proven to mostly stem from protein overintake ... so yea, slight mislabeling (or nonsense) there. Funny video tho :D

  30. Kedriyn Yumul

    Kedriyn Yumul5 days ago

    The blueberry part 😂😂😂

  31. Kainè

    Kainè5 days ago

    I tought this was a guitar hero video

  32. Toenew

    Toenew5 days ago

    You just earned a sub

  33. Toenew

    Toenew5 days ago

    You just earned a sub

  34. brandontalbort

    brandontalbort5 days ago

    great info! Very informative!

  35. Sam G

    Sam G5 days ago

    Total crap, such ignorance. Not all talk about raw foods being healthy is a myth, ya dumb guy. Raw vegetable juices are actually healthy and neutralize toxins in the blood and body. Nothing wrong with that. There are also great benefits to getting extra vitamins from raw foods, including raw eggs, avocados and raw meat. This guy doesn't know shit.

  36. Richard Rousseau

    Richard Rousseau5 days ago

    You just made a political spectrum of diets without realizing it.

  37. azhar shaikh

    azhar shaikh5 days ago

    Your voice tone is the cherry on the cake

  38. Kedar Bell

    Kedar Bell5 days ago

    We need that Sonic shirt

  39. SS

    SS5 days ago

    Stopped watching as soon as he dropped the "calories in = calories out" dogma... Lmao... Do people still believe that? This dude obviously hasn't read a nutrition book since the 80s...

  40. Sydnee Mikumuren

    Sydnee Mikumuren2 days ago

    I guess you're just mad because you have a hard time counting calories lel

  41. Cosmonauteable

    Cosmonauteable5 days ago

    Brah veganism is not sustainable. Stop perpetuating stupid shit. None of this is sustainable, it's all finite resources, we're gonna all die unless we explore space. Put this shit in your tiny minds and stop squabbling about food.

  42. efr0y

    efr0y5 days ago

    oh i never eat breakfast man

  43. ROHIT Khaitan

    ROHIT Khaitan5 days ago

    The most useless video of the day 😒

  44. J T

    J T5 days ago

    You are hilarious

  45. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Dave Ridlespriger 25 days ago

    Yall knew what all of yall were doing while all of yall were doing I can prove it ,its called a scale.

  46. Ibrahim Shakil

    Ibrahim Shakil5 days ago

    Bashes nutritional myths for lack of evidence. At the same time proceeds to making big claims without any proof. Bravo.

  47. FP 9088

    FP 90886 days ago

    Where are the sources that you used for all of these proven information?

  48. Prosercunus

    Prosercunus6 days ago

    I was on Keto since late last year. Lost 60 pounds. Glad I did it but back to a normal calorie based diet because Keto is just simply not sustainable for me in the long term but it did get me to a healthy weight where I don't sweat watching USwork videos. Not implying I couldn't do it with any other diet but it was just simple at the time.

  49. Edin K

    Edin K6 days ago

    Love the “Thick Solid Tight” on the guy’s tank top. Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  50. Madison

    Madison6 days ago

    Okay soooo can I use the blueberry trick or no?

  51. Izabella Pardinho

    Izabella Pardinho6 days ago

    You're so funny