I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  1. brazil

    brazil3 months ago

    haha grape

  2. Lillian Ramos

    Lillian Ramos2 days ago

    I dont get it

  3. Minbey

    Minbey14 days ago


  4. I like waffles

    I like waffles19 days ago


  5. Taichi Kamiya

    Taichi Kamiya26 days ago

    brazil look at the top right when the doctor says “hmmmm 6 weeks” slow to .25, and constantly pause til you see a demon saying “butt lolz” XD

  6. Mack

    Mack26 days ago

    I hate you xD

  7. Tori McCCroan

    Tori McCCroan8 minutes ago

    While not exactly like your situation, I feel your pain. I spent 2 years with an undiagnosed disorder that affected my digestive/urinary system. I have an absolute hatred for the frosted cherry gatorade, after being forced to drink four bottles of it laced with laxatives. I will legitimately throw up if I taste it. But the one thing that saved my soul in that last year, was original lemon gatorade. It was my tomato soup, I cried when my sister took a sip

  8. Nullz Playz

    Nullz Playz22 minutes ago

    Yo this is so freaking funny 😂😂😂

  9. Ethan Marr

    Ethan MarrHour ago

    You swearing costs you your life according to USwork

  10. Holly _123

    Holly _1232 hours ago

    I laugh all the freaken time I watch this dude 😂😂😂

  11. Craig Day

    Craig Day2 hours ago

    Jaw surgery JAw Surgery Get it SAW surgery because saw ( the movie(s) ) sometimes Saws people’s limb shut

  12. Destroyer Of Worlds

    Destroyer Of Worlds2 hours ago

    4:03 Adam is a DITTO

  13. Peyton & Paul -_-

    Peyton & Paul -_-2 hours ago

    1:30 INTENSE

  14. Ghostly pineapple :p

    Ghostly pineapple :p3 hours ago

    one time i got sick and i could not eat for two days when i was all good i are tree bowls of soup

  15. Youreverydaymemerm8

    Youreverydaymemerm83 hours ago

    I like your hair

  16. 💜Ezri_Gacha💙

    💜Ezri_Gacha💙3 hours ago


  17. Anthonio 38

    Anthonio 384 hours ago


  18. Ryan Monteagudo

    Ryan Monteagudo5 hours ago


  19. Jacob vlogs 93

    Jacob vlogs 935 hours ago

    12:25 don't forget to like that smash button.

  20. War Cedric

    War Cedric5 hours ago


  21. SasparillaGreg -

    SasparillaGreg -6 hours ago

    I imagine this guy gets a Vietnam war flashback whenever he sees a boost drink

  22. Haley Payne

    Haley Payne7 hours ago

    2:24 - 2:26 is SO MEEEEE

  23. Lina Khalid

    Lina Khalid7 hours ago

    everyone really about to ignore that bo burnham reference

  24. Puppet Bros

    Puppet Bros7 hours ago


  25. mike tim

    mike tim8 hours ago

    Oh yeah btw you are gonna have you jaw like this for mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm another 6 weeks jdijwcjajcjsjcjsjcjzjcjsjchdjssbxbhqcboqcohdwcwoccwidbcwobcwdcvhdwchowvouwdouvhrwowouruchwohcuvwrrvoqbcoqd

  26. Isaac Chavez

    Isaac Chavez8 hours ago

    You mind if I laugh at that entire tomato soup exchange of emotions

  27. Teal Wolfy

    Teal Wolfy8 hours ago

    Still looking like Harry Potter

  28. Paddy McCafferty

    Paddy McCafferty8 hours ago

    He looks so friendly I wanna be his friend ughhh wish I wasn’t too young... Wish I grew up knowing him personally

  29. Mary Franz

    Mary Franz9 hours ago

    Lol 😂 “bones are stupid “

  30. PoPeR

    PoPeR9 hours ago

    Bokita el mas grande papá

  31. Landin Villanueva

    Landin Villanueva9 hours ago

    7:12 me when someone touches my food

  32. RexMonster - Gaming

    RexMonster - Gaming11 hours ago

    hE NeEds a TeNtuAs shot

  33. Kaylin B

    Kaylin B11 hours ago

    12:24 don’t forget to uhh like that smash button 😂😂😂


    SHADOW xGAMING12 hours ago


  35. Lex Yt

    Lex Yt13 hours ago

    You grape


    GENERIC GAMER14 hours ago

    This video is so quite

  37. Hyper Nova

    Hyper Nova15 hours ago

    4:00 butt lolz

  38. Lord Bobert

    Lord Bobert16 hours ago

    is that a moe's burrito

  39. adam pungitore

    adam pungitore18 hours ago

    Every couple hours? I eat every 15 minutes!

  40. gaming with spring515

    gaming with spring51519 hours ago

    You look like tony stark


    SPIDER MAN19 hours ago

    1:26 to 1:29 I thought he was going to say shut the f#%* up!

  42. Crystle the snowy fox

    Crystle the snowy fox21 hour ago

    my brother hadna jaw surdery so my brother drink soup and wait for two muonth

  43. - its soph

    - its soph21 hour ago

    7:12 when i tell you i SCREAMED 😂😭

  44. Rainer Lillianna

    Rainer Lillianna23 hours ago

    I, Adam, aka SomethingElse, *hate* tomato soup! Tomato soup, is *GROSS*

  45. Mikayla Sofia Galura

    Mikayla Sofia Galura23 hours ago

    Comment down below who do you ship with Adam

  46. Sam Francis

    Sam FrancisDay ago

    You banana

  47. Sam Francis

    Sam FrancisDay ago

    Why in a part your friend kicked the door than kicked you?!

  48. Boris Nasibian

    Boris NasibianDay ago

    I legit die of laughter when watching this

  49. Gary Urdiales

    Gary UrdialesDay ago

    um how did you speak in dis??? if your jaw hurt

  50. Trumpwall666

    Trumpwall666Day ago

    fuck I feel like I’m going to have my mouth wired shut eventually because the same stuff happens to me

  51. Morn Phaen

    Morn PhaenDay ago

    Dude, were you ok? If I were you, I would be dying cause I wouldn’t be able to eat chocolate. :< anyway same with burgers. And HOW DO YOU DRAW THIS?!?!?! I TRY IT AND IT DOESNT TURN OUT VERY GREAT.........and can I send you a fan art? I can always try again with the art. And also...I might need where I can send it on digital.

  52. ajoconnor64

    ajoconnor64Day ago

    So I got some chocolate milk and it reminded me of this. I'm glad I got that milk and I'm currently drinking said milk in a wine glass.

  53. Daniel Bogue

    Daniel BogueDay ago

    You never know what you had until It was striped away from you 😭I’m crying because we sold my dog today 🐶 and I wish I loved him more and spent more time with him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 one like =1 extra chance the people that we sold him to will not like him 😢

  54. Julia O

    Julia ODay ago

    Am I the only one looking at those weird marks in the background scratching at their phone trying to wipe the smudges on their screen that aren’t actually there

  55. Kai Ramadan

    Kai RamadanDay ago

    I have braces and I’m kinda okay about it #adamgothismouthshut 🤐🤐🤐

  56. meme god

    meme godDay ago

    Butt lolz Tween fast spin

  57. Op Doggo

    Op DoggoDay ago

  58. LaRee G Woods

    LaRee G WoodsDay ago


  59. Gavyn Mackay

    Gavyn MackayDay ago

    2:55 when my mom figures out i got a D

  60. jinxer cat

    jinxer catDay ago

    That sucks

  61. wolf hanna

    wolf hannaDay ago

    **Watching the video while drinking chocolate milk lol**

  62. Gachaverse Trash

    Gachaverse TrashDay ago

    Me bottom jaw is behind me upp jawwww

  63. alan myer

    alan myerDay ago

    Wait you would suck 🍆

  64. Adelaida Sandoval

    Adelaida SandovalDay ago


  65. Memey Magic

    Memey MagicDay ago

    so to cope with your problem you watched ASMR for the next couple of weeks