Best Off-Road Vehicles of All Time


  1. George Mcmillan

    George McmillanDay ago

    What about the Sherp?

  2. richard duval

    richard duvalDay ago

    Is juste incredebil y love alle truck.

  3. ytgsp

    ytgsp2 days ago

    More, more!

  4. z rony

    z rony2 days ago

    The "zibar" is the best

  5. bagirov vusal

    bagirov vusal2 days ago


  6. 83 GT/Brian

    83 GT/Brian3 days ago

    Truly stupid amount of ads

  7. Sailor Jerry

    Sailor Jerry3 days ago

    jesus fuck, the doors opening in that wing formation on #12 arent for ease of getting in and out, its to maximize cover if they have to exit under you guys do ANY real research on the stuff you make videos on......and for the love of god, at least do a 2 second search on how to pronounce words that might be troublesome

  8. Raphael Lauf

    Raphael Lauf4 days ago

    The Roligon is just a giant Chevy truck with balloons under it

  9. sanyukt Chaudhary

    sanyukt Chaudhary4 days ago

    Love tatra,,,, indian army mounts their radar on tatra trucks

  10. William Llyon

    William Llyon5 days ago

    Where's Avtoros Shaman 8x8?

  11. Aden Kimbrell

    Aden Kimbrell5 days ago

    I wish these vehicles had their own dlc in spintires mudrunner.

  12. scorpman300

    scorpman3006 days ago

    the trucks from damnation ally were really great

  13. Paul Knight

    Paul Knight6 days ago

    M .umuxruwwryieqott

  14. Paul Knight

    Paul Knight6 days ago


  15. Oscar Carrión

    Oscar Carrión6 days ago

    Where is the vehicle featured in the turmpnail? Fucking click bait, unsubscribing now.


    DIRTBIKER SWE6 days ago

    3:18 what movie? Look familiar to me.

  17. hyderabad biker SK

    hyderabad biker SK7 days ago

    I love the trumph bike

  18. Roastie

    Roastie7 days ago

    People love to off-road and their experience is usually only as good as the vehicle they're doing the wheelin’ in. That’s probably why some people build the craziest and wildest off-road machines that you have ever seen. Some machines are designed in the military, and some designed by people like me and you. We found some really cool machines that can go over almost terrain and some that are so cool you won’t want to miss them. Now check out these best off-road vehicles.

  19. Jacob Hart

    Jacob Hart9 days ago

    Land rover defender???

  20. Shakar 2Sh

    Shakar 2Sh9 days ago

    Most powerful off-road vehicle is Sherp

  21. Alixa Raim

    Alixa Raim9 days ago

    The AFV

  22. Łukasz Niewiadomski

    Łukasz Niewiadomski9 days ago

    Zil Punisher


    MUSHEEB MUSHEEB9 days ago

    You forgot about the Kenworth 963 KING of the DESERT

  24. eric debord

    eric debord10 days ago

    Commercials are ruining USwork. Getting real tired of it.

  25. TomanPCM

    TomanPCM10 days ago

    Tatra is best :-)

  26. Cancun771

    Cancun77110 days ago

    That motorcycle is complete BS as an offroader. It will eventually fall over and then you need three people to pick it up again. Any off-the-shelf dirt bike will beat it.

  27. Mason Reigns

    Mason Reigns10 days ago

    The ferret reminds me of the thunder machine from gi joe

  28. Arno Baumgardt

    Arno Baumgardt11 days ago

    Ihr Idioten habt den Mercedes G vergessen. Das mit Abstand beste Fahrzeug fürs Gelände!!!

  29. ginkarasu

    ginkarasu10 days ago

    You calling the creators idiots, but you can't seem to create a simple english comment. For non German speakers; "You idiots forgot about the Mercedes G. By far the best vehicle for the terrain."

  30. Dwi Arifah

    Dwi Arifah11 days ago

    Help my youtube is showing black screen only

  31. Phu Hai Huynh

    Phu Hai Huynh11 days ago

    ATON-IMPULSE VIKING 2992- I want one please thanks.

  32. Lucy Miller

    Lucy Miller11 days ago


  33. _NeRvIn_

    _NeRvIn_11 days ago

    That is what happening inside Russians man head 2:08

  34. Sergey Voropayev

    Sergey Voropayev7 days ago


  35. Sergey Voropayev

    Sergey Voropayev7 days ago


  36. sani rajic

    sani rajic11 days ago

    SHERP mising

  37. Babulal Prajapati

    Babulal Prajapati11 days ago


  38. mike ulibarri

    mike ulibarri11 days ago

    That bike.

  39. Peter Meyer

    Peter Meyer11 days ago

    Def missing: Unimog, AMG 6x6

  40. TheRealMrRoboto

    TheRealMrRoboto11 days ago

    What do you mean Gullwing? Those look like normal doors to me at best.

  41. Steveo's Garage

    Steveo's Garage12 days ago

    Suicide door not gull wing

  42. The Other Side

    The Other Side12 days ago

    *I want the water tank or that Russian light armor tank.*

  43. Jeff Stacy

    Jeff Stacy12 days ago

    Number 3 l have seen... there was a rig/tank that the main Boss (Volgin) used called the Shagohod that had those exact round cylinder things for wheels.

  44. Blake Gaming

    Blake Gaming12 days ago

    Love it!!

  45. 163pete

    163pete14 days ago

    Thanks I’ll take one of each shown

  46. Josh Almendras

    Josh Almendras14 days ago

    So many Russian cars

  47. staso tutic

    staso tutic14 days ago

    ZIL PUNISHER ! No-1 !!!!!!

  48. Kristofer Öhman

    Kristofer Öhman14 days ago

    Not gullwing doors, you mean suicide doors. Gullwing goes up.

  49. Steveo's Garage

    Steveo's Garage12 days ago


  50. William Jordan

    William Jordan13 days ago


  51. Viperbronco Almasty

    Viperbronco Almasty15 days ago

    unfortunately, I like the Russian models best. Although even if I could afford them, I doubt I could import them.

  52. Chris Hampton

    Chris Hampton12 days ago

    With Trump in office you can lol

  53. Miss Take

    Miss Take16 days ago

    A Hovercraft (air cushion vehicle) is far superior travelling over every surface to any wheeled vehicle hand down

  54. Miss Take

    Miss Take15 days ago

    @Troy Guffey Ever seen a plane make a 90-degree turn son? lol

  55. Troy Guffey

    Troy Guffey15 days ago

    Until you want to make a sharp turn at high speed.

  56. Sada Das

    Sada Das16 days ago

  57. OhStylo

    OhStylo17 days ago

    Kegresse, he got that 99% correct so, wow, impressed. But he never seen the wings of a seagull, or any other bird, before, has he? Car doors, like on the famous "Mercedes Gullwing Coupe", that open upwards, are called "Gullwing doors". As they look like a seagull stretching and raising its wings. Car doors that open like lambo doors, are called exactly that, lambo doors, or scissor doors. Doors that open to the back instead of the front, are called suicide doors. The combination of both, creating a large entry, are called portal doors. Doors that slide open, are called sliding doors.

  58. Optima Scale

    Optima Scale17 days ago

    They forgot to put the Dominator from hurricane heist