Best Off-Road Vehicles of All Time

People love to off-road and their experience is usually only as good as the vehicle they're doing the wheelin’ in. That’s probably why some people build the craziest and wildest off-road machines that you have ever seen. Some machines are designed in the military, and some designed by people like me and you. We found some really cool machines that can go over almost terrain and some that are so cool you won’t want to miss them. Now check out these best off-road vehicles.


  1. Sudu Manika සුදු මැණික

    Sudu Manika සුදු මැණික9 hours ago

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  2. TheDude Lebowski

    TheDude Lebowski18 hours ago

    That Triumph is a gimmick. You should have shown the Rokon.

  3. Evurgreen Gray

    Evurgreen Gray22 hours ago

    invisible like bar

  4. Scruff Mcgruff

    Scruff McgruffDay ago

    Aton Viking with a 500hp LS Swap would be great!

  5. Ronins

    RoninsDay ago


  6. Jack Folstam

    Jack FolstamDay ago

    It's pronounced Mark 2 not Emm Kay 2.

  7. Jėzaus Tėvas

    Jėzaus Tėvas2 days ago

    You forgot the mars rover

  8. Стеф Треков

    Стеф Треков2 days ago

    And still. They can not cough with the KTMs on any terrain hahahah

  9. 5Andysalive

    5Andysalive2 days ago

    LRV Nothing shown here could have replaced it.

  10. rusclemania7 7

    rusclemania7 72 days ago

    The bike was cool

  11. ME GUCCI

    ME GUCCI2 days ago

    10:31 Those arent "Gull Wing" Doors, thats a pair of normal doors, and a pair of "Suicide" Doors. If you want actual "gull wing" doors, take a look at the DeLorean from Back to the Future, that car came from the factory with genuine gull wing doors

  12. Steven Shiner

    Steven Shiner2 days ago

    Really enjoyed this.

  13. MDSsystems

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  14. Monokuma

    Monokuma3 days ago

    MAD LAB, if you click bait like that again, YOU WILL be ending up in a ditch!

  15. Петр Близниченко

    Петр Близниченко3 days ago

    Burlak must be in DIY category

  16. Michal Nater

    Michal Nater3 days ago

    Tatra is now Slovakia car brand.

  17. Maxwell Rodgers

    Maxwell Rodgers3 days ago

    My favorite was the one from the title card.

  18. Jonboy I

    Jonboy I3 days ago

    Some of these vehicles would be great protection from the zombie invasion

  19. Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    Clifford Bryan john Wilson3 days ago

    The Tatra 8*8 is my fav and always has been along with the other Russian/Soviet 8*8 like maz 537

  20. Kimon Froussios

    Kimon Froussios3 days ago

    I don't think you know what gullwing doors are...

  21. Ryan Linden

    Ryan Linden5 days ago

    Kamaz is a great vehicle.

  22. Ryan Linden

    Ryan Linden5 days ago

    Arcemedes screws.

  23. Skullet

    Skullet5 days ago

    10:31 Those don't look anything like gull-wing doors.

  24. Alexander Elsen

    Alexander Elsen6 days ago


  25. Lurid Phaesporia

    Lurid Phaesporia6 days ago

    What about the Punisher's doors looks "gull wing" to you exactly? Those are "Suicide" doors buddy.

  26. Kent Hambrock

    Kent Hambrock4 days ago

    I went straight to the comments when I heard that. Glad I'm not the only one who knows the difference.

  27. Bottled_ Leviathan

    Bottled_ Leviathan6 days ago

    no mention of the bvs 10 "Viking", sad days

  28. Evil Fluff

    Evil Fluff8 days ago

    The first car you showed was the Rolls Royce 40/50 ( aka the silver ghost )

  29. divedeepinside

    divedeepinside9 days ago

    SHERPA is the King of kings of Off!!!

  30. Sawyer He

    Sawyer He9 days ago

    12 mins with 4 -5 ads, really?

  31. Anvilshock

    Anvilshock6 days ago

    That's what adblockers are for.

  32. The last Prussian

    The last Prussian9 days ago


  33. Sean Wilkinson

    Sean Wilkinson9 days ago

    The chain-drive 4×4 with the wacky wheels that give it the flexibility of a pro pole dancer (see 4:00) is arguably my favorite of all these. I think it sways my decision partly for looking like a driveable vehicle from the "Metal Slug" game series' lineup of chibi-tanks and mechs.

  34. Sean Wilkinson

    Sean Wilkinson9 days ago

    The snowmobile-like vehicles at the beginning will be very familiar to anyone in Canada. If one couldn't afford a genuine Bombardier "snow car", then a resourceful farmer with a knack for tinkering could always freshen up an old Ford Model A or T, enclose the cabin, and replace the tires with skids and treads. Or, with a spare farm tractor, one could turn it into an open-topped mean motorcruiser, although making drive-screws might prove too challenging. Bombing around snowbanks in the back 40 in any one of those homebuilt jobs with an uncle or cousin at the wheel was practically a rite of passage for rutal kids in Manitoba.

  35. Chris Tibits

    Chris Tibits9 days ago

    Likes disabled lol what a fucking snake

  36. DerOldHerr

    DerOldHerr9 days ago

    Lots of the "best" are missing. Like the Unimog or the Sherp...

  37. thee Mitchi

    thee Mitchi10 days ago

    4:10 so apparently someone in my city owns this... okay.

  38. bn peters

    bn peters10 days ago

    6:39 he says "98 ft per lb of torque", lol... *slaps roof of car* this baby can hold 98 feet per pound.

  39. Anvilshock

    Anvilshock6 days ago

    Seriously, fuck retarded units.

  40. catnudes90

    catnudes9010 days ago

    why is my ui old youtube

  41. Dollcet

    Dollcet11 days ago

    Totally missed the Mercedes Benz Unimogs which in allways updated version has been in Production since 1948 and despite being build initially as a civilian vehicle has been used by Military Forces : Germany , Swiss, French but also Argentinan, Chilean, Peruvian and Bolivian .......

  42. Ash

    Ash11 days ago

    The tumbnail was the ball at the vehicle really necessary BALL OF STEEL!

  43. Sean Wilkinson

    Sean Wilkinson9 days ago

    Some intrepid Warhammer 40K player is gonna use that as inspration for a kitbashed Ork Battlewagon with an AC/DC flair. "We'z got da bigges' bawlz of dem all!"

  44. S Watkins

    S Watkins11 days ago

    If it has a cannon and gun ports, I want one. It would be great for disposing of tweakers and other criminals who invade one's space with nasty intent. Just think of how much of our tax payer money we could save on trials and prisons. Then there is the matter of the states letting those effin criminals out after a few years so they can go back to robbing and murder.

  45. Paolo Bordignon

    Paolo Bordignon11 days ago

    Forget humvee!!??

  46. Pavel Andrlík

    Pavel Andrlík12 days ago

    I missed ZIL-137.

  47. Mitsos Stigas

    Mitsos Stigas12 days ago

    Check out korres project

  48. Bobby Chudoba

    Bobby Chudoba13 days ago

    one of the best off roaders is called THE SHERP, I've driven in one and it is actually affordable.

  49. Mike Buckley

    Mike Buckley8 days ago

    56,000$ isnt really affordable...

  50. Geoffrey Larsen

    Geoffrey Larsen13 days ago

    where is the sherpa!

  51. Thomas Wysocki

    Thomas Wysocki13 days ago

    Can you do more adds pls?

  52. Beast Node

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    Why did I click on this?

  53. Amazon Customer USA

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    Ye that thumb nail shows this youtuber is a lair and I won't view his youtubes anymore

  54. amanita333

    amanita33315 days ago

    bike is a normal bike with offraod tires :D so cute

  55. x31omega

    x31omega15 days ago

    EFV was scrapped. As a Marine who got to be apart of testing, I can say it was a giant money pit P.O.S.. glad it was scrapped.

  56. TangiersIntrigue

    TangiersIntrigue15 days ago

    That Aton vehicle with a Niva engine lol

  57. nanka2002

    nanka200216 days ago

    I will make sure not to open your videos.. you know why.

  58. Oto Novák

    Oto Novák16 days ago

    PRAGA V3S....???

  59. MattPlaysTooMuch

    MattPlaysTooMuch16 days ago

    Why isnt the Hummer H1 on this list?

  60. MattPlaysTooMuch

    MattPlaysTooMuch15 days ago

    What do you mean not in the buget?

  61. Christopher Kovach

    Christopher Kovach15 days ago

    MattPlaysTooMuch Probably wasn’t in the budget 😢

  62. Zero Jee

    Zero Jee16 days ago

    fuck your click bait ... never sub

  63. Colby Butler

    Colby Butler16 days ago

    Gulwing doors lift up not backwards. Backwards would be suicide doors

  64. Destry McLean

    Destry McLean14 days ago

    Yes. Gull WING doors are so named because they resemble the WINGS of a gull. I was like wtf immediately when he said that.

  65. Martin Hliza

    Martin Hliza16 days ago

    4:20 czech

  66. Hannil

    Hannil17 days ago

    Pute à clic. Useless.

  67. jesuscross9

    jesuscross917 days ago

    three commercials only a quarter of the way through...I'm done.

  68. t. filary

    t. filary17 days ago

    Ok but where is SHERP