Amazon offers $25 for your NUDES!?


  1. Marc Gauci

    Marc GauciDay ago

    Ez money

  2. Lukasz Dudek

    Lukasz Dudek11 days ago

    yes, we need more space junk, like underground (under ocean, not bottom of it - damn sharks) fibreoptic cable between continents wouldn't be enough? just not that thick cable on the bottom of the ocean, that contains 6 veins inside, barely thicker than human hair. That genius sent a car into space, where no one can see it from earth, and says privacy doesn't matter. Truly genius. He does great stuff on the one hand but so dumb ones on other. Climate is warming up, weather is changing, blah blah... sure plenty of junk we sent already into space and now plans for way more, will for sure help the planet. Cables don't radiate that much as air connected waves with electromagnetic field. turn the planet into giant microwave, wonder about global warming. Genius!


    DAVID GREGORY KERR15 days ago

    Maybe it is a new rewrite of the NVidia Firewall drivers that work with the hardware firewall in certain motherboards using NVidia chip sets.

  4. MagSkull85

    MagSkull8515 days ago

    Why is Linus in so many channels

  5. Jacob Leeson

    Jacob Leeson19 days ago


  6. LittleBigTube10

    LittleBigTube1026 days ago

    $25 is $25

  7. MightySquirrel

    MightySquirrel27 days ago

    The super is in the same font as the Supreme logo.

  8. Article Twelve

    Article Twelve27 days ago

    thats it? wow, thought it would be more than that...

  9. Ryan 1

    Ryan 128 days ago

    I dont think you should talk about independence day if you are a fucking canadian.

  10. shismohammad mulla

    shismohammad mulla29 days ago

    Boston dynamic robots 😆😂😂😂

  11. Radford Healsworth

    Radford HealsworthMonth ago

    What You never got drunk and naked on the internet lol? 🧐🙋‍♂️

  12. Garren Liemuel

    Garren LiemuelMonth ago

    Linus saying "Ok Google" triggered my phone. It never does that when I call it

  13. Vincent Anderson

    Vincent AndersonMonth ago

    oh no Linus, you did the OK hand sign.. that means your a white supremacist of the alt-right.. better delete that before Democrats and the LGBTQ come after you.. at 7:34 and 7:44..

  14. Zaryab B

    Zaryab BMonth ago

    So I don't think you know that Huawei doesn't actually spy. I encourage you to do your own research into the matter and not just believe what the USA government is telling you.

  15. Albert Yoshida

    Albert YoshidaMonth ago


  16. thugblox

    thugbloxMonth ago

    Is amazon becoming cyberlife with the 3D scans

  17. RealiableCandy4

    RealiableCandy4Month ago

    Man Bezos is having a rough time after the divorce. The prostitutes are not enough for him.

  18. 2week2slo

    2week2sloMonth ago

    If aliens ever visited they would just push the moon in on us.

  19. SiliconFix

    SiliconFixMonth ago

    the lion isnt a ref to the animal, but to SNOOP LION lmao

  20. mavric 101

    mavric 101Month ago

    It should be called snap pig for cops not lion

  21. Revan Fernando

    Revan FernandoMonth ago

    President Aladeen won't like the design of those rockets (Like if you got the joke)

  22. James Aragon

    James AragonMonth ago

    If you could see into the future that would be completely magic, since everything you see happen in the past.

  23. Apfell

    ApfellMonth ago

    Why are we banning Huawei and not Google, Facebook and Amazon?

  24. Sandesh Khade

    Sandesh KhadeMonth ago

    *Amazon pays for your nudes Me:you guys are getting paid????

  25. Luis Escamado Nhamue

    Luis Escamado NhamueMonth ago

    Gotta love that line. According to your research the episode is now over

  26. Luis Escamado Nhamue

    Luis Escamado NhamueMonth ago

    I guess you wanted to say Jdec sets standards for ram not wifi

  27. Rexx Reviews

    Rexx ReviewsMonth ago

    SnapLion has no affiliation with Snoop Lion

  28. HUE Master

    HUE MasterMonth ago

    idk why linus never says "aboot" instead of about.. I mean he is Canadian right??

  29. AKPro907

    AKPro907Month ago

    at 6:15 when linus said hey google my google home whet off i thought it was funny

  30. David V

    David VMonth ago

    6:15 Thanks for that. Made my phone go crazy

  31. Captain Ping

    Captain PingMonth ago

    according to my research i need 1630 dollars to new york yey

  32. ÖoG Bunkè

    ÖoG BunkèMonth ago

    Not only is it an APP. anyone who uses "Privacy" and anything referring to 'Social Media' in the same context should be drug out to the back alley and shot... It's not SPYing, there is no PRIVacy, you agree to these when you hit OK without reading when installing. Everything you post, type, send, receive, pictures, videos, none of it is private, that data exists everywhere. Hilarious people who expect privacy always constantly updating or posting details about every movement you make every piece of food, every shop you visit. Video, picture... HOW do you expect PRIVACY when you all posting and sharing every aspect of your life. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking retards human trash.......

  33. Tmant321

    Tmant321Month ago

    when the aliens come, they will transpose through all the space garbage we leave up there, and they will land here, take one look (or whatever it would be for them) and say, "what the fuck did you do to this place", and leave.

  34. Sona Gaming

    Sona GamingMonth ago

    Everyone here talking about Facebook stealing and selling data but WHAT ABOUT POKEMON GO COLLECTING AND SELLING DATA

  35. Marc Risa

    Marc RisaMonth ago

    SKYBORG you mean SKYNET have we not learned anything from the Terminator movies ?!

  36. FarmYard Gaming

    FarmYard GamingMonth ago

    The faaaaaaaaah?

  37. Zone 24/7

    Zone 24/7Month ago

    Thats a lot of space settelite.. Ahhh. Lot of space debris...waste

  38. StReSseD bY MoUNtaiN Of BoOKs

    StReSseD bY MoUNtaiN Of BoOKsMonth ago

    Well if want to do it i need more thn $1k to go there

  39. BenBen

    BenBenMonth ago

    Ok I'll take that money

  40. Geoffrey Santos

    Geoffrey SantosMonth ago

    Where's the evidence on huawei spying?

  41. Jean-Francois Leblanc

    Jean-Francois LeblancMonth ago

    Denis vs Riley, a build off, Scrap Yard Wars.. I think they deserve a throw down.

  42. Herr Oberbesserwisser

    Herr OberbesserwisserMonth ago

    Wow 25$? neat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  43. J B

    J BMonth ago

    hate on the US all you want but if the US wants to go to the mat with Huawei like they do, then i have to assume they have a reason too….

  44. Mozz Jones

    Mozz JonesMonth ago

    totally agreed. and i'm not from US

  45. Spectrum Ghost

    Spectrum GhostMonth ago

    How much did they pay Jeff

  46. Nicholas Palmer

    Nicholas PalmerMonth ago

    a crystal ball, is not magic

  47. TheFriendlyHacker

    TheFriendlyHackerMonth ago

    So what I learned: 1: Send nudes to Amazon 2: Ace Combat 7 is real

  48. David Goshadze

    David GoshadzeMonth ago


  49. Opinionator

    OpinionatorMonth ago

    No way! It got to be worth at least $30.

  50. Debbie ThaMan

    Debbie ThaManMonth ago

    its almost like this is the industries way of dealing with chinese spies, because that IS what they are.

  51. Stephen Conger

    Stephen CongerMonth ago

    What if the crank is to charge it?