The New Map of America

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The New Map of America


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    Connor17 hours ago

    CallMeCarson I hope I’m not too late toget one

  3. Monster Gamers

    Monster GamersDay ago

    By the way for anyone that does not know the Youtooz comes on the last week of October

  4. GachaGalaxy 4Ever

    GachaGalaxy 4Ever2 days ago

    Big lion

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    Aiden Valdez2 days ago

    Isn’t 30$ a teensy weensy overpriced?

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    uhoh poopy

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    нe reмoved ғlorιda :( 😂😂😂

  8. NiMa Vi

    NiMa ViHour ago

    Dude got fucking aten by big lion, last upload 3 weeks ago

  9. Caroline Waye

    Caroline Waye2 hours ago

    Travis's thought process is chaotic that only few can understand

  10. Agent86th

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    Suuuuuuuure www.y recommends youtube & youtooz first

  11. chilliadistudios

    chilliadistudios4 hours ago

    I was crying on the floor while listening to Big Lion being whispered in my ear

  12. official official

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    15:36 AAAOOOOOOO

  13. Dylan Marcelus

    Dylan Marcelus7 hours ago

    Innocent guy he's like ah fuck

  14. Hollowollow Yeet

    Hollowollow Yeet7 hours ago

    This is a cool vid I'll watch it in a year

  15. gea

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    is ted okay someone needs to check up on him

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    2 mil

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    Voidrive ‣11 hours ago

    ever wondered why Carson is subscribed to a guy called "The Creepy Piggy Vlog"

  18. MoV_Diamond

    MoV_Diamond11 hours ago

    Traves is beyond human

  19. Noahkeyfer77

    Noahkeyfer7712 hours ago

    Is ted Argentinian? he’s drinking mate

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    Carson dead Carson dead

  21. Wiley

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    B I G L I O N

  22. Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan15 hours ago

    "I don't know what ears look like." "But you have two of them." "I can't see them right now, ted."

  23. Vamos Historiar

    Vamos Historiar16 hours ago

    Carson:buy,buy,buy *American anthem intensifies*

  24. brandi wolfie

    brandi wolfie16 hours ago

    Why does it look like pheb is laying with her arms up and BIG LION is grabbing her titty

  25. the sad game box

    the sad game box17 hours ago

    When you're on salt so you decide to go to your school bullies child and beat him up to oblivion

  26. Jules

    Jules17 hours ago

    Ted is a cutie tbh lol

  27. try thrusting

    try thrusting19 hours ago

    No one: My sense of humour after 4ore: wheeze

  28. where’s my cat

    where’s my cat19 hours ago

    travis's map is relatively peaceful compared to ted's

  29. francis is the bomb

    francis is the bomb20 hours ago

    Yknow I live in hamburger helper

  30. Andi BG

    Andi BG22 hours ago

    Carson you can tell us if Joe Swanson is making you cry again.

  31. Night of Storms

    Night of Storms22 hours ago

    Everyone talks about big lion but no one talks about S H A C K

  32. AbstracTAssassin 30

    AbstracTAssassin 3023 hours ago

    Travis talks so lifelessly and honestly its hilarious

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    can someone gift me rust on steam

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    _b i g l i o n_

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    My school is covered in call me carson images

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    15:37 :)

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    laughed so hard i peed

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    I am now interested in the Big Lion religion

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    All hail *Β I҈ Ǥ Ꮣ I҈ Ѳ Ŋ*

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    B IG LION has me convulsing

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    I live in Washington


    EVO DR CRAIGDay ago

    *B E A N S*

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    Sometimes I rewatch this video just to see the power of big lion

  46. tudf Tyranix

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    I know that you will probably never see this Carson but I just wanted to let you know that you will always be my ThickNeckMinecraftBoyfriend. Love you bb

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    no hes mine

  48. Disk Drive

    Disk DriveDay ago

    I would love to see a more perfect union become a reality. Josh 2020, make it happen

  49. regretti spaghetti

    regretti spaghettiDay ago

    As someone who lives in washington seeing all the cities being changed to washington is a huge honor

  50. Winter League

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    *b i g l i o n*

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    i must rewatch at the true crackhead hours

  53. PlayWithTheFlow ???

    PlayWithTheFlow ???Day ago

    They got rid of me in just the first minute. 👌

  54. Bean Burrito

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    This is the best 16mins and 42sec of my life!!! I'm dying of laughter

  55. Stop motion Bros

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    i need a link of all the americas so i can print them out

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    LimusGDDay ago

    7:23 as an Oregonian, this is scaring me please stop traves.

  58. Ditto

    DittoDay ago

    “I got in a call with 6 of my friends” *5 friends in call*

  59. Leslie Madrigal

    Leslie MadrigalDay ago

    Ok but that first guy was cute👌🖤

  60. Ari_The_Swisschocolate Drawings

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    I am from swiss and i feel fucking honored have some chocolate, cheese and clocks for free *I DARE YOU*

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    Pheb didn't stand a chance against me.

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    Why would you turn my state into fucking hamburger helper?????

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    15:37 aaAAWOOOOOOO

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    4:40 Ammmm carson what kind of beach were you on?

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    I lost so many brain cells while watching this video