Reading Mean Comments with my Parents

Polish Guru Fakes Being on Ellen --

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  1. h3h3Productions

    h3h3Productions2 years ago

    I also need to say THANK YOU to all the nice people who leave wonderful heartfelt comments as well ❤ Polish Guru Fakes Being on Ellen ►

  2. General Grievous

    General Grievous2 months ago


  3. Mayur Arun

    Mayur Arun2 months ago

    Man how are you guys doing? How's the baby? Whatsup ??

  4. Ibrahim Bati

    Ibrahim Bati2 months ago

    I think that the guy at 7:52 meant Palestinian.

  5. ihatescreennames89

    ihatescreennames893 months ago

    Comments like that are just asking for trouble. It's obviously a trick.

  6. Christopher Hood

    Christopher HoodDay ago

    They don't like there related at all. Might just be me lol.

  7. Mike Maldonado

    Mike Maldonado2 days ago

    I love how your dad hears a super foul and anti-Semitic comment and he like picks it apart in a really charming kind of way... Also yeah your mom's super hot in a weird old lady kinda way

  8. Mine Turtle

    Mine Turtle3 days ago

    Why does Ethan’s mom look like hila

  9. Dave!

    Dave!Day ago

    Not really

  10. Rison Rajapakse

    Rison Rajapakse5 days ago

    0:45 I thought Ethan's dad was a dwarf

  11. Neoo

    Neoo6 days ago

    the word retarded is offensive to retarded people

  12. Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

    Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing7 days ago

    I really want to fuck his mom

  13. Dave!

    Dave!Day ago


  14. Mikey Hernandez

    Mikey Hernandez10 days ago

    Mama klein lookin fine yoyo. Id smash her like button.

  15. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny Mckenzie11 days ago

    A gentile walks up to a store clerk and asks "how much is this" and the clerk says "$350". The gentile says "alright awesome"

  16. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny Mckenzie11 days ago

    Is that dade?

  17. rema rema

    rema rema14 days ago

    Jews are always sitting in hats

  18. G A I A

    G A I A15 days ago

    Dad is adorable. Can I have him? I want to keep him in my pocket so that I can bust him out through out the day when I need a smile.

  19. Sofa King

    Sofa King16 days ago

    For a moment I thought Ethans old man was an Oompa Loompa 00:48

  20. Paige Mericle

    Paige Mericle17 days ago

    Watching this in late 2019 is making me cry with laughter I love Ethans parents

  21. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith22 days ago

    0:46 I thought his dad was tiny for a sec

  22. Jessie Ng

    Jessie Ng23 days ago


  23. Dave!

    Dave!Day ago


  24. Jarno Setä

    Jarno Setä24 days ago

    8:29 small child named ethan confused why his parents are arguing right before divorce

  25. mashtonish

    mashtonish24 days ago

    the "sitting in hats" thing really seemed like an AI

  26. Jessica Ramirez

    Jessica Ramirez25 days ago

    “Retard is horribly offensive to retarded people” Lmao!

  27. omorfipataata giorgos

    omorfipataata giorgos26 days ago

    Your dad looks like Walter from breaking bad

  28. Dru Kelly

    Dru Kelly27 days ago

    Does your mom get mistaken for Oakland's mayor (Libby Schaff) sometimes? Also, I can't believe I just stumbled to your videos just now

  29. Matej Koyš

    Matej Koyš28 days ago

    -I hit it, I don't smash. -You don't smash? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. Alex Candless

    Alex Candless29 days ago

    Wow, Ethan’s pull out game was on point during this video.

  31. Jesse Dalton

    Jesse DaltonMonth ago

    So I joined the H3 bandwagon late. I started with the podcasts. I’ve grown to love you guys. I’ve seen every video And listened to all the podcasts. Thanks for the genuine laughter and happiness you guys radiate.

  32. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed MahmoudMonth ago

    Dad looks likes a skinny Jew Walter White

  33. Renegade the Rapper

    Renegade the RapperMonth ago

    Why does his mom look like Hila in 40 years....

  34. Mary Maize

    Mary MaizeMonth ago

    ‘Jews are only sitting in hats’ - it’s shakespean, it’s iambic pentameter

  35. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan JohnsonMonth ago

    I think the gray in your hair looks good Ethan 👍

  36. 10,000 subs with no Videos

    10,000 subs with no VideosMonth ago

    5:35 wait how does he know that?

  37. Maardvark

    MaardvarkMonth ago

    Your dad looks like Micheal Douglas in ant man

  38. MistyerisaThePenguin

    MistyerisaThePenguinMonth ago

    Are u the one that sent ur face to discord to Black man??

  39. Trenton Hodges

    Trenton HodgesMonth ago

    what’s ella’s snap

  40. Michael Atkin

    Michael AtkinMonth ago

    Why did you geniuses just flip the circuit breaker??

  41. uiop

    uiopMonth ago

    Music at 11:46

  42. Piña Claudia

    Piña ClaudiaMonth ago

    Lol at 0:47 I thought his dad was standing and I was like damn I had no idea Ethan was so huge!

  43. Logan Wilson

    Logan WilsonMonth ago

    Voice crack at 1:42

  44. Logan Wilson

    Logan WilsonMonth ago


  45. NGhilly TTV

    NGhilly TTVMonth ago

    why does ethans dad look like stephan king

  46. Eero Puurunen

    Eero PuurunenMonth ago

    Ethan looks little

  47. Valkyrie

    ValkyrieMonth ago

    Do Jews really sit in hats? 🙄 Why would they? Retard is horribly offensive to retarded ppl! 😁😆🤣 I love your Dad; he rocks!!

  48. Isabella Jackson

    Isabella JacksonMonth ago

    I have questions, I need to write them down so I have them the next time you do an AMA

  49. Isabella Jackson

    Isabella JacksonMonth ago

    "too bad your stupidian" 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Isabella Jackson

    Isabella JacksonMonth ago

    I live all these people.

  51. Dr Hoovy

    Dr HoovyMonth ago

    Ethan: gets hate comments Also Ethan: *Ill tell my parents on you*

  52. Kaitlyn Fortier

    Kaitlyn FortierMonth ago

    God BOTH his parents are hot. Ethan wanna watch me and your parents have a good ass threesome?

  53. ham pool

    ham poolMonth ago

    Can Ethans parents start vlogging thanks bye

  54. Willie the Wizard

    Willie the WizardMonth ago

    Ethan's dad. women want him and men want to be him

  55. dennismaryanski

    dennismaryanskiMonth ago

    If Ethan were me this video would’ve ended soon as I asked my dad to move the fridge. He would’ve been like “no” 😂😂😂

  56. James Shepherd

    James ShepherdMonth ago

    Ethan's dad is literally Walter White in Se 1. They speak in such a similar fashion that it is eerie.

  57. Truthstillcomesout

    TruthstillcomesoutMonth ago

    Fuck these antisemites.

  58. Truthstillcomesout

    TruthstillcomesoutMonth ago

    You have so great parents, I wish you guys all the best.

  59. samuils

    samuilsMonth ago

    I dont own a hat, dang it.

  60. Thanos

    ThanosMonth ago

    ela Am i oN DrugS

  61. Kyle Harmon

    Kyle HarmonMonth ago

    Your moms a banger bro

  62. SnipeGhost

    SnipeGhostMonth ago

    once again, Ethan’s parents are the fucking best

  63. donovan doyal

    donovan doyalMonth ago

    Ethan tell your mom i got carrots and mayonnaise if she down

  64. bread

    breadMonth ago

    "The word retard is horribly offensive to retarded people." - Ethan's Dad

  65. Randy Watson

    Randy WatsonMonth ago

    His mom does look beautifull

  66. isaac cutlip

    isaac cutlipMonth ago

    His parents were hippies

  67. RitaPortugirl♥

    RitaPortugirl♥Month ago

    I wanna see a pic of his parents when they were younger

  68. Jackie Leon

    Jackie LeonMonth ago

    Omfg Ethans dad and that fridge is so funny! Classic dad move!