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  1. 0N34_G4NG _

    0N34_G4NG _37 minutes ago

    I’m JJ wakunda forever

  2. Anthony W

    Anthony W3 hours ago

    God damn the last girl looked like the horniest milf

  3. Michke043

    Michke0435 hours ago

    Am i the only one that is irritated by the fact that jj is wearing his watch on his right wrist.

  4. Slick Dominic 03 De Leon

    Slick Dominic 03 De Leon6 hours ago

    Jj look like my pubg character

  5. VoxChambo

    VoxChambo6 hours ago

    Just realised all the Nigerians said wakanda forever

  6. Aliz 007

    Aliz 00715 hours ago

    Vi I will kliionplmp

  7. One Lonely Pilot

    One Lonely PilotDay ago

    Harry is so cute

  8. Flare Gaming

    Flare GamingDay ago

    6:23 vik looks like a minion next 2 simon lol

  9. Kalu Art

    Kalu ArtDay ago

    Definitely not my 53th time watching this

  10. Yay Yeeters

    Yay YeetersDay ago

    at 23:46 is it just me, but vikk was actually get her

  11. Paul Y.

    Paul Y.Day ago

    Who also wants to know what Ethan shows her on his phone?

  12. Charlotte Joyce

    Charlotte JoyceDay ago

    What can’t Ksi afford I couldn’t understand her

  13. Hqppy

    HqppyDay ago


  14. HonkyTonkyZoma Amr

    HonkyTonkyZoma Amr2 days ago

    I just realized where is harry in the first ones

  15. Austin Keith

    Austin Keith2 days ago

    First one is better than the second one Fight me

  16. Ioan Williams

    Ioan Williams3 days ago

    The noboo wasn't even an insult, cause he can

  17. Sloths Hyper

    Sloths Hyper3 days ago

    Started watching this thinking Harry was in it realised he wasn’t 20 seconds In and I’m gone.

  18. rainlxrd

    rainlxrd15 hours ago

    watch again my guy he comes in at 3 minutes in, one of his funniest videos too

  19. AVZ PROD.

    AVZ PROD.3 days ago

    Yo, what's up guys🔥 I would be so pleased, if y'all checked out some of the beats that i've created. Have a nice day

  20. Eu Power

    Eu Power3 days ago

    someone who nows the brand of simon's jacket?

  21. Inca Glasgow

    Inca Glasgow3 days ago

    This Vick guy changed from 23 to 25 to 26 and to 23 again and stuff

  22. T0kciaL

    T0kciaL3 days ago

    4:17 JJ got roasted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nvm here too XD 17:47

  23. Daniel Arenas

    Daniel Arenas4 days ago

    The 11:14 girl basically roast herself

  24. Hymke M

    Hymke M4 days ago

    Uhm okay but Simon is like really cute, has an amazing outfit and those shoeeeeessss

  25. Anubhab Laskar

    Anubhab Laskar4 days ago

    What is the Instagram account of Charlotte...Anyone??

  26. Mike T

    Mike T4 days ago

    “I got bullied in school but I deserved it” is probably the best pick up line of all time

  27. ZM HD

    ZM HD4 days ago

    I love how everyone thinks jj is poor

  28. Levi Mirza

    Levi Mirza4 days ago

    Why was harry not in the thumbnail

  29. Captain Jack

    Captain Jack5 days ago

    Was anyone else really concerned and sad when Harry wasn't there for the first fiew

  30. Cärlä Herrerä

    Cärlä Herrerä5 days ago

    I'm lost lol

  31. example 2844

    example 28445 days ago

    That bloke who came in was bloody enormous

  32. Hollie Hanslip

    Hollie Hanslip5 days ago

    Where was Harry at the beginning

  33. Gacha Tube

    Gacha Tube5 days ago

    Who else hates KSI He thinks money can buy love 😕😑😬😖😶😔no

  34. BENMJR -

    BENMJR -5 days ago

    18:33 noooooooo :D

  35. BENMJR -

    BENMJR -5 days ago

    16:28 lmao

  36. BENMJR -

    BENMJR -5 days ago

    12:04 lmao so rude..

  37. Beáta Szabó

    Beáta Szabó5 days ago

    the legit guide That have actually worked from my end is on - *GETHACKS. NET* (Witthout Spaces) 😛

  38. VannessaGamer9

    VannessaGamer95 days ago

    Simon is cute than KSI Sorry KSI..

  39. Community

    Community5 days ago


  40. Antonio Caneda

    Antonio Caneda5 days ago

    Out of all of them, KSI was the worst one

  41. You're Serious Yup

    You're Serious Yup6 days ago

    At least I know what NOT to do 😂😂😂

  42. Melany Sanson

    Melany Sanson6 days ago

    14:54 loved his part 😂

  43. Alex Delisle

    Alex Delisle6 days ago

    yo what was on ethans phone at 28:43

  44. N

    N6 days ago

    yall do vic so dirty hes like the cutest of all

  45. nasima syeda

    nasima syeda6 days ago

    I feel sorry 😐 for when ksi said u cant see my sixpack to the other guy

  46. Synnöve Raaska

    Synnöve Raaska6 days ago

    I wanna date Harry

  47. Alyssa Mcneme

    Alyssa Mcneme7 days ago

    Harry is the best lmao

  48. makayla ._.

    makayla ._.7 days ago

    I'm not surprised KSI got rejected so much, he used to be genuine now he is just obsessed with money lmao

  49. Amanda

    Amanda7 days ago

    I want to know what Ethan showed that girl on his phone @ 28:39

  50. Rita I

    Rita I5 days ago

    it was the "Add a Contact" page so she could add her number

  51. W Karpiey

    W Karpiey7 days ago

    I love how almost every girl don't like KSI's look or attitude

  52. Darcy Lindley_2009

    Darcy Lindley_20097 days ago

    Me and harry live in da same island I’m so mother frikin happy 😃

  53. MistyT Hildén

    MistyT Hildén7 days ago

    Do they know who KSI is ???

  54. Berty Chilcott

    Berty Chilcott7 days ago

    Why is harry not in the thumb nail

  55. Daisyøxø

    Daisyøxø7 days ago

    I swear every time Ethan opened his mouth I hated that he didn’t say “what’s up I’m in Ethan and I’m 14”

  56. Playboi Paki

    Playboi Paki7 days ago

    That girl at 10:00 knew that was ksi the whole time

  57. Fanny Weijs

    Fanny Weijs7 days ago

    2nd girl: af@€&*# gold digger

  58. Ali Shemshedini

    Ali Shemshedini7 days ago

    Simon getting all these bitches😂😂

  59. Georgia M

    Georgia M7 days ago

    Why is Harry not in the first two

  60. The amazing Garrett

    The amazing Garrett7 days ago

    I came here because of Harry

  61. Jonathan Diego

    Jonathan Diego7 days ago

    that last girl

  62. dwayne the ROCK johnson

    dwayne the ROCK johnson8 days ago

    Try not to cringe challenge