1. Jen

    Jen30 minutes ago

    "Tinder Ella"😂


    FROST _GAMING45 minutes ago

    Logan totally won

  3. Erika Grant

    Erika Grant58 minutes ago

    nobody: .. not a single soul: ... vic: *changes age everytime*

  4. Kappa Kipo

    Kappa KipoHour ago

    KSI Should go African😂👈

  5. tyler lewis

    tyler lewisHour ago

    She looks like a left swipe through and through

  6. Otakugirl235

    Otakugirl235Hour ago

    19:20 omg

  7. David Russell

    David RussellHour ago

    Poor Vikk always about the height

  8. The Genius Gamer

    The Genius GamerHour ago

    When the set 8’s try to get a girlfriend

  9. WaVy_RccA456 R

    WaVy_RccA456 RHour ago

    5:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Angely H

    Angely HHour ago

    Out of all of them Natalie was the most prettiest and the most thick no capp

  11. Nates22many

    Nates22manyHour ago

    Harry is fookin hilarious 😂😂

  12. Mattias Patterson

    Mattias Patterson2 hours ago

    How the video went JJ: rich Vik: trying to act normal Josh: kinda normal Ethan: cringey Harry: belongs in a mental asylum Toby: trying to hard Simon: doesn’t care what he says just wants to be swiped right

  13. Zombie Master34

    Zombie Master342 hours ago

    jj only got a yes from a guy😂😂

  14. Jacob Bonilla

    Jacob Bonilla2 hours ago

    PT 2 !!

  15. Wenis Enlargement

    Wenis Enlargement2 hours ago

    A RATT!!!!! 11:27

  16. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker2 hours ago

    Hey Ethan stop forcing your weightloss down my throat

  17. Zack Thomas

    Zack Thomas2 hours ago

    This has shown that women are too picky

  18. Zack Thomas

    Zack Thomas3 hours ago

    American women > British women

  19. Alissa Crizler

    Alissa Crizler3 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: JJ: I’m rich

  20. Alissa Crizler

    Alissa Crizler3 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: JJ: I’m rich

  21. The Art Yeti

    The Art Yeti3 hours ago

    Ksi was a douche the whole time

  22. MGN

    MGN3 hours ago

    Do a part 2 and invite Stephen tries it would be so lit if that happen

  23. JJ Said

    JJ Said3 hours ago

    KSI has the same name as me!!!

  24. Reuben Randolof

    Reuben Randolof3 hours ago

    Tobi is killing me

  25. Christine Hooks

    Christine Hooks3 hours ago

    Not all women care if someone Rich or not it's about personally.

  26. Crxptow Ez

    Crxptow Ez3 hours ago


  27. Quarter Mile

    Quarter Mile4 hours ago

    they all banging ksi right after.

  28. Charlie Wilson

    Charlie Wilson4 hours ago

    Anyone else want a part 2

  29. Luc Skywalker

    Luc Skywalker4 hours ago

    Hi im ksi and I am black

  30. Jonathan Doherty

    Jonathan Doherty4 hours ago

    This video needed Phil coming at the last minute as a challenge round

  31. issakid Bryan

    issakid Bryan4 hours ago

    KSi changed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Micheal D.

    Micheal D.4 hours ago

    This is my 9th time watching this

  33. M!lk

    M!lk4 hours ago

    Jj's ego so over the roof

  34. issakid Bryan

    issakid Bryan4 hours ago

    lol Harry 7:37 to 7:40

  35. issakid Bryan

    issakid Bryan5 hours ago

    Lol Harry 6:25 to 6:29

  36. Zydin

    Zydin5 hours ago

    Hey Ethan stop forcing your weightloss down my throat

  37. Christian Seas

    Christian Seas5 hours ago

    Inbetweeners ! Hell ya 😅

  38. Phoenix Dwyer

    Phoenix Dwyer5 hours ago

    the story of viks life in this video To SHORT hahhaha

  39. Alex Milos

    Alex Milos5 hours ago

    The final song?

  40. Jacob Macdonald

    Jacob Macdonald5 hours ago


  41. M!lk

    M!lk5 hours ago

    Ksi was like "well u look good until u open your mouth" god damn

  42. Konrad Dzik

    Konrad Dzik5 hours ago

    27:20 what's her @

  43. Petunia Pig

    Petunia Pig5 hours ago


  44. Thomas Scala

    Thomas Scala5 hours ago

    Plagiat pierre croce

  45. RYAN BOT

    RYAN BOT5 hours ago

    2:00 Wait Wait Wait WTF WHY IS ANNE FRANK HERE

  46. Václav Šálek

    Václav Šálek5 hours ago

    The first girl was so nice

  47. Nicholas Hansen

    Nicholas Hansen5 hours ago

    we need a part 2

  48. xMaTreXx Gaming

    xMaTreXx Gaming5 hours ago

    JJ should have said: Hi my name is KSI and i'm the gayest guy XD

  49. King_ Papi_2k18

    King_ Papi_2k185 hours ago

    Poor Vic had a rough time

  50. Mabel Perez

    Mabel Perez5 hours ago

    I got my TPlus just by using: Search at Google *Tinder O Plus* always works for me

  51. Lee Casey

    Lee Casey5 hours ago

    Harry I'm 25 I got bullied at school I deserved it

  52. Snyz

    Snyz6 hours ago

    The last girl was cute not gonna lie

  53. Grainne Ross

    Grainne Ross6 hours ago

    17:32 love it

  54. Hello It’s me Calum Pickersgill

    Hello It’s me Calum Pickersgill6 hours ago

    7:08 Hi my name is K... I’ll try again Girl swipes left 😂😂😂😂

  55. Mwenyu

    Mwenyu6 hours ago

    7:11 when students get sent out of class for no reason by the teacher

  56. Illes Vekassy

    Illes Vekassy6 hours ago

    This video is as PC as it is not

  57. enrike dehari

    enrike dehari7 hours ago

    what did ethan show on his phone

  58. Aine Hoyle

    Aine Hoyle7 hours ago

    Is JJ and KSI the same person??😂

  59. Substance Pictures

    Substance Pictures7 hours ago


  60. Gabriel Soduka

    Gabriel Soduka7 hours ago

    me fifth time watching the hole video haha

  61. Peter Enis

    Peter Enis7 hours ago

    Name of the song at the end?

  62. Julian Meli

    Julian Meli7 hours ago

    Harry just made this video so much better

  63. Doge_ Gaming

    Doge_ Gaming7 hours ago

    Your mom


    JEREMY OLIVARES7 hours ago

    Your bone structure is giving my bone ... STRUCTURE

  65. Cdgame

    Cdgame7 hours ago

    The one at 25:00 is so hot

  66. { Imafishfreak }

    { Imafishfreak }7 hours ago

    Proves KSI is a douche bag

  67. RPDM Manks

    RPDM Manks8 hours ago

    Nice mature curry😂😂😂😂😂

  68. character 9

    character 98 hours ago

    josh looks like a white drake

  69. LP GAMER

    LP GAMER8 hours ago

    JJ should off said I’m a boxer

  70. Gemnaid 99

    Gemnaid 998 hours ago


  71. { Imafishfreak }

    { Imafishfreak }8 hours ago

    Europeans are so cringey😂

  72. Sehar Amjad

    Sehar Amjad8 hours ago

    Caecillius est in horto 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson8 hours ago watch too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Sorum Daniel

    Sorum Daniel8 hours ago

    Please I need money for food

  75. Habib Ahmed

    Habib Ahmed8 hours ago

    They brought out the most butters tings

  76. RankingMaster11

    RankingMaster118 hours ago

    Anyone know where to get the jacket Simon was wearing?

  77. Andrew Potvin

    Andrew Potvin8 hours ago

    So Vikk is both 23 and 25 confirmed

  78. Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore8 hours ago

    “Caecilius is in the garden’ fucin hell 😂😂😂

  79. Luke Chionis

    Luke Chionis8 hours ago

    when the dude walked in I couldn’t stop laughing

  80. Libby Smith

    Libby Smith9 hours ago


  81. Zainal Hijau

    Zainal Hijau9 hours ago

    Jj got fuckin whipped

  82. Jem Espiritu

    Jem Espiritu9 hours ago

    What does vik say the girl at the start?

  83. lou ki

    lou ki9 hours ago

    Only person to pick jj was a guy.....

  84. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker9 hours ago

    harry the funniest dude lmao

  85. Vrzi

    Vrzi9 hours ago

    Bro at 11:55 I was drinking Dr Pepper and it spewed out my nose chief😂😂😂

  86. Alex Milos

    Alex Milos5 hours ago

    The final song, whats the name?

  87. Vrzi

    Vrzi9 hours ago

    Nobody: KSI: my chain cost more than ur house

  88. HeDiN

    HeDiN9 hours ago

    look how uncomfortable w2s looks 15:04

  89. Alix Night

    Alix Night9 hours ago

    I'd totally swipe right on Vik

  90. Dominic Smith

    Dominic Smith9 hours ago

    oh my god JJ 5:16 bruh hahahaha


    REVERSE PLAZMA9 hours ago

    KSI looks like Diarrhea with yellow hair

  92. Where is my social life

    Where is my social life9 hours ago

    I love harry lmao

  93. Archie Gillies

    Archie Gillies9 hours ago

    did that woman know how much the chain cost 😂😂

  94. Jamie Lawrie

    Jamie Lawrie10 hours ago

    Why can't harry vote

  95. Unknown Cxdi

    Unknown Cxdi10 hours ago

    4:10 was my favorite part

  96. Felke

    Felke10 hours ago

    Nobody: KSI: iM riCh aNd fAmOus

  97. Snake Awesome

    Snake Awesome10 hours ago

    Bro Harry is not even trying and pulling more then everyone.

  98. Absanity

    Absanity10 hours ago

    wait so vik went from 23 to 25 in a span of a minute

  99. shadow dragon shadows

    shadow dragon shadows10 hours ago

    What is that COAT that KSI has on, In the first minuts of the vid

  100. Kiki 123

    Kiki 12310 hours ago

    that third woman 🤣😭😂

  101. daisy maisy

    daisy maisy10 hours ago

    these women are all clapped