How to Crash a Wedding


  1. Bxby_ Bxlla aa

    Bxby_ Bxlla aa13 days ago

    “I look really good in white” -Kelly Kapoor

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    Kawaii Mobile only the second I’m on my 20th time

  3. Jake

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    That's exactly what I thought 😂

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    aaa i miss the office :,((

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    @Kawaii Mobile I'm on like the tenth time 😳😂.... trust me you'll never get bored of it 😂

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    This took my brain a while to process what just happened

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    How much do you earn on USwork?

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    Wow wow Beautiful... #tutorialgordenchannel

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    did anybody else give themselves 69 pats on the back

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    MIRROR How anyone else would say it: Mirror How me, Joana and all of my Canadian dudes would say it: Meerroor

  11. airpilot

    airpilot11 hours ago

    Some Jackie Chan shat in the bathroom.

  12. Oxiclea N

    Oxiclea N14 hours ago

    I like Indian weddings coz I don’t have to wear a dress

  13. Hannah

    Hannah14 hours ago

    my dude u eat like a lizard

  14. AmaBrothon

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    She literally did NOTHING to her hair and put NO makeup at all for a fkn wedding💀💀

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    I will try your bootleg mac and cheese i looks like a dilisiouse i am sorry for bad spelling and grammer

  16. Chico Oliveira

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    Are her parents actually Brazilian? Their accent is bit distinctive.

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    U are the newer and better Miranda sings

  18. FizzyTii

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    *"Let my skin absorb all of the avacodo magic."* *-Joana Ceddia*

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    Ever since I've been watching you I've actually became funny

  20. Ur daily Clorox

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    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not a soul on earth: Joana: well thats an issue cuz im more better than every1 *ekk*

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    Yes the dementors ate coming

  22. Claire Bear

    Claire BearDay ago

    I went to an Indian wedding and the actual wedding part was like an hour long. But the bride was so beautiful and I got to wear a sari. But it was overall a really fun day

  23. Stacey Carson

    Stacey CarsonDay ago

    Holo there (sounds like it) “Cristina?”

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    your parents are so cute

  26. C.A.D.R

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    The long pause at the end was slightly ummmmmmmmmmmmm.........

  27. Ellen Demont

    Ellen DemontDay ago

    i dont know why, but all of your captions and descripstions are translated to my native language and i dont kniow how to fix it

  28. Rajesh Yadav

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    I am from India loved the wedding 😊😊

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    ur mom is beautiful

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    Your mom is so pretty😭💗

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    You honestly funnier than the Danielle Cohn raid

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    We both have allergies to peanuts, be my friend please

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    Has erm anyone tried da pasta cuzzzzz ya girl is tempted

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    I don’t know why but I did not expect your parents to sound like that at all!

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    *iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe*

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    why is steve kerr in your videos

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    this is the first video i watch on your channel. you are hilarious. love you. immediately subed

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    this quickly turned into a cooking tutorial

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    Any video you watch of John cenã turn captions on

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    Anyone caught the music at the end of the video

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    No. Absolutely unacceptable. Those ankles need to be covered young lady. Who do you think you are, srutting that inch of flesh around my swamp!

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    What's her parents accent? French?

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    The noddles are as frigdial as china and if you fart in tHeir face and the will break pfft hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Brian Hood

    Brian Hood2 days ago

    I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is.

  46. That Watermelon

    That Watermelon2 days ago

    I’m Native American and I can relate to Indians. The 50+ food options are a must for every wedding. People you’ve never seen before but still call you auntie show up so you have to have enough food to feed an army.

  47. Velo

    Velo2 days ago

    *S H U T T E R S T O C K*

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    I'm craving spring rolls now

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    I’ve been to like 100000000000 Indian weddings and bish I take all the food

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    I bet you’re a Gemini

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    What are those sunglasses in the beginning called?!?!!. NEED THEM FOR MY YT

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    When I went to my sister's wedding I were whity

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    I hope I tickles your pickle. I laughed so hard when I heard that

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    The first photo in the thumbnail tho.... your mom is RIPPED! 💪🏼