Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Operation Apocalypse Z Trailer


  1. fernan gaming YT

    fernan gaming YTHour ago

    Hey what about call of duty mobile

  2. FloridaState Webhead

    FloridaState Webhead4 hours ago

    Here is my question, why tf did they have to make this Bo4? They should have just made this game "Call of Duty: Blackout" and made this whole game around this mode. Then they could focus their attention to the FUN part of bo4. The whole bo4 multiplayer and storyline this is useless in this game. Considering there isnt much of a story. If this was just blackout i doubt players would be mad, they can play this game with constant updates and fun game modes until the next game comes out. Not many people complain too much about blackout. Why stick a black ops title on this game? I know blackout supposedly has to do with savannah or whatever, but nobody is really invested in that. We play blackout to play it. Not to this about this whole savannah scheem nobody will remember 15 minutes later.

  3. King Skull

    King Skull4 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta intill zombies start using knifes and guns

  4. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 16 hours ago

    I was thinking about the boots off ground event that comes with the Zombies Chronicles. The boots off ground Specialist should even bigger thruster bar and same with the team mates when using the specialist equipment and weapon on the boots off ground maps. Yeah I'll wait for the hundred dollar edition for PlayStation 4 That and give us PlayStation Vita fans a full button mapping system for the touch pad and button assignment in the settings. Kind of like Black Ops 3 but more advanced, please and thanks.

  5. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19856 hours ago

    Und für jeden tot den man von einem Franzosen bekommt sollte euch der piml abfallen ihr lächerlicher Haufen

  6. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 17 hours ago

    Yeah if you could update Black Ops 4 on the PlayStation 4, so we can put all the touch buttons on the back of the PlayStation Vita's touch pad and give us a full button mapping system in the settings. PlayStation fans will so grateful.

  7. EspEetFukExplorer

    EspEetFukExplorer10 hours ago

    1:21 Nice

  8. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 6212 hours ago

    Now all we need is the game to run well on PC. I have a pretty good PC, but I am still struggling. I play Blackops 3 on Ultra settings, and it's better. Why is this different?

  9. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 6212 hours ago

    Russman and Danny Trejo being in the game has basically confirmed Chronicles 2. Unless something dramatic happens at the studio (like an explosion) this is literally *destined* to happen.

  10. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 6213 hours ago

    Reapers reveal was pretty dope

  11. Giuliano

    Giuliano14 hours ago

    and i still playing black ops 1

  12. Games TV

    Games TV14 hours ago

    Need apocalyptic hard drive space.

  13. Internal Flames

    Internal Flames17 hours ago

    Yo anybody know how to get the football zombie?

  14. Jared Vazquez

    Jared Vazquez19 hours ago

    Can you guys make a COD AW VS COD IW

  15. Ruddy

    Ruddy23 hours ago


  16. Darth Jesus

    Darth JesusDay ago

    when M Shadows is literally a player character. havnt bought a COD game in years, that my change now. keep doing stuff like this please

  17. Ludwig The Accursed

    Ludwig The Accursed22 hours ago

    Don't do it. M. Shadows can only be obtained by opening loot boxes.

  18. Chron Dons

    Chron DonsDay ago

    you guys ruined this game. was great in the beginning

  19. Gh0stFace

    Gh0stFaceDay ago

    lmfaoo copy and paste

  20. Zena Cranford

    Zena CranfordDay ago

    Zombie si2

  21. Vice TOLUCT

    Vice TOLUCTDay ago

    Top 5 call of duty games that NEED to exist: 1. Call Of Duty Medieval Warfare 2. Call Of Duty Civil Warfare 3. Call Of Duty Revolutionary Warfare 4. Call Of Duty Lawful Warfare 5. Call Of Duty Iraq Warfare

  22. Super Duper Paratrooper

    Super Duper ParatrooperDay ago

    1:24 sick! Shake ‘n Bake.

  23. world war 2 d day

    world war 2 d dayDay ago

    Guy at call of duty make a ray gun that makes noise and reloads and lights up

  24. Sue Simpson

    Sue SimpsonDay ago

    Guys pleaseeeee don't end the modern warfare series can you make cod modern warfare 4 pleaseeeeeee

  25. Sumin’s Knight

    Sumin’s KnightDay ago

    When will you make call of duty games in 3rd person?

  26. Baseballgamer25

    Baseballgamer25Day ago

    Damb the zombies are going to be doing 360 no scopes on us. Now it’s really then end😔🤣😭

  27. ֆʊքʀɛʍɛ ɮʀɛɛʐɨֆ

    ֆʊքʀɛʍɛ ɮʀɛɛʐɨֆ2 hours ago

    No cap

  28. Brian Torres

    Brian TorresDay ago

    REMASTER bo2 and bo1 please for ps5 maybe ps4 but please i need these games back i gurantee u if those two get remastered more people will actually play call of duty again

  29. John Ammons

    John Ammons5 hours ago

    Bo1 is the greatest COD ever. Hands down.

  30. xDPGx KingOmega

    xDPGx KingOmegaDay ago

    Ese multijugador si se puede jugar xd

  31. Roachy Roach

    Roachy RoachDay ago

    So why do I have to pay $50 for season pass when I just want to play 1 zombies map?

  32. Abigail Kemp

    Abigail Kemp2 days ago

    This operation = garbage

  33. Charlie Tiller

    Charlie Tiller2 days ago

    Half of its not even about zombies

  34. Twitch Smogless

    Twitch Smogless2 days ago

    At 0:50 it looks like the m16 slow down time to 0.25

  35. Adrian Hafer

    Adrian Hafer2 days ago

    I'm so hyped for M.shadows

  36. TheFallen

    TheFallen2 days ago

    1:53 That was closed Soo you can said he is *Not Ready To Die*

  37. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 12 days ago

    How about all these ideas for exchange for a 3D setting, like both 3D for my Xbox and Anaglyph/Classic for my PlayStation Vita. PC players have a way playing all there games in 3D and I'm not sure about easy a Anaglyph/Classic 3D setting would be but I've you can it be nice to have a little bit of depth and have the mini-map pop out a little bit and about VR Phone Headset 3D and Anaglyph/Classic 3D settings in Call of Duty Mobile. Can pretty please put Call of Duty Mobile only on the PlayStation Vita digitaly or on the Nintendo Switch. It a free Call of Duty so it wouldn't hurt to try. I know it would be big for PlayStation fans and I know Nintendo Switch fans wouldn't turn down a free Call of Duty.

  38. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 12 days ago

    Yeah PlayStation fans would absolutely love it, if you updated Black Ops 4 so you can map all four touch buttons to he back of the PlayStation Vita and gave us full button mapping system, so we can put buttons where ever we want. That and the boots off ground event. Now we don't need a update on Black Ops 3 and ever PlayStation fan has a portable pro controller. So please and thanks Call of Duty.

  39. Goldenmaster 270

    Goldenmaster 2702 days ago

    Make the blackout character challenges easy

  40. WmmW

    WmmW2 days ago

    Watch my video💓

  41. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 12 days ago

    Yeah why not a pre-order bonus foe the hundred dollar edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, like you get to pick a free DLC weapon of your choice. That really up your game sell, like the Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles edition. The Zombie Chronicles edition didn't come with the Season Pass did it, so I'm hoping a hundred dollar Black Ops 4 Complete Edition will do.

  42. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 12 days ago

    Dear Treyarch please update Black Ops 4 so we can put all four touch button on the rear touch pad of the PlayStation Vita and a full button mapping system, so we can b put a button where ever we want. This way us PlayStation Vita fans can have a portable pro controller. It definitely make me want the hundred dollar edition for PlayStation. Please do that with all your Call of Duty titles.

  43. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez2 days ago

    We need Prototype 3, not the next COD, we need Prototype 3, I would buy it, no matter the cost

  44. ByLuisMiBox

    ByLuisMiBox2 days ago

    Un comentario en español sigue bajando :v

  45. ByLuisMiBox

    ByLuisMiBox2 days ago

    Ahora si se biene lo chido :v

  46. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19852 days ago


  47. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19852 days ago


  48. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19852 days ago


  49. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19852 days ago


  50. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19852 days ago

    Fkt euch Treyarch Fkt euch Activision und Fkt euch Call of Duty ihr drkgen Husos 👍🏻

  51. warriorgt7 Gr

    warriorgt7 Gr2 days ago

    Is this call of duty?

  52. Legendary Mystique Hyperneticversity Gaming

    Legendary Mystique Hyperneticversity Gaming2 days ago


  53. Night Detector

    Night Detector2 days ago

    This game is pay to win now☹️

  54. Night Detector

    Night Detector10 hours ago

    Darkslayer 14425 I really hope modern warfare isn’t going to be like this too

  55. Darkslayer 14425

    Darkslayer 1442510 hours ago

    I know man 😔