Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Operation Apocalypse Z Trailer

The Apocalypse is here.
Play as Reaper in MP, drop into newly updated Blackout maps, take on a new Zombies experience, and much more tomorrow in Operation Apocalypse Z for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 on PS4, with other platforms to follow.


  1. MJD MJD

    MJD MJD23 hours ago

    0:12 whay I love video games ? because hot girls

  2. J D

    J D5 days ago

    like to make this game crossplay

  3. XD

    XD6 days ago

    0:37 liberty prime back online


    VIVE BRUTAL9 days ago


  5. Tomi Kovács

    Tomi Kovács9 days ago

    hi everyone ....i need buy only alpha omega to buy only this ? i must buy BO4 pass?

  6. Jack Berry

    Jack Berry9 days ago

    Please bring back buried from b02

  7. Mr Coldharbour

    Mr Coldharbour11 days ago

    This should've come AFTER operation Dark Divide. The best trailer and best operation we've had so far alongside Grand Heist.

  8. Toby Swift

    Toby Swift11 days ago

    I wish the game could of been like this trailer like detail wise I feel bad for sledgehammer games

  9. Its M3

    Its M319 days ago

    All i'm here for is the Ray Gun mk2

  10. seraph UwU

    seraph UwU25 days ago

    Is pandemic coming back?

  11. seraph UwU

    seraph UwU17 days ago

    @coasterboy456 and how many time it's going yo last?

  12. seraph UwU

    seraph UwU17 days ago

    @coasterboy456 in xbox or PS4?

  13. coasterboy456

    coasterboy45617 days ago

    seraph UwU it’s back right now

  14. javier almodovar

    javier almodovar25 days ago

    that’s not even how reapers scythe sounds

  15. ltz888

    ltz88828 days ago

    Sick sound design!

  16. Trystane gonzales

    Trystane gonzales28 days ago

    I'm sorry...did I just hear john delanci in my cod zombies? We truly live in the best timeline

  17. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK1985Month ago

    Fickt euch Treyarch

  18. Frank Mischler

    Frank MischlerMonth ago

    Best operation wish they waited for this operation around Halloween definitely my favorite

  19. Wahyudi Wibiksono

    Wahyudi WibiksonoMonth ago

    Zombie coming with gun.zombie have brain smart

  20. Mateus Henrique

    Mateus HenriqueMonth ago


  21. Juan Gaspar

    Juan GasparMonth ago

    I’m Just got the DLC I was late but at least I got it

  22. YoshKins Gaming

    YoshKins GamingMonth ago

    Best BO4 Operation trailer of all time!! (:

  23. back guy 2.o

    back guy 2.oMonth ago

    Better then dark divide

  24. ashely

    ashelyMonth ago


  25. Louie Aguirre

    Louie AguirreMonth ago

    “So how do yo....” Cod: YES!!

  26. Toni Armalius

    Toni ArmaliusMonth ago

    Are you even have a game which I have Game for years

  27. Toni Armalius

    Toni ArmaliusMonth ago

    Can you guys are the tanks into black ops for custom games he’s one of your most satisfied customer

  28. Daniel Vargas

    Daniel VargasMonth ago

    the best dlc, in my opinion, following by operation grand heist.

  29. лего дел

    лего делMonth ago

    Ставьте мне класс с!

  30. лего дел

    лего делMonth ago

    Класс с!

  31. Meteour Beam125

    Meteour Beam125Month ago

    So zombies are shooting now huh That neat

  32. Jessica Revan

    Jessica RevanMonth ago

    Name of the song please ♡♡♡♡♡?

  33. LAPARKA 07

    LAPARKA 07Month ago

    Eduard Richtofen is the live

  34. the black hammer the black hammer

    the black hammer the black hammerMonth ago

    why can u hack into the attack chopper it makes the game 10 times easy

  35. Pinche Guero

    Pinche GueroMonth ago

    Only OG players will remember the giants T.E.D.D transit the moon origins and it came back

  36. Agilard Javier

    Agilard JavierMonth ago

    This zombie apocalyse or pandemic has gone from WW2 until Futuristic Era...

  37. Hypers Creed

    Hypers CreedMonth ago

    1:56 that poo aim though

  38. DeusGamer76

    DeusGamer76Month ago

    i need help solving the error. A.B.C.D.E.Q BAKER 43 GREEN WOLF

  39. xxx Lil Brayan

    xxx Lil BrayanMonth ago

    Es para android

  40. Le Pamf

    Le PamfMonth ago

    1:31 BIG HYPE ❤

  41. SgtWeeb

    SgtWeebMonth ago

    Best operation of the season.

  42. Sco2b

    Sco2bMonth ago

    We want more blood and gore though

  43. G3tshot Heett

    G3tshot HeettMonth ago

    Modern warfare series:did you really think you could contain me

  44. PRAJWAL Negi

    PRAJWAL NegiMonth ago

    Wonder how the bullets fire are syncing with the song !!!

  45. Jert 1205

    Jert 1205Month ago

    disillusioned with this BO4 😒😔

  46. Jandro 001

    Jandro 001Month ago


  47. Goji Fan 1954

    Goji Fan 1954Month ago

    Who else here from the new "Dark Divide" trailer??

  48. He didn’t do it !!

    He didn’t do it !!Month ago

    Hello future people that came back because they remember BO4! I’m from 2019

  49. Lord X gaming

    Lord X gaming2 months ago

    2:13 was my favourite part

  50. Luis Alberto

    Luis Alberto2 months ago

    Transit!!!!!!! Yessss

  51. TImOThY Gaming

    TImOThY Gaming2 months ago

    Man not gonna lie this operation wasn’t all that bad in my opinion

  52. Kiersten Harris

    Kiersten Harris2 months ago

    This is cool

  53. Megatron

    Megatron2 months ago

    @CallOfDuty can yall compress your updates!? Like fk me 50gb-92gb just for an update and yall barely add anything. With GTA updates were on like 5gb and they actually added a crapload of content fk me man that's a lot of space...

  54. UrMoAsCookies Cookies

    UrMoAsCookies Cookies2 months ago

    1:48 is the best part of the whole theme

  55. CoDKilliK1985

    CoDKilliK19852 months ago

    Fickt eich Treyarch

  56. Pancake Potato

    Pancake Potato2 months ago

    I will forever love these trailers

  57. elizam666

    elizam6662 months ago

    Seeing mshadows in the trailer got me so hyped 😭👌

  58. BTWelling

    BTWelling2 months ago

    Boy, this event was the most underwhelming thing in BO4. Thought this was gonna bring me back, but nah.

  59. Dominic & Cam R

    Dominic & Cam R2 months ago

    That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Katyusha

    Katyusha2 months ago

    I’m not gonna lie some elements of this looks cool but why can’t we just return to simpler times like black ops 1, now that was a masterpiece

  61. NavyBr0wnie

    NavyBr0wnie2 months ago

    COD using Gun synch in an Ad. Also, I have no idea what's going on but alright.

  62. Tonic BC

    Tonic BC2 months ago

    This is why cod is one of the best games in the freaking universe!

  63. jastur Rouge

    jastur Rouge2 months ago


  64. Pablo Martinez

    Pablo Martinez2 months ago

    0:49 what gun is that?