Catching Random Objects from 30ft Tower!!

We dropped mystery items off a 30 foot tower and tried catching them!!
Last to leave the lift wins $1000 Challenge:
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  1. jorge banda

    jorge banda16 hours ago

    Rob:Chris do you have any last words Music comes on Me:rob what are you thinking 3:50

  2. jorge banda

    jorge banda16 hours ago

    Mario kart man is the best and the best part is the music 1:24

  3. Kodiak Reiniche Gamming

    Kodiak Reiniche Gamming2 days ago

    Good luck jeff

  4. Harry Stalnaker

    Harry Stalnaker11 days ago

    Gucci gang

  5. Harry Stalnaker

    Harry Stalnaker11 days ago

    Hi by 不不不不不

  6. Elena Singer

    Elena Singer14 days ago

    8:00 Newtons third law of motion

  7. Tyler Sellers

    Tyler Sellers17 days ago

    Cris is a nubby ant.

  8. Tyler Sellers

    Tyler Sellers17 days ago

    Hey Im agree.

  9. Tyler Sellers

    Tyler Sellers17 days ago

  10. C i n n a m o n S w i r l s.

    C i n n a m o n S w i r l s.18 days ago

    Cam is great Jeffry is a nub

  11. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson25 days ago


  12. Mia Demmons

    Mia Demmons29 days ago

    One time my friend through a bouncy ball at my face and nocked my tooth out

  13. Misty Osmundsen

    Misty OsmundsenMonth ago

    Cribs is a nub

  14. Ella Jay Casteel

    Ella Jay CasteelMonth ago

    5:26 lol ROB

  15. Selina Bertolone-Villanueva

    Selina Bertolone-VillanuevaMonth ago

    die jeff

  16. priyanka gupta

    priyanka guptaMonth ago

    i love Rob

  17. bella thecatkrazy

    bella thecatkrazyMonth ago

    When your depressed I'm gonna hop away!!!

  18. Stacey Chuy

    Stacey ChuyMonth ago

    Ween he hoped away it was like and he hoped away hop hop tell the vary next day bomp bomp bamp

  19. Rachel

    RachelMonth ago

    Cam = like Jeff = comment Robert = dislike

  20. Thomas Horsfield

    Thomas HorsfieldMonth ago

    nice vid love your channel

  21. K Bros 7456

    K Bros 7456Month ago

    Do a do not pick the rong drink

  22. night wolf

    night wolfMonth ago

    Poor Jeffrey

  23. Marianna Cabani

    Marianna Cabani2 months ago

    Amazing videooo!!!! Keep going! !!

  24. Noam Kassirer

    Noam Kassirer2 months ago

    Poor jeffery

  25. the best friends forever

    the best friends forever2 months ago

    I like Jeffery the most he's the funiest

  26. Hector harper

    Hector harper2 months ago

    When the Jeff hopped up to the lemonade stand and said to man running the hey bopp bopp bopp got any grapes the man said no but fresh lemonade

  27. Jocemin Duren

    Jocemin Duren2 months ago

    It could have rolled a six and got 10

  28. Galaxies

    Galaxies2 months ago

    Spending 24 hours on a trampoline

  29. Molly Renee

    Molly Renee2 months ago

    who else died laughing when robs voice cracked at 0:30

  30. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor2 months ago

    Jeff is a nub

  31. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor2 months ago

    Jeff in a nub

  32. Zaryab Rizwan

    Zaryab Rizwan2 months ago

    Jeff is a pilot

  33. Timiah Bright

    Timiah Bright2 months ago

    5:22 不

  34. Olivia Wiseman

    Olivia Wiseman2 months ago


  35. Harryjandarchie Gaming

    Harryjandarchie Gaming2 months ago


  36. Space Lover

    Space Lover2 months ago


  37. Jackie D

    Jackie D3 months ago

    Go Jeff

  38. sonic 6699

    sonic 66993 months ago

    6:05 lol

  39. Bailey And bella for life

    Bailey And bella for life3 months ago

    Living in Brisbane the channel used to be called Cam and Jeff Good times

  40. Detectiveadept :D

    Detectiveadept :D3 months ago

    Only OGs will remember Cam and Jeff

  41. Anthony lara

    Anthony lara3 months ago

    Dude Jeff when u tried to catch the water balloon it looked like u were about to kamehameha that place

  42. The Winkelmans

    The Winkelmans3 months ago

    We are sorry for jeff

  43. Joojoo626 Skfb

    Joojoo626 Skfb3 months ago

    egg is unreal

  44. TJ Kearney

    TJ Kearney3 months ago

    They should make a montage of the lawn mower guy

  45. Brody Bromley

    Brody Bromley3 months ago

    You are the best and know agents jeef you are a nub

  46. - VinTheWinner -

    - VinTheWinner -3 months ago

    7:20 - If I was Jeff, I would have CHUCKED it at Chriss face

  47. Brady Kilgore

    Brady Kilgore3 months ago

    When I watch one of your challenge vids I always think at the beginning Jeff is going to lose

  48. The Informative Droid

    The Informative Droid3 months ago

    Guys,for the last time, it's noobs!not nubs or nuvs !and sorry if I'm being rude

  49. Natalie Ellsworth

    Natalie Ellsworth3 months ago

    Man U guys are funny

  50. Dkmoneyy Peete

    Dkmoneyy Peete3 months ago

    2:05 omg

  51. Snowpuppy _xox

    Snowpuppy _xox3 months ago

    The plane hates jeff

  52. Flying Giraffe

    Flying Giraffe3 months ago

    Poor jeff

  53. Beckett RUSHBROOK

    Beckett RUSHBROOK3 months ago

  54. xolia 27

    xolia 273 months ago

    I loved when Jeff couldn't catch the paper airplane I keep cracking up. The punishment should of been drop a cartel of eggs on someone's head that would of been . But poor Jeff. Love you guys

  55. DarkKnight

    DarkKnight3 months ago

    2:02 bad word?

  56. C Pierre

    C Pierre3 months ago

    jeff: I'm coming down cam-okay jeff:I'm telling timber Chris- shut up

  57. Vinni Colasanti

    Vinni Colasanti3 months ago

    I love your ideas

  58. Ken Chen

    Ken Chen3 months ago

    This video is eggcredible

  59. Evan ganotakis

    Evan ganotakis3 months ago


  60. Breck Jesse

    Breck Jesse3 months ago

    You are the winner in my world Jeff

  61. ray gomez

    ray gomez3 months ago

    I rember when the channel was call cam and jeff

  62. Brenda Diaz

    Brenda Diaz3 months ago